UFOs and Religion?

By | March 10, 2018
UFOs and Religion?

Here to talk about UFOs and religion We’ll talk first about my religion so I’m a Catholic boy and slightly agnostic So I read between the line it’s not Black and white I read between them a Little bit and I can see how the word of God and the word that was written by Yeah yeah was there translated in Different ways which is the completely Opposite of me it’s not religion I said I have no religious you know I am I Don’t know an atheist or not but it’s Weird because I have no idea what I am You know you see my channel you see I do Many videos and I kind of don’t know What it is I put it out there these Religious well I think what’s good is That there’s two people who do you Believe in do behaviors well I believe That there is a higher being and the Higher being may be translated into Aliens when we talk about angels maybe It translates in something else for Other beliefs and it’s good that me and You have different views yet we can sit Happily tonight I had a great night Together and yet we’ve now we can talk Now we’ve had a few drinks more relaxed A’right we can talk about how our belief System maybe come from a higher power That may not be just got it may be from Another planet– So if you do believe in like the Dean You Kathleen be careful got a Catholic

Why you ain’t even telling us well but I’ve never seen in a year but I believe That there is other beings out there When I read about angels and demons from The good book then I believe that I Could be translated in most different Ways I’ve heard of the people like you know Thoughts of beings flying in the sky With fire coming out of their wings you Know a chariot it was always chariots in The sky and that was only because the People back then had to relate the Things they saw to what they understood From their lifestyle so if there was a Being or an item flowing in this guy it Would be a chariot on fire Or it would be an angel and so of Potentially it could have been another Being or maybe somebody from the future Or something we don’t understand Rather than what the people who wrote The book okay so it’s my question where Where do you think where do you think it Is going wrong right now between the People who aren’t putting out things Because a lot of it I could i converse With a lot of religious channels yeah Within the UFO community it’s about Tolerance isn’t it guys bear with me Because I am a little bit inebriated We’ve never been to a gig tonight but I Converse feel a lot of them and some of Them they put some far-out like what

Give me one thing that they’re out that If they the aliens are demons yes well In memory not demons but maybe Everything more than the angel route but You know when we talk about when we go Back into the history of man you know That buildings were built that we Couldn’t have built and and we talked About they I was looking something Recently about Kirkstall Abbey but there Was built near 11th century in Leeds and The amount of Engineering ingenuity they had was crazy And then you go back to Stonehenge we go Back to the inca trails you go back to The pyramids and and then we’ve believed That pyramids are probably thousands of Thousands of years old and naturally Were then potentially maybe there was a Higher being their time out to do that Now was that God was it God was it some Higher angel system that taught them how Someone is asking yourself oh yeah Oh demons are a convenient explanation For religion yeah you’re probably right Because because it’s about right and Wrong isn’t it so religion is a guidance To live our life by and if you have Mojo Jojo and Jojo I then and so yeah it’s Great because demons exist in all of us Not just you know man I thought man so Yeah right and wrong is kind of like the Whole basis of pretty much every major Religion in the world and yet when we go

Back in time when we talk about other Books that were written into the Torah Through the Jewish religion through the You know Abrahamic religions and did They come from one man or did it come From maybe a higher being and he came From angels potentially that extra Education was from a higher educated Race in the universe who know it was Craig ebitda all right man Jojo ban Jojo We are in a we are in a proper bridge But because we’ve just been inside and It was too dark and too loud you’re that Probably showing our age a little bit Make mayadeen I like completely Different Dean’s religious I’m not Religious we’ve been see elbow alive Elbow fantastic gigs supported by John Graham was a great musician Oh what’s that saying my in-laws a very Christian and don’t believe in aliens Bigfoot none other I believe in Christ Yeah I think outside the proverbial Christian box thousand upon thousand Species yeah you’re probably right in Fact there were species in the Bible Where that they got wiped out by the by The floods so when the floods came out That wiped out the what was the name of Those large humans the Giants somebody Will put it on now we might a few drinks [ __ ] they would call Neverland yeah The Nephilim that was it Nephilim so This you know there’s there’s beliefs

