This Abandoned Ghost Town in Arizona is HAUNTED [CREEPY] | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | March 16, 2019
This Abandoned Ghost Town in Arizona is HAUNTED [CREEPY] | THE PARANORMAL FILES

If I understand you from what I’ve heard Is that the guy that like kind of Oversaw everything in the hosta building He was kind of a not so nice guy in life So I guess in death you’re gonna kind of Get that same effect be sure you don’t Go up here with me after waking up the Next day in the Haunted Jerome Grand Hotel which was in our last video my Father Jeff and I explored the town Jerome is a very interesting place with A ruthless and blood-stained history A blast furnace where the big open pit Is that present Unger look at the hotel across the Street People leave these logs Type o-negative dude typos negative Coverage the song that’s what so hard Dude wait Dude that’s bizarre that I was just Getting a b-roll shot but typos my Biggest search at the town and getting Some coffee We traveled south across Arizona heading Towards the Wickenburg area so wrong the Way to Wickenburg from Jerome just be Very careful hey I’m always careful my Middle name That is incredibly beautiful [ __ ] saying that we’re just so small This exists Wow

Up off the mines that’s awesome Climate is changing so quickly Yeah To be out oh yeah beautiful It is truly bizarre I can’t believe this Dudes like a blizzard Just hang out all the time as snow it’s So cold but it’s all just just kind of [ __ ] that’s condensation When I expected to see on this trip it’s Weird like you go here and say try Basically it’s weird I’ll just stays This is so hard to believe This is Arizona we’re like on the spicy Movies run that side of the cliff way up Here we are just hugging the Mountainside this is just taking us Through so many types of terrain All this dude that’s a huge mountain – And huh it’s cool just that little Little section This is rock formations very so much Okay so right now we are almost to leave Ultra mine so I just couldn’t grab my Camp outs it’s hidden deep in the pie on The back but we’re driving here outside We convert Arizona we’ve been driving All afternoon seems like we’ve been Driving like a long time doesn’t it it Does about we’re about five minutes away So what are your thoughts what do you Think is gonna look like Well it’s a ghost town right so Obviously and the building’s hopefully

Now Hope it’s not like Made to look like a tourist area yes Opposed to bees the men in suits and Minds combine different mind inferences I’ve never done a ghost-town Investigation or a mine investigation so It’s gonna be super interesting just to Get here and feel the area this is Really beautiful Oh yes it does receiver here is like Probably the best thing we’re also Meeting a couple special guest Investigators so I want to tell you who They are yet but we’re about to link up With them in a couple of minutes and That’ll be pretty cool So yeah here we go wow this is eerie And see on this property that things are Just everywhere No she’s not here she’s not you know These are just buildings well yeah That’s the ghost town that’s the whole Point It’s way cooler than a my camera yes you Know you were my son at the genes times For nothing I got less I think you cut In half Eugene right here yeah don’t Pull up behind this building What a weird place the vulture mine and Vulture City began in 1863 when a Prospector by the name of Henry Wickenburg discovered a quartz outcrop In containing gold at its high point

Vulture city was home to thousands of People currently it sits abandoned on Private property nowadays the buildings Have this eerie quality to them a vacant Loneliness it’s very hard to describe to You at home but being there on property Was almost magical but a bit darker than That during the time that it was a fully Functioning City vulture city saw a Number of people die in a lot of Misfortune little did we know exactly How crazy the paranormal activity that We would capture in that town that night Would be if you don’t subscribe to our Channel already please click that Subscribe button and make sure to turn Your notifications on it helps us so Much and we can’t thank all of you Enough for the love and support also if You don’t follow me Collin on Instagram Yet go hit that follow button and go do The same with Peyton who’s even more Popping on here than me getting more Followers gets us one step closer to the Big dreams that we have for this channel In addition if you want to support the Show our merch store is live we have Some pretty flame designs if you ask me Thank you to everyone that has bought a Piece in the past and trust me we see The love and recognize it anyways enough Shameless self plugging enjoy the Episode and stay spooky guys

