SCARY REAL Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera While ALONE In A Ghost Town | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | March 20, 2019
SCARY REAL Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera While ALONE In A Ghost Town | THE PARANORMAL FILES

I’m not gonna lie to you guys right now This could be one of these scariest Things I’ve ever done in my life I can Like hear people like me moving Downstairs is there anybody in here with Me if you don’t subscribe to our channel Already please click that subscribe Button and make sure to turn your Notifications on it helps us so much and We can’t thank all of you enough for the Love and support also if you don’t Follow me Collin on Instagram yet go hit That follow button and go do the same With Peyton who’s even more poppin on Here than me getting more followers gets Us one step closer to the big dreams That we have for this channel in Addition if you want to support the show Our merch stores live we have some Pretty flame designs if you ask me thank You to everyone that has bought a piece In the past and trust me we see the love And recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys ok guys so This is probably going to be one of the Saddest moments in peril files history But we have now come to the episode Where I lost half of the footage because Someone stole my camera if you follow The show I think you’ll remember a live Stream that I did back in January when I Was in Arizona and I was kind of telling You guys about how someone has stolen

The camera so thank you to every single Person that helped you know donate to The fun to get us a new camera because We actually did purchase a new camera Your donations put it over the top and They allowed us to buy the exact same Camera and we’ve been filming with it in The last couple of months we’ve been Traveling still across Texas different States we’ve been filming in we’ve Gotten a lot of really good content from That camera but sadly We’ve lost our first camera which held Some of the craziest paranormal activity That we’ve ever captured on video in the History of our show and that’s why this Is so sad to have to make this video but If you’re 21 and up crashing beer Whiskey so so this episode is gonna take On a little bit of a different format Than what we usually do for the show First off really quickly guys I’d like To just mention that Peyton and I and my Mom my dad everyone else is in the show They all read the comments even the Special guests who appear on the show The people who you would never expect to Read the comments read the comments So just please be mindful of what you Write we don’t need the duplicated mean Comments sometimes we get you know Something will happen in an episode or There’ll be an editing failure or you Know people will decide to roast my long

Hair it doesn’t matter but we’ll get a Lot of comments about a certain hardened Episode or an aspect of the show but I Think 5 or 6 is good enough because we Read them all and it’s not gonna change The episode in retrospect it’s just you Guys are marking on something that we’ve Already created we’ve already put out we Can’t take back and redo it we’re always Moving forward to the next video so Please just be mindful of what you write Because like I said we’re not run by a Company it’s just us shooting in our Apartment and showing you guys our lives And everyone on the show has been really Great to us who featured some amazing People and just always be respectful in The comments no matter if it’s a Paranormal video if it’s a vloggers Video if it’s a music video just always Think about the fact that there’s Another human on the other side of the Lens or on the other side of your Computer screen the first footage that We have in this episode which I’m going To play now is of Jeff my dad and I Right after we got the tour from January Yates who are very great people and There’s Brandon they were extremely amazing Hosts to us there at the vulture City Mine and the ghost town they were the Ones that made this episode happen they Were the ones that pushed through to get

Us actually access to this location so You can thank them for this whole series The first footage that we have which is Actually extremely tragic in my mind It’s the saddest part of this whole Thing is of Jeff and I walking to the Brothel or the old you know cat house Where the prostitutes lived and worked And this is right before we captured the Crazy Paranal activity but we’re talking About rolling on two cameras I was Shooting on the one that is currently Filming right now and in the footage you Can hear us talk about it and say she Roll on two cameras and I told him and I Regret this so much now but I said I’ll Stop rolling and you can film this on Your camera so gonna play that now and Show you that little clip how are you Feeling um well I’m feeling you know It’s very dark out here Jay and Marie Are awesome and just walking around with That we we caught so much with those Guys that I think it’s it’s just it’s Gonna be kind of Uri for me actually but I’m excited I think we gotta go do it Yeah with that being said let’s head Over to the bordello Yes so am I gonna eat mine off no you Gotta roll too we both look in a role Like why don’t you just film over in Here because I should have kept rolling On this camera we sort of basically Explained what happened we walked into

The brothel concert some b-roll of that Here it’s the notorious area on the Vulture city grounds that is a hotbed of Parallel activity Jay and reset it’s Their most active place in the entire Complex and it did not disappoint my dad And I were standing in the room that we Were in with Jan Murray earlier in the Episode and it sounds weird but we Actually heard what we can only describe As like a woman groaning in a sexual way Like sex noises coming from all around This brothel area and we were the only Ones on the property we were you know in The middle of the desert there’s no one Around us and they were so unbelievably Clear it wasn’t like a small little Whisper capture that I can point out in The episode and say hey I heard this in Editing and what do you guys think this Is it was that’s exactly what we were Hearing we were hearing these sex noises We were looking at each other and going Do you hear that am I am i tripping out Right now is this legitimate and it was It was there’s no explanation in my mind Possibly for what that could have been There it was not an animal noise it was A woman groaning for over a minute Straight it just kept going it was so Loud so clear I remember thinking and texting Payton And calling her after we were done That oh my god we just captured

