Sun UFOs And Beer Live

By | July 1, 2018
Sun UFOs And Beer Live

It is it live let’s just check it’s real Live this will do this still this way Will do yeah turn that down so you keep An eye on Izzie chatter Unni we’ve Already got someone person watching Hello who’s watching who is watching Alien a little and universe life in the Sun with a [ __ ] engine and Tomic it Looks like he’s got dog turds in it but He said was he ever hello but have you Ever in a beer ever you must be you must Be sat with with either me or Olli on Your screen ready to vote they just so Happened oh she was just so happen that She’s last time she sounds she’s like Every everything I post when we Instagram or whatever she she’s there 10:30 there is that is that a.m. or p.m. Tania hello how are you Tania’s British It’s bloody warm today in Britain I tell You something I am hey wow I’m getting There saying that our watch should be Deal in the morning when I’m getting Ready um So alien elites and universe only Whatever gonna call me and well it Little tipple but we’ve just been having A discussion as choose is getting pissed Off with the videos that I’m doing about Tom DeLonge cuz he says he’s a wanker I Don’t get why he’s doing video as long As guy he’s he’s boring I’ve not heard Anything about him other than through And you know what I’ve been more from

Tyler in 10 and everybody else than this Guy so don’t get why he’s doing videos It’s not so I wanted to make a video of Ice because I’m kind of like I’m Wondering if these other people out There that follow the subjects and the Light who the [ __ ] is this guy Tom DeLonge that [ __ ] alien I keeps Talking about um I excused like I don’t Get what he’s doing what he’s he’s Actually explained nearly the company That he’s doing basically I feel that This guy as this is an outsider’s Opinion he’s expired from his singing Career and nobody wants listen to that [ __ ] no more welcome he’s moving on to Someone else and to be honest there’s Big money to be a medic UFO discussion Industry whatever gonna call it and I Don’t know but there’s big money to be Made especially he can donate and he’s a Well-known figure and all it tells me That right there may be Williams is in On it now Robbie Robbie Williams as he’s Not in on the whole Robbie Williams Estate is a singer song that was in a Band called take that and he’s a cool [ __ ] and he is I heard the other Day off off Osvaldo Franco that he’s Moved to the to it to a UFO hot spot is Actual mansion which is pretty cool if You if you are that from his say so are From play know this is this one of my Subscribers told me about this thing

That follows the whole the UFO thing see Me as do believe it or not as much as The name is alien a date it is we Question we do try and question Everything yeah I probably suck up a Little bit more stuff than all he does I Get in a bit more on my Holly said make Sure you were finding up Nana’s joke It’s this but I want to believe I want To see in my lifetime I hope that there Is full disclosure and I hope I get to See this that other but he’s the one That is more grounded than I am but Regarding this topic I just took this Guy that you’re talking about all I Think he’s So sticking a song belongs I don’t get I Don’t get we see infuriated only because I [ __ ] love them um Oh and think he’s ball sack don’t say That on my channels to you better no no No no but I get where you coming from With this because there is this so many Other people in the UFO community like I Don’t go this guy is who the [ __ ] this Guy Where is he [ __ ] coming from I mean He’s come from blink-182 when he was mad About it was probably a bit like menu Well you remember but me used to listen To him in the car and stuff like that we Were driving about schooling and yeah This this guy is somebody that when he Was on tour he was reading books in the

Back on UFOs well probably started some Cocaine at the time as well sorry two Other I reckon you were just a little And you know following the conspiracies As probably recently I found out Robbie Williams is but Robbie Williams is not Launched a company which Tom DeLonge has And Tom DeLonge the reason why do ever Yeah you keep an eye on the chunker’s my Vision is blurred and I read cliff you All right night they the whole thing we Tom DeLonge for me is that I think he’s Like him it’s like a firework that you Don’t quite know if he’s ever gonna [ __ ] go off and I think he’s all Pissin no no there’s no I don’t think it I think he’s just another way a Mecca Morning it from people of like minds What you guys are interested in they are And he’s got a little bit of some behind Him and thinks what could make some Money from this and he’s pushing it and He is making money from it where the He’s definitely making money from yeah I Mean the I mean with any business or Anything that so many Gonna do no matter if he says I’ve Broken up with the bumbling or blink-182 To pursue this career in your follow g8 It’s a gin and tonic with dog turds in It it’s a rubub gin with ya blackberries In it but these black bracelet let me Get one out for you it looks like it Looks like the alien you look at nicely

