Was THIS Spirit Apparition in Texas PROOF OF GOD? | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | January 6, 2019
Was THIS Spirit Apparition in Texas PROOF OF GOD? | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Okay so I’m talking to Peyton on the Phone panes right here say hi the side Peyton I just had to interrupt this is Just so weird my you know my 666 Starbucks receipt it just flew off of my Thing up here the thing where I have it Tacked to and it literally just flew off Of that and I was on the ground like on My foot no I mean like it was literally And it’s like stuck I have it like I’m Stuck with a little ghost to the Emergency flashes button and it Literally flew from where it was on the Flashers button-down tore my I don’t Know how to describe it by my foot by Like the gas pedal I think that’s weird Cuz its 666 we’ve been doing this whole Christian thing okay call me back I love You I’m just sitting here in my car and This thing you saw where it was at the Beginning of this video it’s just Literally launched off of there I mean It’s been on there for literally the Date November 14th so just about a month Bizarre well it’s been on here almost a Month and it just flew off I don’t Understand how that happens it literally Just flew from here to there that’s Insane Yeah we’re gonna call it a night here in Minard I’m just alone in the car talking To Peyton we just hung up a second ago But we’ll see what happens tomorrow You really don’t know on this road trip

What’s gonna happen next I don’t even Know what’s gonna happen next because We’ve just had so many things happen so Far so Oh You guys for like oh so we’re driving Right now To San Angelo just got out of our hotel In the nard terrifying experience Through and through just because we’re So all there but we’re just driving Through eating Texas oh just drive by This place and we saw the literal it’s Called right here the Garden of Eden so Seeing as we’re on this Christian Journey I felt like we had just come see This place for ourselves because this is Just such an odd community it really is It’s just like it’s such a small town Everyone We’re tired Hi so we’re gonna check the garden time To walk through the garden Dumb Jesus [Applause] Of course some jimsonweed angel trumpet Interesting I’m interested are all these things like Biblical eggplants even the how figs are Like biblical I wonder it’s a cool tree I would not wanna turn myself here

Didn’t it Neri Feli but they’re just like – if there Was anything there is just a call it was No there I felt it This way probably Lay that abandoned building right there Here Is that abandoned It looks like it Oh yeah She written song So we are here now in San Angelo Texas We have driven here from Minard last Night and for a little bit this Afternoon we’re gonna be investigating The case of the lady in blue She was actually a real woman over in Spain who was dying she was a nun who Was having these visions of her Converting some Native American people To Catholicism and at the same time that That was happening she was having these Visions over here strangely enough in San Angelo Texas in this area near the Concho River the who mono Indian people The Native Americans they were actually Seeing the apparition of a lady in blue And here she is right here so many years Later it’s said that the Native American People actually saw the lady in blue Over 500 times and that she was the Driving force to convert them to

Catholicism so that is just such an Interesting story because not only are a Lot of these sightings documented but It’s very real the Vatican just last Year actually sent one of their people Over to check out all these claims Investigate san angelo and determine the Lady in blue status in the church and Whether she should be Whether she should be included in the Canon of Sates and what not so yeah this Statute was just directed actually this Year in 2018 and it symbolizes the lady In blue handing down the cross Aka Catholicism to these people very Interesting that they now have a statute Commemorating a real ghost Catholic Ghost so we’re gonna keep checking this Out around town but we thought we’d stop Here first to take a look at the statue Before we look further into the matter [Applause] How’s it make you guys feel yeah it’s Cool just like the design in the statue And how the cross resembles Christian me Giving it to entire culture it’s cool Very interesting yeah this day she’s Married Yeah Look the part the bird both stork and God Okay we are now here at the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo where they have

Spoken many times about the lady in blue Obviously the lady in blue and her Apparition they’re integral to the story Of Catholicism in this area and she kind Of facilitated the meeting between the Who Manos Indians and the people who Lived in this area and that led with the Conversion and everything like that but We have not contacted them at all we’re Just going to go ask and see if we can Interview somebody about all of this I Don’t know exactly how it’s gonna go but We were just gonna go in and try our Best so here we go let’s go okay so we Did not the bishop was gone for the day But they were very interested in letting Us hear the history and the story the Lady here did she say diocese yeah yeah Is it that’s a saint she says yeah Thanks sorry if I’ve been mispronouncing That this whole time um but the woman at The diocese her name is Francis gave us The number of a woman named Tilly so Since we’re only here for the day I’ve got tried at least I’m just gonna Give her a call right now on my cell Phone and we’re just gonna record it and See what happens maybe she can just tell Us over the phone real quickly the History Hi Tillie my name is Colin Brown I’m a Film student from UT Austin we just Spoke with Frances down at the diocese Here in San Angelo and we are just

Looking to do a quick interview about The lady in blue we are doing a short Documentary about her were in town just For today literally for the next hour or Two if you are able to do an interview It would take literally five minutes we Could even meet you outside of your home Just to speak for five minutes if Possible we could even do one over the Phone but an in-person interview would Be preferred hopefully we can hear back From you soon thank you so much and have A blessed day Unfortunate there’s a well there that’s Tilly so we got one or two spots left to See in town before we head out hopefully She calls us back before we leave but if Not what can you do we’re just trying to See the lady in blues influence here in San Angelo So because today was kind of on the fly We have not received a call back from Tilly yet we were obviously unable to Meet with the bishop here in San Angelo But we really just wanted to tell the Story so basically the lady in blue was An actual nun over in Spain and like I Said earlier she appeared to the he Mano-a-mano people This rolling death machines other way by Us San Angelo Texas so her apparition

