Inside A Haunted Mine at Night | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | May 8, 2019
Inside A Haunted Mine at Night | THE PARANORMAL FILES

How’s your first paranormal experience Before I mean I’ve been in some creepy Places in the desert and stuff but never Like officially on a unnatural ghost Hunt so it’s kind of cool to be some Experienced ghost hunters here Interesting stuff Museum and the two or Three times that I did invest we never Got anything but there are there’s two Different stories there’s a staircase Towards the back there and there’s Planes that there’s a lady in a white Dress that likes to work that’ll walk Down the steps and you know disappear at The foot of the steps we never caught Anything like that but Bob is talked About that a couple times interesting He’ll tell you a story second story of The mercantile shop there’s a cowboy Kind of dressed like I am older and He’ll ask folks if they need help you Know what I mean this that building Right there hey folks y’all need some Help or something man you know like God Now we’re all right and then he’ll kind Of like just go around and disappear Around the corner I’m a certified Interpretive guide Oh gotcha and you Learn how to tell information people Based on their age level yeah Or their weather oh this is and this is Called the hoist house and this is the Guy that’s in here the hoist man gets to

Lower all the minors down into the mine That’s his job and he’s basically using A hoist cable that goes over the head Crane and lowers the small things like This little nine man miners cage right Here straight down into the mine now the Mammoth mine went 1,050 eight feet Underground so the first level is 68 Foot below the surface Second one is 100 foot below that and Then divide that up to about a thousand 70 foot it’s seven different levels Wow So temperature get one when you get down There I have the bottom the mine it Would have been about a hundred to 104 Degrees this one isn’t this is a replica Since the real mine is underwater and I Kind of point you where that outlaw Literally the water is 30-foot below the Surface Wow The first level like I said a 68 foot so Yeah it’s completely flooded Bob did Pump it out to about the first level I’m Thinking it was around 1984 I read about His his his exploits doing that mm-hmm Yeah he literally wrote the book on the Area literally it’s called gold juncos a Ghost town boom to bust wood going to Right yep we have the the mind the gold By a Savannah and we were in the running To do the atom-smashing part of the room We heard of that yep Pop pop pop couldn’t do it just there’s So much water that fell down that is

Crazy This is just Darkness so all the tools that you see In Tallinn pretty much 1840s to the late Nineties Wow Everything’s really like for Sullivan Steel’s eighteen seventy one seventy one Seventy three stove is the number one Answer This is a 150 year old honey wagon That’s what it’s called nice pretty good Welcome two dollars a day [Applause] Then I’ll have other tunnels going Different directions looking for other Veins that might be out there you’ll Have you know tracks that go there’s Three different shafts that went down a Thousand feet he’s one of those shafts Of six to seven levels and each one of Those others had to swim everywhere Those all three of those shafts and Those tunnels led to this room where the Gold was Wow yeah and I don’t know if they’re Here but if you shine the light straight Up you might see a back there too they Don’t usually bother us once we change The back of the sometimes we’ve seen Enough bats that’s good we won’t worry About the bats the superstitions are Full it’s it’s one of their primary Habitats all the cave systems and the

Wind keeps going through there mom What’s that the the log the long-nosed The Mexican long nosed bat that’s the One that pollinates all of our swirled Cacti okay The cacti are pollinated from bats down Here that’s a primary suited for them Yeah yeah yeah I would not know yeah What I thought bees or we’re on the hair For men’s club yes right I want you to play at the camp okay I Don’t you do it all right I’ll show you Where and I’ll show you where we did we Actually cut the what we were playing With it we were doing in there Now my friend Matt he maybe if you look It up on Facebook I suppose you like Those tires and we were bored like Summer and made a Facebook page you did Some stuff he was playing around or what Some of us were sitting over here nice And quiet not really doing much just Kind of listening and he was a doing Some stuff minute exit the tunnel over There and he just swore that he heard a Woman’s voice which would be very weird Because women aren’t allowed in math and Minds they were considered bad luck and So to hear a woman’s voice down in a Mine shaft was kind of interesting so oh My why that would again when this town Burned down in 40 42 42 were there any Deaths existed here from 1920 to 1926 Okay was there anybody who was really

Connected to the place emotionally or Financially or had a great interest that Would tie them to this place after their Natural death you know we’ve had a lot Of folks at a piano like Karen the lady Up there at the bordello she is one of The original people I really just died And He was one of the train conductors for Very cuz like Bob comes to mind he’s the Owner he’s put his hardness his life He’s built this place back up and that Suggests that I’m not sure yeah just a Lot cuz a lot of these folks have been Here forever I mean Dan has had that for At least 20 years or at least 15 yeah And you know so a lot of the folks have Been here and they’re literally blood Set deers or everything I mean my job Doing this this is my life you know and That’s what I enjoy every bit of it I’ll Take it out And I’m not a miner I’ll tell you Straight out this was a real mine I Probably wouldn’t be with you maybe I’ve Seen a few like the Copper Queen I’ve Seen video of some down there and it Looks cool so that’s a maybe but yeah You know but I enjoy the history that’s Why I’m here yeah the only issue on my Stove I enjoy it you’ve been in the band When I lived out in Wikia both – cowboy And just exploring from 18 to 28 years Old we went to the old town of ride