Yeah Thank You Craig and the Nephilim so Yeah we believe that there is all the Races or other beings that existed During our time with you on the doom we Talked about the troglodytes life the Troglodytes and i sometimes call my wife Who troglodyte but there is it’s a funny Name through life all the things existed Whether that was down to evolution so if You did you not Christian then you think That maybe that was evolution that Created things or maybe just maybe it Was a different species that was out There that was from Giants it was a World of joy was huge aliens well I Believe that in the in the Bible that People lived to a thousand things about Religious not really saying is making Out now he’s really released he’s not This is my old boss Evan a belief system I believe in a higher being but yes I Have not been schooled by their parents My parents were religious I’ve not found It myself Well again it is more about right and Wrong and about living my life in the Right way and then because of that just That reading the books they start Thinking hang on I don’t really think That the flood happened or maybe it Didn’t didn’t happen and if you did then Maybe wasn’t exactly as this that it Wasn’t here see what he’s saying right Now maybe I also straight through my

Ears and I am a scientist I don’t stand There it’s a lot religious what suppose Suppose what sir Sick to threes in the valley great will Annette believe well well we’ll probably Go there one time if you invite us we’ll Go there I will get to that Valley we’ll Go where we we look places to go Anunnaki that was a good one they’re an Alien beings who fly around there’s a Pump is another planet that flies around That’s slightly out of all my [ __ ] Neighborhood wider it’s not what they’re Lucky yeah I think that’s something to Do in a burrow and they assumed it was She said to Anunnaki night if I’m right Back in the Iraqi era a race of aliens Who live on a house or another Gravitational pole that goes much over a Thousand years maybe which see which may Coincide with the coming of Jesus Christ So if there is a planet that does go Round and it only comes back to earth Every thousand years attention to that’s Where Jesus came free what what the Eight is what we’re going to discuss Here because I spoke to Dean of this About this tonight is is is is it’s Aliens what do you say alien what do you Mean is it is so do you think it’s alien I do you think it’s something to do with What we’ve been preaching a whole [ __ ] goddamn life you mean it in the Bible well I think that maybe cuz I

Don’t I don’t This is and you take the word I don’t Think this I am because I am but listen You believe you cannot possibly believe In a Bible and believe in this God yet You can believe in other people living On the planet Saleucami visitors because Maybe the potential do the same thing Just maybe So these it seems do you think aliens And religion belong in this say yes yes Definitely yeah look my priest would Hate me to say that so when I I had to Have a long talk with my priest before I Got married and he said you know I want To talk to you about by your religious Beliefs and he was a an Irish fellow an Old man maybe in the 70s He didn’t like what had to say because I Said to him I said well I’ve got one Problem and that is dinosaurs so we know That we found the you know the dinosaurs Do you believe in dinosaurs do a lot of Saying now the dinosaurs aren’t real or I told you this one he said no this is a 70 year old Irish priest in England and He said well now Dean I’ll tell you this Now I tell you this now sure if I was a Millionaire and you asked me for a Hundred pounds sure I’d give it to you Cuz 100 pounds to a millionaire is none Sure if I was a pauper only pound to be A lot of money and I couldn’t give that To you now if you needed to it what to

God when he made that world in six days And they rested on the seventh day to Him one day could have been ten thousand Years could have been ten million years Shot to him he’s a millionaire sure one Day I take him maybe ten million years And that may have been when the Dinosaurs were built by him I’m sure you Never thought to mention it in the Bible Because show it to him it was just one Deep and I thought that was a really Good explanation I think it is good at Well no don’t This is very getting out of my awkward Question but you know hey okay okay I Will go about sir a big question that’s Been asking in the community right now Is we’ve got SpaceX and they’re all Saying that these Rockets great spacer Well I mean you’ve got to think of the Reasoning behind things so everybody When they do something have a reason and Again to do it so when we talk about the Space race and leaving this in the Fifties and sixties it was two nations Competing against each other and we Don’t believe what they said so some People don’t believe that the moon Landing was real some people don’t Believe I’ve seen evidence say it wasn’t But and that’s enough for me to say it’s About irreligious so what’s that got to Do with a because I must be blaming Israel or not I will hope that was real

