Milwaukee UFO Drunk Debunk Live

By | March 14, 2018
Milwaukee UFO Drunk Debunk Live

The seagull so I didn’t know in the last Video if you watch it we went live early Today in Leeds and we talked about the Videos seeing the seagulls No it’s called rock from Boston no let’s See Frank from Boston He’s from [ __ ] Boston Nicky from Richie from Boston Richie from Boston Richard Boston great video I really Appreciate what you’re doing wrong as I Bought these things and then you bring It demons and so my a blue beam but I Can see there is birds and I can see That it is a low fly camera with what They call it a when I don’t know but II Would imagine that like my own sir is What I think this project blue Bing Bing and is a government funded System where it will distract the world With a holographic images good Flynn and I think that’s fantastic if that’s What’s gonna do it for you that’s Brilliant for them to then spend I would Imagine millions it’s project really Shitty image of some birds flying around It’s probably absolute waste of time oh It was just seagulls but I feel like It’s which you know is what is this Ground scrap you don’t subscribe to my Channel Richie from Boston like share Subscribe or Joe be brackets bullets I Don’t know Anything about your friends and children

But I would imagine the Blue Beam Wouldn’t be anything interesting in Doing that gonna think oh he said it Would maybe be the last card the last Final card coming to my country taking My chips put the seagulls in the sky no I think make the illumina acquaintance My country waitress Gordon’s seagulls I Think I think what is it called Occam’s Razor where you know if it’s the most Obvious languages probably is the answer So why is it they glowed like that right Who is this person once again I okay This is a question for you eyes of the Beholder 33 why does the moon glow Because the moon has no radius so radio Active or any sort of energy so why does The moon glow at night you’re asking why Do the seagulls glow I don’t know Answer that and that is your answer for The other question Michael in the moon Goes because the song which the same Thing of the seagulls the light that is Around you go we Christians and we Believe that nonsense is nonsense at the End of the day so the reason this equals Blowed is the same thing anything blows At night is because if something’s in The sky and they’re white could reflect The light they shine upon them is worth [ __ ] camera it was a [ __ ] camera as well It was Fox News that’s what really what Richie from Boston said it’s Fox News Well we’re genial wrong there because I

Did a little bit of information on Myself and I found it wasn’t folks when They where they come round like it’s What With a camera are you imagine it’s just Any reflective light of a white horse Guys I’ll turn the lights on and see if Anything reflects maybe it how is thing How can his I think people can see is Still in the light because because There’s another light sources reflecting Got it are you serious southern willow Means the seagulls react to frequencies Trader weather patterns no they’re not They’re just eating bugs in the sky so Birds off birds just faces [ __ ] eat Bugs in the sky why would birds flying Around there was my [ __ ] midges Because VG’s no midges or insects or Mosquitoes they call it over thy Neighbors just anything flying the sky a Cloud of them for any reason so they Would be probably circling around trying To eat some books I don’t know but birds Do we don’t I look out my window and I See these pigeons flying around stupidly Seagulls react to frequency and strange Weather patterns the reelection was Happening 30 miles south I witnessed it Yes I witnessed it good hey Matthew hi Are you saying that that you’ve seen Seagulls do the same see saying his Seagulls hundred percent I’m he’s moved On he said the moon was distorted and

Set in the wrong spot the night of the Light show yes that was shitty Yes I think they were seagulls but I’m Telling you the light show went down the Amount south of Milwaukee so what Happened back What happened 30 miles south of Milwaukee maybe the seagulls were a Destruction casitas paid with bread was The easiest thing okay well why hasn’t Anyone asked what the [ __ ] are a focus He said that there and a flock of Seagulls flying around in the middle of The night in winter in the Midwest he Finds don’t shoot wife sir calm down the [ __ ] [ __ ] traffic Catholic ass Hey sure give me a black eye she will Think no things go up okay So good point pack so you got some good Points but you need to kind of help us Understand to mate don’t [ __ ] slow go Floss those guys you need to help us Understand them please so tell us do Seagulls not fly in winter booger pests It’s cold and snow we’re here some ideas That way we were a thing again it’s just Occam’s razor what is the most obvious Answer and go with that or it could just Be just say ah it’s just it’s just sorry I dropped it What did I say to you don’t say anything About North Korea you know right Budapest