Sheila rawhide that’s just south of also Just north of the Alamo Lake and it was The original ride and it was at one Point almost gonna be the capital of Arizona there’s something there’s more To living in rawhide than there was Anywhere else signal as well there’s Another going to press Kate didn’t press Kit took it off but a lot of the outlaws When you were running you could go to Rock there’s no one out there we’re Still going out there yeah and they had These mine shafts and we went in this One and they went down and we were crazy We just went down these things and the Way we had a rope I had I was rock Climbing time so we put it on we went Down this by two 300 feet down a ladder And things were breaking on us and we Were going through the would help the Side shoots the Stokes yeah the little City house we were running sighs chefs Down the down I was actually making a Map as I went I know how far down I was But you get a my turn off the lights and You turn off the sound and it’s a quiet Darkness like you Ever seen before I bet there were still I got a dynamite thing opponents of Dynamite its original box I have a I Drug a drill bit mm-hmm a hexagon drill Bit from the top our friend I drug it All the way up there thing wait about Probably 30 pounds you in there I can

Show you yeah yeah there’s a mine shaft Back there called McCracken mine and There’s about a hundred and twenty dead Chinese people at the bottom of that it Collapsed back in the day it went back In the late eighteen over to really draw Their own a hunters maybe yes somewhere In there if I’m ever right and couldn’t Get them crack of mice in the middle Nowhere that sounds like place I like It’s it’s you take two two jeeps you Take some gear extra gas sector tires And you run out there and uh camping Gear would be the best man overnight or Something cuz yeah yeah it’s it pretty Crisp like out there night down through For quite a while but history you know This area right here for some reason if I’m gonna have anybody get lightheaded Pass out get nauseous anything that Happens that happens between where he’s Standing and where you’re standing Don’t ask me wise if I get someone that Passes out which I have had many of Times in my years most of it has to do With to me hydration but it usually hits Right in this area so yeah and this area Right here put the candle like I put the Candle right here it kind of gives it Yeah that’s like a honey pot eyes like a Winnie the Pooh got some poo there there Candles were made out of animal fat so Yeah this this is what the miners are Working in in total candle light they

Were only given four candles six inches Long made out of an alpha animal fat They were able to bring their own if They brought there’s instead so I’m Gonna turn this off and to show what it Looks like that’s crazy dark over there And they’d be working on that side Nothing and it’s actually just like Pickaxe drill bits drill bit drill bits And hammers what they start off with is A little small maybe two-foot star bit Okay and they would take a nine pound Hammer set it up against the wall it hit It turn it just a little bit and they do That until they got about 3/4 of the way Into that one then they’ll put that Aside and it becomes a two-man job you Get the eight foot long drill bit and Then they like drill the holes in a six To six and a half foot into the wall and That would take probably 13 to 12 13 Hours for the 21 hole spreads So they’ll they started before they had The power tools and after that yah once The holes are drilled and everything you Put all the dynamite in there two to Five sticks per hole around here this is Very very hard granite and did they say Fire in the hole we added it yes then Believe it or not they had about a Minute minute and fifteen thirty twenty Seconds to get as far away from that Wall as possible before it went off so Yeah it’s pretty crazy so how do you use

This candle Why don’t you kind of explain to the Camera you’re doing down here is we were To figure out because we did have a School in town we did have children and Families and whatnot here also and in The town itself where we’re standing Well above us is where the mill of this Town would have stood where they Processed all the gold to get you know The gold out of the ore and for some Reason one of our group and I can’t Remember who it was was asking if there Was any kids down here and if you’ve Noticed the candle it really hasn’t Moved we don’t have any air down here or Anything right now everything’s off and It would flicker every time we were Talking about kids down there and I Don’t know why there would be any kids Down here yeah cuz nobody died in the Mill so there wouldn’t have been any Death of this area but I’m thinking yeah Kids I don’t know unless you know so This is a more Oh interesting Yeah get the blue light though this time Interesting so this is more of like a Victorian spiritualism that’s what I’m Thinking yeah way to communicate with Spirits spiritualist movement yeah I Kinda I was watching some programs i Watch all that spiritual stuff for i Guess it would be what 1920’s 1930’s

