“I WILL NOT Go Into These Mountains ALONE” (The Story of The MOST HAUNTED Mountain Range in America)

By | April 27, 2019
"I WILL NOT Go Into These Mountains ALONE" (The Story of The MOST HAUNTED Mountain Range in America)

I’ll tell you as a professional guide as A hunter as a botanist to go looking for Plants and Indian ruins this is the one Mountain range I will not go into alone On the outskirts of Phoenix Arizona sits The infamous superstition mountain range A grouping of massive Peaks and Landforms which have come to be known as Some of the most haunted and most Dangerous in the entire United States While we were wrapping up our series of Paranormal investigations in Arizona we Knew for a fact that we had to stop by The superstitions to see just how Haunted they were for ourselves when we Got into town for our investigation that Night we met up with Cory a local Professional guide who specializes in Taking people hiking throughout various Wildlife areas in Arizona and we headed Into the superstitions wilderness it’s Definitely a spooky walk even in the Daytime the way that the land feels how It speaks to you as you head down the Twisting paths and the power that the Area has is indescribable it’s a very Spiritual yet also frightening Experience Cory is an insanely Knowledgeable guide who researches the Paranormal world as a side gig and knows A thing or two about the animal and Plant life in these areas for example Check out right here as he grabs a Prickly pear cactus lights it on fire to

Singe the needles off and peels it back To give us a taste of the desert fruit It was pretty insane how knowledgable Cory was and the fruit was pretty tasty As we made our way back to a good Vantage point where we could see the Mountains and conduct our interview I Couldn’t help but notice the stifling Feel of the environment around the Superstitions something was off I could Feel it in my chest this area has seen Some crazy negative events in the past And I’m sure it will see even more in The future I guarantee that what Cory’s About to tell you will blow your mind Not at that oh my G spooky voices from Cactus field so why don’t you introduce Yourself you can look right at the Camera and then you got it I’m Corey Daniel professional guide down here out Of Phoenix Arizona what else know where To go what do you wanna go I’m Corey Daniel a professional guide down here in Phoenix Arizona with the paranormal Files and we are standing on the Northwest edge of the Superstition Mountain range what you’re looking at Here in the background is a five Interconnected volcanic calderas which Are underground volcanic systems which Exploded our foreign more probably a Dome about 28 to 30 million years ago And they it’s about three times higher

Than they are now they have worn down Over the years back when this was Blowing up for about five to eight Million years geologists believe this Whole area was uninhabitable There was just gas and clouds and ash Everywhere these cliffs you’re seeing Right behind me are welded tuff and tuff The Superstition Mountain range is Agreed upon by all geologists to be Probably the most vicious and roughest Mountain range in the lower 48 states it Is not a place we taking lightly there Are deaths up here regularly every year From hikers and that does not include The murders it does not include the Mysterious disappearances dating all the Way back to the days of the Jesuits and That’s why we’re talking with after Everything in the Superstition Mountains Centers around Apaches and gold and it’s Ironic because there’s never been any Gold found in this mountain range in Fact geologists say that this type of Rock formation does not allow for gold There’s been gold all the way around it If you go off to the west we make gold Field in a little bit here there is Fields of gold it’s called gold field And they mined gold there when the Richest gold mines the entire state Historically has been in that little Town the ghost town that we’re going to Be in if you go to the other side their

Town of superior globe in Miami Miami Arizona not Florida there’s gold All through there and copper and other Heavy metals as well silver and some Other stuff but nothing really in the Mountain range that being said the Stories and the hunters and the gold Hunters and treasure hunters have been Coming out here for hundreds and Hundreds of years This mountain range has been it’s gone By dozens of names today it’s called the Superstitions if you’re a local you know It has the soups If you want to sound like a Phoenician From Phoenix become the soups it said Dozens and dozens of names depending on Who was living here at the time The Apaches knew this mountain range as The abode of the Thunder gods and they Still refer to it as that it’s not Really for some reason and the Geologists and the climatologist don’t Know it makes weather during the monsoon Seasons and even for the winter rains Our rains are split into January February and then July in August and my Four months of drought on both sides These can get these mountain ranges can Be as completely full of weather and When it does being a volcanic drainage And a decomposing caldera you get fluids Coming out of Boulder Canyon Peralta Canyon I mean crazy floods and

