We All Heard LOUD Movement in THIS HAUNTED Theatre in Arizona | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | April 17, 2019
We All Heard LOUD Movement in THIS HAUNTED Theatre in Arizona  | THE PARANORMAL FILES

So we’re gonna head right now down to The downstairs of the bird cage theatre I’ve been down there yet tonight and What would you say is the most active Spirit pastors I don’t know who would be More active down there I can tell you The things that have happened down there When we get down there I can point out Some things but I’m at a loss as to who Yeah maybe we can get an answer I would Love that Really nice Oh Steve okay okay I’ll let You go channa There will be a couple other scary Figures are going to show up on your Kinect does that actually map them I Don’t think to the mat yeah oh yeah Oh See that’s what that’s what are you Recording that is following us That’s that ball there is like an it’s An orbit that’s a ball Yeah like a black this I was talking About upstairs yeah you know where oh There it is again Do you see that okay there’s no freaking Way to entertain that wasn’t upstairs I Was talking to you about Josh what the Hell it just went all the way down the Stairs did you want something No I don’t want a t-shirt I got a Recording though it went all the way Down the stairs

I just lost someone that’s following Jennifer yeah the way up at the top Because it can move and fall absolutely Help you’re a little too close back off From the is there anybody down here in The basement with us can you give us a Sign by maybe knocking on something or Stepping closer to us Are you over in this corner maybe under The stage I’m staring at the stairs like A crazy woman waiting to see you again Bring the time to come back that’s the Well I moved Did you just bump into a chair if you’re Upstairs could you come down here with Us even if you didn’t used to be invited Down here you are now Wow what you doing There’s that black light again my parent Dom oh were you moving at all when I Said there’s that box right again me no Where are you panting at all no nope I’ve got your mark on you guys okay so Did you make it over here because it Looks like you were heading this way I heard all shuffling about trying to Tell you okay let’s just see why We’re listening did you just move a Bottle upstairs can you move that bottle Again if you don’t we might have to tell The sheriff we’re not telling the Sheriff I haven’t spent much time downstairs but I can tell you the times that I have

Been downstairs I don’t remember sounds Like that coming from upstairs I think Sony’s doing to get us back up There if we can get one more song I say We head back up yeah where are you If it’s somebody else up there would you Make the sound again we were asking About ladies are there any fine women Upstairs that can entertain a gentleman We have some customers with some cash And we’re ready to pay we’re looking for A woman with class who can show us Around the theater we’ve got four Hundred dollars for anybody that can Come and show us around the theater it’s In our pockets right now Probably the most my heart has ever Raised besides right now nobody gave me Like a shock wave yeah Another night we did an investigation And we had two men and me and I knew That the one place would be right here By myself in the dark so I pulled up a Chair and I sat here and I even said if Anybody really wanted to get me they Could get me good because I’m a little Bit nervous well the guys were up there And I heard things starting to fall down It sounded a lot like what we were Hearing up there but it was in here and It happened a couple times and I could Kind of see the guys through that open Door at the bottom of the stage and I Called to them and I asked if they were

Moving around a lot they said they were Facing opposite directions because they Didn’t want to move hmm so then I Started to lose my cold little bit and I Called them back to house tears and one Of the guys got down here and time to Hear it happen again and it sounded like Something heavy like you know a heavy Glass bottle or something and it sounded Like dirt with cascading after it I’ve Never had it happen before since and I Talked about it all the time hoping that Whoever whatever is responsible would Give me some clue but we were both able To corroborate that it sounded much too Heavy to be a mouse well there was Anything bigger than that living in There we would see evidence like turds Or something what is that area do that That is storage For the whiskey and wine cakes and so Further back you can still see the Whiskey in one case but pretty much Anything that’s been found on the Property but that’s been dug up or found In the area that’s not on display kind Of ends up in that cellar so there are a Lot of things that could fall over but I Didn’t see any evidence of something That had fallen over but it is very Clear upstairs glass bottle glass bottle Do you think definitely something Hitting a glass model that could have Been something residual like maybe not

Somebody cognitively trying to get our Attention but just old energy exactly Cog myself like um cognitively it’s not Something that I’ve had happen on a Regular basis whatsoever what do you say We go up yeah or WonderCon something ya Know that you can that reaches down okay Okay if there’s anybody left or if There’s anybody upstairs right now or Downstairs and you want us to come Upstairs or even stay down here flashing Gray like this dad can you use your Voice or move one more item upstairs we Can come up and talk to you Can you do that again could you repeat That Whatever you did Yeah let’s head up if you don’t Subscribe to our channel already please Click that subscribe button and make Sure to turn your notifications on it Helps us so much and we can’t thank all Of you enough for the love and support Also if you don’t follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit that follow button And go do the same with Peyton who’s Even more popping on here than me Getting more followers gets us one step Closer to the big dreams that we have For this channel in addition if you want To support the show our merch stores Live we have some pretty flame designs If you ask me thank you to everyone that Has bought a piece in the past and trust

Me we see the love and recognize it Anyways enough shameless self plugging Enjoy the episode and stay spooky guys Are you making a lot of noise up here Because you want us to be right here or Is it just where you want to be and you Don’t care what we do or what we do or What we do oh my god I I’m gonna play With this red light if you don’t so we We think a party’s going on right here I Thought you’d be tired of having us try To talk to you from back here because That’s what we do every night but it Seems like that’s what you want was that Did you see did you see that see here That nestling right here yeah that’s What I’m saying right here it was right Here Okay this was that was like would you Mind doing that again So we don’t think that was just somebody Outside talking so you would make my Entire year if you would make that loud Noise up here that you were making when We were downstairs I might even poop my pants just for you Dude my entire right side of my body is Like freezing cold it’s like actually Freaking me out First off we heard the chair move and Then the freaking a glass bottle was so Loud yeah oh yeah it was clear from up Here yeah like this room

Yeah it wasn’t up there It’s like when we’re down there and Tries to draw us back up but then when Were here it’s like mmm Maybe it’s comforted by us being up here Dude I’m so creeped out right now like Last night I got none of this feeling And we’re standing in like the bin Hospital just him and i huge huge I’m Just sitting here Mike I just don’t want To be here Is there somebody that really just Doesn’t like it that we’re here Maybe they don’t like the fact I’ve got A pistol so do you think that this young Man should not be armed is that why There’s all the noises you’re making Okay we’ll do undo our poker experiment Now you just smelled cigars Yeah just standing over here I was just Feeling like first of all feeling like I Heard kinda like a um like a would be a Woman’s like nice a nice huh and then I Felt like I spoke I just heard cigarette Smoke I’m sorry cigar Now I’m trimmin oh okay sorry Oh anyway So anyway that’s just out here with the Lights on and I kind of felt like it was Up the stairs up there which does go to The yeah so my my feeling just that I Had was that I was can’t being invited Up to by a woman have a cigar okay It’s just sounds strange but that’s just

What I’m thinking you see where it takes Them because lady would have done that From the balcony Oh interesting You know the whole thing’s called out to People from right here so are you You can see these doors right here but We’d be sitting on the other side yeah Other side we do where the people are Standing so they were standing