5 Incredible Historical Predictions That Came True

By | April 6, 2019
5 Incredible Historical Predictions That Came True

Whether it be to aid in the navigation Of those phenomenal moments in history When the world seems to exist on the Edge of a precipice only inches away From calamity or merely to reveal what Our ultimate fate may be the ability to Divine the future is a gift that we all Crave at some point in our lives for Most of us precognition is the stuff of Fairy tales A magical ability that has no place in a Chaotic reality yet at certain times in History it would seem that some people Have had strange and inexplicable Knowledge of the future and have Prophesized events that have come true In 480 BC one of the largest invasion Forces in history was assembled by the Persian King Xerxes the first to conquer Greece the contemporary historian Herodotus put the number of the invading Force at around 5.2 million men if this Is true then what Greece faced was not So much a war but an apocalypse knowing That a great force was heading their way The Greek city-states all sought aid From their gods the Oracle at Delphi was Regarded as an intermediary of divine Wealth and was as such the most renowned Prophet of the time it was to her that The city-states turned after consulting Her it would be Athens and Sparta the Two most powerful cities that would set The agenda for the Greek Confederation

That was forming to defend against the Persians the Oracle at Delphi was the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo a Woman who was without doubt the most Powerful woman of the classical world Her prophecies it was believed were Inspired by being possessed by the Spirit of the god Apollo To those who approached her she would Bestow counsel influenced by her visions Of a future dictated by the gods when The Spartans approached the Oracle they Were told the following either your Famed great town must be sacked by Perseus his sons or if that not be the Whole land of Lhasa daemon shall mourn The death of a king of the house of Heracles for not the strength of lions Or of balls shall hold him strength Against strength for he has the power of Zeus and will not be checked until one Of these two he has consumed her Prophecy suggested that the only way to Stop the Persian king from sacking the Entire city of Sparta was for a Spartan King to fall when the Athenians Approached the Oracle the answer they Got was also full of dread await not in Quiets the coming of the horses the Marching feet the armed host upon the Land slip away turn your back you will Meet in battle anyway oh holy Salamis You will be the death of many a woman’s Son between the seed time and the

Harvest of the grain a wall of wood Alone shall be uncaptured a boon to you And your children The Athenians interpreted the Oracles Words as indicating they should withdraw Their troops to the Greek island of Salamis where they would face the Persian army in bloody battle for all Her talk of death and conflict the Oracle did offer a tone of Hope when the Delphine ian’s themselves asked the Oracle how Greece could be saved from The Persians she instructed them to pray To the winds they will prove to be Mighty allies of Greece soon after Visiting the Oracle King Leonidas the First of Sparta along with an estimated 7,000 men from all over Greece stood Against Turks ease great hosts at Thermopylae Leonidas claimed to be Descended from the demigod Heracles and His name meant son of the He and his troops occupied a narrow pass In the area known as the hot gates Believing that they could keep the Apocalypse at bay there they cut to Ribbons tens of thousands of Persians They seemed invincible until one of Their own betrayed them on the third day The traitor showed the Persian army a Secret pass that allowed them to Encircle the Greek army faced with Anihilation many were able to retreat And fight another day however it came at

A price King Leonidas 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians sacrificed themselves to cover Their withdrawal and so the king of the House of Herakles with the strength of Lions failed to save the city the Oracle Was also right when she predicted that The winds would be mighty allies of Greece a large portion of the Persian Navy was destroyed by storms enabling The Athenians to inflict a naval defeat On the rest of their Navy capturing 30 Ships in the process thus while surge Seas might have been master on land he Was losing the sea which was critical to Keeping his vast army supplied in an Attempt to crush Greek morale the Persian king pillaged the great city of Athens believing in the Oracles prophecy The Athenians decided to retreat with Their Navy to the island of Salamis Which was less than 10 miles off the Coast of Athens in the Straits of Salamis Xerxes thought he would hammer The final nail of his conquest with a Decisive naval victory however the Athenians presented his army with a Wooden wall of boats with this they were Able to destroy the Persian Navy thus Without any supplies the majority of the Persian army had to retreat back to Asia Those who remained were defeated by a Coalition of Greek forces inspired by What had become the martyrdom of King