That’s the flood that actually wiped out The town of Goldfield we’re gonna be out Later back I want to say 1898 and it Filled up if what out the entire town And filled up all the passages and Scrambled all the gold in the mind they Had to shut it down they couldn’t get Back to the gold again so it’s a Treacherous mountain range I’ll tell you As a professional guide as a hunter as a Botanist to go out looking for plants And Indian ruins this is the one Mountain range I will not go into alone I have an extremely healthy respect for This mountain range I backpack solo and Backcountry off trail as a minimalist And I don’t go in here alone there are People who hike these mountains For years and years and one day just Wind up dead the gold stories that Permeate this entire mountain range all Center around the Peralta family and the Perrault was down here in the mid-1800s He supposedly found a mine he thought we Didn’t find mine he found gold and he Was mining it right back you can see That little peak right back in there in The foreground just over that that is Massacre grounds and massacre grounds is Where Peralta men allegedly 400 of them Died they were massacred by the Apaches Like I said the Apache close to the Abode of the Thunder gods it is Equivalent to a church to them and they

Wanted Peralta out of here he would not Leave he even formed them that they were All no longer Apache but they were now Mexicans and the war was on while this Is the story and a lot of historians Will tell this story there’s no actual Proof and it’s one of those weird things There’s no hard copy on that people have Looked and looked and looked however People have a lot of paranormal Experiences right back in there on Mascar grounds apparently 398 people the Story goes were massacred there two Jumped over the mountain and ran back to Mexico and one made it and told the Stories they tried to get Mexican to Come back under certain mining again but The the mexican-american war was going On at the time and twelve years later The gaps that purchased happened and This became part of the US territories During that fight during that massacre There were about eighty to a hundred Mules that had saddles on and they had Gold concentrate in them those mules ran Out into the desert and they were never Seen again They believed the Apaches found the Mules ate them or sold them and took all That gold and piled it up they didn’t Really know what to do with it We called the newest valuable to the White people there are there is Confirmation from dr. Thorne years later

But to skip to the end of the story here When the US Calvary came over during the Apache Wars they started finding of cup People found some actual saddlebags and It did confirm the story two were found Definitely and about another nine or Twelve allegedly peep Retired on it and then this became Killing fields I believe there is a book Yet to be written About Psychopaths and psychopathy in the Old West You know we romanticize about the Cowboys and the Indians about the Gambling and the shootouts and the law Enforcement but what you never hear About are the dregs of society that went West that got pushed west on the Frontier where there was no law to where They could dry Gulch anyone and take Their wagon and their horse and just Commit murders willy nilly it was well Known back east during that time that Their worst gold up in these mountains And bags of it laying all over the place And there’s a lot of evidence that People were coming out here just Bushwhacking people left and right they Found some bones not too long ago over That other Hill on the other side of That mountain and and they they think it May have been part of the Peralta master But they’re not sure they’ve been Finding headless people in here bodies –

Heads and then they’ll find the head Months later or years later like wedged In a crack you know on some cliff ten Miles away right the primary story that These mountain ranges and this mountain Range delivers to us is that of Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman and he was a Prussian he wasn’t a Dutchman is Actually Prussian he came out here and His girl from the time Kent II she was a And she was an Apache she showed him Something up here and whether she showed Him a mine or Jesuit gold or the bags of The gold we don’t know but those two Were pulling gold out of here where that Mine was we don’t know because Jacob Waltz took that knowledge to his death On his deathbed he allegedly said that The entrance to his mine is where the Shadow of weavers needle has cast at Four o’clock in the afternoon People in looking with Ground-penetrating radar Where the shadow is with the Sun on Every day of the year people have been At this for a hundred years looking for This thing no one’s ever found it so That’s the primary story that surrounds About 300 books documentaries written About that lost gold story and if you’re Chasing gold this is a great place to You know tear up boots and kill horses Out here because it’s a very rugged Mountain range there have been people

