UFO’s (It Has Begun) Past, Present, and Future Documentary

By | September 30, 2017
UFO's (It Has Begun) Past, Present, and Future Documentary

Man who is he where is he why is he here Isolated in space and around massive the Matter that some several billion Intelligent beings man but what is his Origin some say he evolved in the slime Of the sea others that a God created an Adam and Eve and he was their descendant Yet another speculates that he was Brought here sometime in a distant past When the earth was colonized by men from Another distinct planet despite the Fairies and speculations the answer Remains an unsolved mystery as to where He is that's easier a planet eight Thousand miles in diameter located in a Remote portion of a galaxy somewhere Somewhere in infinite space why is he Here that to remains an unsolved mystery Occupied by his daily affairs he finds a Little time to contemplate such Questions except for those moments and a Clear night when man pauses and looks to The star field heavens and in his mind And stirs an unanswered question he Searches his thoughts for an explanation A key to the faint forgotten memory of His past and perhaps at that moment Somewhere else in the universe and a Distant planet similar to his own Somewhere on the other side of our Galaxy other intelligent beings wondered To and set out in airships on an Adventure through space to search for Their answers November 2nd 1967 two men

Are driving west of Loveland Texas the Night is clear is still then around 11:00 p.m. they have an extraordinary Experience [Applause] Well let's get out and check it After the object disappears there lates Come back on the engine restarts and They hurry to notify the police Later the airforce investigates their Story and 15 similar reports for Concluding that a form of globular Lightning was responsible for the Sightings but there are many other Possible explanations What you're witnessing is based on fact Some will find it fascinating some may Find it frightening but it is all true With special thanks to NASA and the Department of Defense for their Cooperation in our search for you f Always it has begun The Old Testament in akhil chapter one It came to pass that the heavens were Open and I saw visions of God out of the Midst arrows came the likeness of four

Living creatures they had the likeness Of man Now as I beheld the living creatures Behold one wheel upon the earth by the Living creatures the appearance of the Wheels in their work was likened of the Color Beryl and their appearance my work Was as it were a wheel in the middle of A wheel and when they went they went Upon the four sides and they turned not When they went as for the rings they Were so high they were dreadful and the Rings were full of eyes round about them For and when the living creatures were The wheels went by them and when the Living creatures were lifted up from the Earth the wheels lifted The saqqaq took place some 500 years Before Christ other accounts very Similar they're gonna girlier ancient Writings the Greeks and Romans also were Known to have made observations of such Things as phantom chariots appearing in The night sky records also tell us that During the reign of Charlemagne There were many accounts of encounters With tyrants of the air and their aerial Ships these accounts so concerning Charlemagne that those reporting such Strange phenomena were subject to Torture and death here is one recorded Event given between the 8th to 9th Century in France one day among other Instances it chanced Italy known that

Three men and a woman were seen Descending from these aerial ships the Entire city gathered about them saying That they were magicians sent by Charlemagne's enemy to destroy the French harvest in vain the four Innocents sought to vindicate themselves Saying that they were their own country Folk and had been carried away a short Time since by miraculous men who had Shown them unheard of marvels Luckily the Bishop of Lyon pronounced The incident is false saying it was not True these men had fallen from the sky And what the town folks said they had Seen there was impossible the people Believed for their good Bishop said Rather than their own eyes and said of Liberty the four ambassadors from the Ship the date was November 12th the year 1887 the time was near midnight aboard The sailing ship Siberian when it was Recorded that several people aboard ship Witnessed a huge sphere of fire it was Observed arising out of the ocean It rose to an altitude of 16 meters then Flew against the wind and came close to The ship then dashed off toward the Southeast this sighting lasted a full Five minutes Within the years 18 96 and 97 mysterious Airships were reported all across the United States in Oakland California Group of streetcar passengers reported a

Winged cigar that sent out a stream of Bright light The sightings spread through Colorado Texas Kansas Nebraska Iowa and many Other states particularly in the Midwest On April 11th 1897 Walter McCann of Rogers Park a few miles North of Chicago took a photograph of an Airship the New York Herald as well as The Chicago Herald Tribune pronounced The plates as being genuine and not a Fake dr. Jean Val a international Authority on the UFO experience first Thing I'd like to dispel is a frequent Misconception that UFOs are limited to This country very often people ask me How come I never hear about UFOs in Other parts of the world how can we only Hear about UFOs in America well UFOs are Not an American phenomenon they are a Worldwide phenomenon that's one of their Most dramatic characteristics the first Major wave of sightings and sightings Tend to come in very intense series over A couple of months over a given region Of the world the first such major wave Of carried over Scandinavia in 1946 There was a major wave in this country In 1947 mainly in the western states and Then they have been waves in the u.s. in 1950 1952 and so on and there have been Intense concentrations of sightings in Africa in Latin America in Mexico in the Soviet Union in the People's Republic of

China Australia New Zealand and on and On and on I don't know of any single Country that has not had a series of UFO Sightings May 1975 Manitoba Canada Unidentified flying objects have been Reported over the small town of Carmen The objects have been seen by many Witnesses over a period of several weeks May 13th 1975 cameraman Alan Carr of station CKY In Manitoba photographs two seperate Sightings over comments in front of four Witnesses the first sighting occurred at Approximately 10:30 p.m. the object Appears to be stationary just above the Ground then almost simultaneous with a Flash which appears in the sky the Object moves north at blinding speed Only when the film is later analysed in Slow motion the scar realized but he has Captured photographically approximately An hour later a second sighting occurs The object appears over a group of Trains and moves from left to right at An apparently low relative altitude to The horizon again slow motion analysis Provides a fascinating study of this Unexplained event on June 30 at 1973 John be go of the Astrophysical Institute flew over char aboard a Concorde back full of scientists and Scientific apparatus a 17,000 metres Altitude in the twilight of a total Eclipse mr. big old photos

The Horizon with his camera when the Photo was enlarged one of the slides Showed what you're not seeing if you Look closely at this photograph it Resembles exactly what has been cited by Many Americans during 1973 and 74 Although NASA takes no official position As to the UFO phenomenon and their Probable explanation nevertheless there Remains on the record several Unexplainable sightings by Gemini Apollo And Skylab astronauts the first sighting Occurred during Gemini 4 in June of 1965 Astronaut Jim McDivitt suddenly spotted A cylindrical object with an antenna and When seen against the day sky it Appeared white or silvery the object Then appeared to be moving toward the Craft suddenly they lost sight of it During the sighting the astronauts were Able to take these photographs and movie Films of the UFO Gemini 5 later that Year after three days and five hours Into their mission were contacted by Houston control center advising the Astronauts that Houston had picked up And was tracking another object which Was pacing Gemini across the entire United States they estimated the UFO Between two thousand and ten thousand Yards from the craft and as large as the Gemini craft itself because of the Limitations of viewing area board their