Leonidas and his At Thermopylae thus the Oracles prophecy Was fulfilled Athens was sacked but its People found refuge in the island of Salamis a king died to save Greece and The winds helped to crush the Persian Invasion and since the war had Encouraged the Athenians to build a Strong Navy that Navy would afterwards Dominate the Aegean Sea and would truly Be a boon to them and their children for Centuries the Knights Templar were one Of the wealthiest and most powerful International organizations in Europe Beginning as a small group of knights That banded together to protect Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land after the First Crusade They eventually grew into the world’s First multinational corporation their Services expanded to a wide range of Activities including international Banking with traveler’s checks being Issued to pilgrims in Europe to be Redeemed in Jerusalem a much safer way To carry money across the long journey They also had a large army at their Height Templar knights were present Across Europe Africa and the Middle East And even had their own Navy during the 12th and 13th centuries they were Europe’s premier financial and military Power however all of this began to Decline at the horns of Hattin

In 1187 when Saladin the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria annihilated the Templar Army and took Jerusalem out of the hands Of Christian forces After that it was a slow decline the Knights Templar spent more than a Hundred years trying to retake the Holy Land however they could not permanently Regain it and with that they started to Lose their reason for being in the eyes Of many some started to question why This rich organization was being given So many privileges not only did the Templars operate banks vineyards and Other businesses tax-free they also Enjoyed unrestricted mobility of their Armies across Christian Prince’s borders By the beginning of the 14th century the Knights Templar was even contemplating Forming its own monastic state much like What had been done in Prussia and Rhodes Whilst many were unhappy with the Knights wealth and power it would take More than petty grumbling for change to Happen a powerful organization could Only be found by a powerful enemy and as Bankers of Europe they had many Disgruntled clients who could become Such an adversary King Philip the fourth Of France was heavily indebted to the Templars King Philip had used large sums Of borrowed money to fight the English And now that he no longer needed the Army he began to scheme a way of getting

Rid of the Templars luckily for him he Was in a particularly fortunate scenario For the Pope was living with his court In Avignon under his Dominion not only That pope clement v was his relative Able to pressure the pope to act in his Favor philip engineered the spreading of Rumors about the templars by the early 14th century it was whispered that the Knights committed nefarious and Lascivious acts during their ceremonies On friday the 13th of October 1307 Philip staged a massive coordinated Strike against the Templars scores of Templar knights were arrested on the 22nd of November the Pope followed suit And instituted a papal bull that gave Every monarch free rein to arrest the Templars and seize all of their assets Over the next several years Templars Were burned at the stake for Unsubstantiated claims and were Eventually entirely dissolved when They’re defined grand master Jacques de Molay met the flames in 1314 with his Hands tied together in prayer Contemporary records reported his final Words as prophecy God knows who is Wronged and has sinned soon a calamity Will occur to those who have condemned Us to death A month later pope clement died and by The end of the year King Philip of France was also dead Henry the eighth

Was King of England from 15 9 until his Death in 1547 he is most remembered for Having had six wives throughout the Course of his life and for his Controversial break with Rome which saw England cut itself off from the Catholic Church and papacy and in doing so Fragment its relations with continental European powers it was Henry’s Relationship with Anne Burrell in which Is most commonly considered to be the Primary motive for england’s break with The church at the time King Henry was Married to Catherine of Aragon his first Wife and mother of his daughter Princess Mary distressed that he did not have a Male heir to inherit his throne and that His queen was unlikely to give him any More children Henry sought an annulment from the Pope Which would allow him to put Catherine Aside and marry another woman in the Hope of having a son this however was Not to be without the Pope’s blessing Henry empowered domestic English Clergyman said that they regardless of The Pope could grant him the divorce he So desperately craved with Rome’s Authority in England no longer Recognized the crown began a policy of Religious Reformation which eventually Led to the complete reorganization of The Church in England and the Dissolution of the monasteries many

