The Most Haunted Abandoned Hospital We’ve EVER Investigated | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | March 30, 2019
The Most Haunted Abandoned Hospital We've EVER Investigated | THE PARANORMAL FILES

The abandoned Phelps dodge hospital in Ajo Arizona is widely considered to be One of the most haunted buildings in the Entire state it is a massive 29,000 Square foot building which saw thousands Of recorded deaths while it was an Active medical building the town of Ajo Itself was constructed as a company town To serve those who had worked the Massive new Kornelia copper mine which Lies right outside of town the new Cornelian mine was actually the first Copper mine in all of Arizona and over The decades that it was active thousands Of different individuals were employed To work in and around it to extract Copper as you probably know mining was a Dangerous job while the mine was active There were explosions poisonous gas Leaks fires floods and many other types Of various workplace disasters because Of this thousands of miners and others Who lived in the town of Ajo were sent To the Phelps dodge hospital atop the Hill to see treatment for their wounds And ailments many who entered the doors Of the hospital never left it is Believed that the spirits of those who Died agonizing deaths inside of the Building still roam its hallways people Have reported seeing shadow figures Hearing phantom voices being violently Attacked in the building and even being Choked out to the point of passing out

We spent a night alone inside of this Abandoned hospital and captured Paranormal activity on camera that would Stick with us forever Welcome to the paranormal files The drive to Ajo is absolutely crazy as We headed south from Wickenburg my Father Jeff and I couldn’t help but Notice how desolate the town’s location Is located only 40 or so miles from the Us-mexico border around 3300 people call Ajo home right now it’s a quaint little Town with an extremely rough and dirty Past driving down to Ajo I couldn’t help But notice the extreme amount of Abandoned buildings which littered the Sides of the highway that we were on There is an extreme sense of isolation In this part of Arizona something that I Hadn’t really felt before we were very Disconnected however I had no idea just How alone I would feel once we stepped Foot in the abandoned Phelps dodge Hospital I’m Alan Dunston and I own the old Phelps dodge hospital here in Ajo and We’ve been renting it out now for about Three years for paranormal Investigations and we’re just happy to Have anybody here that wants to do that So this is the this is the extreme I guess eastern end of the old section

Of the building and beginning of the new Section and this is the new reception Area and the way I normally walk through Is to start by going back through the Old section so this pretty much here is The end of the old building which they Believe was built in like the 1930s and You’ll see this actually on this side is Actually the newer section again and you See with the white doors this was where They brought emergency patients come Back around we’ll see what the emergency It was here this is the receptionist a Man when he said Eastern oh so that’s The farthest Western hat yeah the olden Who sort of joined together at this Point kind of opposite each other now From this point here we go forward this Is the old section on both sides Oh I’m back to the stairs here you go Upstairs okay here’s the kitchen the one Thing the only real problem as far as The building itself is the fact that the Roofers never maintained after the light Poles so you’ll see a lot of appealing And paint and so forth that’s the only Yeah no issues with respiratory issues Like there’s no house best those no no The asbestos was the pipe wrapping for Replaced Which last time I saw them they were in This area here okay the people have Reported seeing the bats flying around Oh that’s creepy oh that’s my worst fear

So here’s an example it’s a ceiling Wow Yeah but overall the building is Instructional by the way there is a Person that stays here in the building Emily yeah who’s at the far western end Which I’ll show you and first whatever Reason there’s no showers in the new Part of the building the only showers in The old part so this extension cord hair Is curly a little shower heater and this Is where he takes a shower oh he’ll be Coming back probably in the next 30 Minutes or so okay Never so much his name is Ignacio Diaz Or he goes back nacho nacho okay yeah He’s he’s been shipped like three years Oh wow and when they did the Ghost Adventures TV show here they interviewed Him and they made a big deal the fact That he was staying here right yeah That’s interesting I’m curious on the bat I mean he what he Does work for he doesn’t work for me and He gets up early oh yeah so if you want To talk to it what do you talk to in the Morning to it you want yeah that would Be fine Well you know I mean do they do they Really fly through for one night from What I understand it has happened I Don’t know how anybody being attacked by That’s yeah we know that I mean I hear Little chicken bats are my thing that he Has the spiders don’t like spiders

