14 TRUE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Swamp Ape What Lurks Beneath

By | February 4, 2019
14 TRUE BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Swamp Ape   What Lurks Beneath

As a Native American my family would Tell me stories of Bigfoot I personally Have never had an encounter myself of The creature but around May I believe it Was Cinco de Mayo and a lot of my Friends had come over to eat Mexican Food and drink a little and I had about Three beers that night and my friend Suggested we go and drink at a bridge About 20 miles out in the middle of Nowhere there's a lot of trees and Fields around this area and we had made A few stops here and there to chill and Laugh and we stopped at this old stone Bridge and had spray paint on it and we Pulled up two cars full and so we Chilled in the cars for about 10 minutes Parked beside each other Figured we step out on the bridge it Wasn't even two minutes that we were on The bridge and we all heard a really Loud loud roar from the right side I Swear it was only about 15 or so feet Away from the bridge and we all jumped And drove so fast I had never went back after that and I Guess a lot of my family has also told Me stories about that area it was the First Tuesday of the Pennsylvania deer Rifle season December 3rd 2013 now I've Always been an avid hunter and I would Wake up very early in the morning to get Into the woods before daylight I would Be in the woods at 4:30 in the morning

Having to hunt on State game lands meant Beating other people into the woods to Get a decent spot when I got to the Parking area around 4:15 no one else was There so I walked into the woods not Even using a flashlight only walking by Moonlight I walked through a field into The little treeline and started on the Path to my spot I came to the Intersection in the path one way went Left down the mountain other way went Right I went right because my spot was On the other side roughly 50 yards after Making the right-hand turn I smelled What I can only describe as hot garbage It just hit me right in the face like I Mean hot dumpster juice garbage in the Middle of August so I stopped dead Turned on my flashlight expecting to see Piles of garbage nothing no garbage Nothing dead no corpses no animals Nothing just hot garbage smell now keep In mind this is in December it's Freezing outside hi 20s maybe all the Way up to low 30s so even if there was Garbage it shouldn't smell that bad so I Kind of thought nothing of it at the Time and I just followed the path to my Spot which was down over the ridge from The garbage smell roughly maybe 40 feet Down that leads into a grass field where I would sit I sit at my seat got settled In for about two or so minutes that's When the rock started coming down the

Ridge first Rock startled me causing me To turn on my light again scanning the Field hoping to see AI reflection of a Deer but nothing else was there i sat Back down another rock comes down the Ridge this time I stand up and I go out Into the grass field as a flashlight in The pistol my rifle was a 444 Marlin and I happen to carry it while I was hunting I scan again nothing and purposely Waited in the field for about five Minutes now I'm getting angry assuming Another hunter is just messing with me Because I'm in their spot I sit down Again the third Rock sounding larger Than the others comes tumbling down the Ridge I don't get up this time and not Two minutes after that another rock not Tumbled but sounded as though it was Thrown off the ridge and landed in the Field now [ __ ] I'm pissed I gathered up my gear and started back Up the trail to the ridge I get on top Of the ridge scanning with my light the Whole time nothing no I shine nothing no Other hunter that I could see I get to The spot where ice melt the heart Garbage still nothing and the smell is Gone though and it finally clicked in my Head a meaning not have even been Another person but possibly something Else I've heard other stories of People's Bigfoot experiences A lot of which remark about how bad they

Smell i all but ran out of the woods and To top it all off no other vehicles were In the parking area when I got out of The woods either and this took place in Pennsylvania State game lands two to Nine outside of Tremont I later come to Find out that a co-worker of mine had Actually seen a bipedal cross in front Of his car within two miles of location Of my experience so maybe they are real I don't know but I definitely had an Experience that I will never forget my Name is Matt I'm twenty-one year old guy From Germany and I am or better was Doing work holiday in Canada this was Always a dream for me to explore and Experience this large and beautiful Country it was really a pleasure for me I arrived here in August and had the Best time of my life until this Wednesday but now it is turning into an Absolute nightmare I always loved Driving late at night especially on Relatively remote roads and that's why I Chose to take o n 502 northbound from Fort Frances to dried in that evening it Was around 11:40 p.m. in a long bended Part of the road And suddenly a semi with its hazards Flashing still on the right nearly in The ditch I stopped in front of the Truck and got out to ask the driver if I Could help him I immediately noticed That the left part of its front was