Looking for this gold mine ever since About 1891 1892 just after Jacob waltz Died and that’s when the headless people Come in there like I said there’s famous Stories I’m not getting into all of them Here there’s books dedicated to the People who have come out here from the East looking for this gold mine only to Have their bodies found later – a head Right so those stories are everywhere This is the roughest mountain range in The lower 48 states and it has a hell of A story in terms of deaths surrounding It a lot of people believe and I heard This today I was listening to some older Videos about this mountain range they Believe that there’s still a society of Either Pima or Apache I’ve heard it was The Apache that still protect this Mountain range a small society that Protects it physically by killing people Who get too close to the caves today Story I heard was from a gentleman Related to Jesse James down actually he Works at there you didn’t did work down There at gold field he said it was the Pima but I don’t know the gold doesn’t Interest me much as a researcher and you Know as a as a child of the desert down Here it’s the it’s the occultic side Personally and I searched out the Ancient stories there are stories of Caves caves caves caves in this entire Mountain range and some of those stories

Center around people like a Phoenix Herald back in the 1800s had a story About a gentleman who was up here Chasing horses and he was up on the side Of a hill and he went into a cave and he Found copper axes and he found the bones Of about seven giants people about eight To ten feet tall right if you follow This genre of research all the Native Americans have stories of giants as well As little people but there’s a Giants Down here in the southwest that is the It’s the big one whether it’s the Gila The Apache called him the Gwyn dipp’d Right the Hopi talked about them and They all factored into the creation Story but he says that there are Definitely caves with Giants bones and I’m up up in there there was another Story David Hatcher Childress told in His one of his last books he had a Friend named Robert live in Sedona and That gentleman up here in this mountain Range and he found a cave with his Friend and it went down a spiral Staircase it was hand hewn rock it was Hand hand he was hand hand carved he Went down and found another chamber deep Into the ground there was another story Later on I mean about some people up on The side of the thing it’s lebarge Canyon or Boulder cam not sure where They talked about finding a cave up on The side and they go in this little

Fissure and this room opens up I believe There were six gentlemen on this Expedition the room fit five and one guy Looked in another fissure in the back And he saw a crystal or a glass skull Shoved in it they couldn’t get back to It they try to dynamite it it didn’t Work they decided just to leave it and Seal it back up so these stories are all Through here and go the route of the Portals right you say portals and people Think that you’re crazy but the Native Americans believe them every single Tribe talks about portals opening up to The other side especially down here in This part of Arizona most the natives up North will tell you bout their star Brothers and their star sisters they’re Not shy you won’t find a native tribe That doesn’t believe in aliens that Whether that we were actually seated Here most of my native friends will tell You that we were seeded from another Race but down here there’s portals if You don’t subscribe to our channel Already please click that subscribe Button and make sure to turn your Notifications on it helps us so much and We can’t thank all of you enough for the Love and support also if you don’t Follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit That follow button and go do the same With Peyton who’s even more popping on Here than me getting more followers gets

Us one step closer to the big dreams That we have for this channel in Addition if you want to support the show Our merch stores live we have some Pretty flame designs if you ask me thank You to everyone that has bought a piece In the past and trust me we see the love And recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys You guys heard of Mount Graham mm-hmm up There Mount Graham on top of Mount Graham in southern Arizona outside of Tucson is the largest observatory in the State you know who owns that the Vatican And there’s a lens up there called the Lucifer lens I can’t make this up Luc I Fer and that’s stands for like a long Range infrared X or whatever it’s they Had to make it fit but it is yeah that Mountain range was sacred that mountain Mount Graham was sacred to the Apache And when they went in there in Conjunction the Vatican with U of A down There to put this in they actually went To court visit the Apache said no you’re Not you’re not gonna be up there doing This this is our this is one of our our Sacred mountains the Vatican put Resources and money and battled them in Court for years and they won I mean if You go because the Vatican you’re Probably gonna lose right they got Pretty good lawyers I’m guessing and