Across England were unhappy These changes and regarded Henry’s new Queen and Berlin as the cause of the Forced estrangement with what they Regarded to be the true mother church in Rome one of many people who had cause to Be upset was friar William Pete oh not Only was Peter a firey defender of Rome Known for his holiness of life but he Was also confessor to Princess Mary the Daughter whom King Henry had cast aside Along with her mother Catherine on Easter Sunday 1532 the friar delivered a Rather controversial sermon in the King’s presence at Greenwich his Franciscan Chapel during his sermon he Compared Henry ticking a harp husband of Jezebel Jezebel was associated with False prophets and blamed for having led A harvest ray according to Scripture After a hub died while dogs licked his Blood Peto thundered that if Henry should Marry an his Jezebel the very same thing Would happen to him just a few months Later Henry and Anne were Wed in secret When King Henry died in 1547 his coffin Stood overnight in Sion Abbey as it made Its way to Windsor for burial according To a contemporary document identified by A 19th century historian the leaden Coffin had become damaged by the shaking Of the carriage this had allowed fluids To leak from the dead King’s remains in

The morning when workers came to repair The coffin they found the pavement of The church was wetted with his blood not Only that they supposedly saw a dog Creeping and licking up the Kings blood If this account is to be believed friar Peters prediction had come true God’s Judgments were ready to fall upon his Head and that dogs would lick his blood As they had done to a her In 1595 a Benedictine monk named Arnold Wyan published a history of the Benedictine Order within it he included A prophetic list of popes that he Claimed was written by Saint Malachy a 12th century Irish archbishop Malachy it Was said experienced a religious vision On a trip to Rome during which he Supposedly learned of all the Pope’s to Come from 1143 until the end of the Papacy and Rome itself in the text the Pope’s are listed with small mottos Attached to their number the first entry For example referred to the Pope being From a castle of the Tiber Pope Celestine the second whose pontificate Lasted from 1143 until the following Year was indeed born in a city on the Tiber River whose name translates as Castle town since the prophetic lists Publication the debate as to its Authenticity has been ongoing even Extending into our own times some have

Decried the list as a forgery fabricated By wyan and therefore not dating back to The 12th century certainly it can be Said that the Pope’s mottos do seem to Lose some of their accuracy after the Publication date of 1595 that’s being Said it has recently emerged the private Correspondence from an Italian Cardinal Dating to 1587 May shed some light on the lists Provenance in his letter the Cardinal Stated that the next Pope who would be The 74th successor to Peter would be From the dew of the sky strangely the Cardinal claims that he knew this not Because of any personal prophetic Abilities but because of the existence Of ancient prophecies concerning the Papacy in particular the prophecy of Malachy according to the Cardinal Maliki’s prophecy contained more than 200 popes As this letter was written several years Before why ons list was published it Indicates that say Malky and his 12th century religious Visions were already known in certain Circles not only that in the prophetic List of 1595 the 74th pope was assigned The very same description as given by The cardinal in his letter If the list was indeed a hoax created by Wine in 1595 how was it that a cardinal Appeared to possess knowledge of the

Very same predictions years before Intriguingly the 74th Pope Urban the 7th Did seem to fulfill the from the dew of The sky motto He has been Archbishop of Rossano where Sap called the dew of heaven is gathered From trees though still skeptical of the Lists site examples of mottos which Appear to make no sense such as their 109 perp John Paul the first being Referred to as of the half moon they State that such a motto does not seem to Relate to anything and the defenders of The list are merely clutching at straws Those defenders however state that John Paul’s papacy began with a half moon and Ended with a lunar eclipse very soon After thus his motto refers to the Brevity of his pontificate this same Logic could be applied to his successor Pope John Paul the second who in Prophecy is known as from the labor of The Sun which believers claim refers to The solar eclipse that occurred at the Time of his birth in 1920 and the Subsequent one that happened at his Funeral in 2005 yet for those who Believe in the prophetic list it is the 112th Pope which causes the greatest Concern for he is thought to be the last Pope worryingly this is the number of The current pontificate unlike the Previous popes on the list the 112th Pontiff is not given a motto instead he