Capsule no visual contact was made Radar continued to track the object Until they passed the Ascension Island In the Atlantic it then disappeared Gemini 10 crew Collins and young picked Up objects traveling together in orbit a Positive identification has the date not Been made this photo was taken during The Gemini 11 flight early 18th Revolution 27 hours and 47 minutes after liftoff September 13 1966 this UFO was tracked Visually and recorded on film by the Crew and is truly considered Unidentified by the photo interpretation Experts at NASA perhaps the strongest And most spectacular of all the sighting Just took place aboard Apollo 11 and its Way to the moon for the fruited moon Landing the ship was one day out on July 16th 1969 when they spotted an unusual Object it had a sizable dimension to it At first the crew thought it was the Size For booster ruts and called houston for Confirmation houston inform them the Booster in question was some six Thousand miles away the object remains Unknown During the Skylab three second man Flight on the 23rd day of 1973 at Sunrise a series of four exposures were Made by the crew of a visually sight an

Unidentified flying object or satellite As considered by the NASA photo Interpretation laboratory the Skylab Crew noticed a large star shaped object Brighter than a planet or star they Watched it for about ten minutes they Estimated its distances from 30 to 50 Nautical miles from Skylab it too Remains an unknown despite North American air defense and NASA's attempt To identify us among the thousands of Military men in recent times who lost Their lives while in the service of Their country the circumstances Surrounding captain man Ellis death are Extraordinary this experienced military Pilot would flown in the invasion in Normandy in numerous missions over the Ryan under heavy attack would With him to his death perhaps the Closest glimpse what was thought to be You at all The date is January the 7th 1948 the Time is two o'clock in the afternoon Here at the gotten on Air Force Base Just outside of Louisville Kentucky a Kentucky state policeman calls in to Report what he is citing it's not Usually aircraft circular and appearance Approximately 250 to 300 feet in Diameter I'd say it's moving westwardly in a Pretty good clip any information Negative I will check with our

Commanding officer instructions were Given to contact nearby wright-patterson Air Base to see if they had any Experimental aircraft up in that area Flight tests we have no experimental Aircraft in the area The reports still continue to come in From adjoining towns at 1:45 p.m. it Happens it's very white it looks like an Umbrella I don't know what it is through The by knocks it appears to have a red Border at the bottom at times and a red Border at the top it at approximately 2:30 p.m. a flight of airforce p-51s Come into view the base commander Decides to contact the flight leader Captain man tell mrs. Godman base Commander Tower this is th690 flight leader over Ng eight six nine from goblin tower we Have an object out south of Godman here That we were unable to identify we'd Like to take a look for it Roger I will Take a look for you if you give me the Correct reading mantle moves out of its Wingman tower advises the flight leader To correct discourse five degrees to the Left to 210 degrees from governmental This is white leader in G eight six nine Captain mantle object traveling at high Speed and directly out of me can you Give us a description Pilots level off under 15,000 feet and Start down at approximately 3:15 p.m.

Godman Tower loses sight of the UFO five Minutes later the report came in that Captain man tells plane and crashed he Was found dead his watch had stopped at 3:10 p.m. that afternoon what was it That caused this experienced pilot to Become intrigued with an object that he Would unwittingly give his life pursuing Six months later a cylindrical shaped Object giving off a phosphorescent glow Was to be sighted in the night sky over Robins Air Force Base in Georgia at 2:45 A.m. captain see as child's and first Officer JB witted were piloting a Routine Eastern Airlines flight number Five seven six from Houston to Atlanta When witted reports we cited in the Project coming toward us this strange Object had a stream of red fire coming From its tail and I could see it was Much larger than anything I hadn't seen Or read about childs then notices that The object had no wings supporting it it Passed us on the right side its speed Was about 700 miles per hour and both Men get a very good look at this unusual Object it was about 100 feet long shaped Like a cigar as it passed they clearly Saw two rows of windows and upper and Lower that were large and square during That evening there was a third witness The one passenger who was awake on that Eastern Airlines flight clarence McKelvey I was startled frightened a

Male steward came to me and said I Noticed you've been looking out the Window will you talk to the pilot and I Said well of course the pilot came down With his clipboard he was visibly shaken He told me that he had been a flier in The war and it covered so many million Miles of flight and I'd never seen Anything like this before what was it That I saw I saw this object the cigar Shaped they had a roll of windows behind Them it was lit out of the MIR was a Cherry red flame this hair-raising Experience was witnessed by three Aircraft a passenger and ground Observers added more corroboration the Conclusion of an air intelligence report Was that the object remained Unidentified as to origin construction And power source and goes into the Record classified as unknown this is the Pentagon Washington DC And this man is journal phillipcoleman He was chief of public information for The United States Air Force from 1969 to 1974 it was here at the Pentagon the Defense Department first became Interested in the UFO phenomenon this Occurred in the late 1940s with reports About objects and lights in in the sky By military personnel and others the Air Force decided to investigate the matter Anyway there was that one possibility That these flying objects could well be

Foreign weapons used for test purposes And might affect our national security The investigative branch was called Project sine the project had only been Underway for about two weeks when the Mantell crash had made headlines across The nation The staffs investigation was far from Complete but public pressure was Enormous they were forced to come up With an answer to really quiet growing Speculation and Mantell had been killed By hostile aliens and some flying saucer That's when we decided that mantle had Chased the planet Venus however this was An initial finding the chills in hooded Case had an impact on the Air Force Project it presented the first close-up Account a highly reliable witnesses the Object described led some of the staff To postulate an extraterrestrial theory And they wrote up an estimate of the Situation which at the time was Classified top secret suggesting that The saucers were from outer space this Theory was rejected by the Air Force Chief of staff general Hoyt Vandenberg And even other project science staff Members as not having enough proof so The extraterrestrial visitation idea was Dropped for the time being it's been Said in jest that if these UFOs are from Other worlds and they wanted it to be Known all they'd have to do is land on

The White House lawn but an incredible Incident to We forgotten in time to place over our Capital in 1952 air force spokesman from The Pentagon and UFOs at that time mr. Howard shot relates the famous incident That stirred the capital causing Requests from even President Truman to Be kept up to date on all the details There were radar reports of unidentified Flying objects over the nation's capital We had three reports one came from Andrews Air Force Base radar control Room and two from the radar controls at Washington National Airport the first Sightings consisted of a number of Unidentified targets picked up on radar Then a call was placed from national Truly The Andrews Air Force today's Flight controllers they were apparently Tracking the same targets then Andrews Reported a visual observation of three Objects that were apparently in the same Position as those indicated by our radar Sex the target stayed on radar until About 12:30 a.m. they move slowly at First about 100 to 200 miles per hour Then one of the targets sped away at a Fantastic rate of speed it moved west From Andrews toward Riverdale 140 the Estimated speed was seven thousand three Hundred miles per hour fitting Time in the towers we had about seven Try gets on the radar scope these

