We Prayed to “God”, Then THIS Happened on Camera | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | December 25, 2018
We Prayed to "God", Then THIS Happened on Camera | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Yeah Get up okay so it’s now the day after Our trip out to st. Dominic’s abandoned Catholic Church we stayed at the Emily Morgan last night and today in San Antonio we are going to be checking out A few of the famous sacred locations in Town and then we’re gonna be heading to The ruins of a mission outside of Minard Texas tonight and also stopping by a Interesting prayer garden that we found Online in Kerrville Texas but right now We’re here at the oblate missions Compound this is a Seminary of libraries Here a gift shop tons of tons of Different stuff on this property but we Have come to go visit the recreation of The Lourdes grotto hello you are des in France where the Virgin Mary has Appeared a number of times and it’s a Grotto that supposedly possesses water With healing powers they’ve recreated That here in San Antonio and since we’re Interested in these apparition sites who Knows if you know those actually have Ties to the paranormal they actually Happened it’s crazy that these Apparitions appeared to people whether They interpreted it as something that is Different than what it was a different Story a different question but yeah what Are you guys thinking right now Well missing me cool to see it did you

Say it was missionaries from France that Came over here it’s very all apparently In 1860s is when like this land was Originally so obviously obviously it was A very powerful place in France and it Compelled them to come over and build Another mass services are held here with Over a thousand people There’s definitely yes there has to be Some type of spiritual connection to People that come here and stuff that’d Be cool to see what’s out there yeah You can really smell all the scented Candles there she is Lady you’ve got a loop You might ask what is the relevance of Placing out candle on this specific for The beauty only butter the paper came to One Diego and so everybody kind of has Her St. or religious spiritual person that They prayed to mine st. Jude who is Patron saint of lost causes hmm and then The beat him just burn up yeah And deep place like a candle for a Specific reason Mm-hmm I do would you mind if I feel Lost or if I have someone going to Cancer or just different things like That and so it’s mine for her just over Me they selling the brothers are in the Gift shop there they’re 250 so say a

Little prayer and ask for guidance or Home purchase watch over you Well thank you It’s really pretty that is so pretty It’s on canvas as you imagine a lot of Energy If you think about it the place that has So many prayers sent into it maybe that Energy itself attaches to this Environment just even just the act of Coming Sending out that energy I don’t know This feels just so Charged See Very far Summer stories everyday too obvious Elders have been met just today let’s go Get some candles ourselves okay So many people come in put out their Energy into major things They’re going out for very personal They’ll sometimes hear it’s coming there For a really personal recently putting Out an energy kind of feel definitely Feel it Well it should be noted also this is Interesting that here’s the grotto right Here to the left and like literally Right across the street There’s a big Cemetery so we’re gonna go Walk through that right now quick and

Just check it out because I don’t know What it is Weights or all of these people the Priests and religious officials I’ve Never been to a cemetery like this it’s Like literally priests brothers brother And father listen that wind in the tree It’s the Centennial memorial of the Deceased Oh blades of the Texas province Yeah these are all the people that Worked here and I guess died here It’s just crazy to me being here because I’ve never been in a cemetery that was Exclusively religious leaders and when You think about it these people would Have trained here on this campus Probably lived here and then you know After they came here obviously they Weren’t born here but then they would Have died here so it’s like their whole Life cycle pretty much was lived out Here and they devoted their whole lives To this area so some of the energy has To still be around somewhere but it’s a Very quiet calm place it’s like mystical Yeah 20:18 oh this guy was just buried Edward Michael Ward that’s crazy think about There has to be something to all Religion whatever religion you are Talking about the energy of it all it’s There that’s the people tap into I think Good prayers and everything but weird to

Be able to just feel that So here’s a list of the oblate are Buried outside of San Antonio it’s a lot In Brownsville yeah and then like we saw At the beginning France really where oh Wow that’s such John Murray Verde poor Guy What are the spirals what do they mean It’s almost like the spirit coming how Them yeah What’s in what’s interesting is that These people are probably the ones that Are buried in that cemetery right there Right there those are the all blades Well gonna go throw up our holy water The Kenai right now they can I both Bought bottles to hold our holy water so We’re gonna fill these up and then bring Them to the investigation tonight and See if – lighter candles So I’m just gonna say basic prayer or Gate and some sort of energy to come With make its presence known to us Tonight so Here See you back feeling that I got last Night really literally right here Sam Here’s almost That is interesting Merry Christmas God bless Was that the energy with that table was

