thirdphaseofmoon FAKE IT LIVE!

By | August 6, 2018
thirdphaseofmoon FAKE IT LIVE!

It’s coming in really nice come in here Let’s see if you guys could see it I Want you to get get back here see if you Can see it coming in is it coming in Guys yeah thanks thumbs up on how we’re Looking at this live event what’s it Look like in the background here yeah It’s huge whatever it is and then There’s a plane that’s coming in right Here we’re gonna follow it and it’s Going to come down a little past this Like what do you see It could be Browns It could be drones could be drones That’s what people are saying and they Were here earlier absolutely we can see A plane we don’t know what this is we Don’t know what that is guys it’s kind Of nuts that’s about all I can pull in I’m gonna get a better angle here I’m Gonna get a better angle we’re gonna go Over the city we’re gonna see what Happens Oh [ __ ] it just disappeared like just It’s gone it just disappeared that’s Crazy Good evening folks alien annex here how We do it Third phase ammo you naughty naughty Boys so Wednesday I get a message from God and house and she’s one of my Subscribers a great friend of mine and He says third phase the moon caught in The act basically and on a live stream

So I watched the video and sure enough He’s right That is something in front of the camera I don’t think it’s CGI and some of said It’s CGI I think UFO of interest said It’s see gently it could be but there’s Reasons why I don’t think it’s CGI and I Do think it’s a practical effect so We’ll go through that now so third face A moment they’ve kind of being changing Their way he’s recently so they sent me An email the other day and asked me if I’ll do a review of their new Documentary which I am watched and yes It’s not about documentary at all can’t Be honest However a mother talked about that look We shall wall skirt this video was going To be a video about their new Documentary because the ass meter before You know what when it give the guy’s a Room for the male but then they go and Do this and they go and [ __ ] it all up Part of my French but he’s just bad this Is just a bad hoax you can see when you Listen let’s go let’s just let’s just Analyze it so if we look at when Blake’s Fit up Brent’s film in this light in the Sky you can actually see you see this Here I’m gonna put in slow motion this Is some sort of reflection from Something that’s behind them I mean it Could be a phone screen I don’t know be Something or why it’s just done across

It’s not another UFO So then if you go further on in the Video and you get to their the mates Film that he’s shown where he filmed Which by the way I think a lot of you Four people are saying so why would he Get somebody else in on it this is Probably another youtuber that they know Just just say You know they’ve said but the reason Where they took it down is this guy Didn’t want his house to be filmed on What would you not decide that Beforehand plaster for every saw them Guys a job you know all excuses so yeah But to this the guys filming up on his Phone so he shows the footage that he’s Filled and if you look let’s play this If you look here you can see the Reflection his phone is captured at the Same angles behind and there is some Lights going across there and the same Sort of lights That’s the lice I think that these guys Are seen in the sky and I reckon what They’ve probably used it probably sat Glass table or something like that I’ve Just made the hope but it’s probably Something like that big piece of glass That they just bought a [ __ ] list Pick it up let’s put it in front of us And let’s let’s just go elf a lever We’ve had a drink why not so I think This is the culprit these lights on this

House I think that that’s what’s picked Up on the mobile phone when he was Showing the footage back and I think That’s what that big piece of glass that There somebody’s holding is picking up Now I hope they were careful moving that Piece of glass least it’s I mean I’ll Give you something wiser massive Testicles for doing this because Anything could have gone wrong anyone Did we saw that we saw other reflections And things going on in the background Notice how still Blake is bren-bren does The fair we do it Notice how still he is filming that Object and then lies and notice as soon As he moves it’s gone I’m gonna get a Better angle here I’m gonna get a better Angle we’re gonna go over the city we’re Gonna see what happens Oh [ __ ] it just disappeared why because You come the minute the same reflection If you move you just cannot do it it Seemed possible I’m just disappointed really more than Anything but so you know I actually Fought I think they are father and the Change in a little bit And then you go and do this so nothing That gets me here if you look at the Guy’s phone when he finishes showing Blade the footage back there’s nine Takes of him filming this light through Glass not UFO right through glasses

There’s nine takes of it nine You got actually self wise and nine There Charlie wasn’t filming the UFO in The sky and then flour our film this not Stop now we’re filming again now stop Now my film again not stop now nine Times guys nine anyway my lovelies I’m Not gonna carry on with this it is what It is they did a video it was a fake Video Live it was he was quite there in a Ballsy but in the end you [ __ ] up and I’ve just gotta expose it I will be oh I Am if I didn’t voice you know Documentaries not by the email it’s just A shame that this is not a different Video anyway good night don’t bless and Mind the book stop by I am alien a bit Like share and subscribe you sexy mofos Alright let’s just sir if anything else Happens we’re gonna be keeping you Updated stand by everybody