Ritualism king like edits things flicker In there yeah Oh spiritualism because I Was watching that you know cuz I had Candle using the candles and I’m like Well that’s simple mm-hmm oh that’s Bizarre And razz me stop talking about this Besner there reason oh well if you think About it spirited there you know people Believe spirits are made of energy and If they’re moving around that energies Moving sort of fix the candle just kind Of like similar to the rem-pod if you Think about it and you know you have to Manipulate the air and magnetic field Around it that’s how we write when you Mentioned it to how odd the candles the Same now if you’re down here with us can You manipulate that candle the flame Maybe touch it It’s got such a strange movement to it Like stretching mm-hmm can you Potentially blow on the candle blow it Up you’ve done it before lets me take Turn the candles all the time and I’d Never see a candle do that I know it’s Weird very tall and very straight yeah So that’s not just my eyes isn’t totally Skinny right it’s like it’s like Squeezing it it’s like don’t even like That I like that it’s crazy I think he’s Got a chill down on my left side and I Know it’s not cold down there because I’ve been sweating in this danger at all

Down here Oh There’s an art of divination used in the Occult where you can stare at a flame And people do practice there are energy Fields and having to manipulate those as Well so it’s a whole branch of Divination in the practice that does That yeah I’ve just studied about it Yeah I’ve heard people talk about it but I’ve never actually seen it wasn’t like I’m like a scrying screen means is a Crystal ball missed or blacks crying Screen that’s like the magic mirror on The wall yeah The same thing subscribe you know the Thing is staring video of this that Stares back right when I was to the Grand Canyon hunts in 70 say you still Hung it up in their business goes tear Back at you Anyone comes well you know how people Get pushed in the Grand Canyon Everyone’s walking what I mean mm-hmm This thing is you can’t mess with the Abyss cameras ah I’ve met people take insurance policies Every other yeah you know I mean you Somebody did down here That’s interesting yeah so you were Saying how dark it is down here without The light huh oh if there’s somebody Down here in the mind could you please Communicate with us in some form maybe Tap on some of the wood that’s in this

Room maybe blow on this candle to Extinguish it walk closer to us we would Just love to communicate with you I Don’t need to be afraid of us we’re not Afraid of you hey down here on this side Of the tunnel or the mine right we asked To do something with the candle too That’s so weird Can you do that again to the candle if You are a man Can you do that to the candle again if You died here on the Goldfield property Oh whoa oh oh [ __ ] yeah how’s them okay Oh thank you did you die in this area Can you do that to the candle again if You died here on the Goldfield property Oh whoa oh oh [ __ ] yeah how’s that okay Can you do that to the candle again if You died here on the Goldfield property Oh whoa oh oh [ __ ] yeah how’s that okay Did you die in this area or in one of The buildings Options are you the the unknown Prospector where were the original Burial plot for him and on the other say You know where y’all park the first time Right here there’s some right across the Parking lot there there’s a couple of Telephone poles the original areas right At the end of there in the desert I don’t want it out okay yes so it found It they were digging the parking lots Literally I know had digging up and

Everything and they just like that it is Underneath the big granite rock that I Pointed out over there that says the Unknown prospector why we hadn’t read Blessed and buried down there if you Don’t subscribe to our channel already Please click that subscribe button and Make sure to turn your notifications on It helps us so much and we can’t thank All of you enough for the love and Support also if you don’t follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit that Follow button and go do the same with Payton who’s even more popping on here Than me getting more followers gets us One step closer to the big dreams that We have for this channel in addition if You want to support the show our merch Stores live we have some pretty flame Designs if you ask me thank you to Everyone that has bought a piece in the Past and trust me we see the love and Recognize it anyways enough shameless Self plugging enjoy the episode and stay Spooky guys Look at the candles just stop doing that Asking for yeah well I’ll ask if you’re The if you’re the prospector that they Found are you happy with where they put You if you are could you flicker that Candle thank you You do like it there Thank you

That’s trippy Can you flicker it one more time if it Is you the unknown prospector there’s Somebody else down in the mines could You give us a sign maybe if that’s you The unknown prospector could you Potentially use your voice maybe even Throw a rock from there if you’re down There could you please step forward Towards us we just want to talk did you Maybe work here in the mine or an a mine Maybe it’s this way Mike why don’t you It’s Mike why don’t you it’s Mike why Don’t you ask him to give us some Service boy suicide is anybody down here We’ve heard voices and whistles before Let us know you’re down here with some Whistles or knocks you know who I am I Said good morning and good night every Day Oh Three men down here children maybe this Way as I’m going and it’s sometimes as Soon as I touch the elevator That’s so come on that scared the crap Out of me I thought it was a growl yeah I think there’s something there That’s why it’s you’re thinking you Should move the rem-pod down farther in Their talent like farther over the rim Yeah I think all the way down and come Back Is there anybody that is willing to come Talk to me my name is Colin

Euro some friends Could you please use some of the energy That we’re giving you with our lights The candle to let us know that you’re Here maybe not like this like that maybe Even finish my knock Hello