Hello my name is J Yates and I’m ray Eights and we are founders of crossing Over Paranormal Society the cops crew Also haunted survivors You You And we’ve Of investigating this particular town Quite a few towns which is Fulcher City Ultra city in Wickenburg Arizona because We’ve actually been on Hanah case files Season 1 and 2 and she was really Excited about us coming out here to Actually possibly giving some more Exposure because I mean realistically It’s been a lot of time and as we travel Through some of these buildings they Spent a lot of time doing a lot of like The historical preservation and it Definitely needs to be a more noticed This place is a gem you actually will See the history in these buildings You’ll actually get to see the items are In these buildings are actually items From the town so it’s almost like you’re Stepping back in time and it’s an Amazing yeah this way at the same time You will have somebody come out and say You know might touch you or try to say Hello to you we were just sitting here Talking earlier and I saw shadow walking Behind you guys as we’re speaking to you

Guys here he noise this this building Right behind us is the kitchen right bit Yeah and we were here recently and I was In the back room where the beds were at And on two separate occasions all right The building’s peeing on me babies Crying back here on two separate Occasions the last time I was here was Completely random wasn’t expecting that But it was legitimately happened for Probably a good five-second burst each Time and they were about 30 minutes Apart from one another so why that Happened here I have no idea but this Was a booming town that had you know Several thousand people this is where Everybody came to get their food so this Was sort of the area where I think they Served like the breakfast lunch and done All that right here so you hear cans or Like someone moving around you know just Moving jars or something around in the Back area so while we’re walking around Maybe you’ll hear some of those noises Everybody don’t know this is our son Brandon yeah I was introduced into 18 84 It actually will tell you whatever so This is the hace building does that hang Around sit disability is pretty unique This is actually where they held a lot Of the gold when they actually did it Before I was picked up and everything This was the building or it was held Before I was shipped off to places this

Is the more and less the boss of the Place for the mining everything there Was a murder was shot by somebody and it Was actually a verified on that upstairs And there was a suicide up there as well There but we did say we’ll take you There oh yeah a gentleman another Paranormal investigator that came out Here was investigating and was shoved Down the stairs oh my god with you were Standing watch he actually experienced And we’re about ready to go up into that Area here soon But he was standing it was the Watchtower so essentially the boss guy Here even overlooked the mind from up Here at the top and make sure that Nobody was stealing anything and then You had you know they got their Paychecks over here and everything’s This was college it will happen in place But the pyramid vestigators up there and Supposedly he got punched straight in The face and he got thrown down the Stairs and he literally got in this Truck and ran off and went home Couple days later he came back he said He felt as if it actually followed him Home yeah an attachment I’m told to stay To stay here Come back if you can see right here Along all these things this is all the Stuff that they found throughout the Town

Once I started redoing everything so This is like stuff that’s like legit Like the area so what would have this This stuff would have been like medicine Bottles liquor Food you know regular food and stuff Like that so it’s crazy like really good Shape yeah it’s crazy Well I collect antiques myself I mean That’s a big thing I do my whole house And I will say this stuff smooth yes So they actually I mean when how they Refinish this it was amazing how they Down here this is where they store all Their like gold bars and stuff these for Safekeeping pretty nice I know we have Not yet to gone down there yet Murray’s Been begging me to go down there I Probably go down there when it’s cold Out I wouldn’t go through the summertime With snakes around you know I mean so But uh yeah I mean I can only imagine What could be down there outside the Paranormal so this is just amazing you Don’t see that I mean these walls could Talk I’m not even wrong I mean it’s Ridiculous I mean this is like legit I Mean how does this even stay in this Like dirt I mean and it’s it was pretty Good you know some of the stuff that was Here did not live long in here they just Put it in here but there’s no stuff that They did find in the family cleanup