Anyway this whole wing back here is Related to purpose I mean the nurse from Her journey might wanna do this I think This says there’s the signs on the Things I had a tourist there so I put Signs up and gotcha So that’s the Wow the day this was a pretty Well-equipped hospital and known Throughout the area people actually came From out of town I think is pretty cool That’s very cool yeah oh yeah like Somehow o’clock Play ball 12 years ago that thought it Would be a great place to do a wellness Spa convert it to a wellness spa I kind Of went along with that I also like the Idea of the landscaping where it’s up on A hill there’s a lot of really great Opportunities for doing dramatic like Landscape it’s right in there so sort of Combine your skills yeah and this is the Nursery and I’d like to say this is an Equal-opportunity nursery there’s two Pink walls and two blue I remember small yes of course all That’s labeled in here can you draw okay There was lead on all these walls we That makes us happy the x-ray here and Then I’ll put you right across the Walkway going down to the we entered the Building so where was the like morgue Area

Because it’s just you know hand kisses From the outside and really wasn’t more As much it was just the days before when He gonna later went down then you have To hold an area The main thing down there is a boiler so Don’t want to go down there you this is The emergency entrance and you’re Welcome to go out here if you want as Long as you two Thank you new new wing was that name is Built on 1960s and there is some power Available is some power from y’all That’s available in the reception area There cool oh there’s because of the Rain and bad ceiling sometimes there’s Shorts in these white zone Oh yeah sit them carefully what’s this Camera up here that’s a security camera Secure that house yeah this this area I’m hope it they did is some people Yeah so this is the medical library Couches nice this this room here is no Welcome to go in I think the best thing to do so have you Ever had any experiences I have not Personally if you don’t subscribe to our Channel already please click that Subscribe button and make sure to turn Your notifications on it helps us so Much and we can’t thank all of you Enough for the love and support also if

You don’t follow me Collin on Instagram Yet go hit that follow button and go do The same with Peyton who’s even more Popping on here than me getting more Followers gets us one step closer to the Big dreams that we have for this channel In addition if you want to support the Show our merch stores live we have some Pretty flame designs if you ask me thank You to everyone that has bought a piece In the past and trust me we see the love And recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys okay well This lighting looks really bizarre It’s a 948 right now we’re here in Ojo Arizona but we’re driving up right now To the Phelps dodge hospital at this Point I will giving you guys some History on the building When we were in there earlier it’s just Definitely really creepy it’s really Large And about the tour from the owner Alan Who I guess hasn’t really experienced Anything in there but a lot of people Have in the past so Ghost Adventures was Here pretty recently and now the painful Files is gonna pay a visit you’re Wondering why I’m shooting on my iPhone It’s because our camera got stolen today Including a [ __ ] ton of footage from our Investigation last night at vulture City Including some of the most compelling

Evidence we ever had which makes me feel Like it was a conspiracy from the men in Black but You’ll never know yeah it’s right here We’re pulling up to the hospital now and It was very ominous Oh my god it’s almost bats There’s the hospital right up there Who This is definitely kind of creepy this Is okay well there’s no infrared tonight Because like I said our camera was Stolen with infrared on it so we’re just Gonna have to have lights and a GoPro But uh Tommy gets Boop okay so there’s Hospital up there Sure [Applause] I never notice this model as I thought You can if you want I think I might Create a weird shy on the camera I’m uh Okay well that’s where it didn’t happen Again when we walked away that’s every Time I shine the light Just hold me just holding your hands Gonna look weird on the camera really Yeah so Jeff’s got the Mel meter hold Down the power button I’m not I know if It goes up above the zero it’s walking Oh To anybody that is here in the Phelps Dodge hospital here in Ottawa Arizona we

Are here to help you to contact you and To figure some stuff out so can you come Out talk to us tonight Okay I hate that battle right by my head Man if I slow down footage right here You can actually see two bats fly right By me with one literally flying only Inches from my head it’s suddenly spooky To look back at this and think about What would have happened if I had moved A bit faster or have been standing a Little further in the wrong direction Okay I can’t do bats dude I’m not Kidding I can’t I can’t take that Oh my god I can feel it on my hair me Too do you know that okay we need him But he said they call me imaginary I Don’t know okay Christ Christ This is my – okay What the hell is locked There anybody here in the hospital with Us Dude there’s a bunch of bats down there Dude I’m not going down there okay yeah But I’m not gonna go I’m not gonna do it I think we should close those doors oh Yeah No no they’re flying back and forth call There’s where we going Jesus let’s go into one of these rooms Okay Jesus