Unidentified objects were flying all Over the city they even violated the Restricted air quarters here over the White House and over the Capitol Building the phenomena wasn't a subside The following Saturday night July 26th a Repeat performance unsettles the Capitol Again I was awakened the following Saturday night around midnight by a Telephone call to my home in Virginia it Was the public information officer for The Federal Aviation Authority he told Me the air traffic control radars were Again picking up a large number of UFOs Over to Capitol area first they wouldn't Follow a definite flight path and then They would suddenly disappear others Would come into view just as suddenly I Placed the phone call to the command Post in the Pentagon and I asked for an Intercept about 2:40 a.m. we got a radio Call F94 to aircraft and the flight they also Had about that moment appeared on our Scope and at that moment a very Frightening thing happened to us the Flight leader called in and said well it Doesn't look like we're going to do any Good here so we're going to go back to Base and that's a very moment those Aircraft disappeared all of our unknown Traffic appeared again on our scope and Again it was a very frightening Experience

We called Andrews earth base and they Reported exactly the same thing happened To their stuff Nahum on the morning after the sighting General Landry at the request of President Truman called intelligence to Find out what was happening over Washington it was the largest and Longest press conference held in the Pentagon since world war ii general Samford headed the conference and said That he was personally satisfied that The RadarScope sightings were the result Of temperature inversions which are Known and account for certain blips on Radar although this was the conclusion Of the air force investigations Interestingly enough the actual report Begins with this opening comment a study Of the various reports regarding the Subject radar sightings do not allow a Positive and final explanation to be Made the CIA now would enter the picture By convening a panel of top scientists To examine the UFO phenomenon The CIA's concern was that recent waves Of sightings might constitute a threat To our national security the thinking Was that the enemy could exploit UFOs as A decoy in the preparation for an attack On the United States five outstanding Scientists and various Air Force and CIA Representatives were meet on Wednesday January 14 1953 among the panel members

Is one associate member who is destined To have more experience with the UFO Phenomena than any other American Scientist to date dr. J Allen Hynek Astrophysicist and head of the astronomy Department of Northwestern University I Was called into the meeting on Thursday The panel members were seated around This table it was a rather somber and Impressive occasion actually I was a Junior member and I remember feeling Considerably nervous and apprehensive About being in front of this powerhouse Of scientists but then for the past four Years I had been scientific advisor to The US Air Force on this very problem There were two films that were were of Particular interest to the panel at that Time one was a film taken by a Navy Officer while on vacation in Utah near Tremont in Utah and the other was a film Taken in Great Falls Montana by the Owner of the local baseball team the Utah film had already been subjected to Some thousand or so man-hours of Analysis by the Navy's photographic Interpretation laboratory So the panel got up from their chairs And crouched around the walls in examine The film they asked to have the film's Run several times as a matter of fact Now the name he had on the basis of Their detailed analysis of the Utah Films they had concluded that the

Objects shown on the hills could not be Birds blooms aircraft and so forth but Indeed that they were self luminous Unidentified objects Despite this conclusion the panel Rejected it and concluded that the Objects were Birds they couldn't be Unidentified therefore they had to be Birds I came away from the meeting and From the room with the distinct feeling However that the panel had deliberately Moved to debunk the whole subject and Not to give it the serious scientific Attention which it deserved how many Times have you noticed something in the Sky something out of the ordinary a Movement or shape that suddenly catches Your attention you look more closely and Usually the thing becomes immediately Recognizable It's the moon or a flock of birds or a Plane usually but just for a moment Suppose the thing you glimpsed remains Unrecognizable unidentified without Witness or proof all you have left is a Nagging sense of mystery of uncertainty A few years ago this man had such an Encounter near San Francisco only he had Proof in the form of an 8 millimeter Movie but through an unsettling series Of circumstances involving the United States Air Force he remains today Uncertain about exactly what he saw it Was August 1965 my family and I were

Invited to some friends house near San Francisco I remember it was a beautiful Clear day we were driving for a while And a matter of fact I recall looking at My watch and it was around noontime we Continued driving and I noticed at a Distance something very bright I was Observing this for a few moments and It's it appeared to be suspended in the Air There was no planes around was very Clear the day there was no clouds my Family they were with me I called to Their attention they all look at it they Were all amazed by it and in meantime There were cars going by and I tried to Attract their attention but they were Not paying attention to me or they were Driving too fast so I recall I had my Movie camera with me and I start filming This and as I look at it it was getting Larger was moving from one direction Like from torch the left then towards The right this object was very bright And I recall it was extremely enormous I Was just complete amazed by it I run out Of film then when I got home I called The Hamilton Air Force and I reported The sighting the Air Force was very Interested they had asked me as soon as I had the film developed they would like Very much to look at it well I had the Film developed I look at it there was very bright quite

Clear and moving or very rapidly so I Kept this on write on film a week later I received a letter from Hamilton Air Force Base which reads dear sir we have Received the 8 millimeter film on which You captured what certainly seems to be A very fast-moving object in the skies Over the Bay Area the film has been Forwarded to wright-patterson Air Force Base in Ohio where such observations are Investigated well several weeks went by Finally the Air Force returned my film And I noticed immediately who was not The original film it was not that clear And the quality was very poor for some Reason or good reason the Air Force Decide to make a copy they kept the Original and I end up with a very poor Copy close examination of the film Returns of the Air Force reveals that it Is indeed a print and not the original And while the print is very poor quality We can still catch a tantalizing glimpse Of something extraordinary in the skies Over San Francisco Watching it again this time with the aid Of a pointer it's easier to spot the Elusive thing but to date no one has Been able to make a positive Identification No one except possibly the Air Force I would imagine the film is somewhere in Their files and probably by now they Forgot all about it but I will not

Forget that day deciding itself had such Profound influence in my life because Since that time powerful extraordinary Events has happened to me which I have No doubt are direct result of my Experience but I will I can talk about It publicly It seems the CIA was to become involved In the UFO phenomena again in a most Unusual way a series of episodes would Take place that up until the airing of This program were not public knowledge The events were so bizarre that it is Hard to conceive they happen to Individuals associated with such No-nonsense organizations as the Office Of Naval Intelligence in the CIA This man is retired lieutenant colonel Robert friend US Air Force and former Head of Project Blue Book friends no on The management staff so let's go into Speech Which builds and launches missiles for Defense testing purposes friend no Relates this most unusual experience 1959 when I was invited to attend Briefing and security portion of this Building it seems a retired Rear Admiral Had information about a woman in Upper Maine that purported to have established Contact with extraterrestrial beings to Naval intelligence officers were sent to Investigate the naval officers met with The woman and she went into a trance