That’s quite a good actually cancel us Over here look at this old Your phone in here a minute we’re all That crazy stuff one down actually they Said the the gentleman that actually was In charge got so overwhelmed by Everybody coming in here asked him Constantly he would actually climb up There and sleep back there and no one Would be like oh there is lunch so I Guess I would clean it up they found Like all this these bottles yeah and the One thing there wasn’t a whole lot of History with this town and and the one Person that did take on a history will Is the blacksmith which is in the Workshop another place and he did a Daily journal of what happened here and If it wasn’t for those journals in this Guy um I don’t even have his name if it Wasn’t for those journals we wouldn’t Even know any like information like that The stuff that they’re finding here of The history of this place it’s just Amazing I mean like I said my Grandchildren one day we’ll be able to Come here and hear about what actually It did I mean to be honest with you if You write into what they actually found Out if it wasn’t for vulture City Phoenix probably would even exist Because they’re the ones that were Shifting all this stuff over to Phoenix What your bird wouldn’t be here so it’s

I mean Walter city actually helped you Know get on that Oh Davey put them lock lock oh it’s Completely locked down okay so the Reason why this is locked is because the Was that you this building’s creepy it Has that something with Sun happening on Tim he’s like why you leaving my room so Fast it was quite a pair right I would Say what I hear in this building is the Gentleman told me to get out Did you just knock on something no no Selling up here funk yep I mean you Could probably climb over there oh I’m Definitely well just be careful there is A part of the floor that is very weak Looks like it kind of looks over the Mine this way oh yeah and again the Reason why they even closed this office Cuz they didn’t if the rumor is true That this guy had punched in the face he Didn’t wanted to happen like down the Stairs Why do they think that that happened up There um my understanding from what I’ve Heard is that the guy that like kind of Oversaw everything in the Aussie Building he was kind of a not-so-nice Guy in life so I guess in death you’re Kind of kind of get that same effect Right it’s like you go they die in your Office in a nice person so I think you Know it’s kind of a tough guy in life And he’s kind of a tough guy to deal

With the death and maybe that he kind of Felt like that the guy was intruding out Of space I don’t know if it were keep Hearing somebody walking out why don’t We take like a minute just sit here and Listen if you read we didn’t hear Anything I’ll stand right here so I mean In the crux of the rooms yes Yeah little bit that’s what there Right here knotting step anywhere it Sounds like something drop right here I’m just shifting my weight around a Little bit so it’d be like this little Crack at least wonder if it’s ten on at The end of the work but I don’t know What it would be heavy right now alright Cuz they need the birds and there’s no Roof rats in here I know that there was At one point time we were doing a live In here and the previous structure there Was some rats and stuff up there since Then I think that’s about cleaned up There’s no place for them to really go Up there so they’re completely gone then What I heard he’s kind of 10 and it was More like several things it wasn’t like A raindrop or you know burgers you sure You don’t want to go up here with me Well do I want to move on in the next Building Sure Get your phone that was handy I mean I Can just come back later I would go up there I will honestly tell

You the voice I’m hearing and say calm But I’m not sure where it’s saying come Here it’s just I’m here come I use all this here get out That’s crazy old when you look at it Like touch it and it’s gone so this is The area on one evening when we’re out Here investigating we were just trying To take a break we were sitting here at The picnic table and I had a flare and I Was just me you know moving it around All sudden I started seeing a heat Signature going back and forth and it Was shaped of a human who um so it was And I started taking pictures of it and I’m like Jay from the hanging tree So we’ll take you over here today I was Using this new ITC app and I had turned On the application and I hear like a Sounds like a shotgun coming through the ITC and a woman’s scream my kind of hum Video – I didn’t think I did but I Actually caught it on video which that’s Not supposed to do that Brian was actually just taking pictures And weird thing he was taking the Selfies really big about taking selfies But he took a selfie and there was Nobody but there was a person he was Healthy and he shows it to us he’s like Is there someone behind me dude and when We look at this picture and I mean there Was this is the hanging tree like right Here so I think right now the noose is