Okay but there’s supposed to be a room Where patients Her and they died and yeah so over him Now let’s turn the lights off use the Red way yeah you’re right there so since You don’t have infrared light we’re just Gonna use the red light so we didn’t Base Li be in the dark so this camera Can still see I still barely see Anything it’s dark can you use your Voice to communicate with us if you died Here in this hospital Is there anybody with us in this Hospital Anything anything Anything that well there hmm there’s a Bathtub dude what Can you give us an idea of where you are In the hospital This hospital didn’t know about so we’re Coming to having to hop through the Rooms as early yep Yeah Surgery Well that’s about here there’s a bat Right there I think where we go do there’s gonna be Baths yes how about the whole dock you Know it’s a noise dude it was a it was a Like a door Butchie’s can’t know what that is what I Don’t know no no Can you knock on something or shut one Of these doors if you’re here with us

Is there anybody here in the hospital That died here And can you tell us your name My name is calling did he give you guys That are here we’re women you can feel Comfortable coming and talking to me Because I have a girlfriend she’s just At home so I’m not trying to hit on you What’s up As we close this hour this is the Infirmary what a bit more the babies Right now I’m gonna place it right here I totally just hit the relay and just Shut off Yes always is that it’s that window or So window or yeah if you’re with us Right now We don’t want to hurt you you wonder we Didn’t even you just want to talk No no you just you just tapped right When you started talk Chivers one learn from you Try this one jonathan is one choice one Learn from you about can you move this Ball over here this even just a little Bit Yeah definitely Oh my god my whole body is just freakin This is an opinion closer to three Season maybe it’s come back Why do you say it’s a long to drink not Here in that pain dude it’s seven oh my

God went to seven like oh my god – sound It come for at 4.20 for like a hot ten Most those back here did really yes hold On buddy that’s what I had it Haha dude it was to turn 10.27 in case Some of us say if someone’s here you’re Playing solitaire drop from 75 that’s Right one you played that song it’s Creepy song okay now it’s your turn yep Invite the children to come talk to you Okay Can you move that ball [Applause] Caramel let me guess I’m in like for Sun Outside and come on in come in and play Play with the ball there Are you out in the hallway right now Come on we’re all die here to kind of Play with you that’s all talk to you You sound so crazy come on in we’re Trying to play with you can you knock The N if that was you Do you like the lamb this crib fastened On I guess it is Come closer to the room it’s okay we’re

Not going to hurt you all the way why Should you tell us to be warned Well one of you guys just kind of hit That ball a little bit I don’t know you Want to it’s just a ball kick it to town Took me by the way Yeah oh there’s a nice guy it’s my son Come on this guy’s going to play with it Go ahead okay get back to calm you do Why do you guys choose to stay here in This hospital Dear can you roll that back in here Sounds flies in here she was like what I Think there is something in here 7/10 to Go let’s go We’re gonna give you guys one more Minute in here if you’re a mother can You tell us about your baby when they Were born and what they grow up to do Yeah anxiety Are you buying move the nomination by Jillian I’m go to the room yeah bad blast Oh [ __ ] keep egging the infirmary How do we get out of here dude it’s like It’s reading our fear every time that we Freak out about the bats and jolts up It’s almost I was trying to understand This room I know oh it’s a door out in The hallway do you think mr. bad he’s Out there 1g8 bet Oh did you not was that this I know we Can see we got to get out of here one

Man we just got to go what’s up his fans Yeah your head that’s just when we go For it though or you wanna know which Room do you want to go we got to make a Game plan so what was it not if that was You Knocking – knocking him Wow I saw Buddy episode look like trapped in these Rooms I know dude this is like I just think That’s hilarious it’s like a zombie Apocalypse were like where can we go Like anything out the windows a game Plan I think we just let’s hide where Did he say that that Connie was dig much Did he say it was at the end of this Home I want to go all the way to that Room at the end shut the doors just Really about this oh yeah that’s what I’m saying if there’s a back door I’m Ready to run to them the hognose don’t Let me as fast as we can move Probably I did already Are we going into the home first Yeah See we’re barricaded in here now oh yeah We found one those at yokai mean we Thought it was a creator oh I was like a Fridge the bench then lights out okay Right now delivery rooms there anybody Here with us and you please knock on

