5 CREEPY BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS Bigfoot, Sasquatch What Lurks beneath

By | February 17, 2019
5 CREEPY BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS Bigfoot, Sasquatch   What Lurks beneath

I am more or less an amateur Photographer specializing in landscape And panoramic pictures I don't know when Or how someone is touted to be a Professional in my craft but I have Never applied that badge to myself I Have been at this now for well over 25 Years and many of my pictures are posted Online at sites such as Flickr my wife Sandra and I were just coming off some High ground working our way down and Through lower Crabb Meadows I had just Set the tripod up with the view of the Valley and the trees within the meadows In the foreground and with Mount Russell Rising up in the background having taken A few really nice shots from this Perspective the two of us continued to Hike through the crap as we call it as We made our way through we had decided To work our way up to a slightly higher Position on one of the wooded hilltops To our left side we had hiked up through The trees to a slightly higher elevation Or the perspective through the lens had Changed dramatically once again I had Set up the tripod to take a few more Shots the view from here was spectacular I was standing alongside of the camera Setting up for a panoramic shot when a Loud knocking sound emanated through the Valley Sondra and I both looked at each Other as if to say what the heck was That we began to scan the surrounding

Area in hopes of seeing whatever had Made the sound I should mention that we Hadn't seen any large animals as we Passed through the crab getting to the Point where we found ourselves I was Using the telephoto camera lens and Sandra was using a pair of field-glasses To scan the entire area around us after A few more moments having her nothing More my wife said she saw something dark Pacing around in the timber on the slope To our right-hand side I said to her What do you mean Pacing she said to me that whatever she Was looking at was standing on two legs And was Moving back and forth in a random manner Within the trees I immediately started Scanning the area in which she was Looking with my telephoto and bingo There before my eyes was a large black Bigfoot on the slope just so you can Visualize what I was seeing to the lens The creature was about two inches tall In the lens at this distance I had it in Focus though but I couldn't see it or Its movements with great clarity it was Pacing around exactly as my wife had Said flipping its arms left and right Like a nervous man waiting for a late Bus it stayed in this one small area Pacing around for maybe 10 minutes or so Suddenly it stopped pacing and stood Erect facing the north with its head

Held high and brought its hands up to Its mouth we once again heard a loud Resonating knock as soon as we heard the Knocking sound at lowered its arms and Started pacing around as it had been Doing before Now I must be upfront with you and Whatnot My wife and I have seen every Bigfoot Show available to mankind 10 times and Over we had heard all these tales and Seeing all the people pounding on trees With logs and bats walking to the forest The two of us and all of our outdoor Adventures have seen and heard nothing For ourselves up until this afternoon of Which I speak on that afternoon I Believe we settled the score once and For all as far as wood knocks go it is Not a wood knock at all but rather a Large and loud vocalization being made By the creatures internally having tried It for myself I can make a clock or a Knock sound by putting my tongue to the Roof of my mouth and moving my jaw Downward there's no way for me to Describe the mechanics of what I am Talking about to you but I can do it Whether or not they are doing it in the Same way as something which you and I Have no way of knowing but what I saw And heard was evidence enough for me There was nothing else present in the Valley with us and the sound occurred

Exactly When it had elevated its head and put it Hand and put its hands to the sides of Its mouth The creature was evidently very tall and Broad in stature exactly how big I Cannot say because the distance was far Too great and we weren't going over There to say hello we can most Definitely make of the exceedingly long Arm length and its fur or hair was shiny And black after about what must have Been 20 or some minutes it abruptly Stopped the spacing and moved out of our Sight walking what I would say was some Three or four hundred yards I as a Photographer have captured some moments In time that will never be duplicated Again I have shown the same stills to Many others that you have seen and they Frankly don't believe it or have little Or nothing to say about them I guess It's just part of human nature we have The believers and the non-believers we Have those who do in those who don't As for Sandra and myself we are most Definitely now counted among the Believers it was in June of 2011 that Lyle and I were stretching her legs on The shoreline about 20 miles south of Cape Flattery And maybe ten miles due east of the Olympic National Park you can get very Close to the shore here via the highway

And we were hiking below a short Bluff Which is inclusive of a protective Narrow band of wildlife management zone The time of day was roughly 7:30 in the Morning when we began our Hank there is A large stretch of shoreline consisting Of many miles which Lyle and I regularly Hike at different points and times of The year while is an artist and comes Here to collect driftwood to use in his Sculptures we were hugging the bluff Scavenging to the debris from high tide Looking for some good finds when we were Just approaching a bend in the bluff to Our left Once around this Bend a long stretch of Beach comes into view which extends for Many miles to the south as soon as our Eyes were clear of the bluff we could See two large darkly colored figures Moving around a large nice long on the Shore one of the figures was standing in The other appeared to be down on the Ground moving around from the distance It looked like it may have been two men Wearing coveralls or even foul weather Gear so we continued heading in their Direction I don't think we walked Another hundred feet when the guy on the Ground stood up and the man who was Standing turned around quickly to look In our direction no sooner had this Happened than the two of them took off Screwing up the side of the bluff and

