To The Stars Academy Warp Drive Ship?

By | September 21, 2018
To The Stars Academy Warp Drive Ship?

I’m alienates so to this stands Academy Of Arts and Science that ship that the The building this is what I want to talk About today this this little [ __ ] Yeah I’ve built it before yeah Tom yeah Yeah bastard Now I am intrigued I am genuinely Curious as to how this is gonna happen So I’ve looked at the investors now that Slowed down so I’m gonna leave a link Below so if anybody wants to go and Invest in Toms I lost company to their To this to the house to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science then yeah Feel free I haven’t got the dolly ever I’m thinking of it how is this craft Going to come about that’s my interest I Mean I know they’ve got this material Now that’s in their safe that I’ve spoke About in a previous video but I want to Know how this is gonna kind of spiral on And Steve justice is gonna be able to Build this can awesome looking sexy Beast of a machine I mean I must take a lot I should have a Shitload of money I mean you’re talking Elan musk money there Speaking of Elon Musk now Tom here’s an Idea for you get on the blower telephone And give them Elon a ring and just say Elam a now you’ve got you know a Substantial amount of money any chance The you fancy investing in to the stars

Academy as we believe we can make with a Little help a craft with a warp drive Engine I mean let’s face it over them The UFO footage that we’re hoping they Release more of and whatever they’ve got In that safe the most interesting thing Is this craft at the planning on Engineering back engineering an alien Technology whatever it is I mean it’s Really far out there is in there and I Suppose that’s one of the things that The investor of seeing afar I’m investing in this If you go somewhere I think the interesting part is what are They saying or what if the god that says That they can make this in the future What do they know because it’s nothing That they’re telling us now and stuff They say that they along the journey They’re going to entertain us each side The minute when I’m watching the to the Stars Academy YouTube channel I’m Waiting for them to release whatever is In this safe that just talking you know This [ __ ] straight through my ears I Have no idea what they’re talking about It’s mumbo-jumbo probably is to most People a lot of people like us we kind Of just want to know the nitty-gritty is It alien what have you got Does it have little symbols on it or is It just a [ __ ] rock drop space beeps Moderately happy with a raucous pose now

I want I want I want a piece of metal With a lot of hila hieroglyphics all Over it and yeah that’s what one song Sorry best I thought on it anyway this Ship what do we think people leave I Want to know in the comments your faults On you and I always see old toms just This that the other blah blah blah blah Blah Give me a reasoning I mean we could shun Everything couldn’t wait but if without A little bit of faith I suppose it’s Just not going a chemo dammit when that Guy you know first said that he was Going to invent the flushing toilets I Bet everybody fart [ __ ] me he’s crazy No way can you four shattered and it Just disappeared but he did it you know There is now a flushing toilet you know I mean so Tom can build this craft Well maybe not Tom but this Tommy’s team But I don’t think you need a bit of help Of Elon Musk I mean that’d be bloody Cool can you imagine that I feel I’m Just stuck next to Tom DeLonge said Together we will venture out into the Unknown go where no man has gone before I think the biggest problem that people Have with ideas like this that I’m not Just going to say Tom belongs to the Style Academy idea of the warp drive Engine ship people have the problem with It Because we’re still using technology

When we first ever started launching Rockets the basics of it but what gets Is up there then a little company like This comes out and says or we can Possibly do this and I’ve seen them dr. Steven Greer say that they have this Technology but they don’t want to give Us the technology because it’s gonna Lose the [ __ ] [ __ ] loads of money Then the control goes now some of what He says I don’t really agree with but That maybe does he does stand out Oh I kinda wish that Tom and Stephen Would kind of like go for a pint I’ve Said that before but and talked you out And become friends and maybe maybe then This this song movement might go Somewhere unless the both just money Making you f ology companies this let’s Face it could be but I got faith nice I want faith in both of you Don’t think you trying to take us no Lynches everything we’ve gone but I do Think you need help Bigger help if you want to do something Like this from bigger boys I think You’ve got I think to the start Academy’s got some great people working From it from the research that I’ve done And it does all seem legit Unless it’s all Illuminati and there are Just that’s a kind of controllers and It’s they’re just pulling the wool over Our eyes and maybe Stevens right about

Tom and he’s just been using it for a Month go for that pine boys honestly you Need to talk but yeah I do think it’s Exciting times we live in I want to see what’s in that bloody safe Tom just just show us it stop giving us Tip bits you know it’s like it’s like Looking at soft palm you know it’s never Really getting anywhere and he’s getting Me excited but it’s not kind of tickling My feathers Feather tickling I don’t know anyway Folks make sure you smash that like Button I don’t know why I’ve liked this Video but just do it anyway and Subscribe because I’m so intelligent and Got really knowledgeable things to say About you I follow G and I just think You just cannot miss out on alien Alex Knowledge yeah and coffee today they got About four cups anyway good night god Bless mind the books don’t bite and yeah Enjoy smell ya later I made this