Go Fast: UFO video, secureteam10 is right about Tom Delonge

By | March 11, 2018
Go Fast: UFO video, secureteam10 is right about Tom Delonge

[Applause] Good evening folks and welcome a lien on It here so a few of you sent me the link To the to the Stars Academy video go Fast and way too much boss on it I’m not Copy dress cure team just said because I Have just watched the video just before I’m doing this though But yeah I’m slightly disappointed as Well after watching what Tyler said About the video and the fact that it was Put out two years prior and the East Coast 2015 video um alright guys I’ve Just been editing this video and I’ve Just got to the bit where I’m talking About the fact that there is a video two Years old that somebody’s already put This out and I just needed to get some More information while I was editing it Just I was gonna take a screenshot and What have you just done – Tyler’s video he gone – the link these Left now I went to the link before how To look at this it was there you click On the link now this comes up second is What you get Sorry we couldn’t find this find that Page reasons might be foreseen this page Exists but you don’t have the Permissions to see it now I could see it Before I guarantee ya I could see before And probably many you out they could see It nothing has ever existed here spooky

Something that once lived here but has Been deleted so it’s just weird how it’s Being deleted so I wonder if this guy’s Been paid off I missed it all You never know D in this day and age He’s weird but yeah so time I might do a Video about this because I would if I’d Left this link and they said happen I’ve Been making another video because this Is this is this is weird that this is Gone anyway Curren it in sorry it it Kinda get she questioned it and I’m Really glad that a channel like secure Team is starting to do stuff like this Because he’s the biggest channel out There this face I mean I’ve given it a Little bit that was just a tiny bit of Hey Tyler from time to time Oh just to keep you on track and now um You don’t give a [ __ ] but this video Yeah is it is this point is I kind of Want there is more to it I mean you’ve Got yourself there what can the release What and like Tyler says with the Government you know what is the Government allowing to go out he’s Actually spot-on What he’s saying um now I have not Bought security and t-shirt yet so just I’m not there yet don’t worry still got A little bit of hate just Any bit no there’s no hey how do I hate Anybody I don’t hate fur face it moon fats I

Love them I love them anyway back to This yeah I get sidetracked now and Again I need to stop doing this back to The bats of the day launch the launch Yeah Tom right if you’re watching this Which you won’t be um what he needs to Do now I think he needs to put out a Video of himself talking about what he’s Actually always playing I mean all this Money’s gone to the test to the Stars Academy what are you doing his money I Invested ten pounds yeah no I didn’t I Got it on I did think about it but he Was enough yeah it’s a it’s a head Scratcher this one it’s like where is This going You know I want to see some more about What you spending the money on rather Than you know releasing little what Looks it could be anything it really Could be I mean the actual the writing On the side on the gimbal it could be Faked and that could be just an object Moving fast over water that’s being Speeded up all of a sudden I don’t think That’s the case at all I think it is Something that they’ve actually filmed I Just want more because you greed you Little bastards As you apologists that’s why I call Myself these days yeah I’ve got me alien Next to me yeah so give us some more Tom We want more give is it we’re hungry for It don’t I said such good things about

It before as well don’t don’t make me go Back on what I’m saying about you Anyway the video I’m not I don’t think it’s anything that Nothing’s over everything that he said He was gonna do and he’s gonna show it Is amazing it’s not happening yet Disappointed If the word give us something Give us a fate UFO God just keep the Plungers happy no come if you’ve got Something get this hit I’d say this is It at all I deliver yes I really don’t This pissed me off a little bit I’m a Little bit on their jobs watching Security interns ladies video in the Buff before I do this so you know any Out above and you’re hot sabaki mullet I’m hot Passion people Anyway like and subscribe Good night god bless my the Brooks Tailpipe it’s all over this and this Bollocks You