Out of sight those whole entire thing Was very bizarre as it unfolded before My eyes as weird as all this may sound To you picture us walking down this Lonely stretch of shore and having this Occur before your very own eyes we Continued to walk down to where they had Been and as we got closer we could see Now that the mass in the beach was in Fact a dead juvenile gray whale the Whale was obviously dead and had Enormous wounds on its sides to us it Appeared to be the result of what may Have been a great white or perhaps a Killer whale at most it appeared to have Died and washed up on the beach before Being eaten I now realize standing over the whale That what I was seeing from the distance Was one guy holding up the upper jaw of The whale and the other guy was on the Ground doing something within the mouth Area of the whale there was a lot of Meat for lack of a better word and this Debris laying around the mouth of this Whale on the beach it seemed as though They had been going to the mouth to Harvest the interior of the whale as we Stood there taking this all in and Trying to make sense of it our eyes now Turn to the bluff where the figures had Exited it was fairly tall and steep and We could see where they had climbed up It we looked it over and determined that

Neither of us thought we could scale at All let alone at a fast pace these two Guys had made it up in just a matter of Seconds moving closer to the bluff space Our eyes were open to what we had been Seeing there were several very large Well made Bear footprints at the base of the bluff They were similar to a human's but Extremely large and broad in nature the Two of us not being ignorant now Realized we had just seen two Bigfoot's Scavenging a whale carcass and making a Hasty exit up the bluff with the Olympic National Park and forests being in Reasonable close proximity to our Location and the fact of the matter Being that there is nothing around here To speak up to begin with we now knew That they were in the area the picture Had now come together as to what we were Seeing I know speaking for myself that I Was thinking what the heck are two guys Doing out here in black fisherman's Reindeer and even if they were coveralls They would be inappropriate for the Day's conditions which were very mild at Most I did notice that as they started To run their movements look very strange Their steps and arm swings looked Disproportionate in comparison to what We were used to seeing from a human Perspective now we know the reason why We had just seen two Bigfoot on the

Shore I feel it'd be good to lay down a little Groundwork as to Who I am what I do it May help to add credence to what I'm About to say to both you and everybody Out there listening first of all I am a Third-generation grocer and now food Whole seller this business which I now Run an own was started as a grocery Store in New York in 1905 today haven't Taken over the business many years ago From my father we are strictly a Wholesale vegetable distributor to the Restaurant and food service industry Predominantly in New York Connecticut And New Jersey I have a great managerial And employee base that affords me a Surplus of free time with me being able To accomplish most of what I do via Phone and internet since I don't really Need to be there except for the Occasional flying I have lived in Numerous locations throughout the Country over the past 20 years or so I Am currently in Washington State in Preparation to talk I was trying to Settle on a number in my mind as to how Many days I've spent in the woods Hunting to the best of my knowledge I Came out with somewhere between 1200 and 1500 days on the hunt this would be Inclusive of both small and large game Including waterfowl and eight safaris I Am reasonably proficient in the

Disciplines of rifle shotgun and bow and Consider myself at this point in the Game a decent tracker as well I've seen A Bigfoot but that's not why I really Wanted to talk to you I called about Some evidence that I found and a little Experiment that I did in hopes of Furthering that cause a Bigfoot being Real it's not that I need anyone to Convince me you understand in the fall Of 2006 while stocking some deer and the Fringes of the pest seitan wilderness I Had a large Bigfoot pass above my Position on a hillside while I was on The hunt below as I said I am NOT here To speak of this sighting because I Frankly don't have much to say about it I saw it And it was the real deal and that's it What I do want to talk about is this Subsequent bone pile that I came across And my experimentation regarding In 2008 I was stalking in the area of Henry M Jackson wilderness west of Gellin when I came into the area that Was devoid of shall I say all Warm-blooded animals it must have been For well over a mile before I realized That there was absolutely no creatures Be they greater small to be found in This area a fact that was extremely Unusual in and of itself a short time Later I came upon what I will described As a small clearing which was scattered

With the bones of just about everything That lives in these parts I'm talking From skulls to legs and everything in Between now it's not that I stood there Counting or anything like that but there Were so many bones from so many Different animals that it would be Impossible to determine what belonged to What just so you understand if you were To shoot a deer in the woods and leave It be in six months time there would be Zero trace of an animal's body left in Fact it is my opinion that the skull is The last thing to go because that is Virtually the only thing I ever find in Hunting perhaps there is less marrow in The skull but other than that I really Don't know why regardless the fact that All these bones were here and there was No wildlife around really got my Attention I decided to do some Experiments in the area over the next Year so it was some three months later That I came to this area again and took Down a deer about two miles away from His bone pile now what I did was not Right as it pertains to hunting but this Was an experiment and for just this one Time I broke all the rules I shot the Deer and left it in the woods so that I Could come back to it or return and log What happens to its carcass I had seen a Show about a place called the body farm Many years ago this is out an outdoor