They definitely lost and they built that Up there the Apache say it’s because it Is a Center for power and they wanted That location for that astronomy Whatever the Vatican is into up here You’ve got another mountain range off to The you can’t see from here Off to the south west corner of Phoenix It’s called the sierra de los Reyes the Mountain of the stars and that one Features prominently with stories of the Pima and the Gila tribes talking about Portals opening up they say the gods Used to come through they would compete With people back and forth I’ll tell you A story when I was cowboy in and the Western part of the state little town Called wickiup I met a gentleman by the Name of Jim Miller he was an old Prospector he was old when I met him and He told me sometime in the mid-80s a Gentleman came through who used to Prospect in those mountains around Wickiup Arizona back in the 50s this guy Just got to the VA hospital back then I Apparently he that this older guy was Old as well and he said that he used to Run a mule Oh and walk up into the the Aquarius mountain range right there and Right in the wash riding I believe a Sycamore wash he said he would see this Portal Open right there right at ground level And he’d throw rocks into it him

Disappear that’s what happened he’s he Was getting the courage to jump through It and he never did he had a plan to Like I guess tie a rope down to a Chicken and throw it in there and pull It back if it came out not like all Messed up he was gonna go through but it Never opened after he got the courage Damn these stories were out here you Know if you if you talked to people Enough I see the older people they’ll Tell you these stories Native Americans Will talk about this stuff all day long So this mountain also factors into the Creation story every Native American out Here obviously every people have their Own creation story but the ones out here All center around Giants and floods and All these crags you see up here on the Western cliff how good the light is Right now but those are supposed to be The frozen Giants the people who froze On their way up to the top during that Last flood so I don’t know it’s a this Story this mountain range we’ve got a Lot of stories um recently in the 80s I Forget the lady’s name if I get it some Of these things get mixed up in my head After a while but it was there Arizona Wilder or Katherine something she says That she was up Boulder Canyon and she Was rockhounding and she went into a Cave and on her way out of the cave she Says a reptilian stepped out bipedal

Reptilian humanoid looking thing I mean You know and it flashed the light at her And she woke up on a table in a craft She assumed and she was taken advantage Of and she was it’s on the internet you Can go check it out she swears by the Story she’s been telling it for 3540 Years now that story is out here so what Do you think it is behind the mountains That makes it so I don’t know so many Stories about it what do you think Causes that you know I don’t know I as a Researcher I hate to jump to conclusions And say I think it’s this I know that There are paranormal anomalies that Never end from the days of the Jesuits To the Spanish to the Mexican to the Indians the Americans things have Happened this mountain range has always Been at the focal point I know the Government came in and turned it into a A state wilderness Now I got theories on that out west Right America was filling up and you got The National Park Service in 1919 right Oh sh t was in nineteen nineteen twelve The Grand Canyon became a park in Nineteen nineteen that’s the big one But you have Yellowstone Yosemite all These places where Paranormal Activity Happens right Unless you’ve been following that guy on The internet talking about missing People for one one mm-hmm national parks

And if you are a government and you are Controlling a phenomenon what better way Than to put it under the jurisdiction of The government this became a state Wilderness Arizona has wilderness is Okay we have state monuments and state Parks national – and national parks and We have wilderness and these are really Special areas I think like 60 of them Here only a man or a woman can go into Wilderness on foot with a horse no Motorized vehicles can’t even hang glide Over them the only time you put a Chopper in there is for a Medical evac So they are completely completely Primitive even when the for service Comes in to do work on the trails it’s All saw and access they’re not even Allowed to use any electric or or or Motorized stuff at all so they are Protecting these areas and these areas To have a lot of paranormal activity When I used to work over on the Yavapai Indian Reservation just to the west of Phoenix outside of Fountain Hills one of Their medicine men was I don’t see a Friend but he’s an acquaintance of mine And I asked him I said why do you think That these areas out here on your on Your res he was telling me that they Don’t go out at night time because of The of the the things that walk around At night because of the little people Because of the the invisible hairy

People he had all kinds of stories he Used to tell me right straight from his Mouth and he says well he says as Someone who studies this and thinks About it for my people I think it has to With electrical fields there was a lot Of power in Phoenix back in the day Because Phoenix is a very ancient Powerful place but as people grow any Electric lines come in and you guys Industrialize it those electrical fields I think push away push away The spirits and these entities from the Other side when you go out into the Wilderness still people decompress out There because you don’t have those Energies you don’t have the electric you Know you know the the the the Wi-Fi he Says I think it has to with that why Things can come over from the other side There he says that’s how he explains a Lot of paranormal stuff but in you guys Our paranormal you know and it would Stand to reason that we know it is an Electrical phenomenon we know the Computer the computer was invented the Computer was invented to reach the other Side You guys know that no research the order Of the computer and the guy that did it He he invented the computer to talk to The other side that’s where it came from I had no idea yeah there’s some ground Up on the internet some older