Good I’ll look Budapest I’m look to go To Budapest okay I’ve got something here That’s really good It’s from sa 1000 word or less the Bible Says God’s an Aryan and black and white I believe it Where oh yeah I want to see ya where si Where be nice to know the Bible says God’s an alien in black and white well Yeah Have you read the Bible yes of course Over the [ __ ] Bible I’m Dyslexic so What does it mean does he become the ass It’s too long the God is omnipotent What’s that mean good news focus on me Kind of means everybody told you don’t Use words I don’t miss that means these Macho man you can see in everything and Do everything but I guess you might or I Might I may agree with you he’s drawn me Look that’s what I use in words I don’t Say I may agree and good news Catholic Residents don’t know It’s a psst the Bible says God’s an Alien in black and white I believe it Great book port I don’t understand we’re Just show me where we’ll get the Bible Everyone look now if this is pat on the Back now if we see flock of seagulls up There I would have to say that will be The last count well I got last care That’s from Bob from the Bronx sorry From the bridge keep on Boston or VC From box yeah yeah get on Boston says

It’s I’m gonna be on no no God I might Be if you want me to do a video on it Please comment in this video if you want Me to do a video on that if it can be Bothered to do it but security intent as Debunked it and I’m quite I’ll be honest With you I’ve done a lot of debunking Security intent and he’s changed his Channel and his song this year he’s Change too much changes you and it’s Kind of don’t move it move it let me Talk about Tyler Tyler You are hey guys hey guys Fox News is so you know you know you Don’t believe them because what it may Be that maybe the facts you know because It there’s no such thing as numerology So you wear that what’d you say what is It – there is no such thing as Numerology we can make numbers turn into Anything we want so what see what is it Boss – Richie from Boston I like your Channel stop trying to make it if Something this no I’m looking trying to Make you something is well I have got Good question here you go through as Cute as hell pound the back what does Think of third phase the moon no for a Phase boom yeah I’ll have a pint with You however you talk [ __ ] if it is Further phase moon no no I know it’s not Fair phase ammo and what I’m saying is What do they think of it what do I think

Of third phase a moment I would have a Pint I would I never got some wine down With two balls go with first fade down Third phase a moon because they seem Like nice again however I think they Talk bollocks but I would have a drink With him because I think they would Quite fun to dream with well there we go If that makes any sense So can we talk about whether if you’re Talking about UFO [ __ ] I think the fake everything right I’m Gonna bring the right we’ll talk a Little bit about music so here is no no You know we’re gonna play a bit of Tennessee may make your watching bad His wife’s in Basel I’ll talk to iPad Plays piano have you ever seen this on a Live stream Are we Indiana family we are playing a Killer tonight boom Right now and then we’ve got Lego here I’ve got lots like my favorite Lego Pieces at the minute But that’s not the book I’m currently Reading Dana Dana do you need to come And have a drink with me at what you do Oh Dana Dana Barrett we didn’t count Hey Dana Barrett so okay so I’m up for Questions and answers about England Aliens UFOs England England’s got Nothing to do our people are from

England so we can answer those you know Catholicism means you’re going to you Didn’t say anything again don’t some Forests that’s nothing Oops Britain chat we’re going to run off Shellfish that way it’s true Rendlesham Forest Randall Shem forest no it’s just a Campout student us in the chat even my Videos before we are all about Eve next You a nice June just ok we’re all about Going to Rendlesham forest to do Campaign to show wrong yeah yeah camping Yes this is companies the biggest easier [ __ ] your phone oh [ __ ] whoa whoa We didn’t talk about the advice our Oh [ __ ] Okay stop flip man with the [ __ ] UFO Okay [ __ ] off so so only said to me you look Carefully weird like if I was a black Man he’s a black man she wants to go the Black man racist what your Hulk You can’t keep mentioning somebody’s It’s because he’s religious doesn’t mean Saying I really fear [ __ ] no no you just Been weird so I was looking out in the Daytime of this house out for this guy Any can see that’s got a non-profit his Back and where I live we have predatory Prey birds called kites So kites like Eagles and the big gates And the great and I thought it was one Of those so I watched it and then it