Supposedly to establish contact with the Purported extraterrestrials and then They asked her scientific and technical Questions that a woman of her education Could not possibly know the answers to Yes As the questions were put to her she was Able to answer easily with seeming Telepathic help from these purported Extraterrestrials according to the Report she indicated there was an Organization Oh Evie Which meant Universal Association of Planets and that organization had a Project do you Enza meaning earth which Was being conducted then an unexpected Turn took place one of the naval Officers was informed by the woman that They the extraterrestrials were willing To answer questions directly through him A naval commander and intelligence Officer but no prior experience in Telepathic communication he took over And attempted to write down the answers To questions put to him by his fellow Naval officer the word traveled back Quickly to Washington officials in a Very skeptical CIA nevertheless there Was no reason to totally disbelieve the Report of this highly respected Navy Commander questions were put to him such As do you favor the government religious Group or race and would there be a third World war the answer to both was no the

Group then asked if they could see a Spaceship and the commander still in a Trance told him to go to the window and They were that crew the group moved to The window where they supposedly Observed Though I was told that the call was made For radar confirmation the reply came Back that that particular quadrant of The area was blanked out on radar at the Time after being briefed on all of the Details I asked the commander if he Would attempt to contact me He sat for several minutes and then Appeared in the deep trance with his Adam's apple moving up and down rapidly Questions were put to him and he Answered them by printing in rather Large letters using rapid but jerky Motions it wasn't at all like his Natural hand during the course of the Questioning we learned the names of some Of the so-called extraterrestrials One was krill CR lll another Alama al o Ma r and another half of a ff8 Purportedly from the planet uranus a Case that just as well could have been Written by a very imaginative science Fiction writer but here in my hand is The actual account of the incident by One of the Asians present at the time The names of seven men present are Listed Because of the unusual nature of the

Incident and at their request their Names will remain confidential Another reason for control of the Blue Book files was to protect the names of Witnesses to help satisfy public demand Periodic summary releases were made we Had no proof that we were indeed being Visited by extraterrestrial vehicles Under intelligent control however we Couldn't prove that there weren't Spaceships either it created dilemma for The Air Force in 1966 an important Incident takes place in Michigan it Creates enough of an uproar that President Gerald Ford would at that time Call for a congressional hearing on UFOs Your excerpt from Ford's actual letter To the House Armed Services Committee The Air Force and a consultant dr. J Allen Hynek to investigate various Reports and he dismissed all of them as Products of college student pranks or Swamp gas or an impression created by The rising crescent moon of the planet Venus I do not agree that all of these Reports can be or should be so easily Explained away I am proposing that the Science and Astronautics committee or The Armed Services Committee of the House schedule hearings on the subject Of UFOs and invite testimony from both The executive branch of government and Some persons who claimed to have seen UFOs I think we owe it to the people to

Establish credibility regarding UFOs Sincerely Gerald R Ford Member of Congress Congress acts on Ford's letter and holds an open hearing Under the chairmanship of El Mendel Rivers of the House Armed Services Committee only three persons are invited To testify the Secretary of the Air Force dr. J Allen Hynek and Project Blue Book had at the time Colonel Hector quintanilla Hector Quintanilla relates the events and Reports of the unusual sighting that led Up to the congressional hearings he'll And the other one here at Dexter based Upon the original reports from the Sheriff's Department It all began at 8:35 p.m. on March 20th When Frank mannor who used to live over There report it to the sheriff's office That he had seen a strange object in the Swamp over there according to the police Report the police officer and company With a complainant proceeded along Territorial Ward until a little brat Road and which time to turn left to Recede into the end of the road Security people got out of the Automobile proceeded along the cornfield Keeping the traced line to their loved Then across an open field to the creep Across the creek and reached this point Which was their vantage point and Observe the object Frank mannor

Described the object as brown in color Quilted with a porthole in a sitter sort Of flat on the bottom cone-shaped or two Top two small lights one at each in one Growing bluish green the other one a Brilliant red with a glow apart Well of course by the time I arrived the Situation was so charged with emotion That was impossible for me to do any Really serious investigating I had to Fight my way through reporters to Interview the witnesses other sightings Were reported over the area and a Solution from dr. Hynek and major Quintanilla seemed in the offing well The pressure was mounting for an Official explanation there were more Than 60 newsmen jammed in at News conference I gave what I thought to Be at that time the only scientific Explanation possible for the faint Lights in the swampy area I made the Statement that it could be swamp gas and Even though I went on to emphasize that I couldn't prove it in a court of law That that was the full explanation for These sightings well the press picked up The phrase swamp gas and rushed off to The telephones and I was to come into a Great deal of criticism over it what was The outcome of that congressional Hearing I believe the Air Force presented its Site quite openly and completely it

Seemed to satisfy the members of the Committee now a remarkable observation Is to be recorded if the facts are Correct the Air Force must now consider The possibility of beings related to UFOs It happened in Socorro New Mexico here Just outside of this quiet desert down a State highway patrol officer Lonnie Zamora was on duty as he had been for The past several years a black Chevrolet Was observed speeding by the courthouse Zamora put his highway patrol car into Pursuit Lonnie chased the car north on Us 85 as he passed this hilly area Zamora heard a roar and something caught His attention 10 or 15 seconds passed Lonnie then calls into the Sheriff's Office [Applause] An accident and I went up this road About a half a mile and then I stuck my Car got out and looked up and I could See a white looking object in the Distance I thought it was an overturned Car at first but I got into a patrol car Went up closer to it and when I started To get out of the car I could I heard a Big roar as I got to it I could see a Couple of look like a couple of Coveralls hanging from a clothesline I Couldn't see what it was but look like a Couple of corals some more called in he

Sounded very excited he said he watched An object lift up slowly and disappeared Into the sky very fast I went down to a Worthy object had been and I noticed the Brush was burning in several places the Object had left for perpendicular Impressions on the ground I noticed the several bushes were small In that they felt cold to the touch I Noticed what appeared to be a couple of Pavol footprints on the ground I knew Lonnie I had seen something the Proof was right there The incident was very interesting to say The least it seems to differ from Practically all the earlier cases we Investigated from one standpoint the Vehicle had left pod marks there was an Insignia observed by Lonnie Zamora on The side of the craft the insignia was Unidentifiable not American No Russian and last of all the Observation of these two people in some Sort of suit but what did the Investigation turn up what was the Official air force estimation of the Situation we went over the case Completely we had saw samples tested at The air materials laboratory the front Bushes were analyzed for propellant Residues we measured the distances Between the pod marks my first reaction It was that it was a lunar test module

From NASA or the Air Force that seems to Be the only logical explanation this was Probably the best documented case in the Airforce files and I checked it out Everywhere all the way up to the top Even to the White House command post and Nothing according to the official status Of the sighting of Lonnie Zamora case Carried as unidentified pending Additional beta April 19 1897 in the Roy Kansas a farmer named Alexander Hamilton His son and a farmhand are awakened by Strange noises from the cattle pen going Outside they discovered two Hamilton's Utter amazement an enormous airship with A brilliant searchlight is slowly Descending over the cow lot fearfully a Milton moves closer then he startled to Find that one of his cows has been Caught by a red cable running down from The ship the next day after an extensive Search he discovers with cowhide legs And head in a field miles away this is One of the first recorded cattle Mutilations connected with UFOs the Report could easily be dismissed as a Tall tale If there were no others but since then Thousands of desire animal mutilations Have been discovered not only in this Country but in Africa Australia Brazil And many European countries in fact all Over the world In this country mutilations have