Something and use your voice we can talk To you about how I felt you raised your Child See No just a cabinet is that out of all the Way sure yeah cuz like this did you Smell anything some just maybe that door Open to something I released kind of Cheerios yeah it does Yeah it does it’s like sweet would that Be yeah let’s go let’s go yeah we go Downstairs we can go outside for a Second and we come back and finish on The downstairs are you over that other Room Yeah Okay so plan is Let’s just open doors and run screaming For the hall for the stairs because we Got to make it the stairs turn over There on the left gonna say your final Words Right here yeah ready go all the way Down there to the left okay don’t have a Heart attack I was just flying in and Out of those rooms we gotta get out cuz I like kind of freaked it out and just You know it’s a bad part of it is it’s Now these baths I’m kind of like a Little bit afraid that he brings back Here I know every time we go out there They swarm us That you this right here okay so is

There a reason why you want us in this Room Okay it’s just Donnelly going You ready okay is there anybody right Here on this end oh ok that’s too bad we Just got cool there it goes ok you know This we’re gonna go somewhere we can Make it to the stairs right here Remember there were bats in this room – Sighs let’s go this way no this is the Beginning I mean how do you feel Something hey I didn’t hate bats but now I really hate that yeah I wasn’t rolling And there was like a door closing out Like hello Okay so I’ve got an infrared GoPro right Here shooting down this hallway so I’ve Been loading this camera all day in the Car and charging the battery and we’re Just gonna leave it here instead of Splitting up tonight because a we’ve Lost a camera today and be there bats Everywhere in this hospital so we’re Just gonna film it shooting at this Doorway over here to see if we capturing The activity so there the GoPros rolling This and Jeff what do you have right now I’ve got the Kinect SLS a sauce so we’re Gonna use it in some of these rooms and Just see if we can detect any figures Trying to come on we didn’t really Capture anything on the GoPro camera Aside from this black orb type anomaly Which I simply figured was a bug I have

To note however that the audio on the GoPro didn’t record any insect noises And we didn’t see any bugs in the Hospital that night I did notice however That towards the end of the clip the Hospital’s hallway seems to grow darker And it appears as if the shadows Actually stretched towards the GoPro From down the hallway I don’t know if This is a simple optical illusion if the Flashlight was dying or just what was Happening here but it’s still kind of Strange to watch it was almost as if the Energy in the hospital was growing Darker by the minute Okay so we’re gonna go down this hallway You want to lead and if it goes now if It goes just let me come over thrown it That’s all I’ve got a device right here guys that You can show yourself come out if you’re There We’re just standing here Are you here in any of these rooms Anybody anybody show themselves What’s in here There’s a lot of stuff in here people Could be in here is there anybody in This room there’s like places to sit There’s stuff to build is there anybody Here they keep backing out like that [Applause] Be careful what’s he gonna beds cuz

That’s the area where they were really Remember the first year remember the First one came flying out here’s the Bathroom oh [ __ ] I dude that’s Disgusting Stop if somebody’s there in the bathroom Can you like sit on Colin’s shoulders or Maybe if you’re smaller you can grab his Leg anybody at all there’s something Show up please I don’t like standing there okay no That’s my attitude it’s creeping me out Back there okay there’s a big what right Here oh okay It’s huge – Jesus say knew there was Something right here on this wall Well if I feel oh oh there goes it’s Gone – could you be did you get yeah I Got that on camera Oh [ __ ] has to do a lot I told you I Felt weird yes bathroom that’s why I saw I saw something move in there I just Heard the movement from over here behind Us Can you walk down the hall towards us Crawl on the ground anywhere I think something’s trying to manifest Right back the ometer I’m gonna come Down body you kind of keep trying I see You right there on the hallway it’s okay Can you come out Top roach I feel stinging on my back That’s why I keep thinking it’s like Trying to come down there it’s moving

