We Search for the Spirit of a Beheaded Priest in an Abandoned Texas Fort | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | December 31, 2018
We Search for the Spirit of a Beheaded Priest in an Abandoned Texas Fort | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Father Jose was found decapitated in a Praying position 45% Of course guys I’m gonna turn nightshot Links I can’t see what room number did We get here at our motel in Minard room Number seven the angel topper no open it Up right there seven Yes here we go The big reveal Hmm this is what we do for paranormal Files not as comfortable as that anymore He’s got to the Historical Marker Presidio was it no the mission are the Mission So it’s blocked off all the Parkway Right now so all we have to sign but I’m Gonna get that right there Martyrs to the Christian cause damn it’s Definitely eerie out here there’s like There’s no nice like that’s town we’re Staying in it doesn’t even have a Downtown I didn’t seem like houses Really yeah yeah there’s driving here There’s no other towns really that we Went through so look at the stars above That weird-looking there’s no lights Right now all around stage flag complete Silence you don’t you’re any cars Driving it’s okay It’s like a little shed over there turn Down a tad There I’m just gonna act like I’m talking

Right now mm-hmm Because this car passes by and they’re Like wondering what we’re doing we’ll Just say we’re filming for the show blah Blah blah I’m just doing a little bit of an intro Segment on the mission point in it To the guy there we go we’re all good Friends here okay so we’re right now Outside of Minard Texas this is an Extremely small town really honestly out In the middle of nowhere We’ve come all the way here to visit the Location of the mission this is the Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba this is I Mean you can’t access the site because a There’s nothing left of it and B the Area that it was on is on private Property and we couldn’t contact the Landowners they didn’t respond to our Calls but this is an extremely Interesting story so really quickly the Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba this is An extremely tragic tale basically what Happened here the mission opened up in The 1700s with the intent of bringing Christianity specifically Catholicism to The Indian people that were in this area Namely the Apaches now this was actually A largely unsuccessful conversion Attempt at this mission they vamp they Barely got any converts from the local Population but it was built in 1757 and

By 1758 this place was completely burned To the ground it’s absolutely insane Around 2,000 Apache warriors surrounded The mission if you don’t know what a Mission is is basically a structure that Serves as a church place where priests Live they convert you know Native Americans into Christians Catholics and They built the mission and after a while They began to hear that there was some Sort of an Indian uprising coming and The people at the Presidio warned the People at the mission that something was Going to happen they had seen some Warriors in the distance but the people At the mission did not act in time and So all of a sudden one day there were Over 2,000 Apache soldiers with muskets And advanced weaponry surrounding the Mission they tried to be nice to the Indians at first they gave them tobacco And trinkets to make them happy but Pretty soon the Indians had actually Opened up the gates Just a breeze yeah I know sorry okay They had opened up the gates to the Mission we’re inside the mission began Checking the mission out seeing you know What was inside of it and the Native Americans went over to the Presidio Which is where we’re going next and Trying to get more trinkets and got Fired on and apparently what I read is That three of the Native American

Warriors died over there at the Presidio Just in that skirmish so they came back Here the lead priest here father Alonso Geraldo de Toreros he actually and Another man from the fort or the mission Were shot right in front of the mission By the Apache warriors instantly this Started the ransacking of the mission Obviously these Apache warriors and There was some Native Americans from Different tribes that took part in this But they entered the fort started Burning it to the ground and when all is Said and done this other guy father Let’s see father Jose Santa Esteban was Actually found decapitated in a praying Position on his knees in the Chapel of The burndown mission so obviously that’s Pretty crazy to have happen to you and These people are driving blast really Slow slow creepy Like that but so at the end of the day The Native Americans were so sick of These attempts and all of these Interactions that they had burned this Place to the ground they slaughtered the Priests I think only one of them Survived and the two successful converts Which are Apache warriors from this Mission made it out alive but other than That the entire place was gone and it Was lost for a long time until they Attempted to find it and recover it Small fragments in the ground stone

Found foundations and they erected this Marker right here which is it was right Here in this area right behind us where The mission was so like I said that’s Pretty brutal the priests themselves Actually you know one of them was Beheaded and burned they found him in The praying position so that’s a very Sad tragic chapter in Texas history There’s a famous painting that came out Of this but you’re gonna walk over here And see if we can get kind of close Like your eyes down there but so we Actually brought some of the holy water From the grotto today this is like I Said not meant to be sacrilegious in any Way we’re not trying to be inconsiderate To any religion we just figured that Since these guys were Catholic priests This was a Catholic mission they would Appreciate some holy water blessing them So many years later so we’re gonna spray A little bit of this over the fence and Ask them a couple questions To the priests that died here at the Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba to any Apache warriors that died here we are Giving you this gift of holy water that We obtained ourselves at a holy place And we are giving you this gift Hope you guys accept it do you have Anything left to say Dog attacking each other it’s weird