They have a new city probably so you see The new right here it talks about us is That the hanging Sharif for like Stealing gold like so essentially you Could be humming for that 18 men were I’m from here and if you really look at This middle of a tree its way to the Ground so they actually said that the Men that aren’t she hung here stayed Alive for a long time suffering because They would actually keep just pulling it Up and torturing them in a way I’m so Essentially like they didn’t want to Because they didn’t want to take on the Prescotts yeah I did one thing on the Prescott to be tried out here this is a Wild wild west the Dylan thinks Themselves and they said well hey well Then we’ll just hang him but she’s right I mean look at me like if I were to hang Myself from this my feet are gonna be Dangling you know this is opposed to the Branch right that was the branch of a or Opposed to the branch which again that’s You know it’s not not that I there’s Actually a cemetery right up the hill And they would respectfully bury them to My understanding that they would yes so I mean we heard we we’ve what we have Told nobody was really buried here on This land the cemetery was up the hill So that doesn’t mean somebody secretly You know buried somebody here we don’t Know it was a house for this cabin but

Right here was Henry’s cabin honestly a Lot of people don’t like this camera a Lot of people feel like almost like Somebody is out to get you in a lot of People just feel very unwelcomed and This Gavin I will honestly say I tried It I came in here by myself and I am not The type that gets really shoved him I Don’t get scared or anything like that I Ain’t going cemeteries all that stuff I Myself is this one I was only in here probably five minutes And I had the and I would not hear a Voice and I hear things I did not hear One thing but I had the feeling like Somebody wanted me out so to be honest To you I just laughed Um I just I I know Jake had what was the Experience you have in here I don’t want To go in here like to be honest with me I don’t know what it was I really can’t Really describe it but well yeah after Everything had happened the outside of This thing they had asked me to come in Here and arlynn are there 200 I kept Saying Oh someone should go in there Alone and then I was like I volunteered Myself like an idiot and then I started Thinking like why I do that I did not Want to be driving but being in hearing It’s one thing us being in here right Now And like you know we’re all together and Counting safety in numbers I remember

Walking in here and just being scared to Death like you know I want to run out of Here I was only in here for a little bit I don’t know what it was about this room Specifically but it really did frighten Me why do idea I think it’s got like a Negative energy I mean I would assume The fact that multiple men have died Just outside of this door I mean I’m Sure it caused an imprint somehow into This ground this dirt this building said I know we had a there wasn’t um there Was a gel-like wasn’t there a gate or Something here to put the prisoner in it For a little bit before before the hell Yeah so I think to be honest with you I Think what you’re feeling is what They’re feeling before they’re getting Home and that’s gonna imprint your Location I mean like it I think that’s Kind of maybe see how well the treat is I mean you imagine the person already Knows what the other person went through I mean in that feeling here I just I Just feel very uneasy in here and just Don’t want to be in it to be honest with You and even was a crowd of people I Still I feel uneasy in this place Didem almost anywhere Built-in air-conditioning over here Right yeah definitely like I don’t know I feel it for sure through this area we Were out here about three weeks ago and I experienced a phenomenon of Lights

Out in the desert now there is a road That comes through here but what I was Experiencing was like these flashes of Light it was almost like someone taking Pictures out into the desert just Randomly like and we kind of went out Looking to see if we can find a source Of it but there wasn’t one someone said There was some type of an asteroid or Something like our what were these Things I guess the warm or something Yeah that night but that wasn’t what it Was it was like literally out in the in The desert not that far out I was these Flashes of light and there was no source For them I can’t explain that I never Really had that experience before no I Had people in the brothel that will take You to next and going towards the back Of this area and we’re going to hear There’s a heat sensor going like it was All like on fire for umm so I honestly Wonder if my my thermal well did you Happen I saw you kind of looked over There uh-huh and I saw as I say but I Hear back here a lot I hear horses the Thumping of horses that’s what I’m Hearing a lot actually this is the most Haunted section of this entire town is The building you’re right here the Brothel and all the way around the back Of it and then I mean inside outside It’s not just what’s inside it’s it’s What’s outside too so here this is where

