Flat Earth Model does not work

By | October 26, 2017
Flat Earth Model does not work

Good evening folks Alien audits here I’m tonight I’m Talking about Flat Earth now first off This is not alcohol so you’ve got a Sober alien of a little bit H to it now About a year about a year and a half ago I thought you know what rather than Hating on flattered Ferris I never hated Any I’ve got some flyer subscribers um i Chat with and some time to debate with Yep little bit like the link she send me I watch them as well I’ve been watching Videos probably every week on fire not Because the fire is flat because I was Curious and I have to say there are some Really good flight have channels out There alright that anything jerk Jude Journalism journalism can’t really say His name good channel his channel loss His channel um anyway the model for mate The flight model that you all present on Every channel no matter why is the same I think it doesn’t seem to work them in My eyes it doesn’t work so you explain The Sun or thinkest you say it’s about 40 miles long But wide so and here’s a question okay So the earth is flat but the Sun is Round the globe yeah the sun’s a globe On your flyer model and the moons are Going on the Flat Earth model right Surely they would be a disc as well but The Sun is the big thing in this as that Sort of round the disc flat earth surely

Because of how light works you would Always see it no matter where you were On the Flat Earth you would always look Out and you would see that Sun always no Matter what it would never be pitch Black or if it was pitch black you would Still see that bright star in the sky That is our Sun so when you because when You look up into the heavens you see all The stars God’s wallpaper yeah you see Them all they’re all that I get where You coming from though Guys I get I get it I get why fly earth Fairies will believe what they believe It’s like people who believe in aliens That you know I believe in aliens but I Don’t believe I would say this probably About 2% of channels out there they’re Trying to the good stuff on aliens and Believe it or not I am one of those Channels And I get why it’s NASA That says why you you NASA if you here’s An idea This this is what NASA should do send up A rocket yeah send it to the moon one About going to the moon again to take With them a 4k camera point it the earth And leave it on there and have it have It live all the time just feed him back Do whatever you have to do however much Money it cost you not so you will get The money back easy You will easy get the money back and get

Why you don’t trust Nasser I get when You look at this some of the footage From the International Space Station you Some some of you questioned and rightly So why we don’t see an amazing images of Our earth now I don’t know you you know I’ve seen us apart really amazing 4k Video of the earth and it’s fantastic But why not more because people watch it They could make a fortune off Advertisement absolute fortune they That’s just an idea for you guys have Put yeah So yeah the model for me doesn’t work The spinning Sun round that disk does Not work and lighthouses going back a Hundred and odd years ago yeah 150 years Whatever lighthouses when they were Building lighthouse engineer said let’s Build them up on cliffs because they Needed the ships at sea to see the light Because of the curvature of the earth Not because of clouds because of the Curvature of the earth But they didn’t have all the Conspiracies channels Butland vision of All the YouTube bollocks and YouTube’s Not bollocks it’s brilliant Make sure you like and subscribe there The Delphic so nobody they just had People scientists trying to educate People be polite you me so I will keep On watching the fire videos I’ll keep Looking to see if saw it convinces me

The earth is not round but it is round These tenses is round round but like I Say I’m not hating on you I’d just just Wait to give you my opinion because you Keep asking me so this is kind of me Just telling you that my logic behind it I’m not a scientific person he’s just That Why it doesn’t go when all those new Killer bombs have gone off in the past And let me just tell you this there has Been a lot of new killer bombs that have Gone off a lot a la la la musica bombs Testing them the light that they add Some bombs and nuclear bombs that the Light that they emit you would see that For miles and miles and miles and miles And miles and miles and miles if the Earth was flat yeah and I point in a Laser pen out the window the other day No one complains in Africa good night God bless I’m alien r8 mind the books Don’t bite