Really hard damaged the headlight and Grill were broken and the hood was Pushed backwards and smashed a bit of The windscreen and everything was full Of blood only then I realized that there Was more blood on the road as well from What I could see in the dark with a Small amount of light that came from my Taillights his intact right headlight in His marker lights oh god he hit a pair Was my first thought from the amount of Damage I could see in blood I walked it To the driver's side door and knocked a Few times he didn't answer first I Thought that perhaps he was going to go Get some help but then I reflected that We were like in the middle of nowhere And Dryden is like I don't know 50 kilometers away and that He would more likely use his cell or the CB calling for help I knocked again and Got no response then I opened the door He was huddled in the back cabin he was Shaking his skin was pale like a dead Person's and he looked with me as so Much fear and shock like he had just Seen the devil in person can I help you You had a really hard accident here are You injured I asked him but I got no Response hello are you all right sir I am Not sure he stumbled does something Hurt no but I but I hit it I see that I Don't think that that bear is still Alive anymore to be honest it wasn't a

Bear he responded with so much fear in His voice I got confused are the elk in This part of Ontario I'm not a native so That was the first of what I thought It's ok you're in shock take a breath I Responded did you call 9-1-1 he didn't Even react to my answer I left him alone In his rig and got to my van to go to my Phone I was glad that I had even got Service in this part of the province I Told the operator what had happened and She assured me to send an officer and an Ambulance to the scene she asked me for Which operator the truck was driving Couldn't give her an answer but she said That there will be roadside assistance Coming as well I hang up and went to the Semi driver to tell him that I called For help the only thing he responded to Was to nod I got my flashlight out of The car and searched for the dead animal I was still convinced that he had just Hit a bear because I was so very curious What he really hit to tell them that he Did indeed hit a bear the blood was Spread all over the road and I could see Where the bear was flung to and then I Saw its body holy [ __ ] that's a huge Bear I thought to myself the creature Was like 9 feet tall It had really long limbs in its face Even the head was partially decapitated It wasn't like that from anything what I Had seen until now it was like I would

Look into the gorilla type human face it Was so unreal the teeth looked like you Would see on a great white shark Its eyes were partially closed but it Was like you could see the pupils glow Underneath they weren't really glowing But it is the best I can do to describe It it was so a PMON hybrid like do People know when you feel really Uncomfortable from one moment to the Other that was what I felt then and I Didn't believe in Bigfoot before but I Watched a documentary about it a few Years ago I think it was a part of a Show called Monster quest I couldn't Believe what I saw but I knew exactly When I was looking at I never thought That I would experience something like This in my entire life this can't be Real where is the hidden camera [ __ ] you All I said so loud to hope there would Be a TV crew coming out of the woods any Moment and admit their hoax but there Was no TV crew there I was alone with The truck driver and this thing I went Back to my car after I vomited into the Road and sat into the driver's seat I Think it must have been 30 or maybe 40 Minutes Everything was like in a trance and then In the distance I saw the head and Emergency lights flickering it was a Police officer or a OPP patrolman and I Can't recall it anymore

He asked for what had happened and I Told him a story I just told you he was First very suspicious about my story but I knew that he knew I was talking the Truth he went back to his patrol car and Radioed something then he went to the Trucker and the distance I saw another Pair of headlights and the whole crew From the fire department and another Police car showed up the police officer Was directing the men of the FD to the Rig like he wanted that they only take Care of the broken semi on its driver he Then talked to the other police officer And I could see that he went pale right In the second as the first officer ended His sentence I was absolutely sure about The fact that both knew that this Creature exists And then they have like a schedule I Want to do and what not to do in cases Like this because no one of them went to Place where I told the first officer Where the body of the creature is the Second officer came up to me and told me That I had to follow him to the police Department for a full report so I drove Behind him to Dryden at the time we Drove to the city maybe after 40 Kilometres a convoy of dark vehicles Passed us at high speed to the scene we Were coming from the junction of Owen 5:02 and Owen 594 was blocked and no car Was allowed to drive on the own 502

