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On the day I had my sighting my Girlfriends and I had decided to take a Hike up to the fire lookout station atop Shadow Mountain the hike began from the Grand Lake entrance area we soon found Ourselves wrapping around the lake with Shadow Mountain in full view in Hindsight I would highly recommend Wearing bug spray when walking near the Lake it was something that we did not Have that day and boy did we pay for it The mosquitoes were absolutely brutal at Times as we were close to the water's Edge once we were clear of the area we Started heading directly towards the Mountain itself and its ascending trail By the time we were midway up the Mountain trail we had already seen a Bear and several deer as well as many Chipmunks and what I believe was sort of A mink or something of the sort once you Are beyond the midway point the trail Becomes quite steep and there were a lot Of trees across the trail that day which Made things quite difficult for us Nevertheless we made it about to the top And we approached the lookout with Relief but we were disappointed to our Dismay the tower staircase was locked Keeping us from climbing up into it Basically it's a fairly short Tower made From stone with painted brown logs Forming a deck base on the top upon Which a small Hut like structures

Attached to it so we sat up there for About an hour to enjoying the views from Every side of the mountain it was Actually breathtaking and I would highly Recommend it to anyone with a good pair Of legs the trees in this area are Predominantly some type of narrow Growing Pines which I believe are spruce A fair amount of them are dead which Creates a type of screen to the eyes as You are peering about on the trail we Had actually seen bears and deer walking About in this timber screening as we Were on our way up to the lookout gas Station it gave the appearance of Something walking behind a stockade Fence with every other slat removed what I'm trying to do here is to set the Stage for you visually for what we're About to see on our descent from shadow Mountain the three of us had just passed The steepest section as we were making Our way down the slope it was right About that time when I Girlfriend Tricia said look guys there's Another bear down there as we all turned Our heads to look I think that Tricia Realized at the same time that we all Did that this wasn't a bear but rather a Bigfoot my first glance this was an easy Mistake to make because of the broken Field of vision created by all the dead Gray trees we were quite a bit higher Than this creature that was walking to

The trees down and away off to our right Hand side we weren't making any noise Other than walking otherwise I'm sure it Would have Speight us out but it hadn't This Bigfoot was on a mission because it Didn't stop for a second as it was Walking when we first saw it I believe We were maybe three or four hundred feet Away from it and we were able to get Some fairly good looks at it as it Traversed the slope the only way it Could have seen us would have been to Look up and over its left shoulder which It thankfully didn't do at the place we Were on the trail there was really Nowhere to hide so we just quietly stood Our ground and watched this thing was Moving very quickly through the tightly Packed pines and we could see the Treetops rocking back and forth as it Part of them making its way through Using its arms and hands to clear the Path I would say that most of the trees In here were between say 12 and 20 feet Tall the Bigfoot measured up as being Pretty damn tall in our estimation it Was an incredible sight to behold and no It wasn't a man in a monkey suit one of The most bothersome things about having A sighting like this is the after effect Of how you are received by your peers Having told them of your experience Speaking for myself as I was as high as A kite four weeks after the sighting and

Anxious tell tell everyone about what I Had seen but those euphoric feeling soon Dwindled away as I saw and heard the Reactions of those with whom I spoke It's really a crying shame that people Chose to be so ignorant about these Things however that's coming from Someone's perspective who had just seen One I'm not sure how I would have Reacted had you told me of your Experience but I'd like to think that I Would have responded in a better way and Moe My friend Anthony and I had planned to Spend five days backpacking and camping In the Grand Teton National Park during The course of the first three days we Had been working our way into and Through a variety of locations within The park it was on the fourth day that We found ourselves sitting in a higher Elevation overlooking lake solitude Below us in the valley with the western Slope of Grand Teton facing us in the Distance from our vantage point which Was considerable both of the slopes Descending down to the lake weren't vo They were sporadically covered with Large swaths of pine trees this was a Vast panoramic view which I'm attempting To paint for you for the mind's eye just So you can better understand what I'm Talking about When you see something in the distance

Here it is extremely difficult to judge Just how far the distances everything is Much further away than it appears a fact Which becomes more than evident once you Began hiking towards what you are seeing We were perched on this low mountainside Overlooking what I just described to you Taking in the view the two of us each Carried a good pair of field-glasses Which we had not needed up until the Moment anthony's focus fixated on Something below us he reached into his Backpack for his binoculars and raised Them to his eyes not saying a word as he Began to look intently at what appeared To be a very specific location he told Me to grab my binoculars and focus in on What he was looking at I said to Anthony What do you see he responded just grab Your glasses and look between those two Groups of trees right down there to the Right I did as he said and started to Scan the area of which he spoke when Suddenly I said it's a damn Bigfoot Anthony said to me I know I just wanted To hear what you would say to confirm What I already thought there was no Doubt about it the two of us now had our Lenses fixed clearly on a large black Beast walking on two legs in and out of The trees on the slope well below us the Distance could have been very at least a Mile or more However with the 20 by 50 binoculars we