Oh it’s too says the reason I won’t try One mmm it’s refreshing little bit of Them listen I told you we need to keep These sober I lose subscribers whenever I’m drunk Oh no he’s drinking alcohol [ __ ] on Skype your mother okay no back to back To mr. DeLong and yeah so Stu Susan Outside looking in and whereas I’ve kind Of followed it and done the research a Little bit of research on the aunts as Much as some of my subscribers have on Something wrong because they [ __ ] Know their [ __ ] Cisco so awesome Osvaldo Franco loves Tom DeLonge I’m me if You’re interested in I don’t bring out Don’t bring the [ __ ] [ __ ] up yeah I Don’t mean to I just I just don’t know Why he does videos on the guy so Everybody’s interested in the real thing Each do you know but I just why he’s Doing it you mean you don’t trust that No I don’t he’s a new face I don’t know Why he’s doing it I heard a lot about it And like I said and this is bad because When I first started watching videos on You apology and things like you followed You in these laugh And before you start I used to soak up Everything that freakin Tyler said and Secure the most guilty internal surveys Moon and islands get into the same Person Well I know he’s got all the channels as

Well but really but no I used I used to Believe everything they said and now I Know it’s not true and you do a little Bit research and do a little bit of Digging and oh well I’ve never even Heard of this guy I know he is but I’ve Never even nearly been really into Ufology it’s only until all I started Talked about him and then when when he’s Been talking about him it’s always it’s A little bit more advanced than what I Know about Anna where it just interest Minutes away it’s the people he’s Working with which is weird that I like X-15 military and the thing isn’t for me The guy you should be top personally for Me you should be talking more along the Lines of Elon Musk and his I [ __ ] Love it yeah but that’s who I’d be Talking it what I’ve actually asked the Question when I met one of the videos That you’ve probably not watch because The bother [ __ ] the tumblr long videos Brought a [ __ ] out of him and but I Asked the question I said I wonder what Elon Musk thinks of Tom the Long’s Company to the stands Academy you Probably don’t [ __ ] I actually Tweeted way today Elon he never replies He oh he was going I was just gonna our Safe place what if he if he’s ever fancy Doing a video about Tom DeLonge Hatefully from my arms ground you’ve Never seen him mention Tom DeLonge in

Any video and what Heathcliff if you’ve Got time before you go for your pasta Whatever you’re in pieces probably beat And what do you think it time belong in One word See I know we need to try a drink that Each equal if I was that children wine With whatever it is Volker and vodka Wine yeah oh he’s cooking What whitey cooking if cliff what’s that Drink you out freaking out well the ages Ago you were drinking this drink and it Had I’m sure it was someone wines a White wine way vodka and someone else in That bowl you give you what proper Swinging it Batman but what we mentioned Earlier though is you did you say you Men you’ve got more respect for Steven Greer than some belong yeah so and this Isn’t really interesting because a lot And when I do a video that mentions Steven Greer everybody goes to town Because Steven gray what a fraud a fraud What a fraud fraud fraud and this is Somebody who who does videos about the Disclosure of UFOs and Project Blue Beam There’s gonna be false flag to false Alien invasion blah blah blah that’s What the government’s aiming for but Then he goes out and takes people out Hunting for UFOs and summons them that’s The thing where I questioned is the [ __ ] UFO some some yeah because yeah

I mean I meant to get and he says if you Kind of if you’re thinking about a Sometimes they’re just a just appear I Kind of thinking you just said they’re Thinking about it after I spoke to you Earlier on today about the thing was he Golf and you forgot like you pissed Projectile right there’s not projectile Vomiting just disgusting multiple Theories There’s astral projection hmm what the [ __ ] were you saying earlier right if You’re being abducted this is Interesting it’s very interesting very Little ice I’m just like throwing this Out there I don’t know anything much about but few People got about being abducted and the Can’t move the catalyst can’t do that if You have being abducted and it’s your Astral projection how they can watch Sincerely if you won’t be able to move Because you wouldn’t know you’ve been is Is it you that they’re actually Abducting people say in the projection Of you because do you actually think That I don’t know bi dad do you remember As a kid ever having a weird dream where You kind of make this it feels weird to Say this thing’s feel weird it feels Like listen to say as a kid you write When your firstborn you’re less exposed To fluoride because you Neela bond you Ingest less water unless his stews got

About fluoride all right Folks your pineal gland or pineal gland Third eye all that bollocks You know what I mean and that’s part of The thing that allows you to interact Telepathically or whatever if you Believe in that and possibly astral Project but fluoride solidifies and Adams this apparently and and I was a Big impact on it so oh hey girls follow As a there’s a kid you more susceptible To astral projection and dejavu feelings Are being watched and things like that As you get older this sauce sort of goes Away and it’s nothing but is it because You’d be subjected to it’s down a [ __ ] witch with come July book it’s Believe me projected so gentle and these Chemicals and the son of it and is it is That how they they if if you have been a Doctor out there abducting people Because ever ever just said something Really interesting Swiper They froze me to take my son he was six Years old now having somebody had to Really trust as well you know so no this Is not but the thing is If they do not have ever been talked With I don’t know if I’d want to be at About one another at the same time you Don’t know there is that if members of a Family had been take and then it’s been Going on for [ __ ] ages So as have you ever had any experiences