My crazy story where I caught a Photograph of a an apparition of a Female and an apparition I believe to be A cowboy I was telling him about your Father earlier but I I was right here in The front of this doors I took three photographs and on my Fourth photograph the first three were Normal just the room as you see it the Fourth photo was a female and you can See that all of her hands or fingers and Stuff reaching like this towards me and Behind her was a man with a cowboy hat And and the picture is kind of crazy Like he just screwed up the whole Picture but you can see these things Very clearly in the photo the next two Photos completely normal again what that Was is I believe one of the ladies of The night that lived here and maybe one Of her customers these all I did ask on What they have here was originally from The city so this is stuff they found um I don’t say like the couch is something That Pride Rock they brought in some Warning But these tables and chairs himself for All in the city they found Rock Everywhere so the mine went dry it was Like everything from they love you and They just want and that’s a lot of Talents here in Arizona a lot of people Like visitor so not only attacked or not Yeah this is crazy though right like

This is like yeah you know I get called Lucky and don’t wanna move anymore Filter I guess kind of like how these Are brothels how they all go is that as You get closer to the mat and scores You’re gonna get larger room so this Would be you know you’d have like a Woman that let’s just kind of starting Out how the clientele should have much Smaller room as her clientele with belt She’d go into the next room and then you Know over here we have what is the Madness quarters right the largest where That’s the woman who takes over every Oversea market and oversees the door we Were actually going this is the doors Shut and move in this place a lot people Will actually come to you was I don’t Something that was familiar with them a Cigar You might X Mel tobacco you might Actually smell somebody’s I always say The polish of the shoe cuz back then They’d polish the shoes all time you a Lot of times of women’s perfume big here Is rose and if you actually came over Here one of these perfumes actually say Rose water Roses that you work it’s the door the Door moves or something Really Oh enough you just heard that right Really

That was like it Don’t worry like slamming was what I First heard there’s wife stuff we were Talking about this last time we hear the Throw seeing weird things in front of The window we’re trying to Punk it and We couldn’t figure it out we were trying To there was people knows is there any I I would sit right here and I would let Other people investigate it stuff and I Tried a lot other people famous student Yeah I mean that’s kind of your style Investigated oh it’s likes in the room I Mean it’s boring it’s a possibly yeah be Quiet Exactly you could shotgun questions all Day long the spirit world might not be Able to even answer you until an hour Later you might not get it so just being Quiet listening and observing tell no One that you work it’s the door the door Moves are something differently we Really Oh enough News heard that right after he Leaves This is creepy area in that unity of This is the this is one that is it Because worse did you get back home how Heavier So this is where I first saw the lights Out in the desert is ready to move over Here second no no right it’s like it’s Just it was lights out here just Randomly in the desert and I was sitting

Here and I was watching them and I was With two other females back here and They were there experiencing the same Phenomenon with me and then about like The same time as we were like realizing That there is no possible explanation For these lights you can see the cars Clearly driving on this road but the Lights that we were seeing were like Literally like right up here like at This bush mm-hmm over here over here Over here Like over here like it was just like There that there was no reflection There’s nothing out there yeah whoa what I heard someone talking out here what’s Crazy bro is that in April I think it’s April There’s late March or April we’re doing An overnight lockdown here and we’re Inviting the public out to actually stay In these are the buildings overnight an Official lockdown And like I kept saying that was brave Enough to like stay out here I’m this Bad you know there’s no way you can Reacting in that exact same moment Wait a sec where we were you guys were Down there yes yes okay so let’s recount This I walked over here I had no idea What you guys are doing and Brandon I Say something that’s it There’s someone standing right there and

Pressed oh my god there’s so much Standing right there you guys scream to Say there’s someone standing right there We’re perfect may not a kinda on the Video he’s got the reactions everyone And says way down there yeah we’re like Oh yeah I’m okay well you’re but what Did you guys see exactly pop it’s Alright next is I tell you thank me what I saw this is what I saw but like like a Taller than me and thinner like way Thinner you just saw that now we’re Earlier and then he shined the light you Guys screamed and came back out so you Guys heard a popping noise which maybe That was that the guy exactly I mean we Had no idea what the hell you guys are Talking about we overcomers yeah we’re Right there right here we’re like that’s Awesome There’s a lot of dust in the mine itself And then there’s the deaths of children On they have some kind of a little flu Epidemic and room well I don’t was the Smallpox I think it was smallpox it was Something like that or influence that One of the other a lady she she ended up Kind of contaminating the entire town oh No she wanted to drink she went down in The local bar knowing she shouldn’t I Think it’s what I’ve been told Actually started taking all the sick Doctor hospital place where they had was Just like a one-room place so this right