Had an extremely good field of view Which included the Bigfoot and its Activities now it's not that I need to Explain my somewhat instantaneous Response of it being a Bigfoot but it Was painfully obvious what we were Seeing first of all there's never anyone Seen hiking or hunting in these parts Dressed from head to toe in black and Wearing no shoes or boots secondly there Would be under no circumstances anyone In this area without a backpack and Supplies just casually sauntering around In the wilderness third there is Literally and figuratively nobody out Here especially where we were in the Three days prior we had sighted a group Of three individuals that were more than Likely half a mile away from us coming Off a ridge that was it as far as human Contact is concerned as we sat watching The Bigfoot walking through our lenses It suddenly stopped as it was facing one Of the pines that begin to do something With its arms extended it was using its Hands in a way which made it appear as Though it was working or picking at the Side of the pine we watched him do for Over a half an hour occasionally we Could see the Beast croucher bend down To pick the ground where it appeared to Be picking something up that had fallen To the ground the Beast would then Follow this action by putting its hand

To its face or mouth I don't need to Tell you that this is all distance we Would see we couldn't see any of the Details at all after the creature had Spent a considerable amount of time by The side of this tree it started to move Around in and out of our field of vision It appeared to be looking at some other Trees that were near to it my Recollection is that we had lost sight Of it for about 45 minutes when it Emerged from the trees and started Walking along the slope heading away From us and toward lake solitude Now just to settle the score with those Who think that people who see such a Thing are suffering from some type of Delusional disorder this was like Looking at a jet-black Frankenstein Walking in the middle of nowhere even at The distance from which we were watching The creature walked with the long arm Swings and the deliberate lengthy Strides these dramatic movements were More than obvious to the eye but this Thing was not putting So for anyone to see we were more than a Mile away watching it from an elevation Of well over a thousand feet or more it Had no idea that it was being washed by Anyone or anything with all the various Stories that did that the two of us and So many others have heard about these Things too the years this sighting had

Completely sealed the deal for Andy and I Bigfoot is in fact the real deal My wife and I had purchased a house that Was listed as for Sale By Owner in the Western Pennsylvania area it was an All-cash deal with a fast closing when We went to look at the house the couple Who were living there had a beat-up Little shack in the backyard the main House was so nice that I couldn't Believe they had this piece of garbage Building in the backyard it was painted Barn red and looked like it had been Repaired ten times over with chewing gum And band-aids it was however being Actively used by them as a hen house the Access door on the end of the house Looked like it was hanging on by a Thread It was held shut by a piece of Clothesline that was nailed to the wood On one end and wrapped around a boat Cleat on the other along one side of the Shack the upper half of the exterior Sheathing had been removed exposing the Sted wall this was covered now in Chicken wire that had been stapled in Place the bottom side of this same wall Had a hole cut in it for the hens to go In and out along the outside edge was a Pen made of pressure treated four by Four lumber and chicken wire it was the Most Ram Shack Junk box setup I have ever seen two

Weeks before we closed the deal they Asked my wife and I if we wanted them to Leave the chickens for us to which we Replied no thank you And we left it at that at the closing Table in the attorney's office we had Asked them during some small talk how They made out in the removal of the Chickens John the husband said thank God We got rid of them at the last minute Only yesterday afternoon the following Day my wife and I were over the painting Of the interior of the house my friend Lou was preparing the bathroom for a new Tile job less than six days later we had Moved in it was on the evening of April 26th 2015 Three days after we had moved in that All hell had broke loose I remember the Exact date because we had just Celebrated my wife's first birthday in The new home on the 25th during the last Stages of Twilight after the Sun had Already set for the day I stepped out of The back door onto the patio having just Come home from work All the following signs that I am about To say to you virtually happened at the Same time as I stepped out of the back Door My eyes were immediately drawn to the Rope lock on the henhouse it was Unraveled leaving the door open on the Now-empty coupe as I was looking at this

Open door I had pulled the door shut Hard behind me quite loudly when without Warning a Bigfoot launched outward from Inside of the coupe he jumped out in What I would call a Superman leap Straight through the chicken wire which Was now wrapped around him as he landed On the ground he was gigantic and came Flying out in full force completely Horizontal to the ground landing on all Fours maybe 25 feet from the coop with One swift movement he stood to his feet Flinging both of his arms into the air Throwing the wire off his body He turned snarled at me and then he Literally launched himself into the Woods behind our home and what was maybe Three consecutive leaps I want to call Them steps because the amount of ground He had covered in these three movements Of his legs were insane all this had Happened so quickly that I didn't even Have time to think about what was Unfolding before my very own eyes it Momentarily felt like my heart had Stopped and I wasn't breathing if he had Wanted to get me I would been dead meat For sure but it seemed like I had Surprised the monster and it just wanted To get the heck out of our yard I have Never in my life been that close to Anything remotely as large as this thing Was it became immediately obvious to me That it was familiar with the smell and