Southbound arriving at the police Station the officer took me into the Interrogation room and offered me Something to drink I had to wait till Someone arrived interview me and I had To give away my phone and my personal Belongings first I refused but didn't Quite understand why until his voice Changed very differently and so I Decided to hand over all my things after What felt like an eternity a man in a Suit came into the room he looked really Odd a bit like a ill person because of His greyish skinned bald head in his Shrunken cheeks I had to recall all the Details of what I had experienced to Give all my personal information my Purpose of my journey in Canada and he Took my fingerprints of me and even a Sample of my saliva I felt like a Criminal so ashamed and uncomfortable Like I did something horrible and then I Had to sign a document like a Non-disclosure agreement but there Weren't any coat of arms banners or Stamps on it after that he looked dead In my eyes and asked if I had seen what I had seen I said yes and his tone got Really straight he asked me again and I Knew that I had to decline his Questioned after that he explained to me That they will follow my steps from now On and that they will know everything I Do it is crazy that they don't make it a

Secret then he went out of the room and Was gone A female officer came to me and gave me Back my personal things and explained to Me that when they checked my Immigrations of Roe the system told them That I have to leave Canada by January 5th 2019 and that there was a note or Better yet a command That I could only take as a direct Flight to Germany I currently ETA got Declined and I couldn't apply for any Future ETA and even at est a as well I Can't believe it only because I have Seen this thing I can't travel to North America for the rest of my life I am on A blacklist for now like a terrorist When I turned on my phone it sent me to The first instruction screen like out of The box the same with the laptop so These people erased everything of my Electronic devices to be sure that there Weren't any information getting to the Public all my pictures are gone they Even put all the things in the van Upside down like they were searching for Evidence I am really sure I am being Taped right now and I'm lucky that I Could write my story about this till now To be true I'm currently here at this disgusting Anw here in Marathon and will drive back To Toronto now I really don't know what To do from now on I have to sell this

Van try to quit my insurance here and Get on a flight back home in only six Days and even New Year's Eve is between Them Which me all your luck the truth must be Out there I was camping in our backyard With my brothers in the early 80s we Were in a tent on our lawn adjacent to Our house an exterior light was turned On from the inside the home which lit up Our tents I was on the far side of the Tent and when the light turned on the Creature laid down along the tent to Hide from the light coming from the home And doing so pinning my arm and leg Under it I had to literally pull myself Out from under it and move on top of my Brother once the light was turned off it Got up off the tent it attacked our Kittens that night as well as gotten to Our bunny rabbit cages and killed all of The rabbits kid the cages weren't lodged Any way and then later lodged back up we Found blood in all of the cages and the Remains of one rabbit that looked as if It had just been torn in half just down The street our neighbors witnessed the Bigfoot as it ate fish from his Family-owned trout farm the Utah Fish And Game have plaster casts of the Footprint as well as the local University doing many studies into all The happen That's the quick cliff note version of

What happened there are dozens of people In my neighborhood that saw the creature During the day as well as the night and Have many stories of their own just Recently had a Bigfoot encounter and When I was 10 years old I had an Encounter where Bigfoot and I made Contact This happened 25 years ago just outside Of my small hometown in Texas it was Early morning between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. And I just left my hometown driving Northwest on a two lane country road I had only travel a few miles and I knew And knew I was coming up on some very High cat details it was early morning Between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. I had just Left my hometown driving northwest on a Two lane country road I had only traveled a few miles and knew I was coming up on some very high Cattails they had been there for a few Years on the right side of the road as I Approached and got within about 50 Meters I saw a huge black hairy bipedal Creature into the cattails I saw the Right side of the creature an estimate Somewhere between 7 to 8 feet tall I Only saw for a couple of seconds before I entered the cattails But it cannot be mistaken for any other Animal and it was not too big to be a Person once it got past that spot I Looked in the rearview mirror I could

See the cattails swaying from something Really big moving through them June 12 2009 so my dad and I were hiking back in Late November of 2005 and a place called The UBC research forest north of Pitt Meadows BC Canada about 30 miles east And a bit north of Vancouver Canada it's On the edge of the mountains with Several logging roads and trails anyway The day was already getting late when we Headed out the weather was horrible no Wind but there were showers and hail and Slush about three degrees it was out we Were the only ones in the entire Area hiking the parking lot was empty When we both arrived and left so after About an hour of hiking randomly up Logging roads and trails we were good Several clicks into the area when we Take a break by a small stream in a Small gully anyway We smelled this horrible scent sorta Skunky sorta musky with a human and fish Scent mixed in I anyway neither of us Have ever smelled anything like this Before and we both have encountered Every large animal there is out there on The coast because there was no wind we Knew it was close so we kept going along This hillside above us fifty feet is an Old overgrown logging slash below us a Thickly wooded slope could see maybe a Hundred feet down the slope if at best We get this feeling we are being