Actually appeared to these two mono People like 500 times shoot our meet With these individual Native American People members of the tribe convinced Them to convert to Catholicism and she Actually supposedly the spirit Facilitated the meetings between the Local people that had settled San Angelo And the umano people a lot a lot of Cartman that first mass went The first time and celebrated all this Was right over here so let’s go check Out the market She’s so like low-key that’s what’s so Weird about of course as soon as every Time you say it every time every time so We’re bringing out the Mel meter right Here because obviously this was an Important place in the point two right Here point four drops two point one you Have two point one I saw that with my Weird and this is where the first mass Was held Memorial the reverend frame one day Ortega establish a mist mission near the Site for the who mono indians 16:32 that Is so old 16:32 that’s like the oldest thing we’ve Seen yeah basically so this site just Kind of memorializes that the founding The first mission ever bringing the Gospel of Christ the native people of

The area by the lady blue mass is Offered here by bishop microfiber isn’t That weird the water day reunion of the Who mono Indians of the people of San Angelo during a prayer service on 2009 Celebration commemorates the bringing of Christianity by the lady in blue to this Part of Texas and beyond in the early 1600s so they established also basically June 20th as the lady in blue day Interesting so new Texas history the Indian people the who Manos came up you Know on the riverbanks met with the People right around this site and they Established a mission right around here Which is obviously long gone but that Just kind of means that all of this land Has a very spiritual value and assumedly The lady in blue appeared right here on The banks of this river now what’s Interesting is that the two concho Rivers actually meet right here on this Spot and this is where this a memorial Is and where this mass service was held Who knows just a total mystery like was She a spirit was she astral projecting To go talk to these people Was it an actual I don’t know something That God was creating and showing these People it’s just crazy Looking at all of it how this woman’s Name was soar Maria DeJesus deo grata She was from Spain she was a Franciscan Nun and she was having these moments of

Ecstasy and projecting herself and felt Like she was connecting with these Native people and her dreams and she Perfectly described the who mono people From over there in Spain which is what’s The same and apparently she knitted Blankets that actually have flora and Fauna that are native to Texas on the Blankets along with pictures that almost Perfectly fit the descriptions of the Amount of people this is back in the 1600s so obviously to get a message from Here in Texas over to Spain would take Months even years of so who knows what The truth is behind the story and Exactly what happened but obviously Something happened You know You got the markers here the people are Talking about it you got statues being Made something real happens Anything on the bail meter it was point 10.1 as I said that point three oh yeah That’s right just take little spike Three four yeah seven And this is just on the side of the River so there’s no power line So I would assume the mass would have Been held like right around here The symbolic very meaningful meeting of The people point two right here on the Bank of the river where it would have Happened Point one

Zero keeps coming and going It’s very pretty yeah it’s like thinking Like what a place like experience all of This Also imagine it with no roads or cars or Right here on the bank of the river What do you guys think about the lady in Blue I think it’s really weird and in a Way I’m it’s very convincing because all The Everything just adds up like calling the Saying earlier I don’t think I could Just happen just come back and say that What do you think she was a ghost what’s True slip she was living at the time I don’t know I definitely feel like you Can take your energy and astral Projection you hear stories of it all The time you can go wherever you want to If you have the right mindset your Spiritual or not You know what you’re doing I don’t think It’s that far-fetched it might have Happened or it could just bend but You’re saying God wanting to use her her Image as blank spokesperson I think there is some divine Intervention to it because I don’t think She was she had no knowledge no she did She she was seeing them prior to yeah But no it’s not like she was seeking out These natives and of course they had no Knowledge of her either so I think There’s definite some divine

Intervention God I I believe it because oh good like 1630 and it’s still fear people are Talking about today 2009 that was Created yeah you’re right because There’s nowhere really says like she Wanted to go and just convert the Specific group of people in this Specific area so it could have been Something else that Brought her image here to do it yeah it Came to her just like I came to the main Was serendipitous very interesting story Wish we could investigate it more but I Don’t know where we would even go to do It it’s an interesting town with a lot Of history to it when the lady in blue Is so embedded and Santangelo Which is real interesting Well time for our finale time to hit the Road again On the road again just now right when we Rapped dang it every time was just a Point 337 did you see that that doesn’t Happen this wasn’t that really was 37 That really was this was here yes I’ve Never seen me either we hold it down to The ground once two point three as soon As I do that thank you mean wires No I don’t think so if it’s constant Weight no there’s nothing in the ground That is weird That was it always happens as like soon We really cropping up too every time we

Stop rolling it’s like it knows yeah Whatever it is it knows Lady in blue no way oh my god the lady In blue she’s here father Jose was Decapitated in a praying position 45 Over seconds the lady in blue appeared Right here on the banks of this river of Spiritual value point two right here on The bank there’s the church right there It’s a lot quieter than huge I ought to Say might be related to these guys our Father who art in heaven ten foot I’ve Never seen a jump like this around I Hear creaking there’s literally a ghost Tour going on you saw someone a white For violence Maybe what look that is a beard my Body’s just I know Weird noise I’ve been struggling just a Small frame this is like church’s Aquarium it’s at my clicker