thirdphaseofMoon Greenland Alien Mega Structure DEBUNKED 9/27/17

By | September 27, 2017
thirdphaseofMoon Greenland Alien Mega Structure DEBUNKED 9/27/17

Good evening folks Ellen Alex here um I have just watched This little video on third phase of Moon They are describing this as none other Than either a UFO awesomesauce structure In Iceland Greenland Iceland sorry this Looks familiar I’ve seen this [ __ ] before yep I’ve seen This [ __ ] On security intense Channel many many Times and I’ve debunked it many many Times Ice this is a landslide simple as I’ll Show you right now why is a landslide so Yeah I looked in the foot Yeah I can see all the other landslides Around here here yeah that’s not enough Proof is it and these landslides here But it’s not enough proof to say yeah Third phase it’s a landslide but Somebody’s mosey on down across that Lake and they’ve taken a little picture There you go landslide which we go into The picture so landslide it’s a nice Symmetrical landslide Let’s go Pat’s Google Earth then he’s Walked down here and he’s far let’s get A different angle I’ve got long slant line one slide 1 Slide there you go he go Blake and Drake Brett one slide oh it’s a landslide Covering a flying saucer last we got ask Yourself Conspiracy now you also said in your

Video that you cannot you don’t know the Size so in Google Earth are not being Not being childish year I’m just I’m Just educating you there’s a ruler up Here so you get the ruler yeah And let’s do it in will doing meters I’ll tell you our big is we start there We go across here skip this up on screen So you can see that there you go that’s How speaks pretty big 5000 Wow Ice that is one big landslide yeah five Thousand three hundred and ninety eight Point eight five meters bish bish bash Bosh is change out into columnas cheese Christ Its massive feet Pretty big guys pretty big but what you Can also do like is you can go back in Time on Google there you go so we go Back to 2017 which we’ve already in 2017 We go back a little bit further though You get that you get a nice clear image It’s not this started it’s not the Government covering it up let’s go back A little bit more I’m just a shill are You know 2015 and the ice is melted here I suppose there’s a conspiracy here that The point is that third phase get they Get no content so they think what should I put out next let’s put this [ __ ] out This is this will probably be on Security intense channel in the next few Days unless he sees this I think I won’t Bother he’s already given me the scholar

Warning because if you do Tyler I just Bang mini I will I will come out yeah And it’s not I see I see how I take Wednesdays off work to do this but I’d Rather do UFO research then feel like I Have to do this to educate people but Yeah this is none other than a landslide Guys so yeah I’m alien addict and I’m Here for you believe it or not I’m not Hater I’m not a shield I don’t work for The government I just I like UFO stuff and I find it Interesting but when this [ __ ] Putting stuff out when they know either That I’m a domme it’s call your [ __ ] Like you’re either a [ __ ] a bell end Or you just thick as pig [ __ ] because Come on you must be quite intelligent to Run the business the way you run in it I Thought man is all but you’re not you Don’t fool me none of you do you know I Can’t see anything here in this video We’ll look at the wavy lines that says To me that this is an alien government Cook covenant alien cover-up and if you See that and you’re a unicorn me a [ __ ] are jealous bastard then feel Free but I’ll have the last laugh Because I’ll get myself over to Iceland And I’ll take a couple of pictures of This so I need outro from me well flight Get a few big Stein’s Don’t me yeah set the GoPro anyway good Night god bless mind the books though by

I’m a lien addict subscribe like and Share this [ __ ] out so other people Don’t get fooled by these bail ends good Night