I think we have definitely been to the Moon I know we have you implement for The first time maybe we didn’t serve us But we say that the Americans but so we Know that the America and Russia who do Not have the same integrity if it’s a British people I think the bridge if They wanted to do something would be Honest and say they did or didn’t do it Like when we failed that Mars rover that Time we just failed it and we just Honest instead of the [ __ ] and it never Got that it was why we yeah but I’ve got A great idea I I think that potentially That the nations would you just do Something to make themselves feel better And look good about themselves now would Space egg to do that yes cos the would Because they have investors and they Have stakeholders so when you take a Business that has share holds the Stakeholders and investors and they fail Then you cannot fail and so you’re Better to lie about what you did and and Get their money for it because when Money’s involved rather than a whole Country getting together and doing Something then you maybe you just can’t Trust the result Dean’s like wrote like we’re best mates And Dean is religious and I think Sony Religious channels right now and I will I am doing a couple of interviews and

They will be coming up with over we’ve Over channels where they they talk about The ailing what’s the tail see what the Car say oh here we go Do you have a Bitcoin I’m Georgia says I Like your friend the Bitcoin we should Get This great wave I don’t like a negatory What so uh so uh so uh so uh so uh so uh So so big please be kinda great or would You leave us a big party tonight be Corny No no no stick to the topic we won’t Talk about Victorian couples We’ll talk about brilliant religion and That’s er yes so I believe there is and We know because when I go to church when I went to church because I live I’ve got I love it England Bitcoin I live I live In England and I I spend a lot of time In Ireland as well which is very Catholic country and when we were Celebrating well it also sorry pal Children I gave it and my mates all do Bitcoin and I don’t understand it that They have invested shitloads in Bitcoin And they’re telling me to invest in it And I’m like I did do it and now it’s Like – probably too late but alright if It’s too late it’s too late but I’m like I don’t understand it Banjo drive all of us down there I’m Gonna move you back to religion for a Second now so when I back on topic when

I was in Christmas in Ireland I love you Banjo girl yeah you are your UI choice She always comes and she like helps you Sure when I was in over there Christmas And that the priest was very clear when He did the Christmas Mass and he talked About the Jesus was born in the stable And the star came over he was very clear To mention that that probably I didn’t Happen in December it probably happened In from all around September time now we Know that because of the way the stars Were aligned and we know because the Fact of the sheep were out there and They you know they wouldn’t really be Out there in December so if that was Because if that’s not true and that’s Written by a man who made him made Things up so they made him up to remix To fit to the page in the schedule so The pagan winter schedule always went on The 25th of December Because v is descent the 25th of December was a pagan winter solstice our Ritual so the Catholic Church was Written by man and they decided to fix Their rituals at the same time as the Pagan so they went to a pagan country They could easily even put Catholic push Couple this Azzam inside that country Okay and it was reason so fire is one Thing that they change to make it fit Then they could have changed a lot of Other things to make one of the sheets

Of one minute seven Israel yeah you know What probably you’re right but I have to Go I love to look at that I don’t know That was quick I’ll have to have a Little thing but I have I have good Authority I have good authority that Christmas when Jesus Christ was born Wasn’t the 25th of December at all that Was not that was just made to fit with The schedule besides the case then what Else isn’t mixed do you think Dino Should have his own YouTube channel Asked for I’ll ask him nothing you check Out the time and ISM is a busy man the Big the biggest thing that I’m singing On youtube today Especially with religion is a lot of People are starting so I used to do do As you all know debunked on security in 10 he’s hit over 1 million subscribers And he has changed the way he works now And I have to say I’m looking at Somebody’s stuff now I guys out I’ll Reverse some of the stuff I’ve said About him saying they stuff was [ __ ] It’s so please point out now is Absolutely normal news and it’s it’s Alright don’t subscribe what I’m saying That it’s A stuff I’m seeing now he is sticking The news which is good and he’s not Putting out the fake [ __ ] However somebody’s put out I was not Like you seen the video of the use of