Living with the dogs once again last Night that happened to these ones Barking way down there those eyes are so Creepy it’s just staring oh I wasn’t Moving Is there anybody still here from the Mission Probably an animal would sound like this Yeah if anybody is still here you can Come and talk to us father Padre are you still here Yeah Oh look at all those eyes man they were Hiding in the bush they were I don’t Think no I’m definitely not I’m like I’m Feeling like such an immense energy am I Crazy Yeah I know we definitely are I’m seeing That I feel like definitely being Watched for me here it’s like my hand is Like warm dude did you guys appreciate The holy water all the cameras got one Focused on me yeah really yeah why I Don’t know it’s okay come on over That’s me Our simple This is for you guys giving you my Blessing I’m gonna pray for you right Now Okay I was like seeing the animal eyes Mother’s gone there’s a lot of them – I’m not even I didn’t see ya I saw a Good couple sets and I’m not even joking Right now late ball they’re like I saw

Him like appearing in that Bush over There I keep seeing like flashes of light like The corner behind that’s basically what Is in the trees Great calm but very present energy I Want you is any of you are with us right Now that felt like you were your life Was taken away from you and your culture And your own religion I can imagine how That would upset you I would like to see That energy What I don’t know feel very like happy I Just feel like a heavy like a set of Eyes yeah so I mean it’s like it’s a Heavy energy yeah like it’s like a huge Like pool of energy almost frozen yeah Had to four swings out yeah no I think You encaptured a good message that’s What these people suffered something so Foreign coming in probably not the most Peaceful way so yeah I’m gonna walk Around there so bad on that grass I Think it’s so weird how the grass is Very well-kept mm-hmm isn’t just weird How the dog sounds always come in such Weird times and not go in the back yeah Because I noticed this quiet for a Second just listen No dog sits like dead silent that gate Was really weird – you acknowledge that – I just kept seeing those eyes man I’m Pretty sure they were deer and something But man though that wasn’t weird

Another is gone mm-hmm we haven’t heard The metal noise again or the dogs are Screaming and agony yeah okay well you Want to head to the mission or the Presidio Okay so we just got back in the car Couldn’t really talk about at the time But there were some creepy cars The creepiest thing about that whole Ordeal was the creepy white trucks that Kept driving by us very slow this is a 60 zone yeah they’re just staring at us It’s like they’re like you’re not Welcome here Yeah Murano private or not a private We’re just on a public road though Anyways now it’s time to go to the Location that I actually called ahead And we were given access to investigate So here some here do I look really like Hairy on this camera I look like Jesus Almost really so it’s not religious to Say no people say I mean people call me Jesus constantly a person like in Arkansas paint and I went to a wedding While we didn’t go to a wedding We walked through like a wedding party When we’re on a ghost tour and this Woman was like thank God Jesus is here And I was like Jesus Christ looks like Me yeah and then we saw Christ Ozarks Which is interesting Yeah so we’re gonna head now to the

Mission our cat well it’s so hard to Keep these two terms like inseparable We’re gonna head to the Presidio now the Mission which was right here to our left Is where the actual conversions happened And the guy was beheaded those people Died obviously terrible event but the Presidio is where all the people lived There’s a huge presence there a lot of Different people came and went many People died there and some of the actual Native American Apache soldiers who took Place in this raid were killed over There at the Presidio and I think some Of the soldiers are people that were Stationed here at the mission were taken Over to the Presidio and what I read Online is that they were in gravely Condition or grave condition whatever But I didn’t say if they died or not and I couldn’t find any death records or Anything so it’s just such a long time Ago but assumingly Multiple people from that affair that Got wounded here died over there at the Presidio so that’s gonna be really cool We’re gonna head over there now any Final thoughts from you guys about this This is just weird Enough is the environment that we’re in It’s just like without a light you can’t See two feet in front of your face out Here there’s no light pollution coming In from any type of nearby city or

Little town because really there’s none Over here like you might see a house Like a couple miles away with a couple Lights but that’s all you’re gonna get Felt like we were just being watched Yeah I know people online won’t say oh It’s just dogs barking oh that happens All the time in the country and I grew Up in the country as well my Grandmother’s farm is literally an hour From any small town in North Dakota you Have to drive dirt roads for literally An hour to get there Dogs everywhere same with properties That I grew up on in South Dakota With dogs everywhere that happens every Once in a while but I’m Not you know to the degree of like every Time when we start talking this dog Fight like every dog in the surrounding Area starts to bark yeah I’m like that’s What will happen is like you’ll hear Like multiple dogs from like what seems Like miles away from each other start Barking it’s not like we’re being loud Enough for them to be able to hear us We’re being very quiet and respectful so It’s like we’re yelling yeah so anymore We’re not doing anything we’re talking Like this level so there’s just like the Feeling being watched you know and I Wonder some thought I had was like maybe It’s those spirits from the Indians or The Catholic priests just I everyone you

