WTF is going on with To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science?

By | June 21, 2018
WTF is going on with To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science?

Good evening folks and welcome I’m alien Addict and I’ve been on holiday so if You haven’t seen me for two weeks that’s Why I should probably take a laptop and Done some work there but I can’t be Arsed I was chillin with a beer well Mainly chillin it was a holiday with the Family so it was yeah chill dish anyway Swiftly off the video in question so From the title you can see what the [ __ ] Is going on move to the Styles Academy Come on Tom give us some info um I’ve Just got back and I’m checking on the Actual YouTube channel in question to The Stars Academy which is not the main Thing of information however I kind of Think he needs to do more on the YouTube What the company itself because it’s More than just Thomas and it’s Tom and The two big guys um Tom get yourself on The YouTube channel I think that’s what We want to see is I would like to see Live chats going on on the tier 2 the Stars Academy Channel where Tom tells us What what’s going on in the background I Mean this 200 was a 2509 investors all You know the minimum investment is 200 Pounds and I guarantee this some Investors there that have put more than That so this this there’s a lot of money Invested but I kinda need to see what we Get in France money I mentioned in one Of the older videos that I was thinking

Of investing that kind of like I’ve been Talked out of it by a lot of subscribers Saying don’t invest Tom’s nothing but a Fraudster blah blah blah the you know to The Stars Academy is this that in the Other I don’t think it is I just I’m Kind of like what’s going on with it is It just going to be now this this is Where I’m I’m thinking it’s gonna go Is it just gonna be a Big video media company where they get Into just films and stuff because that Was mentioned you know that the TV Programs that they were going to do the Documentaries which I’m [ __ ] looking Forward sir I mean we all need decent [ __ ] because Let’s face it you know with everything’s Been redone now films have been redone [ __ ] TV in TV series have been redone Copied and pasted I think we need Something more when it comes to us Follow G and if they’re going to deliver That then [ __ ] yes it’s like a Kickstarter in it but the problem a half Tom is we’ve we’ve seen these UFO Footage that you’ve released yeah you’ve Given us small clips all over the same Situation this this this same gimbal Yeah I wanna see something I wanna see More on this and I mentioned this in one Of the older videos I want to see this [ __ ] ship that you build in this Craft I want an out on the guys that are

Behind this You know Kylie going to the to the lap Show is a little bit on on your YouTube Channel I don’t understand Another thing that’s on the if he does The YouTube channel sister if you go to The channel to the Stars Academy YouTube Channel And you look and see the actual Channel in the video for the video Section then the other two videos have Been deleted this far left why you Deleting videos why the lately right I Don’t get that this is something in them Videos that we’re not somebody might Pick up on very suspicious are the Suspicious mom the ginger baited one is Suspicious though I’ve got a filter also You can sell dangerous Beauty brown Pillow down Brown strange anyway enough Of the gin genus [ __ ] what’s going on We to the stars Academy what we gonna When we’re gonna see this in greatness Time give is it get where the greatest Wanna see it see I’ll see you power [Applause] After kind of feel like you know we’re Gonna go back to the moon before we see The next thing from to the Stars Academy The directly of I’m signing today will Refocus America’s space program on human Exploration and discovery it marks an Important step in returning American Astronauts to the moon

For the first time since 1972 for Long-term exploration and use this time We will not only plant our flag and Leave our footprint we will establish a Foundation for an eventual mission to Mars and perhaps someday to many worlds Beyond the last of the Talk I should have done a video about Trump going back to the moon Trump’s not going to the moon himself You know I don’t think the gravity could Contain his toupee it’s not toupee It’s real the hair is real some real Real hairpiece and my mates go on that What’s brilliant anyway enough of hair Pieces back to the start Academy what The [ __ ] you doing Dom my videos are Just an open forum and I get so many Comments below and comment below [ __ ] Where you’ll say don’t trust to the Stands Academy don’t trust Tom DeLonge He’s just another shell blah blah blah And I don’t think you are Tom I don’t And I will gladly interview you on this Channel come on Tom get on the channel You know you wanna as I start a big Childbirth You know I’ll even leave the link to Support invest into the stars Academy if You come on the show I’ll invest if you Come on the show yeah I don’t think he Needs another $200 dollars not pounds it Said pounds be [ __ ] prick yeah it’s Not gonna happen Tom come on mate there