Is referred to as Peter the second the Prophecy also states the following Peter The Roman who will pasture his sheep in Many tribulations and when these things Are Finished the city of Seven Hills will be Destroyed and the dreadful judge will Judge his people the end with Peter Being the first Pope of Rome elected by Christ himself the name Peter the second Could be said to have ominous undertones If Peter the first signaled the Beginning of the church Peter the second could very well be seen As signaling the end it would be very Difficult to imagine any Pope choosing To call himself this and thus maybe more Of a metaphor for how the 112th Pope Will act even so some have linked the Name Peter to the current Pope of Francis the first due to a vague Connection to Pope Francis’s namesake St. Francis of Assisi whose father was Called Peter however others claimed that Peter the second is symbolic and that Like the original Peter the 112th Pope Will be a good leader of the church and Will help the faithful through many Tribulations as stated in the prophecy Then when these things are finished and The Pope dies it will be the end of the Papacy and perhaps even the dreadful day Of judgment itself despite these Unsettling claims some have stated that

The prophecy does not read Peter the Second to be the 112th Pope but rather Since it forms a separate paragraph from The list it could mean that there are More popes after the 111th before the Final pontiff is reached indeed if one Were to take the 16th century Italian Cardinal words literally there may Somewhere exist a longer list of popes Given by Malachy meaning that mankind is Safe from the apocalypse for now So Winston Churchill was one of the most Remarkable men of the 20th century he Filled many roles in his life a war Correspondent who took part in a cavalry Charge a Boer powa escaped captivity and Lived as a fugitive in South Africa Britain’s First Lord of the Admiralty in The Great War and later and most Memorably the heroic prime minister who Learned Great Britain through its finest Hour In the 1940s Churchill was in his 60s When he led his nation against the most Terrible war machine ever conceived by Mankind yet there was one person who had Predicted this with incredible precision Churchill himself at the age of sixteen It was a summer’s evening in 1891 and Sixteen-year-old Churchill and Maryland Evans a classmate were talking together In a basement room of the Headmaster’s House at Harrow school the young men’s

Conversation turned towards the future According to Evans who recalled their Conversation in his diary Churchill Stated that he had a wonderful idea of Where I shall be eventually I have Dreams about it he said I see into the Future when asked about his dreams by Evans young Churchill said that he could See vast changes coming over a now Peaceful world great upheavals terrible Struggles Wars such as one cannot Imagine as shocking as this statement May seem sixteen-year-old Churchill Claimed to have seen more he told Evans That he knew that London will be in Danger London will be attacked and I Shall be very prominent in the defense Of London at the time Evans response was one of disbelief with The dreadful days of the Napoleonic Wars Now long ago he regarded Great Britain As forever safe from invasion to this Comment Churchill supposedly scoffed explaining That he could see further ahead Davin’s he restated his belief that Their country will be subjected somehow To a tremendous invasion by what means I Do not know but I tell you I shall be in Command of the defences of London and I Shall save London and England from Disaster during the conflict of the 1940s hundreds of thousands of bombs Were dropped on Britain with London

Experiencing 85 major raids by the time The war ended certainly if ever the Capital had faced disaster it was when Churchill was leading the city’s Defenses did Churchill’s 1891 dreams Reveal where he would be in 1940 far From being a foreseeable path his future Career was hardly predictable Churchill had multiple near-death Experiences was disgraced during the Great War and later politically Marginalized even when the time came in 1940 it was almost a miracle that he was Chosen to lead his country over his Rival Lord Halifax who many preferred For his conciliatory approach the Circumstances had to be precise for Churchill to have become Prime Minister In those tumultuous times so how do we Explain his supposed foresight it could Of course have simply been a great boast From an egocentric teenager yet at the Time Britain was at the apex of its Power Queen Victoria Empress of India and Grandmother of Europe sat at the head of An empire that controlled nearly One-quarter of the world’s population it Was almost unimaginable that London the Heart of that Empire would be in danger If one were to boast it would make more Sense to speak of conquering the rest of The world and finished coloring the Globe red for Britain Churchill did not

However rather he specified London and England the center of the most powerful Global Empire that had ever been as Being one day in his lifetime on the Brink of disaster and that he would lead Its defenses Did Sir Winston Churchill really dream Of the future at the age of 16 thank you For watching please don’t forget to Like And subscribe if you have not done so Already for more of the paranormal and If you cannot wait until my next video Why not check out the one suggested on Screen now until next time