The Birdcage Theater in Tombstone Is Haunted As F**k | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | April 2, 2019
The Birdcage Theater in Tombstone Is Haunted As F**k | THE PARANORMAL FILES

I think they’re just letting us know Them this is their turf first this is The bird cage theatre it’s known to be The most haunted site in the state of Arizona the evidence we captured there In the building is real and has not been Doctored or faked to increase our views Or our profits if you were beware you’re In for a scare Welcome to the paranormal files okay That’s weird [Applause] After spending the night at the Abandoned Phelps dodge Hospital in Ajo Arizona if you haven’t seen that video Yet please go check it out My father Jeff and I headed east from Ajo towards tombstone as we travel down The highway in that area we couldn’t Help but notice the amount of grave Markers on the side of the highway Most of these memorials were erected to Mark locations where people have died in Fatal car accidents but seeing the Memorials made me think about the large Amount of illegal immigrants that have Died out in those very deserts that we Were passing through while trying to Enter the US do they have some sort of Marker what happens to their bodies when They die it’s very sad to consider but Hundreds died every year while crossing

Into the US while they travel through The desert those are also some stories That history either chooses to ignore or Completely forget but we hear the Paranormal files Do not forget all of those deaths just Add to the population of wandering souls That seem to call Arizona home Oh there’s like three right here there’s Like four do you see that Wow That’s trippy dude okay so we’ve been Driving all day it’s now 4:30 we just Passed another Border Patrol checkpoint They really got this entire area locked Down in Arizona it’s crazy there’s just Apparently care that there’s a shootout There earlier this year man with Dementia or in 2017 Who just opened fire on some Border Patrol guys so it really is kind Of a lawless land out here it’s crazy Here we are were pulling in the Tombstone now like I said neither of us Have ever been here before but I’m extremely excited one to come here Four years and we’re finally here The famous one Dinner All dude there’s the okay Corral right Here This is where the okay Corral happened – tough to die if you don’t subscribe to Our channel already please click that

Subscribe button and make sure to turn Your notifications on it helps us so Much and we can’t thank all of you Enough for the love and support also if You don’t follow me Collin on Instagram Yet go hit that follow button and go do The same with Peyton who’s even more Popping on here than me getting more Followers gets us one step closer to the Big dreams that we have for this channel In addition if you want to support the Show our merch store is live we have Some pretty flame designs if you ask me Thank you to everyone that has bought a Piece in the past and trust me we see The love and recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys that’s sick Dude tombstone baby founded in 1887 Tombstone Arizona is probably the most Infamous of all the Western boom towns Supported by a rich amount of Extractable silver in the environment Tombstone was originally named goose Glance and was established by prospector Edie Flynn who discovered the first Silver in the area in 1887 after the Discovery of silver in the area the Settlement was flooded with doctors Prospectors lawyers gunmen and others And the town’s population exploded from A few hundred at its inception to 15 to 20 thousand people by the late 1880s At its height tombstone was also home to

Around 3,500 licensed prostitutes being A boomtown violence was expected and Became entirely common in Tombstone the Shootouts happening in the saloons and Main streets almost daily a rogue gang Known as the Cowboys constantly Committed crimes throughout the town Such as theft and murder a string of Crime which culminated in the famous OK Corral shootout in 1881 during the Shootout US deputy marshal Virgil Earp And his temporary deputies and brothers Wyatt and Morgan took on a fugitive Group of Cowboys gang members who are Suspected of a high profile murder and Robbery three Cowboys were killed in the Gunfight and the conflict marked the Herbs for death in cowboy eyes Virgil Earp was ambushed on the streets of Tombstone later and shot but survived And Morgan Earp took a bullet to his Spine the next year while his brother Wyatt was right by his side This led Wyatt to obtain warrants and Organized a federal posse which set out On horse To track down and kill the four men who Were thought to have targeted Virgil in The shooting and killed his brother Morgan this event came to be known as The Erb vendetta ride and ended in the Death of all four cowboy suspects Tombstone has an incredibly rich in Colorful history although it is a

