Buzz Aldrin PASSES lie detector test revealing truth about Aliens???

By | April 13, 2018
Buzz Aldrin PASSES lie detector test revealing truth about Aliens???

Good evening folks good evening good Evening good evening i’m ainlina dates And welcome like/subscribe before you’ve Even watched any of my content because That’s the way I roll Now the recent news one point my house Up in the air I feel like the recent News that Buzz Aldrin has passed the lie Detector test Because from non over from The Daily Star saying that he has said you know The fact these believes that there’s Aliens up there newer phones or what Have you it’s completely true and the For over astronauts I’ve seen it too There is who is the Nellis have a really This there’s al worden Edgar Mitchell And Gordon Cooper now there’s a couple Of little things that fly out there one Cooper died in 2004 and two Mitchell Died in 2016 However the actual article that comes From none other than the Daily Star the Most reliable news source in the world Man point checking fat check in whatever Is on absolute crisp to the nipple it’s Beautiful So yes they do state that these four Also passed a lie-detector test and two Of them are snuffed it they’ve gone God bless the souls yeah how if you Actually read the article go down the Most reliable source The Daily Star Mayor didn’t start this video really

Stuff yeah if you read when it actually Stays in doesn’t state how what some Websites are stating that The Daily Star Has said how can these two astronauts Have passed away have passed the lie Detector test a test because this They’ve gone you know they’re no longer With us rightly so come on get to the Point gets primary another get to a Point feel a little bit wired today I Haven’t drank a drop by the way of Alcohol however I have four coffees I Feel on point so a little bit crazy Today for if we go down the daily star Page Sochi I love how the Daily Star Doesn’t have much advertisement it’s Just it’s just there for you If we look here you see voice recordings Of the fellow NASA pioneers Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper both died Were also analyzed so Mitchell claimed To have seen several UFOs and Cooper Actually described trying to chase that Cluster of objects that is interesting It’s interesting as hell Daily Star not It is still interesting I saw this story And I was like what a load of baloney And then when you look into it more and More there might be something in this I Don’t know but Buzz Aldrin has not Tweeted anything out about this I’ve Seen it if he hasn’t missed it so I’m Taking it with a grain a pinch a pinchy Grain of salt so so should you however

It’s interesting you you have heard Every scene especially Bulls talk about The things out there the things he Believes there I believe thee the model If we should go boldly where a man has Not gone before flyby the Comets visit Asteroids visit the moon of Mars there’s A monolith there a very unusual Structure on this little potato shaped Object that that goes around Mars once In seven hours when people find out About that they’re gonna say who put That there Who put that there well the universe put It there if you choose God put it there And I ask myself why we’re hearing so Much about this now we’ve seen all the DeLong stuff we’ve seen The great stuff we’re seeing a lot you Know if I named everything I’ll be here All [ __ ] day But this every UFO Channel every Newspaper article every oh mylanta color Everything documentaries is being Mentioned everywhere this at some point It’s gonna hit a spike and people are Gonna be like oh [ __ ] Maybe aliens do exist we’ve been visited By I’m gonna say UFOs and the map be a Stupid thing to say because that’s an Unidentified flying [ __ ] object we Have been visited by big colossal Spaceships madness or is it now I’m one

For madness you know I believe this Something in this whole alien conspiracy I do I do Hence the bailing on it by the way she’s Not for sale I’m a main munis though I may make T-shirts at some point how other things But I want to know your force on this Because everybody is debunking Everything so I’ve debunk loads and now I’m kind of like sometimes if you’re Gonna debunk it you don’t hit the first Conclusion DC which every six sees that Cooper and Mitchell of diets are there For the daily stars talking bollocks Well if not them there’s not read the Article properly for a start there Because it it plays plain as day it says And I’ll defend the day Libra Daily Star On this because he states They say recording that if that this Computer this new software that you know Is [ __ ] amazing out of this world It states that they is the voice Recordings you know it’s not stating That it’s they’ve brought them back from The dead just to give them a chuffing What is it women things lie detector Yeah now this I don’t think this is the Traditional lie-detector test where you Strapped down with something in your arm And you know get electrical shocks Where’s he going guys where is he going That’s my question

