Bob Lazar and the Jeremy Corbell Documentry?

By | January 3, 2019
Bob Lazar and the Jeremy Corbell Documentry?

Good evening folks alien Knights here This is the reason why I have not been Uploading all so often this little Bundle of joy What yeah I won’t change you for the World but 2019 I’m gonna be there for You so without further ado let me just a Get rid of this sir stinker last night I Made a purchase on Google and Bob Lazar Flying soft no what was that Area 51 on flying saucers and I’d Probably call it something like Bob Lazar still none the wiser though Because I am still number wise I’ve I’ve Watched the video Jeremy and I have to Say he’s done a great job is from well The juice the guy he’s got he’s got a Genuine really good talent there I’m Just I have to question it I mean we Talked about what we’ve already heard I Mean I mean there’s not I don’t think They’re I mean in the comments telling Me if I’m wrong I don’t think there’s Anything that documentary that I hadn’t Already heard in previous documentaries And previous videos that have gone out On the internet my masseuse not Necessarily been done by Bob I’m just you know we heard about the Fact that he’s worked on these flying Saucers The fact that he may or may not of had a Little bit of that element 115 and I’ll Get back on that in a moment

15 is what’s element more 1515 Stabilized which have 95 protons okay That’s the answer I just want a bit more Gin I mean I wanted more of that from The documentary I mean and I don’t think We well we didn’t get that um see what Else might – no I mean how explains About the three levels of the UFO does Bob in the documentary and how these Magnetic things work in the kind of like Engine room on magnetic room whatever it Doesn’t explain how he actually gets in The UFO do you know I mean I want to Know how what it’s dar was like did it Have a door did they have to drill their Way in you know we talked about the Little seeds we don’t talk about really Any I mean I think we’ve heard before There wasn’t any kind of screens or Anything like In the vehicle it sounds like it was Very hollow now it’s all very hazy like He’s almost forgotten genome a nice like Somebody who’s just it’s a very plain Image of a UFO classic UFO and inside It’s got these little tiny chairs where Bob said before in a previous video that He did walk past a window and saw two Guards talking to this little alien guy And then in the documentary actually Says he believes that it was just two Guys talking to a model of an alien Which you know just means the crazy I Rehearse in talking to aliens just is

Anybody else this video is kind of like It’s not a review or anything like I Said a little bit of a run I would say Go watch it purchase it don’t [ __ ] Download it that one if your skin I Suppose but I download it a purchased it Just because I think you know source put Hard-working to our I’ll pay for well Kind of page for it cuz you know that Google rewards thing I do that and I Have like five quid on there so then There $4.99 For not you know an extra a pop on Myself so thank you google for painful Bob lazar documentary and Jeremy carpels Document you should have say I’m sure What you’re watching this have seen the Interview retailer from security intern With Bob Lazar and Jeremy Carl Bell I’m Feel the same as I do you wish to Jeremy Carl Bell had not been in that interview I completely understand why it was Because obviously wants to promote its Movie but I feel like that needs a Second interview and somebody needs to Ask Bob all the questions that we want To know we were you know about look at The craft my question is about the craft More questions about element 115 I just Want these questions answered there’s so Many people calling our Bob Lazar at the Moment and I get why and I’m not saying For one second that I think that Bob Lazar is a fraud because no I have no

Idea you know it could be an absolute Genius and it has just made this entire Story up but he could be telling this Show at the same time but there is People asking questions there’s a war Going on on Twitter at the moment Between alien scientist and Jeremy Carl Bell Jeremy Cole bells blocked him but I Play a little bit of a clip now of Something that is going on on Twitter With alien scientist and his questions On element 115 they’re sellouts they’re Complete sellouts and that’s all that’s All I have to say to it and you know They’re completely bitter and talking [ __ ] about me they blocked me and and Now it’s gonna get it now it’s gonna get Serious from this this story needs to Die 30 years ago and people I just I Just think about all these young kids Just like myself you know I’m 36 now I Got went to school got a physics degree I went did 10 years in the field of Ufology and in research and antigravity Because I thought like bob lazar was Telling the truth only come to find out After all the research I’ve done and This is the summary of all that and now It’s getting blocked so people can’t Even have access to that truth I just Want to save other people young people To tell them to you know go to school go To college get a degree in something or You don’t even have to go to MIT free

Courseware and Just give yourself an education I give Them the guidelines of what you know What courses you need to take and what You need to study there’s a whole Section on my website I’ll lay in this And go on the MIT free courseware and Teach yourself physics real physics Learn about super-heavy elements learn About you know gravity and learn about General relativity from real people who Know general relativity not Bob Lazar Making videos you know you know throwing An 80% truth and then slamming you with That lie right at the end of it the most Effective disinformation is 80% truth With about 20% disinformation now well That’s according to a post Jordan Saturn just made on Donna I don’t Know the exact ratio and everything but Yeah it’s it’s ridiculous Bob Lazar and We’re gonna go to MIT I’m gonna I’m Gonna get some real physicist some People from MIT I’m sure that they’ve Seen this and they know about this if Not then they’re going to and we’re Gonna settle this debate that I think That you know deep praised deep neuron Thinks he’s won with me on Twitter over And over the element 115 and stability And you know what relative stability Means you know things that are you know It’s well it’s relatively stable its Stable enough that it sticks around with