Occurred in over 30 states in the last Five years alone frustrated ranchers and Law enforcement officials have come to Recognize with basic signature of the Mysterious mutilators often in a remote Area the cow would be found that the sex Organs removed in the tongue veneer and An eye all surgically cut out the body More often than not has been drained of Blood though no blood has been found on The ground in fact there are no tracks Or prints of any kind near the body and Yet amazingly enough there is no Evidence of a struggle one of the first States to be hit by the mutilations was Colorado reporter bill Jackson of the Sterling advocate covered the story from The very beginning a classic mutilation Or or say 90 to 95% of the mutilations Will be almost identical some part of The face will be gone exposing nothing But you know the jawbone and I will be Taking the tongue will be cut out and Then ear will be taken the rectal area Of the animal will be what appears to be Bored out the reproductive organs will Be removed in the case of a cow the Other will either be entirely removed or Parts of it will be removed Usually in again in probably 90 or 95 Percent of the cases there will be no Blood whatsoever in the animal And there will be no traces of blood on The ground where it where it fell or

Where it was mutilated all you've got is The carcass and you've got no idea why It died or how it died or how it was Made when it all began in 1975 it was a Bizarre time Nobody ever seen anything like this Before not only did we have the Mutilated dead animals on the Prairie we Also started getting the lights in the Sky at night along that time there were Many theories that were being developed On why this was being done the Entertaining cults were being blamed Dope smugglers UFOs government Experiment of some kind as time went on The situation became so widespread that People realized it couldn't be the the Old holding that dope smugglers which Left us two possibilities number one it Was being done by a government let's say Or number two it was being done by UFOs As more and more cases were reported the Colorado Bureau of Investigation was Called in well our position is basically One where Predators least our Investigation determined that predators Were responsible for probably 99% of the Reports of mutilations as I said there Were two hundred and three separate Reports received from this agency but Over two hundred and three we only Received 45 tissue samples to conduct Microscopic analysis on of the 45 tissue Samples we found that only two of those

45 had actually been mutilated with a Sharp estimate when they first started They would send samples of these animals To the CBI to Fort Collins to try and Determine what what was the cause of Their death what was mutilating him and Nine times out of ten or more the report Would come back that were being caused By predators and these ranchers and the Sheriff's in these rural areas had been Around cattle all their lives they've Been around coyotes out of their lives And they knew that this this just wasn't Possible a tire would not do that Predators when they come in and start Deep come on out and talk about Four-legged regret interest they'll come In and they'll bite and then they'll Pull and they'll tear the other cuts we Have even we can't make cuts like is We've tried this many times not on dead Animals was dappled razors and knives And we can't make the same we've had Cattle that we've went and investigated That were you know called and I think I Have a mutilation here and we went out And we seen it and it was not a Mutilation and these are not the ones That's reported the ones that we classed As a classic type elation are actually Mutilations and they're not predator Animals wild animal predators towns Won't approach these these carcasses but In the case of an animal being mutilated

In the wintertime there's possibly Something about the cold weather that May mask whatever it is it keeps Predators away and that will be the Exception to the rule this animal here Is any pretty much like the other ones You had to resume later yeah old Akalis Is done eight years old according to way I looked at her her teeth eight or nine I know what definitely it wasn't test Animals Done you know now on this critter here How this looks like a real incised wound Yeah that looks it's definitely cut Everything you tell that I mean even at The age that it is right now that's Opposed to the way it is where the Animals have been to it on this other Side over here kind of notice there you Know the difference there done between Here and how animals have been – that The flesh is torn yeah and it's not a Real in size but yet when we've seen This animal the other day now these were All precise good clean cuts on Definitely so that's a good example of What we was trying to say about the lab After they said that they said it was Predators doing it but that definitely Wasn't a predator wound there no I Wouldn't say yeah it looks like they Might turf from the navel here turn back In underneath here and took the whole Bag and I know the whole works out and

They core down into the rectum the whole Rectal area it looks like it got back in The Sun to the reproductive organs back In the mutilation and the sightings of The lights in the sky continued it got To a point to where more ranchers in the Northeastern part of the state begin Arming themselves they weren't getting The results they wanted from state Authorities they were concern for their Families and they never knew when they Might be next They began patrolling they were pastoral And watching over their herds at night Lights from the sky when they got too Close to a herd of cattle the ranchers Shot I think everybody was a little edgy Right everybody everybody started Carrying high-powered rifles around what Good of it everybody was awfully nervous I'm completely convinced that there's Something there it's not normal There's a lot of questions that aren't Answered I'm sure and hopefully someday Maybe somebody will figure it out Unidentifiable lights in the sky have Appeared in virtually every area of this Country which has been plagued by cattle Mutilations But no explanation has been found for These strange sightings there are some Who believe that these objects in the Sky are responsible for thousands of Mysterious cattle deaths which continued

To this day though state and local Officials have stated their views about The mutilation mystery surprisingly few Veterinarians will speak publicly about The situation This man is an exception dr. William Fitzgerald runs an animal clinic in Durango Colorado because of his Expertise in the field of veterinary Medicine he was asked by the Sheriff's Office to perform an autopsy on the Mutilated cow found in a remote area of State-owned forest this particular Animal had been largely exsanguinated The anus and about the first four inches Of the rectum had been removed the Preview shil skin and the last two or Three inches of the penis had been Severed flush with the body wall the Left eye had been removed and the last 1/3 of the tongue had been cut a portion Of the lips on the left side of the Animal were also sawed off presumably to Gain access to the tongue but this makes No sense because that portion of the Tongue could have been easily pulled out And cut off without that so I don't Understand that point reports I have Heard some that I have read subsequent To this time indicate that people have Seen mutilations that they attributed to Predators and if this was a predator he Had two feet in a six-inch knife because It was a very sharp single cut in most

Instances and although not the world's Leading expert I work with knives Frequently I know what they do I know The marks de vivre makes sanguine nation The removal of blood from an animal Has been a predominant trademark of the Mutilators few officials have found an Answer to the technique used in this Procedure dr. Fitzgerald describes what He thinks is the method if a large board Needle is placed in the animal's jugular Vein while the animal is sedated under Anesthesia or awake if you like somehow Restrain over the animal's heart will Function as a pump and will pump out Very nearly all of its blood through That needle as the animal's blood supply Begins to diminish a natural Physiological mechanism takes over and Sequester's or draws what remaining Blood is left into the internal organs In the center to supply the vital organs Deliver the heart the brain and it will Leave the peripheral area the skin all Of the non vital centers largely Bloodless so if you can successfully Withdraw the major portion of an Animal's blood you can cut on that Animal and there will be virtually no Bleeding at all from the surface I know That I keep coming back to this point But the animal was apparently restrained With something other than ropes why I Don't know it was apparently washed