Where is all this going in two thousand And immediately just plug a [ __ ] Number from our house here 2021 What will the headlines be then do not Mean it’s um it’s getting more and more Bizarre you gotta ask yourself though You and ask yourself this question why Is it why is it getting so bizarre why What why is that we see all this I’ll Give you the answer and you’re looking At right now YouTube the Internet Twitter Facebook or social media this is Why it’s exploding like it is it’s not Because it’s that time they type fruits Explode it’s more the whole social media Side of it that is why is exploding how Is because I’m sorry and I don’t mean to Burst anybody’s [ __ ] bubble here But we have these amazing cellphones Yeah with amazing video cameras I don’t Actually think me getting much footage People say oh yeah the reason why we Should we’ve seen so much of it is Because people have got cell phones and Other amazing cameras blah blah blah Blah and we getting loads of amazing Footage no we’re not it’s not that much There really isn’t that much and I’ve Actually photographed the UFO before I Will talk about it probably one day I Have it on my harddrive but it’s a Little tray piddly thing in the Background but I know what I saw at the Time and the [ __ ] hard to film on

These things really ha Now you can believe that or not buying The [ __ ] like so yeah so you would Expect with the amount of mobile phones Smart mobile phones they’re out there Amazing HD footage that you would have Something concrete by now and we don’t Now if you were a alien species and you Were there to observe planets and What-have-you And you can travel the speed of light Way way beyond the speed of light I can Bend space wherever I’m pretty sure you Would have the ability of camouflage so That is probably why we’re not seeing Much If that’s what it is let’s say if I am NOT gonna preach just because I’m an Alien addict yes because I’m addicted to The subject it doesn’t mean to say that I am oh gonna preach every single bit of Alien evidence to you and say oh this is What it is this is definitely one is Buzzsaw bloody UFOs going to the mill And coming back or whatever you know Things that have been stated and I think We read into things too much I sometimes Read into things too much but then I you Know I go step back I think have a Little think a little bit of a breather Maybe another coffee and looking to it a Little bit more a little bit further now It’s extremely hard for me to look into It

And I’ll tell you won’t because I’m Extremely dyslexic so reading an article The current with a video like this for You for me man it’s my biggest interest Perfect I owe it to you to sit and get Headache reading it because I can’t read But it’s easy for anybody to miss things If you don’t look into it further so yes The daily brah did put out the story That for me doesn’t have enough evidence To back it up this just being pulled From nowhere but then a load of other Channels the news channels slate them Saying what a load of [ __ ] these two Guys are dead so how could they have Been lie detected it doesn’t say that They physically done it it states their Voices It’s the Institute of bio acoustics Right now this company Carried out a complex computer analysis Of that are su not Boise patterns as They told their close encounters It’s not anything to do with an actual However I detective work something to Give poor someone of you now I kind of Get that that because you will know when You see a another youtuber or anybody in The documentary if you feel like they’re Lying to you You get a feeling for the fact that They’re like Nalty because as humans Were quite good at that right what game On computer game was something it was

The first one that you could see the Emotions as well that was that the LA Noire rockstar game yeah I don’t really Play computer games and you might not Have time for computer games on final do Enjoy though but yeah you can read the Voices the way the acted you could see They’re expressing expressions on their Faces and you would do your detective Work on the back of that so this Computer this lie-detector computer is Hearing in the voice the patterns that’s Pretty clever And it’s also scary but you know the Stain that the the FBI could do with Something like this in the future when You read something or see something me Anybody out there You’ve got a thing okay they suffer look At the sauce that they got that from in The first place Let’s see where they’re going with this So he’s just debunked that brilliant Well done may you [ __ ] debunked it What made you tea bunky how did you get There how did you become this a UFO Channel this big debunk or whatever you Know everybody wants to be right we do We’re human we’re Oregon we like to be Right I like to write I don’t like to be Wrong But if I am wrong I’ll say yeah [ __ ] Wrong about that you’re [ __ ] If you go down the list of my channel

You look at the stuff I first died out With then you’ll say that I was addicted To the planet Mars right I’m probably Had a bit of pareidolia Somebody has stole my skeleton saying That though it was some I found some Awesome [ __ ] on that planet this looks Like a penguin put two and two together And came up with a three yeah So all I’m saying to you is when you Read something one have a good look into It so if fix something send it to me Tweet me yeah it’s it’s bloody interest In this getting interesting but you’ve Got to remember and remember this alone The day and age we live in is very much The social media age so this subject is Out it will just keep firing – keep Firing keep firing because whoever’s Makes it one story somebody else makes Up another story and he has that domino Effect but as the dominoes are flying Over the game more dots you know the Domino dots they’re gaining more of Those because people expand on lies and People expand on truth so when the goal Of this I don’t know anyway you know What I mean don’t you Everyone’s a bullshitter good night god Bless mind the books though bye I am Alien addict subscribe like and share my Bollocks You