Location of this house which did by the Way stink like chicken [ __ ] and I was Left wondering if it hadn't been here Before when he stood up in front of me He looked like one giant cube of animal It reminded me of the old Hulk TV show When Bill what's-his-name transformed Into the monster the Bigfoot was totally Ripped up in every sense of the word Being just muscled upon muscle he had The most evil looking facial grimace That you could ever imagine When he growled at me his upper lip Something receded as he showed me his Teeth as he did this his facial skin Kind of scrunched out forming Large layer of wrinkles up to his eyes Which were completely black I could see That the underlying skin was a dark Grand color initially I had thought that He was completely covered in hair but he Was not he did have somewhat of what I Would call a beard and there was Actually quite a bit of hair on his face With the exception of the area on both Sides of his nose to me his ears seem Too small for his head and they were Flushed to the sides as well now my wife Who works in a local hospital until 11 P.m. Could not believe what I told her when She came home quite frankly who could Blame her it was the craziest and most Frightening event of my life today and I

Hope that I never have to endure it Again Chloe and I had been out for a day Hike in the Glacier National when we Found ourselves approaching the McDonald Creek footbridge now why they call this A creek is beyond me because actually It's quite wide and there is whitewater In every direction that you'd look Chloe And I were standing in the middle of the Bridge taking in the sights and sounds Of the creek and absorbing the beauty of The day we must have been standing there For about a half an hour when we decided To continue our little trek crossing Over the remainder of the bridge and Making our way into the trail as you Cross over the bridge the trail Continues along the lower side of what I Would call a small Mountain which is Covered in pines that continue up the Sides of its steep slope we were just Breaking into the trail having crossed The footbridge when Chloe said to me Edie what is that over there as my eyes Became fixed on where she was now Pointing I could see a large fur covered Creature paring out from behind a tree Only maybe fifty feet or so away from us This creature was at least four or five Times wider than the tria was hiding Behind and it kept moving its head Behind and then away from the tree Looking directly at us when it did it Was enormous in stature and Chloe had

Grabbed my arm and fear as soon as I saw It I knew that I was looking at a Bigfoot it was repeating this movement Of going behind the tree And then looking back at us so quickly That it was hard to keep track of how Many times it had actually occurred the Trio was standing behind was no more Than say 14 inches wide and there was at Least a foot or more of its body visible On both sides and the moment I remember Thinking that a must have been watching Us on the bridge and perhaps we caught It off guard as we quickly resumed our Hike and going into the direction it was Standing at any rate it seemed very Nervous which was something I was not Happy about if it had decided to come at Us and do us harm there would have been Little or nothing that we could have Done to defend ourselves against it it Was all of eight or nine feet tall and Extremely broad each time that it tilted Or leaned away from the tree its left Hand remained on the side of the trunk While the rest of the body came into View its mouth was shut the entire time And it didn't make as much as a sound The face was very flat as far as we Could see and its expression was very Mean or evil-looking although it wasn't Exhibiting any behavior to match its Appearance what I just described to you Was going on for maybe a minute when it

Turned and started to move up the slope On an angle going away from us this was A very steep incline that was densely Packed with trees yet each of the steps It took appeared to be something like 10 Feet long the Bigfoot was totally out of Our sight in about five strides having Covered some 40 or 50 feet into the Trees we could hear some crunching Noises for maybe another 30 seconds and Then there was nothing my wife and I Immediately retreated back over the Bridge and hightailed it out of there Chloe was visibly shaking and I guess I Was in somewhat of a state of shock Myself I remember I was breathing very Shallowly and was having trouble Gathering my thoughts about what had Just occurred as far as what this Bigfoot looked like as I just said at The waist alone it was at least three to Four feet wide and then its body tapered Outward from there I would have to Estimate that at the outside edges of Its shoulders we are talking at the very Least six to seven feet or so it was Absolutely staggering to the eyes It's face was mostly covered in hair With the exception being around and just Below its eyes as well as part of the Cheek area its fingers that were wrapped Around the tree's trunk were very long Perhaps almost a foot in length what we Would call the pectoral muscles made it

Appear like there were two bed pillows Plastered to its upper chest the Thickness of its biceps were at least 10 Inches or more and when it stepped away From us I could see the bottoms of its Feet briefly on maybe two of the steps That it had taken from my perspective They appeared to be gray and somewhat Flat like the sole of a well worn shoe I Distinctly remember the nose being Extremely broad and flat to the face Which made the lower jaw seem to Protrude abnormally from the face my Hope is that I have done a good job in Reporting this sighting to you and your Readers having said as much mere words Cannot describe and will never take the Place of having the encounter for Yourself it was a combination of total Fear and total ecstasy at the same time Kind of like finding a pot of gold that Could kill you