Forensics laboratory where human donor Bodies were allowed to remain in various States outside in order to determine the Rates of decomposition under a variety Of circumstances this study would then Better enable law enforcement to Determine the time of death Four bodies found buried lying in the Woods or even in the trunks of cars for That matter just so you guys know you Could look up the same documentary he's Talking about if you go to youtube and Look up the body farm as far as the deer Was concerned and my inability to come In here every day I had to determine That somewhere between four and six Months was needed for this deer to Vanish without so much as a trace it was Probably nothing left and this had Happened less than two miles away from The bone pile which was still there and Untouched I must also mention that any Hunter worth their salt will tell you That no predatory animal be they bear Lion wolf Fox coyote or anything else Will take their kill back to the same Location over and over again whatever They don't eat will be eaten by Something else fairly quickly having Done my little experiment only two miles From the site of the bone pile I went Back and set up three game cameras in Low and high positions near the pile and Left them for a month when I went back

And and retrieved the cameras not so Much as one picture had been taken I Reset the area and came back a month Later finding two of the cameras missing And once smashed on the ground it looked Like it was hit from the front side with What I will describe as a punch I say This because there was no damage such as A rock or log would have done to the Plastic that was visible to my eyes I Took the camera home and disassembled it On my workbench in hopes of salvaging The card thankfully the card was Unaffected by the assaults when I Reviewed the card there were two Pictures in the first image I saw what Appeared to be dark fingers or a hand That must have come from the side Interview but it was very fuzzy the Second image was completely dark as Though the lens was facing or being held Against something dark in color and that Was it after having performed my Experiments my own personal conviction Is this the bone pile is a place where a Bigfoot is returning to over and over Again to eat for what reason I do not Know Secondly the animals in the area Surrounding this place will have nothing To do with this creature had touched Steering clear of the entire area for Quite some distance again the reason for This being a mystery at the time it's

Also rather remarkable that as I came Into the area for the first time it was At about a mile away that all life was Seemingly gone in the woods and yet at Two miles distance my dear had Completely consumed this made it clear To me that the Bigfoots saliva on these Bones or something about it had created A large berry of some sort around its Kill at least one thing that's clear in My mind now nothing in the forest wants Anything to do with Bigfoot within any Other species animals will contend for Another skill if nothing else they were Returned to get their fill of what Another may have left behind My wife Edna and I had started our hike From the sea at Valley and were working Our way up north into the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest our destination Being the red buttes wilderness area Edna and I had been to this area many Times and knew it probably better or as Well as anyone on the planet we had Started early and made our way into what We refer as the red zone by noon we were Sitting side-by-side on a law with our Backs to a tree lined facing a small Field we had been sitting quietly for About 20 minutes taking our lunch break When we heard something momentarily Rustling behind us and off to our left In the trees I turned my head to look

And saw nothing my wife had done the Same thing as we continued to eat I Don't mean to sound like hearing Something rustling as any big deal as There is so much wildlife in here but Every noise does and should get your Attention when hiking the two of us have Stumbled across many a bear and even a Cougar during our mini hikes a few Minutes later as I was pulling my nasal Inhaler out of my pocket we heard what Sounded like a loud crack followed by The sound of a tree dragging on the Ground at least that's what I thought of This home The two of us stood up from our seat on The log and turn to face the woods in The direction of the noise with the Trees being maybe 75 feet at best in Front of us from the position we were in You couldn't really see into the trees To our left or to our right-hand side But there was a small opening directly In front of us we continued to look and Listened as the sound of something Dragging seemed to be getting closer and Louder Suddenly a Bigfoot appeared from behind The trees to her right walking into this Opening and drying a small tree in its Right hand as soon as it had made its Way past the barrier of trees and into The opening it turned its face to look At us and drop the tree that was in its

Hand turning to the right it slowly Started to walk towards the rear of the Opening retreating back into the woods It craned its neck looking back at us as It walked away before it completely Disappeared from view I don't think it Was about five minutes after we had seen It that we moved forward to where had Dropped a tree Edna and I stood there Looking at the tree it was dead but Considerably large to be dragging around It must have been easily 30 feet long And was about six inches in diameter at The base why this creature was dragging This particular tree and to where as Anyone's guess our own thoughts being at The time that it couldn't have been Planning to take it very far or else it Would have grabbed another tree near to That location it must have been going to Or living somewhere in close proximity To where we were standing I'm sure that This Bigfoot was surprised to see us as We were to see it perhaps even more so I Say this because we had a fair warning Having heard a coming to me there was Absolutely no fear exhibited by the Beast when I saw it or having it seeing Us having seen the size of it the reason Why is more than evident we had a more Than perfect view of it for some 30 Seconds or more and when we walked over To the tree it had been dragging there Were several bows that we had watched it

