The HORROR Of An Abandoned Cemetery in Arizona | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | March 10, 2019
The HORROR Of An Abandoned Cemetery in Arizona | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Arizona is a land of intense mystery After visiting the Apache death cave Which is our last episode one of my Personal favorites that we’ve ever done Go check it out if you haven’t already We headed out to Jerome Arizona Jerome One of the most famous ghost towns in The United States was once a flourishing Copper mining boomtown founded in the 19th century and built into the side of A mountain Jerome was once known as the Wickedest town in the West due to the Prostitution gambling and violence that Saturated its streets and it’s most Populated the town was home to over 10,000 people but at the time that the Last census was recorded only 444 people Called Jerome home Jerome saw a lot of Violence in its heyday and many lost Their lives in the buildings and streets Of the town at the highest point in the Settlement lies the Jerome Grand Hotel Which we will explore and investigate in Our next episode once a massive hospital For the town’s miners known as the United Verde Hospital it ceased Operations as a medical building in the 1950s and sad abandoned for a number of Years before it was purchased renovated And converted into the Jerome Grand Hotel this town is known to be one of The most haunted in America and it’s for Good reason while investigating the area My father Jeff and I would have some

Pretty crazy encounters and our first Investigation in town would take us to The abandoned Hogback Cemetery Okay here we go okay okay so it’s about 10 o’clock at night right now and Jeff And I just got to Jerome Arizona now This city was once known as the Wickedest town in the West was actually Labeled that by a famous newspaper back In the 1800s because of the amount of Debauchery and crime that was here in These streets there were prostitutes There was gambling alcoholism and the Place we’re staying tonight the Jerome Grand Hotel actually used to be the town Hospital I was just reading about the Place earlier and I read that one person A day died in this hospital for however Many years shitbags That hotel is supposedly one of the most Haunted hotels in the US Coast Avengers Is film there and we’re gonna head up There next after this but before we go To the hotel to continue with our theme Of brutality and these forgotten names In Arizona history which is repeated Across the United States in many Different forms this kind of just Cleansing of history and of the things That people don’t want to remember so They can choose not to we are here at The old Hogback Cemetery in Jerome now There are over 400 people buried here

But only 40 headstones apparently and That was a year couple of years ago who Knows how many are left today so there Are a lot of unmarked graves in this Area we’re here late at night apparently It is very haunted and spiritually Active when we actually pulled in here There was a white van with a of course We just heard ghostbusters at the Karaoke place that’s weird we’re here Eating dinner and there’s literally a Van here with a ghost on the side it’s Like they were here investigating but It’s rather chilly out I’m gonna start Rolling on here we’ve got a new device Tonight this is e this is an EMF meter Along with what is it an RF meter a Radio frequency meter so up here this is Reading radio frequency values and then Down here is electromagnetic fields it’s A digitized version of the Mel Meter that we usually use a little bit Larger and more complicated so we can Rule out different types of interference But here I’ll put that camera down for a Sec sure How are you feeling right now cold it is Chilly what else very very very very odd Place up here that’s where we’re way up If you can see out we’re like up on top Of the hill You just ate in a really crappy place Down there karaoke his bizarre and then Yeah just this is an old cemetery look

Take a peek at it’s so quiet yeah But it is weird that they played the First song was ghostbusters I’m karaoke and we got up here and that Van actually looked like the Ghostbusters I’ll go a circle that’s Amazing they kind of got freaked out and Took off that can we were probably cops Yeah you thought they were a meth-head Or something yeah well you never know Okay well you want to roll on that okay Let’s head into this cemetery and ask Questions It’s definitely a bizarre place no doubt About it I know like why is this here People come out here just to sit Interesting we’ve got just 0.2 on the EMF right now a little bit of radio Interference so this would be one of the Graves here you go here’s the first one We can actually see yeah this one’s been Redone it looks like the date is 1916 That’s old though the body least much Lower radio waves out here uh-huh Kind of hurry up here EMF is just Staying at a steady 14.1 I should say 0.2 here’s another grave filled with Cacti [Applause] Well I’m now far back this goes it is Creepy up here here’s a grave right over Here I can read the headstone on that it’s

Been cracked and I sound like a voice Over there or something weird I mean we’re very isolated at the top This Hill oh you wait Hmm That was very strange okay well guess we Keep walking Good point one right now Look at another cacti grave back there He walks over there This is eerie back here this one’s just Like a wooden post that’s crazy Hell he’s forgotten people people Probably lived and died to see this town Through and how were they repaid they Were literally just forgotten Okay well over here we can look to Who this one’s eerie down here yeah this Damn look it here’s more graves like This of this style look over there dude Well I mean you know this is a nice view Still nothing really on the EMF meter This seems like really old well that’s Crazy dude Is there anybody up here it’s the left From Jerome I think this is one of the stranger Places we’ve been I don’t really feel any energy here dude No it’s just your it’s just weird all The way up there dude more lost graves Yeah it’s like where those are all the Marked ones yeah like where are the Graves that are unmarked and how many

People were supposedly buried here like 400 400 is about 40 graves Cleared so who knows you could be Stepping on a body there’s plenty of Cactus that’s what I have noticed Where’d that get out the thermal camera Again okay hold this sure Jesus is that Up fireplace I think someone pulled up To our car There’s no way really I think I think Sound just travels around here no I Think that heard gravel like her where’s Our car it’s kind of creepy man Yeah that’s with you what’s going off I Would have swore I heard someone car Tires you know on the gravel yeah I Definitely did yeah hopefully no one’s Coming up here to take us out that would Be bad Get that going to see if anyone’s Walking up here oh do that there’s a Light there Well Hmm Okay Once you get that thermal camera going Okay so what okay so we’re gonna I’ve Brought out the Fleur FLIR however you Pronounce that properly thermal camera That we just got I’m gonna be running This while we sweep the rest of the Cemetery we’re gonna head up the hill Ask a couple questions and then head to Our haunted hotel for the night yeah

Okay so I’m gonna roll a thermal cam Some dogs it’s kind of a cool view from Here yeah really You know honestly Okay really shoot Charging Is there anybody still here that’s Buried here Are you buried in a grave that is not Marked Why are you still a year somebody please Give me an answer Oh weird the screams I’m open to help You both throwing stuff in there never Seen that only this is this agree oh it Is yeah here’s a marker right here too Whoo it’s kind of cold out Understand Nelly put the rocks at the Base what do you think how are you Feeling up here nothing too special just All the scrub and all the cactus and It’s kind of the strangest probably Cemetery that I’ve been to mm-hmm how About you I feel like we’re in a Different world almost well I think we Are we’re down there yeah no you got Your want your expenses right here yeah Might be there’s really no activity or Anything yeah that’s I’m saying Turn your lights off dick Like wish that back here his cards turn Its lights off so it’s probably the cops Should I keep my light on probably

Realize that there’s somebody up here Yes hold on right up here and just shut Their lights off so we’re gonna cut our Time short here should we do a little Rap yeah well our up there yeah we’ll Just keep rolling while we go Investigate but okay either way that’s Weird they don’t turn around that’s for Sure So yep they must have it just turn Around no it’s the ghost car Well okay Hasan I’m here you know I definitely just saw That they polled no I know it’s okay Murder placers yeah this isn’t where you Get buried this is where you die boy Worry see him though what why where do I Go up Was weird very strange yeah I’ve Definitely pulled up and stopped in the Turner lets up yeah so this is nah see That abandoned building dude ancient Wild West You