History stained with blood and Misfortune two major fires in the town’s History destroyed most of the original Buildings and left only a few of its Original structures still standing one Of those buildings left untouched was The bird cage theatre built in 1881 The bird cage theatre was once called The wickedest and wildest night spot Between the Barbary Coast and Bazin Street by the New York Times and it was For good reason the theatre held Performances which ranged from opera to Comedy and even magic that was home to a Full crew of prostitutes that would Service their client’s inside of the Building and even inside of large Suspended bird cages which were hung From the ceiling of the building it’s no Surprise that there were 26 deaths Inside of the theatre as every night Miners gunslingers and Cowboys would Gather inside of the building drink and Let loose sometimes the alcohol brought Out negative feelings in these Individuals which would culminate in Violence it said that the bird cage Theatre is the most haunted building in Arizona and people have reported all Types of paranormal phenomenon inside of The building from seeing physical Apparitions of prostitutes and Gunslingers to being shoved and grabbed By unseen forces many entered the

Theatre alive and left in a casket so It’s no surprise that the building is Reportedly so haunted what do you feel It [Laughter] So it is kind of chilly Thank You Tube Stone but I would say of all the places That we’ve been so far on this already Just standing here on the streets of Tombstone yep it feels just I’m really Excited to get the bird cage because That’s such a famous obviously historic Place and you see here this is not meant To be cowboy gear but I’ve got my Western outfit on and so maybe get into A my pockets get into a cup fight Tonight with some spirits look at that Though look at that Son said you have beautiful say that’s Gorgeous It’s like really well-kept here too I like to still good to happy anyways we Need dinner right now actually right Across the street walk over there you go Find our hotel award-winning steaks and Burgers and says in the window and then Had a birdcage there’s so many things People kill prostitution Hi I’m William Hundley I’m the fourth Generation here with a bird cage theatre It’s been in my family since 1934 we’re On the back stage right now of the bird Cage this is where we do our our Ghost Tours at night and one of my favorite

Places to sit is to take a chair and put It right up against this cutting board So that I can look down into the casino Floor and I see a lot of shadows I’m not On them every night but when I do it I Tried to sit right there cool what do You think is the biggest spirit would You say in this kind of area like whose Presence there’s we have men women with Children we have a dog we have a cast Yeah there’s a lot Josh she’s one of our More are kids here and I’m not real good At doing this but my girls can usually You joshan that morticians table up There and it doesn’t go like this shakes It really says yeah and they’re real Good at doing that so maybe later Jen Who’s gonna be with you guys tonight She’ll be able to but the reason that This stage is so huge is because the Rafters they could put up all these Different backgrounds and then hurry Back back here they have it segregated Off and the actors and actresses could Actually change their clothes on them That’s the black variety it’s the Boot Hill hearse it’s trimmed in 24 karat Gold and sterling silver and his price For the Ford Museum at over 2 million Dollars today there were eight of these Made in Rochester New York by the Cutting hammer of And this is the only one that they know It was still wow that is so cool the

Curved glass here this is all that this Is one of the first ones to ever have Curved glass Wow and this brings in the Paranormal big-time because so many People were carried to their death in Here we get photographs of face it’s Looking back at us too through this Since it’s crazy That’s viewing that they would have used In 1880s it actually comes apart in the Middle and these are the two cases for Because you didn’t have a you know your Undertaker in 1880s might not had an Actual funeral parlor so at first when You passed on you cleaned up your house Real well and you put that on the dining Room table and then everybody would Actually come over to the house so for The view while later on they did all Yeah Undertaker where you in now this is Where they had the West longest poker Game it lasted eight years five months And three days it was non-stop 24 hours A day seven days a week and the minimum Buy-in was $1,000 to get into the game Famous gamblers like that Masterson Diamond Jim Brady Adolphus Busch from Bush brewery and George Randolph Hearst Would meet four times a year to playing This game every you know it just Constantly kept going on the Dick Clark Was one of the major ringleaders of Getting this game going he left the Oriental to come down here to play and