Past behind as it walked all of which Were in the neighborhood Eight to nine feet off the ground this Was one big mother and I could tell you That it appeared to be almost jet black With some red highlights that were Shining in the sunlight has it broken to The small clearing from the side it Seemed to be about three feet thick from Front to back and it's fingers on the Left hand were hanging just below knee Level one of the oddities about it was That the head looked tiny for the body Now don't get me wrong the masculine Sure was immense in every sense of the Word but even at that the head seemed Relatively small we couldn't really make Out any muscular definition other than That everywhere you look the bodies seem To be bulging outward such as the chest In the back it was quite obviously built Strongly to the extreme it was casually Walking holding this tree in one hand That even dead had to weigh at least a Couple hundred pounds or more not Including the bulkiness of it just being A 30-foot tree the other thing about the Sighting which I can't forget is the Leisurely way in which after it had seen Us it walked away there was absolutely No sense of fear or urgency on its part After having seen us I guess it knows That it could tear us limb from limb if It had to and in any rate that was our

Sighting and we caught the red buttes Beast as we named him My friend and co-worker Roberto and I Were doing a four day hike through a National park in Virginia and I won't Name the National Park along this Appalachian Trail there are actually Some accommodations in place for the Weary hikers and remember I'm really Scared about what happened here so I Don't want people to come here and Attract people to come and try to find a Bigfoot in this place there are small Locked trailside cabins which can be Reserved in advance located in several Locations they contain bunks mattresses Blankets cooking utensils and many other Necessities in addition there are many Three-sided shelters in which there are Bunks an outdoor fireplace for warmth And cooking it is relative to one of These three-sided structures that our Story will unfold Now these three-sided shelters are of Shared commodity in other words if you Are in there and a couple of other Hikers come along to crash for the night You are obligated to welcome them in and Make the best of it everyone deserves Shelter for the night and it may be many Miles before coming across another one On the trail so Roberto and I having Planned to make it this certain shelter For the night had arrived at this

Location finding it already occupied by A husband and a wife having made all of Our apologies for having nowhere else to Crash for the night they said that there Are no apologies needed in fact they Said we were rather happy that you came By because some strange happenings have Been going on here and we weren't Looking forward to being here alone Tonight naturally the question arose What exactly are the strange happenings In which you speak Before I continue let me say that these Are in fact three-sided shelters they Have a roof of two sides in a back and One side being completely open to Whoever and whatever they come along we Were by the way spending the night in The shelter by loft Mountain the couple Went on to tell us that some two years Ago a group of four hikers was doing Exactly what we were doing just south of Us in a shelter by big flat mountain Upon awaking in the morning one of the Group of four was no longer in the Shelter her backpack was left behind the Couple went on to say that over a period Of days a large search had been Undertaken for the missing girl that Came up empty it was some several weeks Later near the border of West Virginia Many miles away from the location of the Disappearance that a man walking to the Woods came upon the body of the girl

Draped over the upper limb of a large Tree naked and having been partially Dismembered after they told us this Story I couldn't sleep a wink during the Night in the morning as we got about the Busyness of resuming our hike my friend Roberto who is a half mad rebel from Central America gets the boneheaded idea That we should go south and spend the Night at at the very shelter where this Event had taken place only two years ago I told him he was out of his mind but After much back-and-forth about it being A freaky thing to do this and that I had Succumbed to the plan and off we went Having arrived there it was basically a Duplicate of where we had been the last Night only this night he and I were Alone as the Sun set and the evening Turned into the night I had basically Been out for well over 24 hours having Not slept at all during the night to be Quite honest with you I wasn't too keen On falling asleep there that night it Must have been around midnight when I Looked at Roberto and he was sound Asleep This guy could fall asleep during a Blizzard sitting on a curb and yet I was Still awake it wasn't just that we had Heard the story about what happened here But to me there was most certainly some Type of creepy residual aspect about Being here I was uncomfortable the

Entire night feeling is that we were Being watched very closely by whom or What I can't tell you but I just Couldn't shake it speaking for myself The Sun couldn't come up soon enough and I was sorry that I had listened to Roberto's rant about wanting to come Here he was asleep and I was being Mentally tortured for the entire night In the shelter nothing had happened During the hike and we commenced to Finish our hike in the morning The question which lingers to this day In my mind and I would guess in the Minds of many others the question which Was the reason for my contacting you in The first place is this exactly who or What is capable of taking a human being Many miles away only to dismember them And put them up in a tree for Safekeeping that's what really blew my Mind about this whole affair You