The Ghosts of the Haunted Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | April 10, 2019
The Ghosts of the Haunted Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ | THE PARANORMAL FILES

This is the bird cage theatre it’s known To be the most haunted site in the state Of Arizona the evidence we captured There in the building is real and has Not been doctored or faked to increase Our views or our profits Welcome to the paranormal files okay That’s weird [Applause] Okay know where the lights kind of okay That’s weird come on dad okay there we Go okay that’s weird okay Oh was it really just do it yeah no what Are you doing that no I mean that’s I’m Saying well let’s do it here it goes Okay so tonight we have traveled all the Way to Tombstone Arizona Jeff and I have Been on the road now for how many days Is it dead last Thursday so Friday for Me so he’s left us at five days five Days with that noise Kind of sound like okay well anyways we Are now here in Tombstone Arizona this Is a place that I’ve waited to visit for An extremely long time and I cannot tell You how happy I am to be here until I Got my six-shooter my god well I think She knows that I think she must and We’re at the bird cage theatre here too So this is one of the most famous

Haunted places in the entire United States I’ve read about it so many times I saw it on Ghost Adventures way back in The day before I started doing any of This stuff and it’s kind of one of those Places that inspired me to create the Show and do what I do every week now but I’m here with Jennifer she has worked Here for how long two years two years And she’s had a number of experiences so Why don’t you just kind of tell your Story everyone doesn’t happen to you Well it’s easier if I can tell the story When we get to the places sure things Have actually happened sure I remember The first ghost tour I ever did here was Just as a guest and I heard the clinking Sounds coming from this area which would Have been the main casino gambling floor So that was one of the first experiences I’ve ever had And one of the experiences that I have In this area right here and then a lady Was passed out when you were here as Well yeah okay yeah that would have been On the back stage back here where we do The lights out for the ghost tours and At that time again I was just a guest And people felt that they were Experiencing feeling things walking past Them like cold Rush of air past them and right after Somebody said that they had seen that or Felt that a couple times then I could

Hear somebody and this was across the Table I could hear somebody saying okay Okay and the next thing you know one of The guests had passed out and passed out Pretty dramatically so not really sure If this was a medical phenomenon as a Result of the day she died here in Tombstone or if there was somebody here That was very very very sensitive the Paranormal interesting I’m not sure but Yes that was extremely interesting for a First ghost tour at the bird cage Theatre and naturally OH itself Something that I have to work here later Well I guess this is obviously a Building that’s seen a lot of different Violent events mm-hmm bullet holes Throughout the property on the ceiling Of a floor you know on the sides of the Building And hopefully tonight we can get some of The spirits to come out and interact With us who do you think is the most Active probably Josh it’s a little boy That we refer to as Josh and he seems to Really actually enjoy the interaction or As you know adults that are here that Are working here and that are having fun Here that are playing here they have Their own agenda and that agenda is not Necessarily stopping and talking to me Or to any of us unless we hit on Something that really keys into Something they want to interact about if

That makes sense so I would say josh is Probably the most active spirit here Because he’s a child and I think he Really values that interaction I think He really values that he feels loved and Cared for the most I experienced him the Most and I believe all of us do on the Backstage he seems to be very very Comfortable around the black Mariah if You don’t subscribe to our channel Already please click that subscribe Button and make sure to turn your Notifications on it helps us so much and We can’t thank all of you enough for the Love and support also if you don’t Follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit That follow button and go do the same With Peyton who’s even more popping on Here than me getting more followers gets Us one step closer to the big dreams That we have for this channel in Addition if you want to support the show Our merch store is live we have some Pretty flame designs if you ask me thank You to everyone that has bought a piece In the past and trust me we see the love And recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys [Applause] So maybe you’ve heard a bit about the Morticians table and what happens yes so We believe that josh is responsible for