Followed the forest becomes too silent Even the local Ravens didn't even make a Sound we smell the scent another two Times stronger now so we began hiking Faster and as we come out of the small Gully we hear a crash spinning around we Raced back to the crest and look back Down something large and tall easily Taller than my dad who is six-foot Disappears into the bush we just catch a Glimpse of a dark brown because neither Of us is alarmed and we continue on a Full pace knowing there is a logging Road ahead again we smell this weird Smell and we heard noises from the old Logging meadows above us whatever it is Moving very silently yet the odd time it Would break a branch or bump a small Tree anyway I've been followed by a Barren cat before and neither moved like This it was just way too silent to be Either and just for the record Grizzlies Aren't in this area but I have Encountered him before – after we round A bend in the slope we hear movement Again it was on the lower side of us now Or seemed to after another few minutes We hear it again and smell it now now it Was moving on the upper side of us just Over a low ridge maybe not even a Hundred Away but by now we can see the logging Road a hundred or two hundred feet ahead Then this thing let out a cry it sent a

Shiver down my spine my dad who I have Never seen afraid before except the one Time I was near death when cold it Sounded the cross between a wolf a human And something unknown it lasted for About five seconds we turned and ran Down the road running down the road we Passed a junction and continued heading South I dropped something a few seconds Later about two hundred feet past the Junction I stopped turn and pick it up Up amongst the trees something tall and Dark ducked out of sight what it was I Haven't a clue but it was tall and Fairly slim it was too dark to really Tell when it was and so we ran back to The parking lot unfortunately as snow The next day otherwise would have gone Back and searched for evidence of this Occurrence which to this day baffles the Both of us Nevertheless this is the only time I Have ever been scared in the woods So I'm going to try to give as many Diesel details as possible I live in Ohio around Youngstown and my family Owns a cabin in Pennsylvania it's my Grandfather's cabin and he's a retired Firefighter years ago he and his Firefighter friends would go hunting in The forest his friends stayed in a tree Stand while the rest were spread out Amongst the property in various stands Around lunchtime they planned to meet up

And eat calling a friend he wouldn't Answer for anyone over any sort of Walkie-talkie or anything they decided To meet up and go check on him and they Found him petrified hiding ducked down In the stand they said small trees Looked like they had been snapped with Ease and he was white as a ghost he Claimed there was a large well estimated 8-foot tall humanoid creature that stunk So bad and had been tearing down trees Left and right had walked underneath the Stand So tall its head almost touched it he Had no idea what it was and in all of His years of hunting had never seen Anything like that he didn't even know What to do or think my grandfather is a Very skeptical person and wouldn't make Up the story for no reason it really Just makes you think I used to drive a truck across the Continental 48 states from Maine to Los Angeles then from Miami all the way to Seattle I have driven the entire length And breadth of the United States I drove exclusively overnight it's my Natural schedule anyway and my driving Partners always appreciated it on this Occasion I was driving truck throughout The Appalachian Mountains quite late at Night to be precise somewhere around 3 A.m. I am drinking a mountain Dew Listening to an audio book and focusing

On the road in front of me and suddenly Some thing dashes across the road in Front of me of my headlights I only see It for a few moments but there's Something completely wrong with it It's bipedal for one and its head is in Line with my windshield which means it Must be ten feet tall minimum it's Really hairy and while it's human-shaped There's something off about it that I Can't explain For those brief moments I see it it Looks misshapen hunched over all the Lines are wrong and then in a flash it's A cross throat and gone and I can never Prove it was ever there August 5th 2017 mammoth California my Ex-fiance and I were avid climbers Hikers and explorers of the Eastside Sierra Nevada mountain range and we've Decided to go up to the asana to climb Now yes cement as stupid crazy to get Campsite reservations for so we decided To stay on the BLM land a few miles down Than 395 from Mammoth where we didn't Have to pay for camping we pitched our Tent and got settled in made dinner then I went to go set up our trash bag about A thousand feet from Camp I don't like Having bears close to my tent so that's Why I have trash aways away a head Started to rain a little bit so we went Into the tent and went to sleep around 8:30