Know just maybe the energy is Transferred and is still in the land and Therefore still in the animals up live Here I mean that’s a terribly tragic Event yeah that would have to leave some Sort of a mark I mean the ground is the Same blood has probably been spilled on This land in the dirt I mean the entire Mission was burning at one point in Flames people running around screaming a Guy beheaded in the chapel that’s just The terrible trap it’s crazy that it Just happened right here yeah and now Hundreds of years later we’re just Sitting here remarking on like I can’t Believe that happen yeah imagine going Back in time and just seeing that and Being a part of that and then imagining Hundreds of years later that young kids Would be coming out here to try talk to You yeah and it’s just a peaceful Nothing it’s insane and it’s it’s just Unreal really very unreal but on to the Present year we go Here we are Okay so we’re here at the Presidio right Now we’re gonna get our equipment out And head on over I can see it right in Front of us I think the caretaker lives here on Property so he might come over to us When we’re filming here but the judge’s Office told me to just tell him that

We’re just filming so Obviously it’s not closed there’s no Hours so Let’s just do this we’re here at the Presidio we’re gonna walk over now like I said before there was when I read Online you know obviously a lot of this Was undocumented but three Apache Warriors killed here Lots of people lived died here possibly Soldiers from the mission people that Were carried over here who were gravely Injured died here maybe so we’re gonna Walk over right now and check it out There’s still zeros ready 0.5 Here it is right here yep this is the Presidio [Applause] Don’t any readings Serious smells kind of funky Oh weird reading straight off the bat It’s just blocker you guys walk in front Of me how you guys feeling 300 years Energy has to have resonated you’re just Stuck within these walls even though They’re torn down now like I’m excited To see what’s going to happen it’s Really even though obviously it’s a lot Of it’s very disheveled and ruins like Spirits so with the foundation still Stands it was just really someone placed These fillings right here it’s really Cool to think about mm-hmm it’s been Well okay it’s been reconstructed to a

Degree so I don’t know how much of it is Completely original but I mean yeah this It’s like The stones the stones I thought I heard Breathing just now from over here [Applause] O0 patil and interesting that when we Walked into this room the whole thing it Would have had to have had some sort of Hospital here to else yeah like an Infirmary of some kind No not this part your head hands on top Of this let me get this this is awesome What was that time we go through this Day [Applause] [Applause] Okay so let’s start out with this once Again we have the holy water with us This is what we got today The grotto it’s been blessed not trying To be sacrilegious in any way there were Just a lot of obviously Catholic people Here at the Presidio as part of their Lives is a big part so tree behind me Sound is coming through succeed so this Is meant only as a good gesture to these Spirits to the energy but to anybody That was here at the Presidio to anybody Who still remains to the energy maybe if You’re not even a person if it’s just an Elemental energy that’s here we have Brought this consecrated holy water and

I’m just gonna spray a little bit just As an offering to you guys so I bless You guys and give you the best Intentions from all three of us Is there anybody here in the presidio Complex with us Yeah like I feel really finite mm-hmm Last I was definitely freaky when she Read yeah but right there when you were Talking where we were nothing I just had Like [ __ ] ton of chills come over me you Were standing closest to that area right There Oh my god it went away I got it though Did you 5.7 I felt a breeze come through right There and I got those chills like you Were just doing the holy water – point – you just got to take what – There’s some weird energy dude I always Have I always say on the show that I Always have low blood sugar when there’s Spiritual energy and I just got a Notification a minute ago that I’m low Seventy-three weird to think about – Kade oh dude you want let’s all stay Still don’t you guys stand right there Stay still if you lived and you dive in This Presidio doing what you believed in And you’re still here I want you to come Through and give us a sign We need nothing but respect to you and Every else food is here but we just want To see if you’re there

How about if I take this holy water and Put it right on the ground and you can Come up to it Kindness even blessing [Applause] I invite everybody in this compound to Come and receive a blessing with this Holy water we have It’s so cool yeah yeah do you believe in God do you believe in God Flair aside the birdsburg sure our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy Name thy kingdom come thy will be done I name thy kingdom come Father Jose was found decapitated in a Praying position 45 over 60 the lady in Blue appeared right here on the banks of This river spiritual value point – right Here on the bank there’s the church Right there it’s a lot quieter than huge I honestly might be related to these Guys Our Father who art in heaven and but I’ve never seen a jump like this around I hear creaking there’s literally a Ghost tour going on you saw someone a White cloth legs Maybe won’t look that is appearance my Body’s just I know I’m struggling just a Friend this is like discovering church It’s my clicker