Literally the craziest stuff we’ve ever Captured and that was all on that camera That was stolen the next day before I Was able to dump the footage because we Were moving at such a rapid rate we were Going location to hotel get up dry five Hours next location interview go back to Check into the new hotel film for Another five six hours go back to the Hotel and go I didn’t dump any of the Footage until I got home here in Texas But yeah we were hearing these sex Noises there was loud footsteps door was Opening and shutting by itself in the Back of the brothel and I was holding on To this false hope that well if you look In the footage earlier my dad is holding A zoom recorder generously donated by Mr. Paul yet one more youtuber who’s you Know really good friend of ours and has Really helped the show so much over the Years but anyways he was holding that Recorder in his hand and he was using it All night so I hoped to actually be able To go back into that zoom recorder audio Library and find that prostitute woman Sex noise whole thing as if I was Thinking that he would have been Recording we were there but it turns out He actually wasn’t even recording on That when we were in there and I know This sounds all bogus You know hokey made-up but it’s truly Not you guys know us you know me how

Much I personally care about all this Payton is you know would never fake Anything in her life and we’re here Trying to just show you guys what’s Actually happening at these locations And we failed on this one time and the Camera got stolen it’s It really makes me sad because I was Genuinely so excited to show everyone at Home just what happened because it Really was crazy but yeah Jeff wasn’t Even rolling on the zoom recorder but After this episode is posted on YouTube So probably around the time that you Guys are gonna be watching this video I’m actually going to upload another Video and it’s going to be just the Audio from Jeff’s zoom recorder so to go Back to the episode I’m going to cut Into the clip right now of Jeff and I Talking outside of the brothel Okay so here’s Jeff I’m on my camera now With my camera I’ve got some tools dude Give me high five Paula come here let me Take that take that are you okay are you Freaked out well things things you do For family right yeah I’ll be on the Second I’ll be in the second floor up There so after Jeff and I split up this Is another part of the investigation That we lost we decided since people Comment all the time that they wish we Had two different cameras and we could You know divide so that it’s either

Payton and I in two different locations We do that a lot but a lot of times it Actually doesn’t produce the evidence That we’re hoping for so it gets cut From the final cuts of these episodes But Jeff and I split up I went to the Building where the guy was thrown down The stairs and punched in the face and Jeff went over to the hangman’s tree Where all of the people I believe 18 People were hung until they died back in The Hundreds and that’s the house where Marie Yates said she felt kind of the Worst on property and neither her or Jay Wanted to stay in the building even when We were being given the tour so that Audio is actually still there it’s on The zoom recorder so if you want to go Listen to what Jeff captured there’s Also more from this episode that’s on There that you know times when we were In the other building recording for the Finale and I stopped recording on my Camera there’s a lot of evidence in Those audio files and I haven’t really Listened to all of them because we’ve Been filming like crazy we just had South by Wade fan meetups we had a lot Of people show up and we met some really Great people but we’ve had a crazy week So I really haven’t listened in depth to A lot of that audio so you guys can go To that video point stuff out to us and

If you find something cool enough maybe You will make it into the next Compilation of evidence that fans Pointed out to us because we had some People point out things that they heard In the footage from the Galvez hotel Back about a year ago and posted that Video and that made it into the Compilation so if you guys go to that Video watch it listen to it you don’t Have to but it’s really interesting and I did take a brief listen and I did hear Quite a few things actually that we’re a Little spooky so that should be up soon But anyways since we lost all the Footage from Jeff in the hangman’s cabin Area I came out with a guy’s name whose Cabinet was I went alone into that area The assay assay I came I said it but the the guy’s house who Oversaw the mines where the parallel Investigators punch in the face and Thrown downstairs but I went in there Alone with this camera right here that We still have and I managed to capture Some pretty crazy stuff so I’m seeing Cut right back into the episode here Yeah wake up in like 20 minutes Okay I’m not gonna lie to you guys right Now this could be one of these scariest Things I’ve ever done in my life

No I’ve got this laser pen Jesus There anybody upstairs I can see Jeff through the window over There oh you can’t really know Okay Taking some photos Sir not Jeff be a little quieter I’m up Here it’s freaky okay so here’s a look Into the rest of this area set up this Here we go Is there anybody in here with me You’re the lights just flickered the Green lights Dude so unbelievably scary I can like hear people like moving Downstairs and this is just like Absolute not a good energy My phone’s glitching out I just heard a voice just there Where are you in this building That knock was from literally right here This first time I’m back here and I Haven’t looked around this corner yet – Uh cesarean Oh my god I felt this all I was standing Right next to me dude I’m gonna stand With my back against the wall I Trifield Meter it’s indicating that there’s a Little I’ve gotten some bursts of Magnetic energy in here it’s at a point One two steady why are you so angry Do you not like people coming up here