Do you know something I ant and I was Thinking this is when you said that I Had this reoccurring I’m doing I do Think that I do think that life as we See it time time you see in life as we See it like fast past present and future President future present posture and Future don’t exist it just is present Everything you do is now so what you’ve Done forget about it What’s coming don’t even think about it You make what you want to come true and What sauce follow saying now then Tony All right mate I can’t read it I can’t Read it as fast I’m holding it You know this is weird I mean you Mentioned that although and I think most Of these strange things kind of happen To kids and I can remember because the More susceptible to it I had a dream you Know as a can never spoke I saw Bailey About it but I kind of speak about it Because it probably was just a dream but I had a dream and as a kid you always Think oh it’s just a dream but you could I’ve had dreams where I’ve seen things Stood at my bedroom door if you Interrupt me again All right I was gonna bite his penis off All right too big to bite and I had this I had this dream as a kid I was walking Down this corridor in the house and I Knew this house you know I mean have you Ever like then dreamt something and

Recognized it and that sounds weird You actually recognized something in a Dream not something that is in your own House I don’t know right I don’t know How many of you subscribe to this guy Channel well God don’t mention that but So heard [ __ ] I I subscribed to it but I I’m talking about another channel on it On my main channel and I know it’s not Good [ __ ] but I this guy paid for video It’s a pay-per-view but the years I used To have nightmares about being chased by A guy at the bar know by a blue bar a Blue ball floating [ __ ] blue blob Yeah but it used to chase me through This so-called haunted house and I were Never scared of the [ __ ] that were in This house other than this [ __ ] blue Ball and you should chase me everywhere And it always used to find me and I Always used to run often and get away From it but now recently I’ve watched This guy a channel and they talked about This blue ball being a [ __ ] guys will Come back to the [ __ ] and We’re gonna answer Smurf y’all talk About this Louisville has been A UFO entity no it’s a blue orb and it Actually is apparently there’s numerous Different [ __ ] species are apparently But this blue orb is actually that’s how They manifest and that’s out there but Ranks of Dreams are being chased by this Thing and this one or a [ __ ] younger

And it’s only now when I’m 36 that I Have actually seen this channel and this So-called guy on this channels like yeah This blue are buoyed by the silver Manifest Yeah the ad and I’m like I used to [ __ ] dreams about that when I would When I were a kid hmm and now I’m like Well what a dream you know whether or Not it just but everybody has these Dreams have been chased and fallen and Yada yada he went over oh so I don’t Know how true that is but yeah my dream One but my dream was just a house I mean It was just it was a house and I Recognized this house you know I mean it Was not my house it was a it was and Every night he felt like every night at The time it was probably oh it probably Six dreams of the space of two years and Don’t know but he felt like every night We’re looking back in now I was walking This corridor and the era memory I’d Like all old wooden flooring and I went Into his room and it was my bedroom and I believed it was my bedroom and the Bedroom went led onto a balcony and I Looked over the balcony and no matter The dream ended every single night I Fell over the balcony and I must have Been about 6 to 8 years old a cat how do You whether out or by source that was The folks at about that’s a captain I’m Watching a film about that a lot of

Stuff you dream is your mind making Sense of what you’ve experienced for a Day that’s that’s what the said dreams Are but what happens if they’re not what Because if dreams are more what happens If what happens if he’s more After what is actually you are actually Not saying you are because if you are in Some other time or dimensional realm or Whatever we’ve been discussing this Tonight so so so I don’t believe in God I’m not I’m not a Jesus follower I’m not Give up my Jesus I’m not a Christian I’m Chris and I’m not I’ve sort of pulled All that as far as I’m concerned it’s Part of the big big story and it’s a Little segment that we get as a Bible And it’s used to control the population But what happens if there is something Else So yeah going back to this what we speak About anything we mentioned that as much As we think it is alien whatever it is Yeah because it’s not yeah alien they Say it’s alien to us but I mean if you Think if it helps how certain people Their perception of it is it’s six O’clock p.m. it’s people coming from Another planet to earth to visit to do Whatever is their agenda we kind of move It away from that is it from another Planet or is it from our planet that They’re already here or is it other as a Multi-dimensional other other dip yeah