Researchers put that stuff together cool Yeah all right technology intertwined on My website I talked at great length About sorcery and about energy and about Mysticism and physics and how it’s the Same thing you know back in the day you Had a king and a king hired an alchemist And he was down in the basements mixing Sulfur and trying to transmit lead into Gold right today you got MIT and Texas Instruments funded by the government Down there bending space and time in in A some government lab true for DARPA Interesting nothing’s changed mmm-hmm When when the old world sent the Mayflower over when the Spanish and the French and the English right the the Pinnacle of modern civilization that Time as soon as they had boats they came Over they knew this was here everyone Knew that the world was it wasn’t wasn’t Flat we’re gonna fall off the edge of it Sorry for the flat earthers out there by The way but you know they took advantage Of the resources and they monopolized on Everything out here they grabbed it and They secured it and they are allocating It today when we go to the moon or when We go out into space when humans leave Space it’s not gonna be the cashiers it Ain’t gonna be you know the the farmers It’s going to be those same bloodlines In the same people in positions of power Who have been controlling the

The path of humanity love the whole time What do you think is your most Definitive jesus’s books personal story From the mountains when you’ve been out Here What what have you experienced I’ve Never told this story before I’ll tell It It happened his truths God’s my witness I was at Borough Creek have almost a Wickiup little Wickenburg than wickiup Is about half way you’ll find it on a Map and that that bridge there that Canyon a lot of death has happened there And I was there about two o’clock in the Morning coming back from Phoenix and I Was out there with my dog on the edge Overlooked I was taking a break it was So tired and I had my knife on me just I Heard a knife back in the day I was Shoved in the front my pants here and it Was how it’s about a 3/4 moon night Maybe and I was feeling it was nice up First I started feeling creepy something Was bad something was wrong and then it Went to something as light out there by The way You know it’s a hiker it could be okay I’ll be coming back from the the Waterfall that’s right up there is 3/4 Moon We’re just over a half it’s almost Record yeah buddy way it was it was it Was it was definitely a well at night

And it went from feeling awkward and Weird to the hair on the back of my neck To I’m an imminent danger and I was Looking around and I looked at my dog Was under the truck and I thought [ __ ] Something’s going on here and I don’t Know why I looked up into my left Backwards and something was bearing down On me and I instinctively rolled in Aikido Royce martial arts and when I Came up I grabbed my knife but here’s The weird part as I was rolling the Thing buzzed me and I heard it come by And I heard cloth it was wearing Clothing and it was flying this is a True story and when I came back up I Pulled my knife out and I screamed I did You know the adrenaline went and it was Fight or flight and I can’t remember What I even scream now but it went out Pali about 30 40 yards it stopped it Turned and it hovered right there what Felt like a minute about a minute but it Couldn’t have been more than about three Or four seconds five seconds maybe and It looked and the best way I can Describe it is if you’ve seen the Lord Of the Rings remember them things that Ride those dragons and black guns are Those things it looked like that oh it Looked like that it had it was wearing a Black cloth and that’s what tripped me Out it was you know wasn’t it now wasn’t A hawk no it was hovering in state it

Wasn’t moving wasn’t flying it was Hovering and then it turned off to the Southwest and went towards Greenwood Peak and I watched it fly and I watched It because the moon was down south Because it was a pretty bright night out But through quarter moon night that’s The craziest damn thing I’ve ever seen I Heard yeah that’s bizarre I went home And I called one of my friends and asked Him you know what he thought and he’s Like I don’t want to tell you ma’am I You know what do you tell someone they Call you up at 3 o’clock and tell you That you know but that happened that Happened I’ve been in a canyon and I Found this little pile of dirt it was Red I remember that and I kind of drawn to And I sat down on it I mean within a Minute I got tired and I got more tired And then my rifle dropped out of my hand And I felt like I was having all the Energy sucked out of me That happened and I remember laying There and I woke my eyes and I was just Kind of laying on my dog she wouldn’t Come up on top of the mound it was a Wouldn’t wasn’t any more than probably About seven eight feet across and I Don’t know what was on that mound or What it was made of but I know I had to Get off that matter I wasn’t ever gonna Get off it so I kind of rolled over and