Completely clean why I don't know and it Was in a very remote area perhaps these Things tie together perhaps whoever Whatever performed this didn't want to Be observed I think one of my initial Feelings was that somebody certainly Went to an awful lot of trouble to get Back into a remote area where I don't Believe you casually know they were even Cattle to do all of this Don't say New Mexico similar to the Plains of Colorado in its isolation but Nestled among rolling hills and small Mountains is the land of the Hickory Apache tradition is strong here Indian women weave intricate baskets and Create delicate beadwork the men preside Over tribal business and raise cattle And here as in Logan County the night Sky has been lit with the glow of Unknown flying objects and cattle are Found mutilated officer gave Valdez of The New Mexico State Police and retired Scientist Howard Burgess who pioneered The development of Kirlian photography In this country periodically pooled Their knowledge and expertise in an Effort to solve the mutilation mystery Officer Valdez describes how it all Began it was in 1976 June the 14th we When we first had one of our cattle Mutilations here in dulce the cattle are There was meal aid belong to mr. Manuel Gomez anytime that we do find one that

It's not too decomposed in it sir It's fresh not for us to do some tests Or I do call and mr. Burgess because he He has a lot of knowledge in the field Of science ed he's very helpful to me in Conducting my investigations Howard Burgess had a theory that some of the Cattle had been marked prior to the Mutilation of something which would show Up in their ultraviolet light but being Visible to the naked eye late one night He and Valdez conducted an experiment And found that out of 80 head of cattle Five were indeed marked with a powdery White substance visible only and Ultraviolet light so we took whole tree Violet with some special filters and ran The cattle through it and what appears To be marking glowed under ultraviolet It's invisible to the normal eye but Under ultraviolet it does glow then we Removed the hair from the region that Does glow and we removed a control Sample we took these to the lab and had Chemical checks run on them we did find That the sample that did low is Extremely high in potassium and Magnesium at the time this was Interesting but it didn't mean much Purse until we ran onto other things That began to tie in with it the time Came on Shaffir 1978 when a UFO was Sighted over Taos New Mexico as it Harvard over the town and dropped a thin

Film of ashes onto the ground you know The ashes contained high levels of Magnesium and potassium the same Elements found on the cattle and the Ultraviolet light but there was more we Find there's at least 25 elements in There there's a good possibility that it May be something that's organic and if It is this just opens up a real bag of Worms because anything can happen if This is an organic material that has Come from one of these crafts and this As the people told us directly fell from The craft that was hovering over the Area One day in 1975 Logan County Sheriff Tex Graves took his deputies into the Countryside around Sterling Colorado Determined to track the bright lights Which had been skimming across the Ranches and farmlands for the last Several weeks reporter bill Jackson Describes the sequence of events we were Just getting started in this we really Didn't know what we were doing we Weren't prepared for anything like this Of course But as as time went on we realized we Couldn't catch them so maybe we can take Pictures of them and discover something That way a year and a half later the Lights returned many relations were Still going on we we arranged with the Honeywell people in Denver to borrow a

1100 millimeter lent our lens from them And I've got some high-speed recording Film from Kodak and then we sat and we Waited hoping that the lights would come Back and we'd have a chance and finally That that chance came it was a Stationary object that we saw for Approximately 30 to 45 minutes and with Resulting shots really interesting to Say the least Shortly after these final exposures the Object disappeared it was almost like Somebody hit a light switch and it was What are these identifiable lights what Is their nature and their purpose why if They appeared in the night skies Immediately prior to the discovery of Mutilated cattle And how many more animals will die Before the mystery is solved In 1974 I received a call from a woman Who had a strange story to tell one Night as she and three friends were Returning to Los Angeles from Lompoc California they encountered an Unidentified light in the sky thinking At first it was a helicopter the friends Paid little attention when the object Began to fly the unusual patterns at Extremely high speeds the passengers Soon realized they were dealing for

Something out of the ordinary what Happened next is best told in the Woman's own words helen is a fictional Name her real name is being withheld at Her own request I thought come in Disguise from the top of the mountain Range and go straight up do it a 90 Degree angle toward us and I called it To the attention of Don John and Sue and They start to and it was there I was not Under for alcohol or anything like that And it came starting doing really Erratic things in the sky it was a small White light and very easy to see we Weren't taking anything it came over to The car door and went around on the Other side of tor the other hills and Came back felt a bit of a car by this Time because it was so close it was Eight lanes freeway is leased in Diameter and even a little wider saucer Shaped a very white luminescent light Emitted from the entirety of it the ship Stayed above us I found this about We watched it none of this the same Thing and we just kept driving unique Ever see in front of it and then out at The perimeter of it closed his tests Came for white beams of light like Funnel shaped smaller at the perimeter And they descended upon us and came Around each one of our bodies and out of Each one of our bodies we started to Float into that beam of light the best

Description would would be molecular Being dispersed and when I looked over At dawn and Sue and John their bodies Their legs and their bottoms are still On the car seat in their heads and their Shoulders and their chest molecules for Going through the roof of the car along With mine and we didn't lose Consciousness while this happened when We complete the consciousness of going Through the book and the bottom Molecules of our body were coming Through – and we were about three and a Half or four feet outside the car going Toward the ship and we hit energy field A strong one and remembered nothing next Thing I did remember we were coming back The same process going back into the car It wasn't until several years later that Helen realized she had experienced more Than she remembered mental images which She couldn't explain caused her to visit A specialist or put her through a memory Or regression in this relaxed state Helen recalled the evening in question And described in detail the experience Of being taken aboard the UFO I came to And standing in front of me was a very Tall man had whitish hair kind of bronze Beautifully tan type of skin and he had A long type of roguish gown on and he Was looking at me Very very friendly and he said it he's Supposed I'd like to know what we were

Doing here And I looked around and he did want to Know there was a huge room that we were In they've had the hallway off the front And hallway off to the side and they Were round curved hallways the room was Very light iridescent light radiated all Over but you didn't see a light bulb Anywhere in fact you didn't see hardly Anything except for this world chairs we Were sitting in and he proceeded to help Me up and when we walk together over to The screen in front of us across the Room and he showed us some information And pictures and was very cordial and Very easy to talk with the man spoke to Me in English But concurrent with everything he said Was a great great deal of telepathic Communication and it was completely Peaceful feeling there it all made sense He showed us a screen with many images On it that clarified some of the things He was saying he also said that he'd Been around with the other people there For thousands of years and that they had Been picking up people and giving Information to people for the use of Putting it into this world into the Society to bring about a lot of better Changes and the interesting thing was That there are some people he indicated Who have who we know and read about who Were given information by him this is