When he got started when the Hutchinson Started the game in 1880 And he taught other people like nap Annette sleepy eyed Joe Tom Thompson and All them how to keep going during this Marathon game these are cribs that are $40 cribs that you could have spent the Whole night he wasn’t like upstairs with The wham bam thank you ma’am Underneath is where they kept all the Booze and that that’s neat to check out EVPs really important in there if I Could get some good buy back and same Thing it needs a lot of boards come back And forth across here so it’s a remember It’s a dirt floor so warps dirt floors Sometimes does yeah yeah exactly Watch that go ahead folks I will let you Through the whole place is active but The thing about here is is you can get a Lot of orb orb thing going the reason I Point out the dirt floor dust is right Okay But our orbs here usually anywhere from From red blue and green okay and and Most of them are blue I mean they can be From that blue on that ribbon up there All the way to dark blue and and you Have a lot of um you do have a lot of Plexiglas up there on the casino floor Yeah so you know that and then the Cameras are going to give you an orb my End of life thing too Whereas like we see that you know we’re

Looking at the orbs or they kind of go Yeah and that’s what I’m respectable Yeah no no these are on reasonable time You get lightning rods too because They’re moving and they’re and they’re And they’re losing their shape because They’re trying to yeah yep yeah we get a Lot of the lightning rods around here But all through this area here in these Rooms if you were to like just take a Tripod and you had it moving slowly with Some kind of slow moving stuff you’ll Capture stuff I get a lot of we have a Gmail that we use and that’s where Everybody that goes on these ghost tours Or does a private investigation with us Usually we’ll turn around and send us go Through the airport yes okay cool and There’s pictures or there’s little cards With that on there around here you can I Always make them take pictures up at one Time so they won’t be ever exactly On camera in this room is the document Room you won’t be able to go pass this Room tonight this room has a lot of Ladies of the night that works either Here or here in town this will be dark Probably this will be closed this is the Gift shop here but yeah you’ll you’ll be Able to do the casino like I said in Three levels EVPs I would definitely hit Hard and I would definitely set up a Zoom you know as as many little cameras As you can

So why don’t you give me three craziest Things that have happened in the theater There’s most intensity I’m trying to Think well okay the one of them would Definitely have been Cody pull stones Photograph where the girls are up here On the flat up here and he’s down here He goes take the photograph and the Aberration it’s not a full-bodied Apparition but it’s solid and I’ll show You the picture when we’re done here And it blocks out both the girls in fact Just this corner you can make out the One girl that would be one another one Was just recently and it happened to me And only a few of the employees know About it right now I was sitting in my Office and I was actually reading Emails from our tombstone BC you know Ghost pics at and I’m sitting There and I’m like typing this stuff and All of a sudden I get this like hint of Fate and perfume and then when I looked Up like this she sprays cologne or Perfume under my nose and then pulls my Hair who and that was weird that was Just since Thanksgiving Wow yeah we’re In January to you thanks yeah and then I’ve been whispered to twice shush once Lilac and Jasmine on the backstage most Of the things that happen to me my goes Upstate to hear me have me say this but Most of the stuff happens to me early in The morning cuz I be hearing so walking

Like going upstairs you know getting Making that noise yeah morning noon and Night footsteps boot stuff yeah I have Boots or even you can tell when it’s Women because the Little heal thing go and click click Click click yeah yeah I’ve got it coming Out the front door at me in my office With the door open I’m like oh come on It’s too early for tourists you know You’re walking out there and there’s Nobody and they never once in a while Joshy will move something oh there’s a Little gal named Sally it she’ll blow Air over those two big bottles up there And when that happens that’s crazy five Guys who like that it’s like there’s no Air coming through the building it’s Like no way like they even happen ya Know it’s it’s one of those where it’s Just you know how’s this happening cuz If there is the window you know we’ve Tried to bunk We did bunk like we tried to debunk 99% Of everything same happens in here a lot Of people will send me stuff sometimes And it’s like look I saw a face and I’ll Have to explain don’t look you know a Lot of the glass a lot of windows in This building are 140 years old there’s A lot of imperfections than what there Is today when you have glass like a Glass case that’s thicker you know and Stuff all this has buttons and stuff so

