WE CAUGHT HIM (Someone Tries to RUIN Our Investigation) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | May 12, 2019
WE CAUGHT HIM (Someone Tries to RUIN Our Investigation) | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Boy are you coming back here dude Yes There’s anybody that is willing to come Talk to me my name is Colin here with Some friends could you please use some Of the energy that we’re giving you with Our lights the candle to let us know That you’re here maybe not like this Like that maybe even finish my knock Yeah Green that’s that’s something if That’s actually a field on that side It’s colder right here do something Physical let me know that you’re here we Just want to talk to you and find out Who you are so we can give you respect We should give it a second I don’t sleep after Ryan comes it sounds Like there’s more movement This isn’t one or fuchsia so Collins Giving you some room can you come Towards us pass that red light just even A little bit come towards this 1890s It’s not weird how it doesn’t go off be Behind you maybe it’s kind of playing With a sorry an explanation but they’ve Building You’re not underground outside a very Big building that’s been built we’re Underground right here so the air of the Metal building and the cement in there Might make it a little bit colder in This area then that way okay

I’m gonna free go lights out our least Sure we can go lights out like don’t you Keep that light on I’ll go where we can A lot so it’s true Anyone down here come join us see it a Little red light right there there’s a Little stick right next to it kind of Touch it or grab it and you’ll go off It’s not gonna hurt you I’m hearing something but I can’t tell What it is I’m here behind goes towards The tunnel of the entrance that’s exact What I’m saying yeah it’s not the Generator they say you guys in the big Room they’re not There’s just something I’m not I thought it sounded kind of tinny Oh Mine Very very quiet something there Because it goes so weird being in the Dark If you’re down there in the honey wagon Area would you please humor us Oh nice Stealing something Cory It’s like I can almost hear it this Sounds crazy just like I can hear it on The other side After I said side Why are you consider – Here I am oh yeah Nope what is that’s where I’m feeling it Well I’m hearing it and feeling it right There there’s that heard a voice anyway So we’re gonna one over there standing

By the honey pot the honey wagon over There you like to mess with my candle That’s where I stand to do the candle Part of my cord make that a little red Box light up just touch it I’m standing above the honey pot on your Wagon over there maybe you worked as a Honey dipper did you push their wagon Around Oh that’s that’s what I’m feeling like The the honey the honey pot itself is Like a haunted object that’s where all Of our activities come from even from The weird lightning the candle Yeah they don’t know I’m prospect was Answering question he’s directly just a Unknown because we don’t know are you Down here with us again unknown Prospector maybe tell us your name If you don’t subscribe to our channel Already please click that subscribe Button and make sure to turn your Notifications on it helps us so much and We can’t thank all of you enough for the Love and support also if you don’t Follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit That follow button and go do the same With Peyton who’s even more poppin on Here than me getting more followers gets Us one step closer to the big dreams That we have for this channel in Addition if you want to support the show Our merch stores live we have some Pretty flame designs if you ask me thank

You to everyone that has bought a piece In the past and trust me we see the love And recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys doing it Then everybody all of a sudden we’ll Just look down the tunnel and I’m like You heard that too okay then we go in Here and then they’ll hear it’s pretty Crazy so weird yeah doesn’t happen all The time but when it does you know it Because everybody and then it’s like I Don’t know be in here mm-hmm don’t you Get both sides you hear it there and you Can mmhmm yeah it almost makes you think There’s more than one but yeah Is there anything we can do for you Anything you need done yeah that’s what I thought I like in Goldfield how its riding today That would be the elevator opening so Hobbs probably come on I know that sound Okay And they should have already made it Through our a That was over there Jeff stop stop Literally smells like somebody’s out There Okay that’s creepy Is anybody down here with us I say we continue our line of Questioning dude you got a but he don’t Move that dude there is no steps either

There’s no steps and you heard that this Makes a distinctive sounds a slow Reading to anyway That’s that possible Who’s back there Who are you there’s someone back here Dude get up here quick yeah yeah Cory There’s somebody back here dude right Here there’s literally a person like Behind a wall yeah I got on my camera Who’s in there guy who’s down there There’s somebody right back here dude There’s somebody down you know I said I Got my camera no no Mike Mike right here Right here right behind this careful it Is No no it’s right underneath the flag Yeah okay so it is the end of the night Here at the Goldfield I guess goes down Mine all the above and it’s been a Really awesome night honestly in the Bordello I kind of felt the energy Whether it was residual or intelligent We didn’t have enough time or enough Responses to be able to tell but after Checking out the bordello You guys saw we headed down to the mine Had some really interesting experiences Down there Cory this is your first Paranormal investigation what are your Thoughts It’s pretty cool Stick out to that happen I think there Was definitely a real connection made

With the candle with the unknown the Unknown prospector who is standing right In front of his final resting place Right here that’s why the wrapping up Right here so there was definitely some Cause and effect when the questioning And the candle flickering that was not Arbitrary yeah that was very odd how About you Mike I just enjoy this misses my first time I’ve done a couple others of my own Making and other ghost hunting groups And it’s fun I enjoy it ghost hunting in Goldfield never gets old every time You’re gonna find something in one way Or another it’s just one or two things Or you may have a busy night exactly so It it definitely doesn’t disappoint so It’s like there’s ghost gold and gold Whew yeah wasn’t there something like That you thought you had seen that Candle or something you said well yeah Be stretching and where it kind of Looked like it is breathing and stuff I’ve had the flickering I’ve had it Moved one way to another and stuff but The the stretching and stuff I’d never Seen before that we that was cool Anyways here in what community college That’s a junction junction you’re in Apache Junction It’s a Colin we got Corey and Mike here And then Behind this is the unknown prospector

Thank you buddy Stay spooky whoa yeah it seems like we Started our video series on Arizona a While ago It only took a week to film but the Activity that we captured on camera and The life experiences and knowledge that We gained along the way took around two Months to fully get across through our Videos along the way we met some Wonderful people and made some lifelong Friends visited some of the most Infamous haunted locations throughout The state and captured some insane Paranormal activity on camera at the end Of the day however we left the state With more questions than answers why Does some paranormal activity seem to be Intelligent while other events don’t Seem to be why are some places so active And others aren’t how many times are Jeff and I going to encounter bats when We’re investigating I knew you guys Would love the bat bits it’s a crazy World full of mystery as much as I can Sit here and show you guys video Documentation of our experiences and Spouts out my theories you need to be The one to go out and seek the truth on Your own so I encourage you grab a Camera go out and investigate on your Own don’t just take our word for it Discover this mysterious world yourself You don’t need friends to do it with if

You have a will you have a way who knows Maybe one of you at home will be the one To discover the missing link that we’ve Never been able to find Arizona is a Beautiful state that to this day remains Absolutely saturated with mystery a Mystery that I know that I’ll never be Able to solve thank you guys for Watching this series for sticking Through it with me and it’s time for us To move on to bigger and much spookier Things you have no idea what’s next Thanks for watching and stay spooky Hello