Anyway but I think you should go on Somebody’s YouTube door secure team ten Let Tyler ask you all the questions that We want to hear I’ve gone third face and Then I’ll see if a big one yeah I go Down you could go on look now TVB are Probably trying to show you some Dinosaurs that are real and still Existing hey YouTube I’m Rick today We’re gonna take a look at Han mythical Creatures spotted in real life but sorry I’m sorry I always pick on Rick Break the break I love his hair it’s Beautiful I’m just some jealous of his Heather if I could do my hair like that I would say Beautiful beautiful man um I’ve kind of Got not four six again I do this all the Time you see this is what happens when You just write a ranting Channel a vlog Girl llama how do you know I’m just like A 37 year old having a midlife crisis And just spamming to you Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom come give is it show me the money Show me what we’re getting for the money That’s what that’s all the one I want I Want a little bit more I’m getting so Many people sending me [ __ ] that I’m Asking me what is going on with Tom DeLonge into the stands Academy and I Think it’s kind of like it went like That and it’s kinda going like this Just got a bit stale Tom don’t let it go Stale do not let it go stale when you’re

Up you’re up you know I should really When I do these videos and they do well I should get back on the next day and do Another video but I don’t work for a Living in the day so it’s hard to get on All the time and with the wife and the Child and the other child on the way but Yeah just kind of this is just my space To run to you and um don’t expect Information if I ain’t got information To give I’m just actually doing this Video to open up the forum below in the Comments where you all just go to town Let’s have a big conversation you know It’s let’s get some traction on this People if you’ve got information to send Me on to the stands Academy I was Valdo You’d always send me stuff I really do Appreciate it they get it sent over the More we know the better I would like to see something though I Want to see an interview not like the Joe Rogan interview I want to see just Oh I see Tom just open and honest and Just having a chat maybe a live video Where we can ask you actually questions In the comments don’t block the comments Let us ask away you answer the questions To the best of your abilities I’m sure There’s something going on me you know About you know I’m not disputing that I’m sure these videos that you’ve got Aren’t fake I’ll do the thing the real The very sharp and in some of them you

Know the actual UFO doesn’t piss off but You stop recording you stop showing us What happened next which that’s that’s The type of UFO video you’ve got to be Suspicious of people the ones where they Just felt it for three seconds or you Know if they’re filming it for a minute And it’s still there but they stop Filming because if you sorry you FL out There you would keep filming it you Wouldn’t stop until it [ __ ] off and Then you’d probably turn the camera and Go ah [ __ ] was that you know They can turn the gimbal on the airplane Camera the part that cover thought was That but you get my gist yeah you get it Anyway guys drop some comments below if You think I’m a total bellend Tell me I’m a balanced Seimei you’re Just the bell end and just run this Videos got known that he’s [ __ ] Clickbait your [ __ ] title it’s it’s Nothing to do with to the Stars Academy It’s just all about you you’re selfish Busted or you could just be nice and Just have a chat with us and you know See when it goes I’ll say once and I’ll Say it again I’ve got no idea what what To do with alien I hate it because I Ain’t gonna give you some [ __ ] UFO Video and go whatever give this guys you Think this is do you think it’s a UFO Do you think it’s Flying Saucer do you Do you think he’s just an employee

Let’s go backwards oh it’s so beautiful Say little the buckets Let’s not no accent I was just many oh Yeah Anyway good night god bless and mind the Books don’t bye tom I love to interview Very soon on the channel alien of it We’ll have a beer together and I will Promote your investments I will say Investment it starts kill me if you come On the show yeah I have 2000 and not Subscribers good night god bless guys Mind the books don’t bite I mainly know They like subscribe and share my [ __ ] Thank you very much New to this channel and you like what You see go down below and click that Bell button so you don’t miss any new Videos