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Father Jose was found decapitated in a Praying position 45 over second do you Believe in God Clear-site the Lord’s Prayer sure our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy Name thy kingdom come thy will be done Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name thy kingdom come thy will be Done on earth as it is in heaven give us This day our daily bread and forgive us Our trespasses as we forgive those who Trespass against us and lead us not into Temptation but deliver us from evil for Thine is the kingdom and the power and The glory forever and ever amen Nothing Very peaceful some saying that looks Very very peaceful doesn’t many people Well you guys want to walk out to other Parts We’re going to leave this holy water if Any of you are too shy to come in the Room we’re at right now and take some While we’re away you can come and take It you can move it you can do whatever You want to it take a blessing and we’ll Be back I invite everybody here I asked It spike it all and I said the Lord’s Prayer and then we’re out the middle of Nowhere now it’s crazy I walk now let me explore the rest of The fortress real quickly [Applause]

I saw no shoes yeah They’ve definitely scared me very badly [Applause] This is the real Presidio that’s very Hard to read on the channel target there Anybody out here that remain here at the Presidio just basically saying each day The Presidio is filled with activity as Women baked bread beans simmered and Meat roasted got a sounds delicious Sounds warm the yard echoed with the Noise of livestock children dogs and Soldiers here like the movement over There Interesting about this packages saying That the ground was filled with energy At all times so assumingly that energy Would still be around literally zero in The millimeter this whole time very calm At yeah definitely so we I can have such A different yeah last night it can be Like terrifying actually It I was so freaky [Applause] One Rose is what it was for yes I know What this reminds me of the fork phantom How about neither of you guys were there No I was there it reminds me exactly of That place by happening hmm 1800s so This is like Civil War Yeah civil war in Spanish time still Zeroes all around I just want to make Note of that okay I can swap off he’s Just out of four for like half a second

As we should the camera off and swished Point for like four four Oh interesting Yeah if there’s anybody in this area With us right now can you please step up To us try to communicate with us have a Conversation with us we’re friendly we Just want to learn about you Hello it’s tough for a second There anybody here with us right now That was weak That’s not as [ __ ] this is just like a River no I know I believe that I mean That lone metal Maybe this energy is speaking to us Through like the wildlife you know like Last night I saw a vulture sitting on Top of the church means you’re on the Path to wisdom we were looking it up Kind of animals that so many oh it’s Over there now yeah it is a bird but It’s circling us That’s so weird though it came from over There and the first time is over there Yeah yep You want to walk back over that area [Applause] Johnny go let’s walk – border point Three-step interest win between three And four again the numbers of week You’ve seen our room number seven yeah

We’re on the seventh floor last night Can you think about that one like energy Out in the middle of this field for the First time in a long time you know we Haven’t we didn’t get any this whole Walk over board marker theme that two Point three two point three come on It went from two point three two z1 say Yeah III for seven why are we seeing so Many sevens the angel number We’re in room seven it’s just so weird To me and this was the area was very Active with livestock wives of soldiers Women children just filled it was like Almost basically a village Big question for me is where were those Three Native Americans that were killed Buried just never specified that usually They would just bury him right there At least in South Dakota they have a lot Of lost graves be interesting to try to Track that down I mean they could be Right here in this ground too somewhere Right outside the fortress no one’s ever Probably looked for them okay possible Would have probably been over here then And then we haven’t walked through here Yet what One just now he just heard moving over There and I was point one in one Interesting point one point two steady Point two zero [Applause] Daily life’s hanging out eating sleeping

Anything 300 years ago that’s it’s such Light it’s almost hard to comprehend how Long and serious over here agreed it’s Pretty weird we’ll walk over to this Ring to the right this is a weird vibe There’s a weird vibe in this room is There anybody here in this room with us There anybody here in the fortress with Us Did you believe in God when you were Alive It’s nice so quiet it’s insane I’m gonna bring out the puck in here no App will not load just on a white screen My thumb is frozen move I thought what The just no my phone just died on camera You’re you’re at 7% yeah you’d see on There that had 7% oh okay well happen And like when does that just happen Okay well here’s the app yeah I know It’s dropping significant to snap is Literally waiting out dude I’m not to be Here Rip to the puck damn it For y100 oft what could have been [Applause] Pretty big ruling get scared my keys This would have been the chaplain wait Look oh so here’s the Bastiaan that’s Where we put the holy water So the chapels where are we running yeah Can you come and talk to us for a second Oh you have all the serial experiment Let’s go night vision baby you wanna

