To The Stars Academy UFO Material?

By | August 19, 2018
To The Stars Academy UFO Material?

Good evening folks and welcome I’m alien Addict sorry it’s been so long I’m a dad Again so I’ve been looking after the Missus she had souther c-section so yeah We do a lot of housework playing on xbox And playstation you know movies anyway About the video yeah to the stars Academy they have some material and They’ve locked in a safe Whitey what’s in the box what’s in a [ __ ] box if you don’t know what this Is this is some material that could Possibly be from elsewhere out there um The company to the Stars Academy has it TomTom’s company now this material as LuAnn Sandow says he states in the video That it could be from you know now it Could turn out to be a part of a Alternator of a 1984 Cadillac And you never have you really never know To go for all that analysis of the Material itself There’s dr. it’s gonna be weird you know It’s gonna I imagine that this these Objects that they have these put into The suitcase and wrap them in you know Bubble wrap is really weird-looking you Know I wonder if he’s got some weird and Haley bring it back by drop how Haley hieroglyphics on that I cannot say That word for love nor money handy Ethics how yeah whatever it’s got some Of them on it this is a Heilig lithic

Frye row glyphic thank you for the Correction so I was before what the Investors again for the morning now this Is it this research cost money so Whatever is going on here in the Background is probably gonna cost Thousands I’m just hoping that it’s Going to be something you know so he’s You know it’s gonna be like the little Fella a little alien thing that dr. Steven Greer was in looking into with Dr. Noland and then all of a sudden dr. Noland then goes and works faster the Stars Academy and says it said it’s Nothing it’s just a fetus that’s weird But yeah that’s another video I’ll leave The link in the description for that you Can watch that and but I did have a Little bit suspicions around that and I Felt a bit sorry for dr. Greer because All of a sudden Dr. Norman Tex is research to to the Stands Academy and then it’s not a it’s Nothing it’s just the fetus when dr. Nolan will seem quite excited before but Why did the research go to to this dance Company Anyway you know for that back to this Because this is this is interesting Around I’m just I’ve just got my Suspicions you have to do you have to Keep the open mind Now I will invest if Tom DeLonge doesn’t Interview on my channel I’ve said that

No I will I don’t know if I had if I had $200 so just spare you know I’d invest But I haven’t you know adapt down of to Working the day I can’t least invest in That right yeah I hope something comes Of this I hope what I want to see when They release the video I don’t want to Say just some paperwork on it I want to Say a proper documented video on I want To see them interviewing the people they Got the materials off I want to know how They found them what happened I want to see the materials of clothes I Want to see what parts everything I want To see you know them looking through it Through one of them x-ray things that Tries to see inside it I want to see everything so that’s for Chair squeaking show is everything so That’s what I’m asking for that’s what We want to see I’m gonna leave the link In the description to this to the stands Academy’s latest video if you haven’t Subscribed them subscribe to because you Know then we can all be involved in this I just hope and pray that this is Something good and not just a piece of Crap you know I mean it’s interesting When Lou says that you know this aerial Threat What’s up in the skies blah blah blah You know they just want to know this no One’s even mentioned the word aliens We’re not talking about aliens we’re

Talking about extraterrestrial life We’re simply saying that there is Something out there in our airspace we Don’t control we don’t know what the Hell it is eight he’s quite possibly Noting this now in space it’s probably Something from here that was very Interesting I find that more plausible I’m finding a lot of the stuff that People are saying about aliens up in the Sky visit in earth and things like that As much as I believe they are up there You know of all the billions and Billions and billions of trillions and Gazillions of stars there’s gonna be Life out there but you know this Primitive planet that meets the eye And I think if people are researching in I think it’s a great thing so if you’re Not looking to this for yourselves it’s Called the atom research project atom Stands for acquisition and data analysis Of materials it’s a bit of a mouthful Especially for me but they took me a few Takes to get that just right one thing About this video as well so I’ve left The video in the description check out The video and I got a bit of pareidolia While I was watching this video when it Goes to the con scene bit it looks like A skull is placed in the corn now I Could be just a rock I am going right back to the date with a Severe palette parrot only I dig you