That and I Josh I wanted to let you know That I have two friends with me this is Jen and this is Jeff in your column Colin and I just wanted to tell you that These are two people that are making Friends with and you don’t have to be at All nervous that we’re here to see you So I hope that you would like to play With us and I know you like to play the Very best by shaking that morticians Table and if you don’t feel like doing That I see that somebody’s left some Candy for you and you know as much as I Love you if you don’t eat that candy I’m Going to eat it for you go ahead buddy And sometimes it’s it’s difficult for Him to get enough energy to shake the Table so you kind of if you focus on one Corner of it you can sense that it’s Moving and you would think that if I Were to move for some kind of natural Cause that would swing forward and Backwards because Josh is amazing he Shakes that table from side to side so You’ll look for more of a side-to-side Motion that’d be so cool to see Josh Buddy we came all the way to talk to you And I think you got a really cool place That you live in all we truly want to do Is just hang out a little bit play a Couple games if we can maybe we can get You some candy I’m a diabetic so I’ve Got some candy my bag so I hope it Doesn’t make you nervous that they have

Cameras with lights on them maybe you Would be less nervous if I moved further Away should we step back sure did you Hear that guys And I definitely thought I’d her legit Loud a wouldn’t ask my mostly see yeah Josh is that you okay then that was Josh And I was so loud I didn’t get to hear You Josh would you mind doing it again If you’re okay with having a camera and A light can you make a tapping noise so We know it does not bother you I’m going To turn off my light for you Josh so if You want to do anything feel free don’t Let the light scare you away we’re not Bad people we just want to hang out and Play a little bit and just see what you Can do because I think it’s really Awesome so I’m going to turn off the Light for a second and feel free to do Whatever you want to do That’s the first time something from Back here for sure it’s creeping me out Like there’s just like something kinda Yeah I feel like just being pulled over There almost it gives you a little bit Of like visual effect if you mm-hmm Like I still see on camera pretty well There I think when we get those odds in It somebody trying to communicate to do It more than one show but I don’t know That they’re always capable of having an Amount of energy that they need know

When I ask for them to bring it closer Sometimes they will and sometimes they They don’t well do you want to talk to Them and see if they’ll give us a sign Usually whenever I’m in this room I Don’t have time to just stop and focus On you because I’m talking so I Understand that there has been seen Somebody in this room on the end and Also somebody in the room next to that Seen by both a guest and recently a Co-worker one man seemed to be a cowboy And another man seemed to be a wealthy Man of spanish-speaking descent So if one of you is still here could you Make us on the let us know See how is this possible him where they Have not known a spaniel where the Species most estas aqui Are there any ladies that are working Here tonight more bothering you while You’re trying to work It’s almost like they say it’s almost Like we are bringing in some sort of an Attachment I smelled something did you Smell it is that just us it’s kind of Metal it’s the kind of metal isn’t it so Is there anybody over by Russian Bill’s Crib because you know I always ask for You Russian bill and if you’re here I Have time to talk to you tonight I did what’s it you know wasn’t so Russian bill I asked if you’re around And if you would come talk to me are you

Close to me now I kind of hurt a little a my right ear But I don’t know if I’ll catch it on Camera did someone try to speak to us We’re listening Did I hear it again hmm can you use your Voice if you’re here with us to tell us Your name my name is Colin I’m an outlaw From Texas if you’re walking around up Here with us you can get closer I don’t Mind if you touch me to let me know You’re with us here right now right now Right now like from right here in this Vicinity it’s kind of over to us if You’re here with us a house can you come On over and well what’s that noise you Just did It might be good oh dear that yeah Hey Josh this is Jeff again and hey I Have a son here Colin as well and I’m Just kind of here to say hi and we’ve Come a long way to see you if you could Move that morticians table like you like To do it’d be awesome Right when you’re studying is a noise There was one commission where I do Believe I heard Josh or each other who That’s possible that there’s more than One child here but when we heard the Tapping on the black Mariah that first Tour that I did hear the hostess was Sitting right there said not everybody Heard that could you please do it again I was sitting on that side of the table

And I distinctly heard of child’s voice Yeah and he tapped again so I’ve never Heard your voice except for that one Time Josh was that you can we do this Okay yeah [Applause] Okay so you’ve got the SLS camera out Now you’re gonna walk over to the area Or Josh also in case anything goes on on The table don’t rent Pontius bite if Anybody is over by Jennifer could you Show up by her grab her leg just stand Beside her Jennifer yeah if you hold your left arm Out but we’re gonna have Jennifer could You just grab a hold of her hand just Show us if you’re what happened oh wow Just blanked out Brandis bps was turning What’s interesting about Jennifer why Don’t you ask if you grabbed both of my Hand you can pull on my hand usually I’m Not dressed this way when you see me but This is Jennifer you see me here your Many days of the week Don’t try the table what do you what do You mean the morticians table so that we Can head downstairs sure Josh so Josh if You’re here with us buddy Can you just come out to play for one Second use as much energy as you Possibly can Josh you know that I saw There’s a red candy on the black Mariah You know I really want that red candy if You want it for yourself will you shake

