Dr. Greer Fights the Atacama Coverup

By | April 5, 2018
Dr. Greer Fights the Atacama Coverup

Very very reliable good evening folks Alien addicts here so tonight I want Discuss the recent news that dr. Steven Greer has put out waste I to do a fight Back on the guy who did the whole DNA And genetics of the Chilean little fetus What is a fetus well girl 6-inch So Gary’s basically says it’s it’s been Proved now that this is a 6-inch fetus That would have just died didn’t live to Be six to eight years old like Stephen Says and I have to say what I’ve seen This recent interview between Steven Greer and Carol Ross seen I think is Pronounced that way is it’s interesting The end you can see it in the guy’s face He’s extremely pissed off about these Results and he almost even he looks he Looks extremely tired I have to say I Kind of watched it I felt really bad for Dr. grey I was like I kind of like to Give him a hug and the fact that Tom the Lungs convey to the Stars Academy is Something to do with this and this Gary Nolan is associated with them that’s Where you’ve got to start asking the Questions from what I said in the Previous videos like these guys are kind Of you know the ballet now a bit but I Don’t know just take a look at this in Fact in an email dated on December 30th Of 2013 this on in this email he states That the chances these genes would come Up by chance meaning of mutation our

Infant tesam Infinitesimal I’m quoting well what Happened well the next thing we know he Is not at all talking he cuts off Communication with us and I’m the Principal investigator who supplied him This sample and spent tens of thousands Of dollars to take a whole research team Over to Barcelona to get the cat scans The x-rays the sample etc and so on and He ends up joining up with this group This teach to the Stars Academy group of Tom DeLonge we’ll get to this in a Minute and they facilitate the global Fake disclosure that this is suddenly Not couldn’t possibly eat he related That the case is closed as they deformed Human fetus here’s the problem with all Of this is that the research paper he Put out is so dense and unless you have A PhD in genetics you’re not going to Understand it that’s the first thing Secondly it appeared and got through the Peer review of genome research everyone Listening needs to contact dr. Susman su SS ma m and she is the editor of Genome Research and point out that this paper According to the top geneticists in the World should have never made it through Peer review period . it would have gotten a zero rating is What he has stated number three that They cherry picked it’s sort of like Dick cheney cherry-picking the

Intelligence to put Colin Palin from the UN to say see he has weapons of mass Destruction let’s go in there and have a Two trillion dollar war that kills Hundreds of thousands of people this is The scientific equivalent of what Dick Cheney did in in terms of data but Because of people’s respect for that Journal And the fact that the corruption between The media and the intelligence community Facilitated this obscure report on this Obscure case being headline front-page News worldwide the whole world thinks The case is closed when my friends the Case isn’t even begun so yeah it looks Like dr. gray is extremely pissed off And he’s he’s not going to go down Without a fight So it’s gonna get exciting and I think You’re gonna see a lot more now and Especially I think I think that the Stars Academy is gonna start putting More owl maybe on this I don’t I don’t Know if they’re gonna fight him on this I personally think they will um I’d love To know how this is all You know help although words in Different people’s is who’s done who’s Been manipulated who’s good who was Working for somebody and then it’s Actually how much they’ve been paid to Go and work for somebody else or with a Friends involved I don’t know um I think

He’s he’s probably been very much about Money as you might have seen in the last Video I said this after the money um I Do still think he was doing money but Who doesn’t want to make money you know He’s not a doctor anymore so he’s gonna Make it somehow and I think doctors get Paid a pretty penny my point being is Yeah he’s he’s making money but you’ve Got you’ve got he’s got a family he’s Got a house he’s got a mortgage people Got make money somehow and they so you See many UFO channels they’re always Asking for money they’re always asking For donations bla bla bla bla bla maybe Some point I may get a patreon or Something like that who knows where my Channels going at the minis just kind of Me just talking to you talking rambling [ __ ] all of our stuff um I work five Hours a week so at the moment it’s like This is just a hobby anyway that’s a Great dr. Greer do I think he’s for real Yeah I think there’s a part of him that Is complete for real there’s another Part in the site I need to provide to my Family I need to keep this house I need To keep the luxuries I’m used to in life Life can you blame it can we really be Angry rather I don’t think we can so I’m Gonna leave this interview in the Description and I may put some bits in This video don’t know it just kind of Make it as a go along this whole thing

That I do I do think he’s pissed Alpha say that again about this Gary Nolan’s results really pissed off and I Think it’s gonna get interesting so I Mean if this thing is 6 to 8 years old Like Stephen says and it’s that small But nuts that’s what that allows imagine Is that’s like the remember that TV Program that’s probably salvia too young To have watched it but wonder if the Giants that’s like it’s almost like Dying in really um other borrowers if You go back a little bit yeah this Little small creature with but probably Intelligence or maybe it was a monkey he Does say that speaking of monkeys that Monkeys have missing eight can you say 87% so that two percent of a monkey is Not human it’s not the same sort of DNA As also I don’t know talk about close to DNA so I’m not going to try but this Thing had 10% I’m gonna call it an alien [ __ ] it yeah but he still chilly an Alien easy do Think is a lien or do you think it’s Just a deformed fetus I mean the bone Structure alone looks far too intact to Be a hundred two hundred and thirty Years old fetus jame in kind of looks Are too perfect and the one that’s been Found in russia no this is weird Big here’s what Greer says here now the Story behind this one was not only given To Gary Nolan one of his PhD or postdoc