Know without with a lot of therapy but That’s a [ __ ] skull in that corn it’s An alien skull don’t come on Tom to tell Us that he’s in it that’s that’s a [ __ ] alien skull place today Place that on purpose no I’ll jokes Aside though when they are going through The paperwork and you see its blown out There is an image that does show what Looks to be a UFO in the sky which I Found quite interesting that was In that video I think there’s a lot to Come with this so a lot of people Messaging me and say look to the stars Academy bunch of fraudsters are Tom DeLonge was just a front man and Tom Long’s being you as bla bla bla there Could be something in this they were Really good And I think we all need to start keeping A bit Marvin up and mind around it Because I think if we just shut it off And say the UFOs that have been released And I’ll [ __ ] blah blah blah the Tic Tac UFL that would have been released two Years before I hadn’t that was a video Put over another video that’s a Different story the stuff that they’ve Released is a legit as far as I know the Stuff that they’ve and this is from Somebody who debunks a lot of things and It I am NOT being paid off by to the Stars at camera I wish it was Tom put me Some money I’ll say really good [ __ ] oh

You know I think there’s something I Think we need to start looking into this More helping out with this community you Know I’m sick of the [ __ ] you know I Don’t want to debug people I’ve said This to Tyler said this to Blake from Fur-face and then I don’t want to debunk I don’t it’s not me I started this Channel because I’m generally interested In this subject and I think I mean I’ve seen a lot of videos where People have really bash into the Styles Academy and I like give it a chance The it’s gonna take time and yet some of The stuff that he’s the investors invest In in the money’s going on you know it’s Going on some of the stuff entertainment It I said before that’s gonna be a Really good thing I want to see more Great sci-fi programs on Netflix or Whatever you know so it’s not a bad Thing that I’m gonna take something About Tom so Tom the long I’ve followed For years actually Wellington emulator And this lad used to sit on the back of The year you know the coach thing when They’re going to drive into the Different concerts were live here and he Used to read books and research UFOs That was his hobby you know this this Videos out there show an interview with Him where he’s King real crazy [ __ ] um a lot about conspiracies And this and the other but he’s

Developed over time and that’s what Every all of us do I mean I was watching King lots of shine you ever own videos Ages back You know before I started this channel I Think wow that’s brilliant I’m a me mate My best mates University sends me Bollocks all the time Nice bollocks but he sends me like UFOs And they’re just fake you know but it’s A learning curve and a lot of us out There will do videos are watched videos On stuff you know sometimes over Youtubers put out a faint UFO that They’ve got another child because they Get excited and I think it’s something They think it’s real easily It’s all a learning curve this is so far Out there that I think we’re gonna have To start stick together and all the big Channels need to speak to the small Tunnels from vice-versa Maybe coming I’m not going away from the Debunk and I’ll still debunk if Something someone’s blatantly faced over Like I did in the last third phase video I will call them out if Tyler does Something I’ll call him out on it he Hasn’t so I’m not not told the amount Recently but I cannot call to the stands Academy out this [ __ ] I don’t see if If people have evidence that these are France stirs that these are fooling Everybody to just take it them on me

Then message me in the comments below We’re summer debate on it but just think I miss bling winning two very very Successful band It doesn’t need to the stands Academy It doesn’t it’s a genuine interest So I’m asking the community to come Together here I wanna know what you Think they’ve got why is in that safe is It gonna be just something and nothing Or do you actually think they got Something in there if you have got Information what they have send it to me But I want to back it up don’t just send Me off they’ve got this because I’ve Heard your song so give me evidence I Want to know what they’ve got in there I Will keep following this but wait to Keep an open mind most don’t just snub It off because if we do that with Everything then we won’t get anywhere so Keep an open mind though focus yeah Anyway I mainly love it if you haven’t Subscribed then smash the [ __ ] out that Subscribe button part of my French but Do it and make sure you hit that little Bell end so you never miss a beat I mainly nothing good night god bless Mind the books don’t bite talking about Aliens really son of a [ __ ]