Bigfoot Hoaxer or Comedy Genius

By | November 29, 2018
Bigfoot Hoaxer or Comedy Genius

This Bigfoot has always been part of my Family and just so everybody knows it Will be in the museum the Bigfoot museum Of North America good evening folks Alien UNAIDS here last Christmas nah nah It’s not George Michael Finglas but last Christmas saw a video of a guy that had Bigfoot’s frozen head that he’s dad Killed in the 1950s the channel name is Peter cane dog trainer and it is now my Probably it’s not a featured channel on Alien early but it’s um I’m dying to put It out there I love this guy He’s ingenious his yes he’s a dog Training Channel and is he’s a very Funny chap he does some great blogs but He also presents big full body parts That he’s done to kill Bigfoot in the 1950s could see it as a lot of ice ice On it it has remained frozen you can see Its its eyeball there this is very heavy It weighs about 120 pounds so I can’t Move it by myself I have to have Somebody help me move it it’s a lot of Debris still frozen in it Of somebody here to help me move in it So that we can see the other side it’s Plain to say that it is some soft paper Mache he’s done a good job as the lot Easier he’s put a beard on it he’s put Some eyes in it and hair and bits of Skull and brain and a bit of backbone Popping out neck bone whether the guy is Actually stuck real bits of meat to the

Paper mache that’s I have respect for Practical effects if you’re gonna be a Hoaxer you do a practical effect you Have my respect there’s a lot of [ __ ] Up people in the Bigfoot community there Are I’m sick of it I’m going to take the Foot and I’m going to use a hairdryer And I’m going to throw out this back Area where you could see the second bone You know hoaxing things in cgi to me He’s just a lazy man but when you craft It with your own hands Yeah I’m cool with that you know it’s Interesting I like to look what people Have created this guy’s made ways he’s Made these thoughts first and then had a Penis yeah he made big foots penis now If that’s not dedication to hoaxing Though I don’t know what is believed He’s even done an alien out of paper Mache you know and said its skin looks Weird it’s like paper yeah but I hope I Really hope Peter sees this and doesn’t Take this is the wrong way to this video Just kind of like putting him down a lot Of you because I just think the whole The game himself if I’m gonna leave his Make sure you head over to his channel Please subscribe to this guy watch some Of his vlogs he’s all arias his actual Person is brilliant He’s a hoaxer but he’s like he’s a hoax That I love I do a bit like fur-face a moon I like

Them guys I rigged the brick I like him You know if you’ve got personally and You’re a bit funny and quirky hoax hoax Away why not But did this video and let me let me Just play a little bit of this video for You it’s it’s the ham that got me and It’s the passion you put behind it There’s there’s insects that are going Towards it because it’s it’s thawing out And you know it’s it’s that’s what they Like that’s that’s what bees and flies Like is [ __ ] like this it’s it’s dead Flesh it’s you know it’s it’s completely Real look at it it’s in the light you Can see well they said that there’s no Marrow There is marrow in there I’m sorry There’s marrow in there this is this is Completely real there that’s that’s Marrow okay this is meat this is not Plastic it’s not wax it’s meat it’s real I’m president to the Bigfoot community I Would never lie to you I would never lie To you believe me It’s completely real for those wasp look You can see one of the wasp is still on It look Right how is that possible oh it’s Immense genius way Davi you know you’ve Got a bit of pay for my shades put some Hair on it put some nails in it bit Dog-bone miss its take some honey and Beef jerky and he’s fought you with it

And I just got respect for that the Guy’s an artist you know you can’t oh I Thought to meself when I first saw the Head if I said this guy really like kind Of like just trying to fill the world With this and it’s not I’m not buying it But I see what you’re doing Peter I see I see just want to put yourself out There and say you know this is what I Make this is what I can do and I can Fool you with this [ __ ] but I have Respect for them yeah well done now Let’s talk about the penis notice the Length the girth of the penis see the Head the urethra see the urethra there Now uh-oh it’s affecting my electricity Pizza caned The dog trainer did make Bigfoot’s penis And here’s what he did with it yeah I Think it’s common oh yeah I think it’s Common oh yeah there you go yeah now We’re talking now we got some cheese Training oh yeah baby go yeah oh look at That look at that yeah we got we got What’s just coming out look at that It’s [ __ ] amazing come on every let Every last drop come on baby come on Come on you can do it come on its milk It like a cow come on He relieved it you know what more Respect can I have for a man the banks Of beef us penis for a YouTube video Yeah um I also he he was molested by he States a female Bigfoot not a male

Bigfoot I’ve been molested you know nobody wants To help me I’m a blasted by a sasquatch And I know a lot of people are saying That it wasn’t a female sasquatch said It was a male Sasquatch and it wasn’t it Was a female I’m not gay I’m not we know You know gay beer um not that that Matters You know he eats Bigfoot’s penises not a Man’s penis it’s just a Bigfoot penis oh Yeah that’s that’s pure sasquatch Cheers So there you have it Peter cane dog trainer may she go over And check that so much really yes it’s a Fun channel I think a lot of hoaxes need To take a leaf out of his book and be a Little bit more creative in their hoaxes And not give us this CGI shite you know I think I changed my ways because I Really enjoyed watching pious content Hey and I will leave in the description He’s over channel which he done on the Name it’s a really long-winded name is Something to do with Bigfoot We’re just does his Bigfoot stuff on There give him some love and I’ll send you over maybe it might pay me Some attention and give me a copyright Strike or something like that that’d be Nice but yeah anyway I’m ailene a date Like some share so share subscribe and Mind the books don’t bite That’s [ __ ] bone this is the notion

That I could make something like this Out of wax I would have to be a [ __ ] Genius I’d have to be a [ __ ] genius To be able to produce things it’s absurd It’s absurd who could make something Like this so God made these ok