The seagulls Where’s the [ __ ] guys I sort of put In the chat whether the [ __ ] seagulls I can’t remember where they are the Seagulls in that [ __ ] not placed in America the seagulls are doing like Basically there’s another channel it’s Called Richie from Boston he’s saying at This these seagulls that like secure Teams Dee balls some seagulls and said He said that seagulls you’re no actual [ __ ] the seagulls the birds right I Nearly did a debunk on this and I pull Out I was gonna do it and then it was Seagulls I go on about secrets yeah yeah Right okay okay thought that maybe that Was a term so these familiar with it so Something I’ll show you the video that Those seagulls doing that’s interested If I go back to being sly I’m going to Show the video then we’ll come back to Mine but something’s been put out on the Internet that’s massive in a minute And it seen Miller walkies hit Miller Walkies somebody said Milwaukee there Yeah yeah Milwaukee yeah yes yeah acting Strangers No I thought I debunked in I thought I Was good I was going to do a video on it Guys you know you know me I’ll wait About a few weeks before I do a debunk And I’ve had it lined up for seagulls so I probably see I would say yes

Seagulls but a man like Dean that speaks To hobbies I need to show this videos Not seeing the never updating show me The video I’m making I can’t show you That because right if you get your phone Now now What is beeping beeping lots today it’s Easy words to it but like those big Channels that there is big channels Saying that this is the whole them a View of the Blue Beam closed Jet Blue Book Blue Book yeah Seagulls what’s he say My friends my friend lives in LA they Said all right my friend lives there and Saw something very strange in the sky at The same time that same night it was Captured on film in that date that’s From a seat seat camera to see camera Truth that’s what I said girls what do You call it scheme security security Internally but I find it if you I can See here Kenan’s intend and they did 277 It’s a double he’s I’m gonna double Right so what is it it’s it’s one of These like it’s nothing Anyway all right you know I have already Seen it I used to be when I fit well I Fit what’s up dead signals what’s that Amy on YouTube was discoursing don’t Believe it or not I love this guy I absolutely love Tyler here and then I Thought this guy’s talking [ __ ] a lot of Time not the dead silence

This guy yeah that’s together the videos That’s the [ __ ] that’s the guy and I Thought this guy it’s all this hey guys That’s great but I have to say something Of my estates of the apostasy I’ll say Something possibly Alex Tyler right now Is he as he is debunking now which is Gray was the biggest grave of the Community but this these seagulls things Being picked up by a few religious Channels were saying that this is this Is the final card I don’t know that means the follow your About like the revelation the end of Days cause I’m a great chef let’s go Bust this chap oh okay my friend lives There she says there’s a little Different though I think the skis see Eagles is a debug cover-up go point cig Truth not the dead seagulls and then Again no matter its cuts top the screen Well they just need to stop scream okay I would imagine that news crews look at That scene every day so they would have Seen see those before for something Really did happen that’s what to do now He’s not being quite clear tell me Exactly what up in this legal so I have Not showed him so I’m not sure do I need To if you don’t mind about the end of Days no type in mill walk type in Norwalk the just type in that LC right I I personally I personally thought is to Say goes and anymore and it has been

Debunked by secure team 10 hands down to Is Tony and he says it’s City goes right I put no party member UFO okay oh Because it was UFO they thought was it’s The for their story happen okay what Really happened above Milwaukee so I’m Watching a video now from this Okay what we’ve seen I saw you a filter This is the thing there’s too many isn’t Really space the ability to see you also Chose a new series yeah There’s your biggest know what ye of These are big chunks there’s a big Channel art they call Richie from Boston And he looks like a slow he is it’s a Really it’s a really just channel I Probably will do a video by tomorrow I Don’t know I’ll make this it may be Security 10 on this Dead Sea Scrolls no Guy Harrison learn about dead seagulls Not dead sea scrolls well that’s just Down to the weather we’ve had where the Car He’s nothing it’s nothing we’ve got [ __ ] Whether these these these calls no Joking about the weather Have you noticed if you live in England Nothing it you felt now our island you Felt the snow he didn’t feel right now I’m not thoughts it were [ __ ] or I’ve Got to find a musician I’ve got a friend It was in conspiracies online and you Know I follow him because he’s fun and Interesting breathing they should take