Moved differently and I realized it Actually was dislike and I thought I was Weird but just like and so naturally I Went ah it’s a drone drone so I I got my Wife and my kid and that’s it quickly There’s a drone outside and the drone Was really cool it was like flying Really like we hadn’t gone back of us But in the day each when whoosh Oh Straight up into the stratosphere up Into the sky hey I’m not being you know Enthusiastic you are to me that looks Like you’re [ __ ] lying your tits off All right okay I don’t need to lie about Anything I’m quite cool my skin who I am But I never told anyone about this and It was just a thing that happened Everywhere you know a strange thing and Then we just said no we just look to me When really that’s really [ __ ] no We’re never been taken in so long I Don’t think you’re lying I’m saying this But to me when you said that there yeah It sounded lying because I’m so Enthusiastic it’s okay you need to be Not I think that’s what people doing This no it wasn’t just thinking yeah we Thought it was something and then it in The Nate was the day and when I’m Wearing [ __ ] it wasn’t and we don’t know What it was but it was very fast and it Was bigger than we thought because we Thought it was closer but it was Actually far further away and he went up

And just I want to save space but up and Gone why you still doing up and ever how You do never always don’t know Well we’re enjoying a few bottles of Wine and we had a great gig tonight we Watched elbow yes maybe we got Rendlesham forest Heather we’ve been see abandoned life Elba and by John Who is an American fellow she’s just Trying to have a Dean is religious Racist here but Dean is Catholic if you [ __ ] subscribe yeah busted you know Jeff is a Roman Catholic who is Jeff Heather it’s Jeff your other half right I’m all about doing some interview soon With some flower fairies that I’m Friends with because I am friends with Fairies So I’m friends with a couple of channels That are flat earth fairies I’m gonna Bring him on the channel is that a bad Thing I don’t think that’s a bad thing Because I think it brings it’s great Isn’t it isn’t it great when people can Believe in something I mean I don’t Believe in flies that’s all that’s great But when you look at like people have Talked about the Antarctic is it acting On tactic where there’s this Chum or School of like Hollow and you can go in The earth and this demoted on that’s Called as well it’s just cool there’s Also the GU hey watch today to you for

Today I watched shape of know what shape Of like what’s the new film should be oh [ __ ] that thing about the the monster Lives them in the war and this shape of Light what’s up what’s up shape of still What I need to think is what’s her film Costume we watched it I watched it you Told someone shape of war I guess it yes Yeah great and brilliant rhythm and Really interesting a woman this is a Fish come quick yes from everybody who Just a guess just to get some safaris in The show who believes that no thanks Mark you know he said anything yet that Me the UFO phenomena hell yeah he’s Gonna be so It’s gonna come into mainstreaming very Soon and these can be false so that Again so you’re asking people to say yes I know do you believe the UFO phenomena We know you’re a Fermi is only Identified yeah I mean aliens know yeah I’m talking about whole thing comes away Yes do you think that the yeah I think So funny but alright I’ve got better Here 5050 but do you think that Potentially everything we’ve learned is Something to do with religion as well so When they do finally come to where they Say ah it’s me Jesus in my spacecraft Right guys SpaceX is real Robbie from Boston’s and not him then I don’t know What’s going on there but you got hands And that’s no good just don’t do that

Anger bossing and Catholics don’t Believe in Flat Earth and they do oh I Saw nearly I saw a spaceship those cool And we cannot reach Eva bastard like Share subscribe or Joe