Students found all the evidence on the Internet for it and remarked about how Much it looked the same and we have that Correspondence from dr. Nolan to to them So we one of the things you need to Understand about this it says that the Russian one was eventually taken by the FSB we need help in Russia relocating This which had been the KGB proprietor To that it was found it was had three Genetic studies that were done that Showed that it did not have human Genetics however it was later done by a State lab that declared it was a female Human fetus the same cover story as you See in the Gary Nolan report that’s in The human genome it’s very curious when I read this the other day I thought how Strange that it started out the same way And it ended up the same way it started Out that people were doing real research On the Russian creature and ended up Being a just an ordinary human that had All these deformities now the story Behind that is that it’s an area of Russia where there are a lot of UFOs Seen going in and out of the mountain And those that area is noted to be a hot Spot and has been for centuries of UFOs Interestingly where the Atacama humanoid Was found I just got this photograph From the Atacama Desert is also an area That’s noted I don’t know if you can see The photograph or not can you see it

Yeah this is a daytime disc classic over The Atacama Desert and so the native Peoples of that area have both Russia And that Chile now these are separate Continents separate hemispheres have Seen these UFOs and have seen these Small creatures which apparently are Just a little over foot tall when They’re fully developed the specimen That we call a de the atacama one was Apparently only a child of 6 to 8 years Or the equivalent in human years of 6 to 8 years look again at this the skull and The overlapping bone of the one in Russia and then if you go back and you Look at the skull structure if you’re on Our website of the one that we have from The Atacama Desert there’s a remarkable And they both have four skull bones Whereas humans have six now dr. Noland Had stated emphatically if there were Two of these anywhere in the world it Would rule out a spontaneous mutation of A human fetus that if there’s no way That you’re going to have two of these That are one in a quadrillion chance and Yet he was given all of this clinical Data and still came up With a genetic report that has been Accepted by this peer-reviewed journal That says the case is closed It’s a deformed human Chilean girl that Was a fetus Well this geneticist who has been doing

This work with us has and his remarks Are somewhere I will get them in a Minute the geneticist has stated that The and I just want to emphasize some of These points that he made when he first Contacted us he says first of all Nolan’s story has changed completely Since we first discussed the early Results then he was ecstatic that he had Made one of the big history-making Discoveries and this brought despite his Strong interest on that day after that We never heard from him again If and he goes on to say if this were my Data and I did the same analysis my First conclusion after seeing so many Mutations with coding regions including Lots of mutations never before seen in Any medical databases as critical would Be to think most of all that such Mutations took place after the moaning Died in other words they are not Mutations their damage to the DNA due to The 100 to 500 years of environmental Exposure which is unavoidable I would Venture to say that the vast majority of Molecular biologists would consider that As a primary hypothesis now what Nolan And his colleagues did next was quite Surprising to say the least They chose to interpret all of those Many extents of mutations within DNA Coding regions as genetically Significant to the mummy while it was

Still alive If it were a fresh modern undamaged Sample this might be reasonable however Were sampled which has been moderately Damaged to the extent described it is Not a plausible hypothesis yes you mean That is nice weird is weird that you Have to admit that would they had to Like rolling about no that’s the exactly The same I guess I lean to one no a Gazillion is if I was an animal does Anybody think that there’s anything to This little person I mean it’s two of Them The greatest doctor buff it’s been more Than two found that does anything There’s anything to it the people Generally think and they’re accepting The report and it the DNA resource in This is hands-down it’s a fetus It doesn’t look want about to me what I’m going to say when you look at the The skeleton and I thought yeah I’ve had A little bit of research and lots of Skeletons of fetuses and things like That just cuz I thought half their to Make this video and he doesn’t he looks Nothing like but he’s really extremely Art and you know maybe something in this So maybe you should we should be Watching grandmom we should we should be Seeing what he’s actually doing never Mind the money making yeah he’s making Money so what there’s plenty of over UFL

Channels that are trying to do but They’re asking you for money begging you For money you know People want to make money anyway folks The reason why I do this I would love to Listen to what you see what you’re Saying about it so leave it in the Comments like I said we’ll be following This closely this isn’t much that I can Say there isn’t already outlays it’s Just my I’m just saying I’m getting a Bit of trust for it back but I’m still Still suspicious Jim I mean the guy has To make money yes But I think he’s too passionate about This and he looks too pissed off and not Doesn’t look stage or act it to me so For me I think he’s just some real it’s Sticking to his guns and if that’s what He’s doing then Good on in jannat me anyway good night God bless mind the books don’t bite like Cher Shemesh it case closed this Six-year-old 6-inch Creature is in fact a fetus that we Aborted this is unbelievable Scientific misconduct