Live From The Great Wall Of China

By | November 5, 2017
Live From The Great Wall Of China

Good evening folks or afternoon or Whatever time it’s a lien addict wife From the Great Wall of China never far I’ll do this but I’m not gonna walk it All he said five thousand five hundred Miles so it would be it’d be very hard To walk you’d have to have a few drinks Some food quite a bit food quite a few Sleeps someone can work out how many Sleeps that would be I’m not gonna stay On long because it said it’s quite m People are looking at me very suspicious Wondering what I’m doing talking to Myself The probably just think there’s a crazy Englishman in China probably used to it But yes it’s really it’s ridiculously Good if you ever do anything and goes Away if you go to China I recommend you Come here you can seize the certain Space I’ve just done a video on the GoPro just been saying that the GoPro That and how you can see is from space Because if you see the smoke they smoke Everywhere Join the trip there if I’m quite Speechless discuss you know I’ve got my Feeling in my chest where he’s gonna Like Just forget I can’t stop looking Everywhere and gives you that cup in the Throat Hi guys y’all right Craig the bus did a

Lot of traveling being from Shanghai to Beijing and I started off somewhere else When I got off the plane I forgot my Name It’ll be in the video and but yeah it’s Then it’s quite something I would Definitely recommend it if you ever give It its the feature on these walls and if You see this I think what we’re do I Will go pro at the same time so all Right use some of this for the video so You guys right now He’ll alive I’ve been proud go proud Look at that Look in that view if you see that well That is phenomenal absolutely Breathtaking it really is a great wonder This is a signal hold it out yeah I Can’t I can’t believe the signal is Actually holding ridiculous Jedi see the Airplay look Larry Think up lights to see Dave I think I’d Like to see you What’s upstairs over think I’m looking For looking for markings of some kind You know I sometimes ancient nothing Just you see where lots lots been Repaired here it’s like a little Stairway and it’s light loads of people Coming down this I want the way Oh Come back it’s a shame that people Through what they ste we care of the Names and what have you in there I

Suppose I can kind of understand why People might want to say they’ve been to The great ones China them don’t really Believe in graffiti it’s a small room Nothing to doc some sweeping bushes I Can imagine out some sort of fire here Probably would light the day that this Was all a little light it and the Problem like one one turn trick upstairs Barbara I’ll have a look so we just said You need to see upstairs I’ve gone up And look upstairs If I can get off this time they are just Sides very pixelated and drop in okay I’m not surprised it might not be when They get up here Have you better guys you see The video be much bad next that I do I’m Doing I just fought gotta go live right From the very well anyway And we’ll probably have to show off Because I can’t see what you’re saying Because the sun’s blind you know This screen is crap and for seeing what You say unless I’m in shadow so just There whatever you saying but I’ll leave The video up or delete this one copy arm Okay alright see you soon