I rolled off of it and if some of that Rolled off this mound like everything to Snap back into place I was wide awake Again that happened Wow I have no I I wouldn’t make that up I Don’t know why you would it happened so You know there’s a lot of story you Spend up time in the desert and he’ll Start it you’ll start having some Experiences I’m bad well we’ll have to Come back to the superstitions They say there’s only three kinds of People to go to the desert prophets Prospectors and madmen which one are you So that’s a synopsis of the Superstition Mountains here it’s a holy shrine it is An ancient volcanic nightmare of rock it Is a place where alien abductions happen It’s a place where people have been Missing heads for over a hundred years It’s a place where the Apaches and the Pima’s are both reputed to being here Protecting it’s a never-ending Wellspring of stories and mystery is Right on the edge of Phoenix Arizona and You see the lights Good real quick before you get out of These woods people do you think a number Of people then have just died throughout This area that haven’t been found yet I Think of all the bodies that are buried Out here set up at one time it look like Downtown Manhattan think about just what We know of since the we can trace it

Back here we know that the archaic Indians were here and then there were The basket weaving culture then you have The greater cultures this era was the Hoho calm you have the salado’s the Sinagua –nz the muggy ons the Battalions all that going on here then You have the Spanish they came through And then you had the Mexicans part of Mexico right then you have America and Since America got here I mean good god What’s what have we done out here in These mountains together This is Massacre grounds the killing Fields you know so the Apaches were down Here waging war for about 500 years Before the for the Spanish got here and Started what whooping up on them and the Whole area is very turbulent but if you Get into the Pima creation stories they Talk about a time when there was an Inland sea we know that there was the Western interior sea that was up and in Here is all flooded strangely enough They tell stories about this mountain Range was not covered so and there’s Even maps where that’s not covered on it That people have recreated and someone Found a petroglyph I believe and they Believe it to be this sticking up out of The Inland Sea here Wow yeah there’s a Lot of research has been done about the Mojave desert from here in California Right mm-hmm and the Salton Sea is

Drying up but they believe just recently I mean really within 5000 years that the Water went all the way up into there They think was a lot more recent and it Was a lot it was a lot richer an area Pretty much Phoenix Arizona you don’t Think of it as a river town right but it Is we got six rivers that dumped into Phoenix got the Gila the salt the Verde Agua Fria Hassayampa and New River where Have the most ancient of civilizations Come from deserts with perennial water Sources coming through Egypt Sumeria northern India these are the These are the cradles of ancient Civilization Phoenix is on the same Parallel it has six rivers dumping India Into it on the most biologically diverse Parallel on earth this is not a harsh Environment this is a it’s a paradise You know each of these rivers is a Riparian biome of cottonwoods and Willows and deer and hundreds of edible Plants and we have fresh clams and fish Right they can irrigate real gently off Of all of these rivers every year the White Mountains flood out come down the Salt and the Gila and it puts more Nutrients back into it just like on the Nile I think the real history of Phoenix Has yet to be written true I really do And why won’t you go at the end of the Day here at night like what is your Reasoning you know hey I don’t need to

I’ve walked across half the state of Arizona one time or another I don’t backpack for recreation I don’t Shoot for recreation anymore I don’t Four-wheel drive for recreation these Are skills in my back pocket when I’m Four wheeling is to get back somewhere When I am utilizing my backcountry Skills it’s because I’m on an expedition I don’t just go shooting for fun and Just seems weird to me at this stage of My life I’ve shot so many guns I don’t Go hiking either for fun very I floss I’m with my kids from hiking I’m on an Expedition and you know I’ve just kind Of avoided this mountain range for the Last probably decade here I’ve been Through it when I was a kid but I don’t Know why I just something’s pushing me Out of it Oh walk across the rest of State at nighttime and I half but this Mountain range I don’t know maybe we Need to let’s do it that’s what I’m Saying Hello