Off my channel I think you should it’s More talkative than I am Be sure the video and he’s guy from Island him is he took the show and he Compacted open brought into the house And they charged in a litter with a Lighter and the whole thing didn’t melt It just kind of perfect and he felt it Was just way big [ __ ] snow as anybody Else perks though it’s true come on go Go she started so it burnt the snow and It give him out and he did those of cool Things of it but when I went to build a Snowman it was full of snow but I can Only build a tiny snowman because it was So Halle there it was almost as if it Was some sort of The snow was [ __ ] oh it was no like we Love to say I think it manufactured snow Yes my son my son my son is two years Only sorry you’re killing my son’s life And I was like what is right the snow Its destructive snow and so then then What do you say so Why would somebody put snow out there Okay this is my I to fake movie a Medicine fix on fix know if a moon Whatever but say whose yeah Why would they do that okay now if you Follow anything in the news in the Minute you’ll see that these can I say Can I get a hundreds of thousand Subscribers from this and three thousand Five hundred and sixty five and thirty

Three and sixty why on earth is there This place if you were to lick your face Its media right let’s talk about the Olympics so the Olympics you should now Have a massive doping scandal they Cannot fly their flag at the Winter Olympics it’s gone now but they couldn’t Do that and Russia are the ones who Caused Greg’s in Russia are the people Who caused Donald’s from ski electives The you be the US Do you know what this is one of y’all Over no it’s the oh you don’t know it All day This is him and the key is Russia caused The snow because it’s cold off the beast From the east so it came from these Because it’s and there was a bit weather Created for us I know what we’ll do we Can blame Russia to break say we can Blame Russia for Donald Trump gaining It’s looking to do with the fact that There’s nothing to the fact that Politically there’s a whole lot of People who were the majori who didn’t Think that anyone supported their Believes all systems and we can blame Russia for the snow all we need to do is Create a snow storm Jim – right honestly Tyler right now I’ll be honest with ya I think he’s Changed his channel completely i I did I Did loads of security turned debunked I’ve packed it in now because I do think

He’s making this change somebody’s been Gonna change to me the third phase when They said they exchanged they’ve not Made no changes at all Tyler has made Changed and no wise weather changes but I’ll talk about that So over time I know why he’s made the Change that he’s done and it waits for The bear I think the rock rock remakes Uninjured yeah dry mouth sure I think Remember the holidays remember the south Live yes the south flag remember the South Park movie yeah the idea was you Blame Canada why would you blame blame Can my wife some color delay a little [ __ ] Blame Russia from UK my wife’s will come Under Russia’s cause this no I don’t Know it’s this crazy idea but their idea Is that people want us to hate the Nation in fact if you look on me on TV Recently the English TV the head of our Military was saying that at least sat it Went on national TV and said we do not Have enough money And in the military to fight Russia that Was his pipe and so everyone went right Yeah that’s a good point we don’t Further lady’s name it needs some more Money but then you have to think why Would you even [ __ ] say what a Strange thing to say would you would Like to interview for Phase II mean so Yes I love interview for phase the moon

If you would like to come live an Interview I mean do you know these Religious I know we will interview but I Will ask you every question you don’t Like to UM sir oh there you know what Other channels don’t like to ask you but We’ll give you a few non verse without Things you really want to say yeah but They watch they what signing off Yes I’ve got loads wishes at an Anita Care dream before yeah not for a drink Anyway guys we may come back on live I [ __ ] love Star Trek forgive me I Love it it’s my favorite her face of Murder I’ve already said that explain They told me that I think there was a new approach UFO Proof I was talking about Star Trek and They said it’s a [ __ ] Deep Space nine They said there’s a bag of [ __ ] bollocks I love Star Trek anyway I love Star Trek You know actually I don’t watch anything Anyway Good night for me and hopefully I’ll Come it’s good night from him good night God bless my Miley goes but yes whatever We’re in the bar yeah No hopefully we might we’re back on Later on I don’t know I count from this Because say I don’t like Lee why why we Got worse money there’s no ID on VoIP Either but I’m gonna make a video Tomorrow I’m gonna dedicate to make more Videos guys I love you you are brilliant

And like my tribe this is dreams [ __ ] You’re like a bus I thought that when This chat how the [ __ ] do I on this joke God [ __ ] love my subscribers so [ __ ] cool respond Now TR the end are the only thing well Let’s see okay