Hold the Nami You point 100 this is kind of eerie now Standing by calling daily if you lived Here you died here maybe you were killed Here you died of disease if this was the Chapel can you join us in the Lord’s Prayer 46 points oh no it hasn’t gone off Mm-hmm oh my gift it starts going 100 my God Yeah when I pointed I know and started To go back up yeah my feet again just Over the ground it’s so cold we Attempted to contact the people who Lived here who worshiped here in a Respectful in a respectful way the Presidio’s and the missions play an Important role in the history of Religion in Texas so we tried to tackle Both it’s a tragic story at the end of The day but a very calm quiet Peacefulness here mm-hmm This is the most peace I felt on this Trip Wallis’s mm-hmm it’s so quiet Dormant even though this area those more Kind of closed in was a little more Eerie but this open space where I know Children needs to play it’s very Peaceful you know what’s crazy is that This is like an abandoned fortress and We’re standing in the darkness in the Middle of these abandoned buildings Which is a much scarier concept but I Felt much darker more present energy

Than out at the mission site me too I Know I was like kind of scared to Minaj’s I’m kind of hovering over there Hey that was definitely like just Looking at the land you can just feel Something here it’s just And I mean this is like if you just Think of it objectively way scarier Because there’s like in the ruins of a Fortress a lot of violence here – yeah And big walls give them playing mind Tricks on you – to make you more afraid Yeah just a big structure but really Just call them shows that this stuff is So unpredictable well from the Presidio I guess we can’t say stay spooky XR Gonna go check the holy water but oh Yeah we’ll go check that then we’ll give The state 9-0 walking back and we thank You for letting us come on your land and Letting us walk around and learn more About you and what your lifestyle is Like we’re gonna leave now So we’re here in the Presidio it’s about 12:30 at night we’ve been filming all Day we got a full day tomorrow to wrap Up this holiday special Christmas trip We hope you guys have been enjoying this So far we’ve been learning a lot and Just having these weird almost religious Experiences spiritual it’s just yeah but We’re in calling tonight here it’s very Cold out but from here in Minard Texas At the Presidio got a full day tomorrow

You guys got anything else to say thank You for watching the videos once again You’re the people you’re the reason why This is happening the support the The even pressing notification button Being there as soon as the video comes Out it’s your growing us and building The fan really appreciate it because of Them that we’re here you can I come the Donations that funded this trip and People just watching so thank you guys And as always space no okay we got a Studious kooky okay one two three Stay Suki although account we need two Shots [Applause] Straight up that the devil goat was Literally right there yeah okay I don’t Like that animal of the devil the code We just heard a coat I thought it was a Cat that’s definitely good with me that Was a goat won’t listen that on camera Whatever you say okay that’s straight up Just real quickly I want to make note on Camera how are you talking about animal We were talking about how we thought Nature was speaking to us right when We’re leaving getting the last shot an Animal makes a noise really loudly for The first time and it’s like in the Complex squeal after I said something That the spirits they’re people you Probably miss mispronounced their name But remember on the sign to a lot of

Livestock died here in animals yes and We’ve been talking about that with Packing plants and eating that even Animals their energy everything that Lives obviously humans and go to a Spirit world what would make how Different exactly energy and force Inside of life energy where is it gonna Go after they died obviously gone well Look do you see an animal around here That was like close to here I mean but would you not hear an animal Walking around and stuff too You know yeah Also dragon I don’t know what an we saw We just saw like so many yeah thank you Guys and that’s a wrap my kingdom come Father Jose was found decapitated in a Praying position 45 over 6 the lady in Blue appeared right here on the banks of This river spiritual value point – right Here on the bank there’s the church Right there it’s a lot quieter than huge I honestly might be related to these Guys Our Father who art in heaven and but I’ve never seen a jump like this around I hear creaking there’s literally a Ghost tour going on you saw someone a White box then we won’t look that is a Beard my body’s just fuse I know Weird noise I’m struggling just a father And this is like the oldest churches Mary

That my clicker