That Kendall I literally thought in my Head I was saying I just called out First Yeah I said I’d start by gangs Where this road trip is getting tricky Man there’s something to it Yeah that’s I’ve never heard you even Talk about wanting to pray There’s almost like That is interesting Merry Christmas God bless Bizarre that landing move like those who Ask for a side random person would just Calm down and yell at us Skyblast are a good evening y’all hey Scott was merry christmas’ first time Anybody’s found another way to talk to Us yeah it’s been very quiet everyone to Minding their own business keeping Genocide look into my eyes yeah Here’s me you see that Miss Pearson yeah Yeah it’s I want to like my kids yeah my kid so my Whole life I pretty much grew up Christian but as I’ve gotten older I’ve Kind of fallen off the path And I believe there’s something to it But I pray that’s whatever there is then I will see that and feel that again make The make though So here we are in the Lourdes grotto We’re gonna continue our exploration

Just Christian apparitions and faith in Texas for our Christmas special by Heading to the oldest cathedral in America so yeah we’re done here at the Grotto thank you to anybody that came Through to any energy weird I feel me Too we connected with it I also have the Energy of a dehydration headache yes Here’s in my head skip on that but yeah We’re gonna check that out now yeah Really enlightening yeah a good Christmassy triptych Chris it’s Different but I just feel like the Energy it’s very positive Yeah but it’s like it’s so strong that I’m almost like dizzy yeah like you know I’m here I’m like Daisy yeah that’s Crazy I’ll see that because Donna you’ll Say like oh I feel the exact So we’re here right now in downtown San Antonio right off the Riverwalk and we Actually came down here to visit San Pedro this is the oldest cathedral in The entire United States of America it’s A very historic place and it holds a lot Of relevancy and to the religion of this Area it’s obviously very old it’s Extremely ornate it’s beautiful in there And there are also some people buried in The walls now I couldn’t find online if This is concrete or not but I read that A number of people were actually buried

In the walls of this old cathedral Because been standing so long and that Was kind of when the practices back in The day but it’s supposedly very haunted And obviously it’s integral to the story Of the false ISM and Christianity in This region because it is that the Oldest cathedral in the entire United States of America extremely historic However sadly when we showed up here Tonight it seems like they’re having Some sort of an event in the building at 8:45 it’s like 5:00 was right now my Party it’s 5:40 right now so we need to Get to Minard To go visit the mission so we’re gonna Have to just leave without Cathedral but we’re gonna give you some Outside shots of the building and yeah Leave you at that because it’s just such A destroyed place and it’s so beautiful But once again who knows if there’s this Energy here maybe these people Worshipping here for so long has left an Imprint on the building and the area Around it maybe a portal to the other Side is open right here batteries almost There now Well right there the battery’s about to Die strangely enough right when I said That there’s a serenade slash like pre Song event going on that’s a Saturday Breeze Yeah I guess I was walking around look

At it and [Applause] What do you guys think of the building Yeah it’s really old you just tell just By what you think I said you can see That age in it because everything has a Really old board that’s not right most Churches of modern churches built in the U.s. now not at all it’s really Interesting everyone see a lot of Churches in Europe without on my school Trip It’s definitely the same here the Gothic Architecture Spanish influence – do you Guys think that these type of buildings Like churches could retain some of the Energy from the praying and the worship And everything oh yeah Especially if there Their whole life’s to it you’re gonna Have that It always will be in there Katia It’s that like clicker right when I’m Okay Building You Right when I said that other light Turned on that right when I said that It’s not like they’re like testing those Lights we’ve seen the Cathedral we Couldn’t go in lights flickering we’re Kind of weird not why there’s all this Green synchronicities but we’re going to

Take off – Bernard right now and head to This mission we’re gonna be spending Nine Thy kingdom come Father Jose was found decapitated in a Praying position 45 over six the lady in Blue appeared right here on the banks of This river spiritual value point two Right here on the bank there’s the Church right there it’s a lot quieter in Here I honestly might be related to These guys Our Father who art in heaven and but I’ve never seen a jump like this around I hear creaking there’s literally a Ghost tour going on you saw someone a White cloth legs then we won’t look that Is appearance my body’s just I know I’m Struggling just a friend this is like Discovering churches That my clicker