The morticians table Maybe there’s somebody that isn’t Josh Could you make that sound again Do you mind making it when I’m close by To you I know I’m usually on the other end of The table I hope that you it’s okay that I’m close to you now You want me to stay close oh yeah it is Flickering hmm I don’t know why it’s Flickering oh did it just stop Could my iPad inform you during our to It anything electronic Mm-hmm no if that was you can you do That again I mean what are the odds nothing I’m Learning right when we mentioned it it’s Been on for 15 minutes you just have it Just flashed a stick figure on the table Was that me no you can if you’re if You’re following Jennifer and the Rob Dude they’re just Oh black or but you Say no the app so I told you – okay here I am just grab my hand you know you’re Not gonna scare me You started to come out I hope y’all Think you see that did you have it on Camera There is a black orbit yeah what the Hell I did is stuff like a ball rolling Mm-hmm you just are kind of starting to Come out I think and get more Comfortable with this can you show

Yourself again for us Jennifer’s right there about the table So firstly I’d like to know do you like This thing with the red lights on it in The middle of the table because I know We don’t have one maybe you like it Better than the things we have you were Making that light flicker or something Made that light flicker and you also Made it make a beeping sound I hope that Didn’t scare you and it’s a way for you To tell us hi and you can do it again Before you do that there we go Thanks for coming back can you get on The table and maybe try to hold Jennifer’s hand That’s hardcore damping I was like five Tabs did you hear that yeah yeah over There yes I heard like four you didn’t Hear that it was like this so Josh was That your way it tells me you’re not Gonna play at the table but you are over Here I don’t get a chance to be close to you Very often because usually I’m on the Other end so if you don’t mind I’m going To sit down and just be close to you we Could fight whatever games you want to Play if you tell us what your favorite Game Okay that just doesn’t happen her house I just hurts did you hear that little We’ll get it on a camera so guys I don’t Know that I’m thrilled that you like the

Rim Potter if I’m offended that you Don’t play with my K two years that is Interesting Jennifer keep talking so should I be Offended that you like this better than You like my k2 meters Should I get our should I get one of Those for you guys to use I think There’s like more activity here that’s Better that’s better We have the better one actually okay This actually yeah yeah I don’t know if All it takes a towel to map out you Might am i mapping out with this camera Those even you know that’s what I’m Talking about us what the hell I heard Again like a swish swish but it also Might have been a whistle or a yeah That’s my heart like a voice with it Like Yoshi You’ll hear it okay you trying to get Our attention we’re listening What are you talking to us while you Were using the rim pot what do you smell Smelling like something sweet Where’s my cellphone Oh there they are right there okay okay Okay that’s okay I was like hmm I just Want to make sure that the Wi-Fi on our Phones with us yeah no good idea I just it’s the smell of my body so You’re smelling something right now You’ve got a small figure just now on The SLS when we were standing here and

Then this thing started alerting you Okay Yeah not fine I swear I just heard two Thumps is what I was referring to okay I Didn’t hear that That’s kind of very weird well either Way okay that was an odd moment yeah I’m Gonna go back and grab the wrist over There hey Josh Do you want if you want to bring yeah Yeah that’s what I would do if you did Can I take a picture of this okay yeah Absolutely Yes okay so we’re about to head down Into the connect these were the back Stairs that I believe were used as some Sort of an exit from the crib gotcha Okay I don’t know if it’s for Emergencies only or for employees only Okay so we’re gonna head right now down To the downstairs of the bird cage Theatre and down there yet tonight and What would you say is the most active Spirit in abastos I don’t know um who Would be more active down there I can Tell you the things that have happened Down there when we get down there I can Point out some things but I’m at a loss As to to who yeah maybe we can get an Answer I would love that Really nice