Did you kill yourself here did you Murder someone here Oh what was that Just like a white flash on the camera Why are you so mad Can you just let me know if you’re Actually here or not Dad Jeff dude Come over here now oh my guys I Literally just got that on camera dude Are you having any activity what light Which one I don’t know dude I just heard Footsteps dude I just heard footsteps Come what come up here Dad Jeff dude Come over here now which one I don’t Know dude I just heard footsteps dude I Just heard footsteps come what come up Here that literally correlates so Perfectly Dudas I’m gonna step away from this Window so I feel like something might Push me out come up here Jeff right here like you wanna do that I’m telling you I literally why yelled to you I was Hearing footsteps circling my building Because I thought you were walking it Like it was like probably 20 to 30 It was literally going and walked right Up to this door right here and then I That’s why I yelled at you and then I

Heard your door over there and then the Light was on what what what what Trust me having alone up here it’s Freaky up here Do it it is okay I think hold up I think you’re doing this us a sign Oh Family wants peanut well what it is I’ve Never seen actually me neither Thank you to whoever is up here That was crazy It’s a way more activity than I thought There was gonna be like throughout the Whole night from the beginning with them To like what happened here and then the Deuce then it’s like damn who felt this Much activity in a long time Okay let’s go okay so it’s around Midnight right now we’re here at the Vulture City mine and I guess of ultra City and man what a night I I mean I’ve Been feeling a lot of emotions tonight Mainly that I miss Payton she’s at home For this series in case you guys are Wondering probably commenting but it’s Just been an absolutely astounding night First off to meet Jane Marie Yates and Their son they were so cool and so nice Showed us around here we actually Encountered some activity with them Present it’s it’s freezing cold out by The way it’s like it’s so chilly but to

Hear all these stories and then actually Get to go to these places alone Afterwards was just an absolute treat From the beginning when I mean it’s Awkward to say but we were hearing sex Noises in the brothel I’ve never even Heard of something like that happening It’s a mind-blowing to think about and Then we don’t know what happened to you At the hangman’s tree and I mean when I Was up there I heard footsteps when I Was alone in the violent area of the Gold house I came from this big guys Office starts with an A and the light Flickering on and off man we had a ton Of activity tonight but tomorrow we’re Headed to Ajo Arizona to an incredibly Haunted abandoned Phelps dodge Hospital Which we have rented for the entire Night that’s gonna be extremely spooky This is like I said we still got three More nights of this coming up last night We’re at the death cave we got the link To that video in the description below And we stayed in Jerome Arizona the Wickedest town in the West that link is Also gonna be in the description guys if You haven’t already if you enjoyed this Video it costs money to go out and Produce this stuff it takes so much time We can’t keep doing it unless you the One that’s watching the video simply Just hits that subscribe button and Watches our other videos it doesn’t take

That much time to just help us out and Click that button but if you can do that It changes the world for us it allows us To continue making these videos it lets Us express ourselves in this outlet you Guys get free entertainment it works out For all of us all you have to do is just Click that button help us out if you Like this video obviously liked the Video please that helps us so much in The YouTube algorithm if you just click The like button and leave us a comment Below what you thought was I don’t know Let’s say the most compelling evidence Of the night because I’m sure we have a Ton beyond what you know we even noticed In person but from Wickenburg Arizona It’s freaking chilly out right now it’s January 2019 I’m here with Jeff Oh we’ll Be discussing this later Peace but that works it definitely did But from the location here tonight stay Spooky guys so anyways guys at the end Of the day it’s really sad to have to Make this video but I just wanted to Fully explain what happened to thank Everybody for generously donating and Allowing us to buy another camera so That we can continue bringing you guys These videos and I don’t know how making This is actually making me kind of sad Because like I said I get genuinely Really excited when we capture something Crazy like I get really excited and

Having that happen the next day where Not only is your camera like my baby the Thing that we recorded a dybbuk box Video on I’ve been using it for years Now we recorded a lot of the show on I Was just stolen in the blink of an eye And not only was the camera gone but it Was a loaded camera cart with footage From the Jerome Grand Hotel our Investigation there all the stuff of Jeff and I’m driving out – the vulture city minds and then in Addition to that we lost that entire Investigation just part in the hangman’s Tree area and then the insane evidence In the brothel and then we lost all the Stuff from the next morning and day as We travel – awful but next Saturday’s Episode is a really crazy a pretty funny One from our investigation of the Abandoned hospital in Ajo Arizona it was A really interesting night we got a Great interview with the owner very nice Guy and yeah you better tune in for that One but anyways thank you guys for Watching if you haven’t checked out Payton a nice vlog channel yet Payton’s Gonna be posting a new vlog today or Tomorrow so you guys should go check That out we’re about to leave on a road Trip on Wednesday for almost an entire Week we’re gonna be filming episodes Every single night capturing some really Beautiful and crazy locations that were

Excited to share with you guys but yeah At the end of the day sorry we lost this Footage there’s nothing really we could Do I tried to track it down as hard as We could and yeah rest in peace to the Fallen camera anyways thank you guys for Watching again always appreciate the Support means the world to us you’re Allowing us to live out our dreams and Thanks again and stay spooky