It was probably roughly maybe 11:30 on The 5th it had stopped raining and I had To take a leak so I put my flip-flops And headlamp and start walking to the Spot where I figured it's far enough for Way that it wouldn't attract anything Now hey I had just stopped raining so When it was dead quiet So I dismissed the silences everything Was hunkered down so from where I was Taking a leak the trash bag was only About 200 yards to my right as I finish Up I look to make sure the bag wasn't Blown down during the relatively heavy Storm that just finished up and it was In the tree so I look at the ground and Saw the biggest black bear I'd ever seen So I start hollering and screaming and Making a lot of noise to scare it off Then it [ __ ] stood up and looked at Me just covered in hair at about eight Feet tall with shoulders as wide as a Meter stick and then ran off I said [ __ ] This I'm going back to the tent and Sprinted the entire way I get back in The tent in my fiance asked me why I was Yelling and I told her I was scaring off A bear from the trash bag She snuggles back in and falls asleep Now I'm wide awake at this point Listening contently for any movement When I start hearing footsteps around The car and then the footsteps started Coming towards the tent and got scared

Thinking that this thing whatever it was Can just come through the tent if it Wanted to it started touching the tent And I could hear heavy breathing and Grunting and then my fiance wakes up Freaks out thinking it was a Barron Grabs the keys and hits the panic button On the car and whatever it was ran off I Didn't encounter anything again that Trip and I played it off to her as it Was just a bear and we should probably Find somewhere new to camp the next Night on August 5th we packed up and Left early to go climbing y'all cement And when we came back that night in the New campsite I approached another camper That I recognized from the previous and He asked me if I had noticed anything Weird going on the previous night I told Him the story and he said that he heard My screaming and car alarm in both times Shortly after something went at full Loop through his campsite while going Into his vehicle the next morning he Noticed that there were huge handprints On those car windows and was freaked out Enough to move to a new spot as well He pitched a tent 30 feet from where we Were at and we together for the Remainder of our trip I'm not sure what I saw that closest thing I related to Was definitely a Bigfoot my encounter Happened back in September of 2002 in Southern Illinois a friend and I both 16

Just returned from seeing the movies Signs in the theater my friend's house Was a good 10-minute drive out of my Outside of my encounter southern Illinois 2000s two of our town which is Already rural later that night around Midnight we decided to take a walk down An old farm road next to his house that Cut through the woods for only about a Half mile to an open field in the woods Roughly the size and shape of a football Field So we grabbed two flashlights and Started out to the woods the whole way Out we were trying to freak each other Out since we had just got done washing a Skinny movie we made our way out to the Clearing and we're in the corner of the Field closest to his house and we heard Footsteps from the opposite side of the Field pretty far off our crappy Condiment flashlights wouldn't even Reach so we both turned off our lights To try to let our eyes adjust to the Dark and squatted down when we turned Off the lights the footsteps sound Stopped at this point we were looking Towards the opposite side of the field a Few minutes had passed and we were Talking quietly trying to figure out who The hell would be in the middle of the Woods at midnight the closest neighbor Lived about three miles down the road And suddenly to our right we hear

Something massive running at us this Thing had to be huge the sound of its Feet hitting the ground is nothing I Have heard to this day they just had so Much weight behind them the steps Sounded bipedal one foot after the other Our adrenaline kicked in and I moved Faster than I have in my entire life I Had literally felt like I was flying We ran back to his house and a dead Sprint and locked the doors we briefly Discussed what had happened and went to Bed strangely we never spoke again about It when I completely forgot about that Night Until about nine years later I recently Got out of the Navy and moved back home I ran into my friend from that night and He actually brought it up he had Apparently put a good amount of thought Into that night over the years I was a Very interested in the topic of the time So I just kind of shook it off and move Forward in life Years later I can't quite figure out What happened that night there have only Been a few BFRO reports in my area During the same time period my encounter Took place outside of Costa Rica I Didn't see anything but we heard what Was still pretty freaky I and my Brothers went to bed around 10:00 p.m. After maybe 15 minutes we started Hearing light tree knocking down the