We can make images and then there’s Times it yeah you know you look at and Go oh no that’s not matrix scene or Anything like that sometimes This wall over here this wall back here Well you know what matrix oh yeah okay So a lot of times you’ll your matrix and You’ll get you’ll get a body over here Or you’ll even get a face in that corner About now and that’s just with the Adobe But then there’s times that you get a Full body so there were 16 gunfights Seven fatal killing 26 people and Leaving over a hundred and forty bullet Holes throughout the walls ceilings and Floors there’s one out in the bar room There are six in the Fourier themselves And then casino floor the the ceilings Some of those are Holes up there there in the floor and There in the walls as well Besser Andrus was a magician he’d put Slugs in his mouth and his assistant Would fire blanks and one night this Drunken cowboy goes well if he can catch Those he can catch these and he pulls Out a six-gun named [ __ ] and he says Cats this professor and the guy next to Him bumps his arm and the shots go wild Down here in this state Oh wow this was the actual yeah that’s Crazy And his this were you lucky for him Though yeah that’s him right there on

The wall right there weird While preparing for our investigation in Grabbing a beer at the saloon in our Hotel Jeff and I discovered that the Property that we had rented a room at For the night was also supposedly Haunted here’s what the bartender had to Say and this has actually been a working Ranch since late 1800s it’s called the Trap men saloon because the family that Lived here was the trap men family and There have been a few odd things that Have happened since I’ve been working Here my first week here I had turned all The music off turn most the lights off And locked out all the doors so I was Here by myself and I could hear a woman Hysterically crying behind the bar with Me and actually called my mom and asked If she could hear it and she could hear It over the phone and I think second Most interesting would be there’s a Story about a woman the ghost of a woman Who wanders around long purple dress Beautiful blonde hair and she likes to Go walk down by the horses here and I Checked a family in and obviously no one Was gonna tell this little girl’s ghost Story as soon as she got here and the Little girl looks up at her mom and asks Did you see the lady in the purple dress That the pretty blonde tear down there By the horses and just the hair on the

Back of my neck stood up and it was just Really and that really made me actually Believe the stories that people had told Me about it Seeing books flying off of the shelves Flat shelves no wind no one’s opening Any doors or anything and the kitchen is My favorite they said the light in there Always I’ll turn the light off and walk Out and I hear it click back on and turn Around and of course I walk back in There and the light is on so and someone Messes with the silverware every now and Just just little stuff like that kind of More into the history of the trattman Family we do have the original root Cellar here in this bar is you’d like to See you But it’s but yeah so this was the house That was here actually burnt down and When they came in to build this resort They uncovered it it’s the original root Cellar and there’s a little tunnel right There in the very back So whenever the apache indians would Come through they the women and small Children would crawl through this tunnel And the men would stay up here and Defend the home and the tunnel would go Out and half way about to the Dragoon Mountains and lot yeah so there’s a lot Of history here and this is all exactly What was left behind the time So what do you think is actually here