Uranium and plutonium aren’t stable they Still have a half-life they still decay Radioactively but they’re still they Stick around long enough for us to find Them and the whole debate over why we Haven’t found element 115 why it doesn’t Appear in the geological record or on Meteorites Why it basically doesn’t exist and it’s Like a negative that you can never Disprove it so these people use that It’s like oh well you can’t you’ve never Disproved it so it bobble sort could Still be telling the truth yes he could Be but that’s that’s the genius of this Lie and he knew that from the get-go Like I said before in the video I am no Scientist whatsoever I have no idea About these elements and all that crap You know I think he’s fascinated in it And respect anybody who doesn’t know About this but I’m not laying in and I’m Only somebody Already Bay on elements and what Materials can be used on blah blah blah Because I have not the foggiest So you’d win the argument flower you Could tell me that you know UFOs have Made that a dog [ __ ] and that dog [ __ ] Can fly out I will be Naaman the wiser You know whatever did happen to white Dog poo it’s been gone for a long time I’ve never seen a seen a white dog poo Since I was a kid I must be something

That the dog I didn’t die at a time Anyway let’s move away from done doc poo What I did know is so in terms of Conspiracy a conspiracy in this video There’s a lot of conspiracy channels That I generally do watch believe it or Not and yeah I laugh at all of them and Sometimes I take the piss out of them in Videos but I did know a something and it Kind of stuck in my mind the there is a Scene where they’re interviewing Bob’s Mom and the cushion behind her is the Same cushion that a lot of conspiracy Theories a saying that I you know the Layout of NASA and the carpet from the Shining it’s the same pattern almost the Same on the cushion very similar colors As well and there’s also a bit where Bob Lazar wives Jesus she says that Bob’s Not Alea and all these triangles on her Outfit And just see all these conspiracy Theorists and the the religious channels Is the ones that you know the Flat Earth Channels all jumping on this the ones That talk about the number 33 a lot I do See the number favori a lot I see that Every day and I was if you’ve not made It this far in the video you’ve just Locked the video and you are a Conspiracy channel and you’ve seen that This guy here has got the number favori There I see the number faith free Constantly so I think it must be a lucky

Number for me that’s why it’s in the Video not because I am trying to be send Hidden signals only phenomena the Dinosaur is just dinosaur bit of fun It’s not because dinosaurs aren’t real And I’m putting hidden messages in my Video it’s just because that’s the Dinosaur that I bought my little boy for Christmas he’s free year old i’m a boy I’m a dinosaur he can’t play with Because I wanted a and if I was funny There’s a dinosaur bites an alien so There you go there’s that so yeah we’ve Got to look into these things I mean we Some of the stuff we’ve got to take Really with a pinch of salt and not Believe everything we hear just because Everybody says this guy is amazing are This YouTube channel space complete and Not to truth and they know things that Other channels don’t know they know Things that other people don’t know I Think as if you are a UF UF ologist or You just some of you is generally Interested in science or just curious Then you do after question everything Question my channel you know question Absolutely everything that the one thing I won’t do is I will never say that Something is 100 Because I don’t know you know I’ve seen UFOs and they you know they could be Something completely did I could be Looking at balloons and I could be

Looking at aeroplanes I just think that We need to question it more in order to Get the answers that we’re all looking For and that’s the only way by getting Rid of all the [ __ ] It’s the only way that we’re gonna find These answers that we’re looking for Whether it be something godly you know Something where is angels and demons or Whether it is aliens and there is Millions and billions of civilizations Out there I really don’t know the answer So my my feeling is that yes there is Aliens out there yes this space goes on Another long and that there probably is Life after death as well and that Probably is you know higher being Watching over us or maybe we’re even in The matrix who [ __ ] knows the Possibilities are endless I don’t think any but anybody of you any Of you right now watching this and don’t Think you know the answers So anyway yeah make sure you subscribe To a lien on it for no [ __ ] um I Would sell you my mug I’m a t-shirt but They’re not for sale My mate Bobby not from Christmas Universe thank you and he bought me this For my birthday a bit back so yeah maybe I will do some merch at some point but I Work long hours in the day this is why You barely get to upload I’m planning on Changing that this year and I want to

Try and get a video done at least once a Week for you guys because I [ __ ] love It it’s just been a been a dagger to Working my tits off in the day it’s Difficult I’m sure that a lot of you in That situation where you’ve wanted to do Something um life just gets in the way You can’t you can’t back out well they Let work on me kids because that’s what Plus a roof over my head maybe one daily Nothing will poor roof of med who knows But for the time being I’m not going Anywhere That’s why I’d say I’ll go in anywhere I Am here I just I’ve been absent for a Bit but yeah here’s two very very happy And successful 2019 for everybody good Night god bless mind the books don’t Bite Are you doing to them No They say good night god bless my new Book stop by okay good night