Road after a while we started hearing a Very low growl like thing almost like a Mountain lion it eased off after a while And came back and later on we heard Something land on the roof now the roofs Around here are made of zinc things Going on the roof aren't exactly rare in Fact it happens every night but the Strangest thing we heard that night was A tree being pulled out a few things I'd Like to mention is that there are a lot Of chickens down here in cattle going Towards a river and man said that a Ghost was looking through his window and His house is on stilts if I was looking Through the front window it would be Normal but if it was looking through the Bedroom window the face would have to be About 7 feet 5 inches off the ground and That we think might have heard an ocelot A few nights ago before that My dad grew up in North Bend Washington On a couple hundred acres on the Backside of rattlesnake ridge which is I-90 corridor through North Bend and had A couple of encounters him and my uncle Who's now deceased would play in one of The lower pastures one of their favorite Games was to climb up these younger Alder trees near to the top and then Swing down the trees would Bend because They were so young and green anyway they Would do that sometimes they would climb Up and be able to ride bendy branches

All the way down and other times the Branches would just snap and one of them Would fall while the other laughed and Amusement they were both familiar with The sounds that breaking branches Produced based on the branch thickness And location of the break so one day They were playing down the road in the Alders located off the pasture about 400 Feet down slope below the main house my Dad and uncle were both in the trees at The time as they had been horsing around For a bit Riding the branches and braking then When they heard something big coming Through the trees my dad says branches And logs were popping and you could tell That they were huge logs he said it Literally sounded like a bulldozer Driving through the woods or something Plowing over big trees my grandfather Owned operated and logged his own land And owned and operated many heavy Machinery so my dad wasn't just making a Hollow statement they jumped climbed Down from the trees my dad remembers my Uncle looking at him with a frightening Look upon his face and saying what is That and even my dad didn't even know They looked around and couldn't see Anything the crashing and cracking of Logs came to a halt roughly about 30 Yards away from them they still no Visual on who or what was rampaging to

The force towards them it was silent and They were terrified then they heard a Loud astir OSHA swore that they had ever Heard it shook them literally my dad Says like a really low loud bass hitting Your chest They were both extremely scared and ran Up to the house not looking back behind They ran into the house and my dad told His mother but she did not believe him They never went back down to play in That lower pasture area ever again Though my dad would have to walk down Near the area to feed the cattle before School in the early morning while it was Still dark out he was scared every time Especially after his second encounter my Dad's room was on the corner of his House and he had a large bedroom window With no blinds squarely below the Midpoint of the window was his bed it's Important to note that out of his window He had a clear horizontal field of view For about 20 to 25 feet from a distance Of about 20 feet to where he saw the Creature at the right end of his field Of view looking out the window there was A group of trees from which a dirt road Led downslope to the barn and lower Pastures so he could clearly see Unobstructed for 20 to 25 feet from the Trees and partially down the dirt road Which led to the layer pasture where Years before him and his brother had

Heard that roar of snapping logs and Trees anyway my dad was asleep in his Bed at this point my dad fully awoke Because he had to take a leak and as he Got up out of bed he glanced out his Window it was a very bright full moon Like a Harvest Moon so it was not hard For him to quickly discern what appeared To be a large figure walking with huge Strides my dad froze as his brain tried To comprehend what he was seeing his Brain was running out a million miles Per hour as he tried to rationalize what He was looking at his first thought was That maybe it was just the neighbor's Kid but he quickly dismissed that and Thought as what would that kid be doing On their property at this time of night The creature was also way too large to Be the neighborhood kid and the Smoothness in which it walked was Something my dad had never seen and Especially not being able to be achieved By someone in some cheap costume and Then down on him what he was looking at And that that was a Bigfoot The thing was of gargantuan proportions He told me as my dad describes more Clearly he remembers the girth of the Creature he estimated four to five feet Across in the shoulders and his favorite Description always seems to fall back to As wide as a sheet of plywood he recalls That it was greater than eight feet tall