What he told me and there was no fear That's dominant I think and everything From this large room where we first came On the man led me down into a couple Other rooms and the one that's very Interesting was more or less in the Center of this ship and it was a room Full of dials and full of men dressed in More form-fitting clothes whereas the One who met me he had a type of avast Oriole robes on and these guys had more Like turtlenecks and Levi's is still White soft iridescent and very Comfortable looking and they were Working there was plenty of dials and There was lots of screens types of Scopes there and They were doing things very involved None of them paid any attention to us They kept their work after he'd taken me To these rooms We were walking again down the hall to Go back to the car and while they were Walking I remember telling him you know Nobody's gonna believe me And he said it's really nice doctor and He goes it doesn't matter if anybody Believes you and there was a purpose to Being told these things and what I'd Learned what John and Sue had learned Too had its purpose and it was very kind And very cordial you could meet him on The street almost and not even feel Anything unusual and then we came back

To the room we would put back in the car Same ways we were taken out and we've Just this tremendous sense of peace and That there was a lot more going on them And we had originally thought in December of 1969 emits great public Controversy the Condon report from the University of Colorado was finally out In summary they found no evidence that UFOs were a threat to the national Security and the late dr. Condon Recommended that the Air Force terminate Its involvement in UFO investigations And analysis in 1969 the Air Force Officially disbanded Project Blue Book And the study of the UFO phenomenon Conclusions of Project Blue Book were Won no UFO reported investigated and Evaluated by the Air Force has ever Given any indication of threat to our National security – there is no evidence Submitted that sightings categorized as Unidentified represent technological Developments or principles beyond the Range of present-day scientific Knowledge and 3 there is no evidence Indicating that these unidentified Objects are extraterrestrial The files of over 12,000 cases were Placed into storage But the ubiquitous UFO wasn't in the Influenced by this government position Incidents were to continue with daily Reports of flying objects finding their

Way into the news media in the closing Months of 1970 Street and the ruling in To 1974 alone there are over 1,000 Unrelated and unsolved reports of UFOs From across the United States Delaware State News Dover Delaware October 16 1973 Dover three women on the way to the Market saw it the same time the crew of The Delaware State Police helicopters Saw it two airline pilots flying over Dover reportedly saw it flight Controllers at the Dover Air Force Base Saw it Southern Illinois ISM Carbondale Illinois October 18th 1953 it didn't Make any noise down said it had red and Green flashing lights on the frontal Back times-dispatch Richmond Virginia October the 19th 1973 it was hovering And we parked there on US Route 15 about Two hours and watched it Walla Walla Washington January 31 1974 guards of the Washington State Penitentiary have Spotted what appears to be the same UFO Two mornings in a row from their Televisions of the prison Scranton Tribune Scranton Pennsylvania February The 25th 1974 police spot flying object Bates UFO reports are increasing October 21st 1978 vast trade Osmania pilot named Frederick Valentich disappears after Reporting a strange craft hovering above Him December 12 1978 – I fell Fred's a 45 year old worker riding home observes

An oval object together with another Witness he sees her craft hovered above Them December 12 1978 weather a hard on Mexico – luminous saucer shaped objects Are reported by residents then by a Police officer December 16 1978 Palermo Italy a bank clerk spots a disc of light And alerts the police who take several Photographs January 2nd 1979 Wellington New Zealand the veteran pilot and a Newsmen filmed seven objects January 4 1979 Jerusalem police on duty See three mysterious objects at high Altitude January 5th 1979 Johannesburg South Africa a woman and her son Recalled seeing half a dozen occupants In front of a brightly coloured craft on The lonely country road ordinary people Are seeing something all over the globe But what have the experts seen NORAD and The Air Force do have extremely Sophisticated equipment and by use of The phased array radar facility Surveillance is maintained on objects in Space the system is only designed to Track things like Rockets satellites and Man-made debris objects with specific Trajectories and which hold an orbital Or flight velocity of approximately 4.8 Nautical miles per second this system is Designed to discriminate between objects In space for example it will ignore Meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere That will quickly sputter satellite as

It Against reentry objects can also be Photographed with incredible precision By the electro-optical surveillance System and it's very good at its job However it's not designed to photograph Everything just specific items and Particular missions the sky is so vast It is virtually impossible to wait for Track and photograph all unidentified Phenomenon there is just not sufficient Time or budget so it is not really Accurate to say that our sophisticated Equipment and personnel are able to Identify and examine any and all UFOs on The contrary they are program to study Men built machines and only that among The many reports of UFOs in late 1973 One incident would stand out because of The credibility of the four witnesses This is major coin army helicopter pilot His copilot lieutenant Arrigo jet sea Air medic sergeant Healy and Robert Jana Checked these men had just finished Their annual flight physical early that Day and were found fit and sound of mind They would take off from Port Columbus Airport about 10:30 p.m. but what was About to follow and the subsequent Before they filed it would put to the Test the credibility of these men Approximately eight miles east of Mansfield our crew chief sergeant Robert Hannah SiC observed a red light on the

East horizon oh you gentlemen see the Thing they'd like yes I did Our helicopter was flying on a northerly Heading we were flying at an altitude of 2,500 feet He indicated what the lights seem to be Pacing in the helicopter moving along in A parallel direction with our air breath Which direction for me how often is the Earth moving it was in the Jewish to our Right the right side of the helicopter And it was moving with us as we were Heading north towards Cleveland at this Time he indicated that the light changes Direction was coming directly at the Helicopter at the same altitude and as The helicopter was maintaining a speed Of 90 knots the object came at a Terrific speed from the horizon we Estimated 15 miles visibility would be Ported 15 miles that night he do Gentlemen see the object at this time After it's been pointed out by the Hardest no not at that time I was flying Left seater copilot and visibility from That scene from from an Arctic Approaching from the right is rather Limited so I was having a doctor and for That reason that major point didn't take Aircraft or the patrol from me I grabbed The controls from lieutenant jet see Because I thought it was going to hit us I brace for impact With that I wished he collective down to

Get the helicopter to start to descent I Then looked at the altimeter it was Showing 1700 feet and descending a Thousand feet a minute The helicopter began to descent and as This object came at the helicopter it Seemed to descend with the helicopter When the helicopter went down the object Came down it still came directly at our Broadside as if to hit the helicopter From the right side Did anyone else see the object at this Time Yes I was watching it come on out of the East horizon and the only thing I felt Was when the skipper took over the Controls and we started auto-rotate down And I've been involved in a mid-air Collision so I was just watching this Thing come at us and it was at this time My light came swung 90 degrees from the Beautiful towards the helicopter and it Came in through the front of the Plexiglas and the entire cabin inside Turned green on the light it was a German shape type of light that beamed Down and came through the front of the Helicopter how long was your aircraft Bathed in this beam the light that came Into the cockpit Apparently lasted only for a few seconds But it was enough time and I observed The red instrument panel lights utilize For night flight to be absorbed by the