Causing the activity maybe just leftover Energy I know that sounds kind of corny You know there’s there have been a lot Of people and that may have lost their Life on this ranch to make natural Causes gunfight you know knows the Wild West you a lot of people have passed sir It was a working ranch so a lot of People came in and out of here and this Used to be the home for a lot of people And it’s no longer so I’ve never felt Afraid I’ve never felt scared I’ve never Felt unwelcome and unwanted it’s always Kind of more of a playful just I mean Even the hysterical crying I wasn’t Necessarily scared I think they’re just letting us know That this is their turf first how ironic That we just end up staying here I crazy Having a beer his beautiful bar and to Join me her stories yeah Yeah you can say no way oh that was [ __ ] That’s real is exactly how they come in 2009 so yeah that would come in right There horses out here however it was Just about Part of that is just land that they can Write on and they would always come Through at try to find stuff when they Occurred that there was a root cellar And I guess the way that the building Could collapse on top of this they just Never found it so I’ll show you please And I heard a loud cut and I came back

In and one One of the important areas There’s no doors opening and shutting to Create his draft It’s not easy Yeah Do you think he was mad that it’s a Vegetarian Give me my beef Lifeless It’s crazy how bizarre though that we End up staying here you randomly got Here’s the key randomly got this place For rental yeah here we are in our jail Themed room three plus for us yeah I Know I was thinking that actually yep It’s so easy is it like your eyes are Much younger Sitting on the right spot you okay how Do you do it Okay well where the lights kind of okay That’s weird Come on dad okay there we go okay that’s Weird okay Oh was it really just do it yeah no what Are you doing that no I mean that’s why I’m saying well let’s do it here it goes Okay so tonight we have traveled all the Way to Tombstone Arizona Jeff and I have Been on the road now for how many days Is it dead last Thursday so Friday for Me all right so we left unsatisfied days

Five days with that noise Oh Possibly the heater I’m not yeah kicked Out kind of sound like it okay well Anyways we are now here in Tombstone Arizona this is a place that I’ve waited To visit for an extremely long time and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be Here You can tell they got my six-shooter I Got well I think she knows that I think She must and we’re at the bird cage Theatre here in Tucson this is one of The most famous haunted places in the Entire United States I’ve read about it So many times I saw it on Ghost Adventures way back in the day before I Started doing any of this stuff and it’s Kind of one of those places that Inspired me to create the show and do What I do every week now but I’m here With Jennifer she has worked here for How long now Two years two years and she’s had a Number of experiences so why don’t you Just kind of tell your story everyone Doesn’t happen to you well it’s easier If I can tell the story when we get to The places sure things have actually Happened sure I remember the first ghost Tour I ever did here was just as a guest And I heard the clinking sounds coming From this area which would have been the Main casino gambling floor so that was

One of the first experiences And one of the experiences that I’ve had And this area right here and then a lady Was passed out when you were here as Well yeah yeah that would have been on The back stage back here where we do the Lights out for the ghost tours and at That time again I was just a guest and People felt that they were experiencing Feeling things walking past them like Cold rush of air past them and right After somebody said that they had seen That or felt that a couple times then I Could hear somebody and this was across The table I could hear somebody saying Okay okay and the next thing you know One of the guests had passed out and Passed out pretty dramatically So not really sure if this was a medical Phenomenon as a result of the day she Died here in Tombstone or if there was Somebody here that was a very very very Sensitive the paranormal interesting I’m Not sure but yes that was extremely Interesting for a first ghost tour at The bird cage theatre and naturally I Don’t sell something that I have to work Here no well I guess this is obviously a Building that’s seen a lot of different Violent events mm-hmm whose bullet holes Throughout the property on the ceiling Of a floor you know on the sides of the Building and hopefully tonight we can Get some of the spirits to come out and

Interact with us who do you think is the Most active probably Josh it’s a little Boy that we refer to as Josh and he Seems to really actually enjoy the Interaction or as you know adults that Are here that are working here that are Having fun here that are playing here They have their own agenda and that Agenda is not necessarily stopping and Talking To me or to any of us unless we hit on Something that really keys into Something they want to interact about if That makes sense so I would say Josh is Probably the most active spirit here Because he’s a child and I think he Really values that interaction I think He really values that he feels loved and Cared for hangout the most I experienced Him the most and I believe all of us do On the backstage he seems to be very Very comfortable around the black Mariah Absolutely