Here this is the open come on what is This place confer god this is the Boarding house for you okay so this is Where the men would say there was mining And they had like they probably like They said how they have it set up is not How they had it back then there was Probably over 20 beds are more in this Bomb in this place well but when they Had the smallpox this is where actually Everybody ended up started going and a Lot of people died right here in the Kitchen and the kitchen area this would Be 40 pots I mean what they did is they Stack warmest buffets all in here and People would sleep in here then so good To see the picture of the old city of Ulster City you’ll see all the different Sheds of everything else well a lot of People couldn’t afford that we first got Here you make more money at this Or they would say this is like the least Negative or like oh yeah I’ve ever Experienced here we have seen like Shadow figures throughout the whole area But boots and it was actually not just Like my shoes you hear you know how I’m Cowboys have those little spur things on The back yep you would sort of hear that With a spur thing hitting do you hear That a lot cool so it’s really Interesting it’s insane I mean and what he’s doing for everybody To be able to come back here and just

See this I mean it’s amazing I mean it’s Just amazing Wait a second you don’t have there you Are on the other there on the end of the Building we had a directional light it Just did it again how that happy What what was that brighter whatever was Not your life happens later on okay it’s A different kind of thing it’s a Different yellow light yeah you know Like not this holy [ __ ] yeah I’ve seen both of them okay no we just Saw we were out here talking it was Almost it turned a light right here on The night right this is light came a Light source that would have had to come From over here yeah I had to shot it and You guys are on the end of the building Behind the building I’ve noticed when We’re here investigating it it tries to Separate everybody interest really does It wants you to be a different location What would work oh yeah oh ok ever since You know like I said And wait to see shadow play what you Guys just wait a second wait a second I’ve tried to figure out where this Light was coming from for a while but After reviewing the footage over and Over again I can’t figure it out it Seemed to have been coming from one of The abandoned buildings right next to The kitchen but I couldn’t see a source Point when I slowed down the footage

What is this light and what do you think It was let me know in the comments below Mm-hmm what’s old in certain areas Fred Brandon Paul yeah but I mean you Seriously I told on that we really Haven’t totally gone yeah they were Jewish you hear because they’re in the Process of putting this together as This is the blacksmith so this isn’t all That this world in history came from as Far as his journals done right here in This building wasn’t for him We’ve never had any of the information That we have into town so this is a Really important cover I don’t Understand that there have really big Boobs and parts of this building and Really nobody’s been able to explain That there wasn’t one it’s like almost Like they had a basement here almost the Blacksmith’s torture chamber yeah I’m telling you this light was yes and The first time I was much brighter well That’s a little spooky maybe it’s Because of the sick people I just heard A voice yes where I heard there’s almost A baby it sounded like it was getting From I was standing I was standing in Here actually and I was probably over Here and we heard it two times in 30 Minutes like right here in the center of The hallway right here I mean it was clear as day but what That’s all about that kind of a trip

Though this is a trippy building yeah It’s like a combination of like Unfinished and like So when they started doing the kitchen Or existent or negative they said that a Lot of the stuff was just here like like What are those I mean wow yeah that’s absolutely crazy This is the labeling on it see which is Pretty cool whereas most are liquid Bluing what is that radiation Oh blood Purifier we really Wow and that’s all The knife to not a pump on a paper that Of something like stuff pushing together Like dropping stuff together What was that Venus I heard that too Hello Oh my god honestly talking right like What do you think it said so I said Hello whatever right It sounded like it’s not two female Voices would it sound like email women Talk when they whisper and it’s that Kind of like that clanking of their vows And thus like this what I guess like Like this I don’t know something weird Like that it was like right in front of My face you’re trying to talk to me that Was great I didn’t mean to be scared or Kind of a whip I was expecting you to Actually talk to me most women don’t got To pee Judah’s younger back to talking boom go Back