The reason why we see these aliens on The appearance appear because the more Damage there it’s immediate come out of One day may come across over from one Dimension to another it’s all about the UFO the video yeah yeah so I saw a UFO Two UFOs the other day UFO I was shown a And in in leads and I was having a beer My first beer I wasn’t drunk After I film a film this so I will Release it on alien of it it’s a [ __ ] UFO video in terms of me [ __ ] about With the cameras Try and skate because he is in broad Daylight in the sunlight that this thing Is flushing and blinking at me and I’m Thinking what is that it’s not an Airplane yeah I think this is not a [ __ ] balloon it’s too much first of I Was a blue a fight could have been and And then Stu you said maybe see ISS yeah I don’t think he’s that but then why Would there be there was two of them I want appeared afterwards and I will I’ll I’ll get this out on a video and I Will have to edit the hell out of it Because it’s just weird it’s in broad Daylight and there is just some and and I don’t even even you’re trying to film A UFO in Broadway like when this public Around but you feel like an absolute What you just like walking up and going And there’s somebody looking in you’re Looking something up here they’re just

Looking like a dick I didn’t feel like That I would feel like a date but I felt Like a dick for film in the UFO I should Not them so my advice to anybody filming If I would just follow it through and Tell them to film at the same [ __ ] Time and some of the blow to the footage That they film as well so it’s the same As yours to back it up and but I will Release that and in the next week or so I just need to get the time to do it Right it’s go to the chalice see what it Saw Tony do you know the vid he was like The UFA I can imagine it’s like the UFO That you sent me the picture of it was Just this little spot babies hanging Moving just so flashing and there Disappears and then it move a different Direction and it it won’t it’s nothing Spectacular It won’t anything being mafia or in the Concert it was to hide to be a balloon It would not have been a balloon it Would not have been an airplane because It went from one side to another it just And it won’t moving slow is the second One the second one that peers from the Bottom and it’s exactly the same see When he said he who is [ __ ] [ __ ] and Then I watched it Oh no so when he puts it off I’ve a good Look at it and say what Thing it was a dot it just look like a Does no pigeon on a friggin air like

Some post absolutely like I mean I’m Guessing I said I sent it to Heathcliff From my own screen he said there but but I mean the time of fight was about Twenty thousand feet but I’d say more Than that I’d say it was higher than he Said I think it was really high no Student when I got home I got his video I’d say you are well I ask you any for Any of you guys that comment on this Video afterwards I will link you in the On I’ve uploaded to you show at you job YouTube and it’s on it’s unlisted so Else I will send you it the actual raw Footage I’ll if if you comment Afterwards on this video and I’ll send It to you directly because I don’t wanna I didn’t just want to put the video out Because I thought I might lose people Lost the back of it it’s a good kind of One opinions before I even do anything About it so how you can see it first Before I actually put it out watch it Two or three times because I had to Watch you two or three times alright Where the [ __ ] am I looking this two of These two videos series one minute long Yeah three minutes long is really really Small and it’s far away so it can’t be What we thought it was originally which Is like I said balloons Birds all that It’s got a low flying stuff it’s none of That you need to watch it planes He’s too [ __ ] high to be a plane and

It’s not got to flush mics It’s one way white light moving all over The place your slave my [ __ ] my drink [ __ ] Um no work a plan on doing a long stream Anyway just then there’s a little little Stream egde guys I wish I could do make Videos more often it’s just work work my Tits off during the week and my wife’s Heavily pregnant so it’s so it gets hard To actually do stuff so yeah we we we Will we will we will be back at some Point but I’m gonna get this video out I Will get this video out probably or Davidann today Sunday Sunday propagate During Wednesday if I do a video on that So just do like guys in the chat once This video is uploaded if you if you Comment and you say you want a Sydney UFO um I will I’ll link you in on it I’ll send you the private video because It’s unlisted at the moment only because It could be anything and I didn’t want To look like a [ __ ] This is last week that I film this last Sunday’s a week today last Sunday and it Was in the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds I’ve just done some shopping and I Just thought I’ll just go for it I went For a beer I was waving mum to come pick Me up soon we’re going to me grounds and Now the film then I thought that’s weird Weird as hell and there was two of them By the way so in the video I don’t if

He’s I don’t know if it explained that This there is two of them but they’re Definitely two and they were shining Bright and they look like stars in broad Day last the way could explode did you Say stars in broad daylight Yeah right guys what festival is that Festival a Lucy festival vassals for Kidman’s Yeah we really don’t right guys I’ve got A shoot because my wife needs me Um I might get another drink Couldn’t I go boys good see you know Mines that looks dope like this hello Are you sure you want yes I do good Night guys I love you