He estimates even close to 10 through The chest he said it had to have been at Least three feet thick he also states That it cross the standard width asphalt Road in just two strides and that as it Moved it looked like it was gliding Because its gait was just so smooth and Controlled sometimes he will demonstrate The movement and linked of the strides Of the creature that the creature took Across the road he takes the largest Steps he can in his arms swing are Accentuated and drooped seemingly low Close to his knees the height estimation He made was based on a roughly five foot Fence that bordered the dirt road the Road led down to the lower pasture and Feeding area / small barn for the cattle He says the big foot was at least a Couple feet taller than the fence as the Fences highest point came to roughly It's mid ribs lower Peck would be I say Highest point because remember the road And the fence were sloping downhill he Saw this thing crossed his whole field Of view in roughly five to ten seconds Taking roughly only two to three strides To traverse the unobstructed 20 to 25 Feet that he could clearly see I have Asked him if he can make out any facial Features I shine muscle definition etc He says he can only really see the Silhouette as there were a near full Moon out he seems to recall it having a

Thick chest big shoulders and arms Though I don't think he could Necessarily see any definition my dad Says at the time it was about 1:45 of The morning and as he had had one of Those retro flip clocks with the flaps That lit up he quickly flipped his alarm Clock face down because it was giving Off residual light potentially letting His room up and giving off his location To the Bigfoot he just saw across the Road He has said on multiple occasions I was So scared I lay down motionless in my Bed I was just so scared I thought the Think had reached in my window and Grabbed me I didn't know what it might Do he said he laid there until the Morning which was excruciating because He really had to pee but he was just too Scared he just laid there until the Morning came I checked with my Grandparents and my siblings his parents Didn't believe him but his sister and Brother did I verified that my dad told His sister which is my aunt and my uncle About the encounter and she clearly Remembers him being very scared Whenever he tells the story he still Gets scared and the emotion in his voice Spikes a bit like he's reliving a little Bit each time he tells it and he's not a Small guy I mean this guy 6 foot 2 240 Pounds all muscle but he has no problem

With it and it's the most security he's Ever been in his life I think my dad's Stories share many characteristics with Many classic characteristics and Descriptions of Bigfoot encounters okay Here goes mine this is a family story Passed down through generations they Called it the Indians devil and all I Know is that my great-great Great-granddad was courting his wife and Had to walk 12 miles after the New Ireland road the story was that Something jumped out of the trees at him It had the hands and feet and face of a Man but the body of an ape it followed Him for miles mocking him and then Running away the local Aboriginal people Called it a devil and always told her Children to stay close or it might Snatch them they know this thing so I Asked my grandpa what happened and he Said that grandpa was so upset that he Took his bed for four days he then got a Bunch of men together and they tracked It down and shot it I asked Gramps where they buried it and He told me I'm not going to put it out On the Internet about two years ago I Checked the old property deeds in the Place at where it was buried was in the Existence at the time so I'm going to Guess the 1850s anyway another friend Was telling me that one of his relatives Back in 1930s had a new car

The wheels are really small and not well Designed for the snow they got caught in The same region my grandfather was in a Terrible snowstorm and to prevent the Car from going off the road someone got Out though that they would walk Alongside the road and kind of guide the Car so he got out and something attacked Him it looked like an eight but he could Not see as well with the storm so it was Vicious it sloshed him across the face And left marks across his cheek he fell Back into the car and did not get out Again it was in the mid-80s and my aunt Lived in Colorado my sister and I would Visit her during the summer and I think It was 10 and my sis was 9 at the time We made friends with the local kids and Did what kids do run around and be Stupid down the hill from where my aunt Lived there was this really swampy area Next to a road you couldn't walk on the Ground due to the mud and the trees were Packed tight I'm sure it was connected To a larger part of woods all of us kids Decided to go explore this area and it Was hard pushing through all the brush Since we were kids it was probably Easier than an adult Due to our size we were pushing through For about 20 minutes when all the Sun There's this tremendous shaking of trees In front of us I can't see what it is Due to the thickness of the vegetation

But it's loud it scares the crap out of All of us and we started screaming and Scrambling back to get out of the area Even to this day I get goose bumps Thinking about it it may have been a Deer or elk although I can't imagine any Of those creatures being able to be in Something that thick all I know is the Trees were shaking and it was scary I Don't remember any noises though but I've heard that Bigfoot will shake trees As a warning You