Green light was it possible for you to Determine the outline of this object Against the star background yes sir Cigar shaped object like a symmetrical Airfoil the dome on it it was a solid Object It was a metallic structure to it and You could see lights reflecting off the Structure because and you could not see Any of the Stars or behind the object Itself while all this was going on what Was the attitude is a helicopter Apparently when we were supposed to be Descending at 2,000 feet a minute that It or not we were climbing at a thousand Feet a minute what the control still Established for a descent and we went From 1,700 feet up to 3,500 feet and Topped out at 3,800 feet I would like to Stress one important fact and that is There is approximately 20 years of army Aviation experience between the four men On board the helicopter that night we Have been trained to follow procedures And regulations in reporting incidents Regardless of how they're accepted and We try to follow those procedures and we Reported the incident as it occurred and Have avoided any speculation on the Subject now my government's official Position is not to speculate on this Subject we can choose to let our minds Explore other possibilities to use our Imaginations for if we consider that

Astra scientists agree on one point that The possibility of life elsewhere is not Only quite probable some feel that is There without a doubt let us suppose Then that these objects are real space Vehicles extraterrestrial in origin and Not an illusion of the mind perhaps we Can begin to accept such ideas as Various reported UFO shapes and Configurations by looking at our own Aviation history we have in 71 years Devised dozens of aircraft shapes Dollar-driven Biplanes two lunar modules of date And by projecting into the future it's Conceivable and our technology may lead Us to similar development as to the UFOs Behavior if they are space vehicles they Appear to have a movement in advance of Our understanding of what is possible in The 20th century but we must realize However it stretches our imagination There will be a 21st 22nd and 23rd Century where the impossibilities of Today may be tomorrow's commonplace If these vehicles are of origins outside Our earth then we must assume they are Managed to trolled and operated by some Sort of beings perhaps similar to us From sketchy reports around the world we Can begin to construct a hazy portrait Of these aliens reports indicate ashen Pale white skin perhaps with a thin Protective membrane over them eyes large

For our part with a wraparound Appearance nose indefinite to small Breathing holes I slipped mouth or a small or no opening At all behavior cautious curious firm Ability to paralyze on touch sounds Emitted mmm humming who's in a foreign Language or some accent buzzing as if Electronic from their head and chest Wearing head protection or overall body Protection we just might not be Scientific and technically sophisticated To the extent that's necessary in order To recognize what is the real evidence In this in in what we have collected I Think we should also think of other Possible hypotheses suppose there are Such things as interlocking universes Where forms of matter which don't mesh With ours except under strange Conditions to assume that we are on the Level of intelligence that a that would Have necessity be visiting us if they Have the ability to come here There may be no common bridge of Understanding there may be attempts at Communication and we don't recognize That as communication we must always be Aware of the fact that we may be testing The wrong hypothesis as for instance in The days when people talked about stones Falling from heaven that was testing the Wrong hypothesis meteorites do exist the Phenomenon exists but they're not stones

That fall from heaven they're stones That the earth collides with when They're in orbit around the Sun it's Arrogant egocentric egotistical for us To think that we are the highest Intelligences in the universe I think That's completely preposterous as far as The extraterrestrial intelligence is Concerned I believe it's out there we Have not been able to come up with a Logical explanation at least our Scientists have not the only plausible Explanation that does it that would Explain all of these sightings is the Theory that these could be intelligently Controlled vehicles controlled by an Alien species alien to this planet how Would the public react if this is that Were true to find the answer dr. Leon Festinger of the New School for Social Research consulted a number of prominent Social psychologists from several Universities across the United States You must realize that social scientists Can only make educated guesses about Reactions to such a new and startling Event but nevertheless certain behavior Can be predicted dr. Aronson of the University of Texas points out that many People already have strong beliefs about The existence or nonexistence of Extraterrestrial beings and are Committed to these beliefs dr. Walzer Tells us that if these extraterrestrial

Beings were advanced beyond us we would Probably gain technological information From them but many Americans may worry That their benefactor will demand some In return constant gratitude or Acknowledgement to fear superiority as Far as panic is concerned most of my Associates agree that it wouldn't happen Unless there were one an imminent danger With no escape or chance to protect Oneself and two it resulted in loss of Contact the family or primary groups and Last there is also the question of Longer-term effects what would happen Over many years when social Psychologists suggest that it might help To unite the world if the visitors from Space proved to be an enemy he suggests Then we would unite as one species to Drive the invader away and then to live In peace thereafter we've so far talked Of the past of the present but what are The possibilities of the future it seems Almost certain that if other being more Advanced than ourselves doing happen Other sectors of the universe then it's Quite probable there will come that day That moment in time when official Contact will be made let's look at an Incident it might happen in the future Or perhaps could have happened already Premises that contact is made by Extraterrestrial beings with Representatives of the United States Air

Force at Holloman Air Force Base in the Deserts of New Mexico Today is clever it's about 5:30 2 a.m. At Holloman Air Force Base the traveler Flight 1 recon plane is on the field Ready for takeoff when sergeant Mann is Given a report of an approaching Unidentified Make contact with them commander Speaking this is Colonel Horner yes yes An unidentified vehicle you warn the Aircraft together one 42.6 girl shoot All right all check Edwards civilian Patrol okay all right it's down to Red Alert Unidentified aircraft approaching hey Bill give me a quick check with Wright-patterson intelligence it may be An experimental person somewhere I don't Know here alert the fire chief and Security safety Two military interceptors are dispatched To escort the unidentified crafts out of The area During a routine photographic mission a Tech sergeant and staff sideshow the Base photographic team were aboard a Helicopter at the time and run off Several feet of film of the three Objects one of which breaks away and

Began to descent a second high-speed Camera crew on the ground runs off a Bodge 11600 sheet the cameras continue To draw was the extraordinary beard open It hovers almost silently about ten feet Off the ground for nearly a minute and Yours like a ship at anchor then sets Down on three extension pads commander And two officers along with two base Air Force scientists arrive and wait and Apprehensively panel slides open on the Side of the craft stepping forward one Then two and a third what appear to be Met and dressed in tight-fitting Jumpsuits perhaps short by high Standards with an odd blue grey Complexion I said far apart a large pronouncement Knows they were a headpiece that Resembles a rope like design a commander And the two scientists stepped forward To greet the visitors arrangements are Made by some sort of communication and The group quickly retires to an inner Office in the king one area left behind In stand a stunt group of military Personnel who the visitors are where They're from and what they want We now have a new challenge perhaps the Most monumental in recorded history the Opportunity to investigate a phenomenon That could change our destiny through The study and understanding of the UFO

Phenomena we may discover a new energy Force or how to use it or it could lead To an understanding of our relationship To light throughout the universe and if There are beings from distant advanced Societies we may be privileged to see a Revelation I look at ourselves a Thousand years in the future and perhaps At this very moment located in another Galaxy somewhere in infinite space other Beings raise similar questions and Discuss the possibilities of life Outside their planet and talk about Earth as part of their plans for the Near future