secureteam10 Researching, thirdphaseofmoon Dancing and looknowtv UFO Mystery Solved.

By | May 12, 2018
secureteam10 Researching,  thirdphaseofmoon Dancing and looknowtv UFO Mystery Solved.

There’s putting the body very good I am Celebrating I just hit 2,000 subscribers It’s been a long time coming back I Can’t thank you all enough you’ve been Great if you’ve just subscribed comment Below tell you what you’re into I am Celebrating with the green tea all the Way from China max a little clip from me In China into the video for you there You go all fruity anyway to the video Third face of movie they put me in one Of their videos a music video it is Unlisted they’ve sent me it so I’m gonna Leave it in the description below and I Don’t think they quite realize that was Like kind of in my British humor taking The mick a little bit well you know what The good spots they’ve they’ve done a Video so I’ll I’ll show you this little Clip now from it How fit is Brett you know that I didn’t Blame your breath yeah Respect respect boys yeah there’s a Funny video Speaking of respect I have found a Newfound respect for you for the recent Reporting that you’ve done on the Volcano in Hawaii I really hope that This volcano just Fox off and leaves you Alone all of every old Hawaiians you Know says it’s a nasty piece of [ __ ] but

You are doing a some excellent report in There and I do have respect for that so I have to hand it to ya I’m not licking Your ass I still think it well for Buncha [ __ ] Only give you know kinda anyway and Check out this part that they’re doing On the walk-in it’s it’s cool stuff and We’ll swiftly move on to where yes let’s Move on to who want look no TV yes and I Had a little bit of a convo with Rick Over the video titled did Jess chase UFO Mystery objects over mountain so for all Of you who haven’t seen this video is Basically this image he’s basically Telling your story that he’s been given This video and I saw this image by Somebody on his Facebook and they wanted To check it out so it’s clear as day to Me if you remember the old fake UFO Video from 2012 please call – Jess – to Jetfire’s chase a UFO 2012 that’s the One Now then two planes are the exact two Planes I don’t know about the UFO but Then two planes are those two planes now As well you can see this image is Pixelated to hell so they have been Messing about with it to make it Possible they say so I message rec on This video so I said to ring no Ricky’s Not in you know he’s no UFO with a Little Spock symbol God Allah No it’s not me so he put back to me I

Know it’s not UFO in any way UFO be put Out anyway okay just because you think You’re in my mind I do think I’m in your Mind Rick every night doesn’t make it Fat you’re 100% wrong trying 100% right I am trouble and then I put back Dr. LeMay just think you can make a real Difference or subjects I didn’t start as a default King channel Anyway which I didn’t mistake by putting Mars images now and heads on Mars and Stuff let me know in the comments if you Want so heads on Mars I’d love to oblige And so he then puts all good home by so Me and Rickon out web Rose if you want To check out the sauce it’s in the vid Description below you can check you can Check out what’s up the girl and pasta Like really good genuine people not Connected to anything with UFOs on her Dance page it’s really awesome okay so I Went and checked how the page like he Said so the sauce says this is taken by My pops he mines aquamarine from the Mountains other pic is taken from he Explains more on his page way better Than I can Thought you would love it yeah bro so Rick basically replies back saying wow He’s gonna use the footage he’s gonna do Some real analysis on it and he’s gonna Make sure that the names out use unless They want it to be Then comes along UFO of interest and he

Says weird maybe some trying to use the Same fake jets from unknown old fake Video that’s my boy yeah this UFO of Interest brilliant channel by the way Amazing debunk if you’re not on Twitter You need to get on Twitter just to Follow this guy into it because he does Some really excellent stuff but my point To this is as UFO researchers why do UFO Researchers not do the research and they Just put out any old show you know the Reason why Rick you know reason why Tyler you know the reason why Blake and Brett you know reason why too many of us Z Z Z Z Z money especially for the kids But I mean if you can all change then [ __ ] change I’ll go a jet let’s have A big idea of like a massive live Session you know all the debunkers like All the known channels you know so we Just I’ll have you out maybe over a cup Of tea and some beers anyway so I’ll Tell you why I won’t you know do a video About this but its office I get sent so Much shite It’s unreal so I get sent this message The other day from hip hop studio where They said they’ve recorded this and they Want me to have a look at they’ve gave Me a link so I have a look at the link And I want to play it now for you So anybody with half a brain cell knows

That video is fake I wasn’t going to do anything about it And even mention it maybe I’d have just Commented on the video you know saying Come on mate You met this I’m noticed in the comment Section secure team research now we all Know who lies that is Tyler that’s his Little research center which is just Tyler and he says good day I am a Researcher for security UFO Channel and I wanted to know if it would be alright For us to analyze and share this footage With our viewers all credit to you of Course and we will link back nice Tyler So Tyler from security has asked to use This fake video Thus getting desperate I mean this guy Said hi that would be great yeah so I’m Sure what he’s get his junk out there Somebody else native dog was put Tyler I Don’t think it’s real but if anyone can Pick it apart you come he won’t be Getting part though they just put it out You know desperate times long are they All been think he’s desperate times I Don’t know what these channels are Planar when they will give us they will Give 1 million five hundred P 1 million Five hundred thousand people should say Bass This is my point this is what pisses me Off

You know this this channels like hip-hop Studios trauma Dre’s channel with music And nice hazel he’s not working my Channel trauma grow my channel he’s he’s Being very slow but it’s gradually Getting up and up and up make sure you Like and subscribe and my point is when There’s these massive channels willing To do this to fool all those people he’s [ __ ] now I don’t think he’s put that Video out because knave doll already Kind of give him the inkling that you Know if you put it out we know he’s fake So he’s does he think people are stupid Yep that’s right it was pretty freaky to Say the least It’s a little Dicky bird told me Tyler Gullibility money in the bank anyway Guys go over and check out hip hop Studio you know send him some positive Feedback if you’re into hip hop music And R&B and all about listen to some of This stuff it’s really good you know Like his channel to grow but most of Ours like him not to go down this route I’m gonna make some failure because he’s Already made another fake UFO video out Of an aeroplane window and may just pack It in now return back to your passion Which is hip hop music because good You could’ve doing it don’t change your Channel and if you are gonna do you Elope with your mate little tip change The category because it still since

Music and you Anyway people full links to all the Videos used below in the description if You press that subscribe button wherever It may be and hit that Bell end so you Don’t miss a beat I’m a lien on it good Night god bless under mine the books Don’t bite found our first alien in China [Applause] [Applause]