You see that yeah I can just either I Don’t I mean it Paola just things get Brighter Dude I’m like really cold why I’m [ __ ] Like every now if you’re down there at The end can you manifest yourself Can you talk yeah that is we just went Away out there completely I mean it is Things get brighter completely See this thing wouldn’t have the bad I Love that thing dude spirit door do you That it’s like I You back down here in this hallway She doesn’t know to people on mind that It’s really quiet here now there are new Daleks and [ __ ] it’s going out Yeah drink would be nice okay this is The laboratory in the hospital or people Studied and whatnot and tested out Things oh definitely strong order smells Like alcohol Definitely yeah I don’t think there’s Anybody Yeah that’s like this was creepy man no I know I’ve had a sound that was good Yeah yeah I think honestly it’s kind of Hard to investigate this building Because bats yeah you know but you know It’s been it’s pretty calm down here I Mean I feel definitely more of the Upstairs was terrible I mean disgusting I mean here you know or I don’t I think We’re okay you know what I mean with the Bats so you have to be not in the zone

Of paranormal investigating you’re like Freaked out by getting bitten getting Rabies it’s the first bat we saw right In that hallway I never flew around your Yeah but you know what but you know People are gonna say you know like bats Are great and well I I know I get it They eat a lot of bugs I love this South Dakota lately you’re tons of mosquitoes But they’re creepy man I mean a little Teeth I’ve ever really looked at one Like the difference is you don’t want to Be in an enclosed hallway with like 20 Bats No it’s like you have this much space And you’re the head we’re like both the Height of where they fly so when they Fly they go right by your head and like One hits you invites you or you could Stuck in your hair gets stuck in your my Hair dude yeah your hair I don’t really Crap my pants right here yeah and I Don’t want rabies I don’t know how did You don’t have I don’t him did you I Mean every time you talk or something I Hear something I think we should go down Into down to the left ever been the left I don’t think it is just a little bit on The green Oh hard to have that happen What Camera disbelieved out Just do that again did you figure the Bat repelling noise I don’t are you sure We have a bat in there we went right

Into that I flew right by your head Really I don’t know I’ll see your tournament yeah let’s go Set it like set it somewhere though I Know this room here I’m Lois not sure no Is this have we been into this area oh Dude this is the old part oh no we Haven’t been There’s anybody in this hospital Can you walk them over to us Can you knock fewer a man can you knock If you were a woman Mess with that rem-pod a little bit Are you afraid of us can you just knock If you’re here with us Just like so good that’s just can you Stand up truly don’t you you know I’m Trying to figure out how it what our Reminds me of no yeah it kind of minds Me Well like the Orpheum Theatre man I mean What it could feel like a lot of stuff There that was crazy you know I think There’s like just a few things here like I think last night was really big right Was like yeah hello but like the SLS Though I mean we did that I think there Was something you felt that yeah you Know there’s a little bit but not like You know it’s really still nothing not What people online are expecting it not You know I mean like it we’re at a huge Hospital building and it’s like it’s Just no I’m not scared at all

There were bad no it was actually yeah I’m just afraid of rabies so I’d be in a Real Hospital Yeah nothing against the hospital I Think it’s probably just they’re not Really wanting to come out tonight you Know yeah not feeling it Sometimes the bats were definitely scary I mean yeah that’s For months and it pushed us back in that Little room well that was good I think Maybe something I don’t know you want to Go back out there no you know if that REM pod would go off like nuts I’d feel A lot better but it’s just it’s like It’s dead quiet like not even any knocks For anything in the building hello I mean we’re gonna leave like if you Really want to talk to us or let us know You’re here it’s like now’s the time I Mean you’re here all the time it sounds Like so why not just come out I just don’t think there’s a Oh Oh unless salespeople capture stuff On the camera or I mean I think we got Though you know what do you think all us Wimps yeah pop serious look at this area That I’m standing in right now no this Is like the average size of a hallway That is like my height because no what If this just flying so fast it hits me Right here and we’ve had bats like Caught in our carpet remember at our House remember

Creepy and that they they get stuck in Your head it’s just like you’re raised That’s yeah yeah well I mean at least You you gotta have to get tested if you Can I mean just send them to Ozzy Osbourne for testing I think it would be worse than some Shots but like some photos can you do That on here yeah I think just some Camera just some photos down the halls At the end of the night we left the Phelps dodge hospital with more Questions than answers who was still Left in the building why didn’t they Interact intelligently with us or what We perceived to be ghosts actually Spirits of the Dead or is it a different Type of mystical energy altogether that Likes to make its presence known I don’t know however what I can say is That the experiences that we had that Night in the old hospital will stick With us until the day we die it’s always Crazy how a location can be so different In person that what do you think it’ll Be like after researching online thanks For watching guys Keep your eyes open your minds sharp and As always stay spooky