Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin (5 of 7)

By | September 24, 2017
Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin (5 of 7)

As you know father Martin if you recall I made it a pilgrimage yeah I wondered About it yes and I went to the Sistine Chapel and I did all the things that one Does and by the way father was very Interesting When we arrived at the Vatican ah there Was a massive massive crowd there and we Were kind of looking around saying wow Look at all the people what the world is Going on and somebody turned around and Said you mean you don't know the Pope's Going to be here in five minutes and so We got to watch and listen to the Pope Which I thought was quite a treat that Was just a very lucky definitely hey if You want to call that Lakhia true the Point then we went to the Sistine Chapel And though we did not get an opportunity To go to the labyrinth beneath the Vatican father I must tell you the Sistine Chapel is in itself something of A labor oh it is a fire you can I have Lain on my back looking at the feeling For us after hours and I could do that Just the campus feeling I puli Understand I fully understand you come Out of there out of this long labyrinth With a crook in your neck because you've Been looking up all the way that's right But here's what was really unusual Father my wife is a Catholic as you know Ramona and with them as soon as we Walked into the Sistine Chapel the first

Thing we saw was this gigantic globe and You know what was on the globe it had All 12 signs of the zodiac at five I Couldn't believe it I pretty I was so amazed that I had Ramona stand There and point to her birth sign on the Globe and I took a photograph and put it Up on the website about there right now And I was going to come home and ask you What in the world is something Astrological doing in the Vatican well Actually hot Historical fact that several gopis over Several centuries over the captain Half-dollar gun Really oh yes and the astrologer was Noted for his Catholicism it with over The man and they control Finn's Dissipation affairs of state reserve Advisable to do this is after the other Later here for hundreds of years all Right Somehow I'm a little lost here father Because I always thought that the only Person of Pope would would consult with It would be God in prayer and that that Influence of the planets wouldn't enter Into it well not which is all I now the Relatively speaking one would expect That but they they considered it a One-way with God would advise them to do Things A wise Catholic a scholarship would be Studying the movement to prepare and

Would see in the conjunction or the Separation or the rearrangement of the Planets using the patient of the Favorableness for this move of that move Of the part of the Holy Father no Kidding yeah you know but tonight as we Speak eight planets or in alignment yet I was told that I haven't got out to Look at them because if I really have Something else to do a much less Pleasant water the plants have terribly Interested in the stuff but I would love To feed them that is that is absolutely Remarkable now what is this the modern Church's attitude with regard to Astrology it depends on the modern Ketchup and the serpent the present Holy Father does not consult has not got the Consent astrologers see it there's Nothing in here would be against Catholic teaching of Catholic faith in Astrology provided as you said he and All beneath the hand of God Because as they again we can reach out To me the God can manifest his will and Tell you what to do in your life through Various material happening and one of Them is the arrangement of the planet Mm-hmm So if it is something again favor what In would be again stated one space all One's trust in them and relied on that To be the deciding factor about life and Death and that put it well nevertheless

Seems to be a very liberal Interpretation if it is particularly for Of hopes of many years ago I know for Hundreds of years are hundreds of years Literally suddenly you could say that Between say as a cliche days twelve Hundred and a little of the sixteen Hundred because they are very conscious Well then I think the the church is to Be applauded for not erasing history That perhaps today it would not rather Recall that's right but it aside to me Yeah they don't emphasize it now there Is other besides you see nowadays Astrology has become the the purview of People who don't believe in God as if According to the Catholic faith anyway So they emphasize it left and then there Have been abuses of astrology of course And there are stories and novels and Books and real factual history is about People comes out to the stars and Therefore decided to go and attack my Company what feel something sure so this Word goes over the edge but as a means Of knowing God will know some folks will Be travel without their astrologer Ah that's really that's really another Battle would happen all right there's The private hospital down up up in Indeed and then then there were a couple Of other things that struck me and will Be with me for all of the rest of my Life I I think no I believe in God

Father but I am skeptical about things That I can't touch improve I can't help It yeah However while I was there I also got to Go to Bethlehem and Jerusalem I think Yeah and I saw the exact place where Christ was born and where the final Crucifixion took place and I must tell You that along with my experience in North Africa I asked There are almost not words to describe The difference between talking about it Hearing about it all your life in Sunday School early in Sunday school but then Suddenly being there and being in that Spot and you know that you are you Really really know and I can't even Convey in words I know you can't And nobody cannot and I know exactly What you're talking about There's no way you can tell us some Something in that place on your faces Oh boy user ever yeah and you know I Look at it in broader level for the Moment let's take a blurry of a broader View of it you go and visit the Battlefield of Waterloo Belgium or the Alamo in Texas sure something good took You there some of the same sort of Feeling but not nearly as strong no it's Not nearly as awesome awesome of the Word um I guess that's the best word you Can come up with but I really haven't Found words to convey to my audience and

I really have tried I'm sure you have Though I was it was it was a You couldn't do it it means it's rather Difficult MC you are a master of wood There really are some things that words There are not words for that's right They go the opposite earrings are to Teach and the experience is cool real Only one word it just it's like it it Drives something right through you I Thought I'm gonna leave it that because I really can't explain it I'm so anyway That was incredible if I'm so glad I'm So glad you called or placers then after I called you the other day fire and of That found out happily you were not dead The next night it was I think elusive it Was Sunday they're gone on the 60 Minutes a lo and behold that they put a Picture of your book hostage to the Devil on the screen in connection with His story they ran that's right And after Oh from and dr. Olsen I think I had given you the first news of that And I'll bet lots of other people Talking about it since then [ __ ] but you Were the first oh you were the first to Tell me promise that's awesome and I run My eyes pop stars in the play from that Thought all right to give everybody some Sort of background this route is with Regard to a 16 minute story about a lady With multiple personality disorder arm a Wisconsin's woman who went to a doctor

And the doctor said she had 126 Different personalities distinct in Different personalities over many years He treated her dr. Kenneth Olsen and the Allegation is that he hypnotized her and That he actually put these personalities Into her including the bride of Satan Teenage boys you name it she added he Cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in Insurance money hypnosis again and again And again over years and years and years And then finally culminating in This psychiatrist performing an exorcism I know ever they said based on your book A hostage to the devil by using the Formula proven there in the back of that Book and I by the way he thought I guess That it was a success that it had Successfully exercise or and so there's A lot of legal battling and lawsuits Pending and so forth and so on over all Of this but I thought I would try and Get your reaction to that when I say my Reaction ox is if it and don't be very Surprised at this my reaction is greater Fear for the safety cause dr. ocean tell You why the essence of a person Performing an exorcism is a product Between the April 5th and the demon Allegedly possessing somebody who is to Be exercised yes and it's not as simply Affair and it's not simply a blessing it Is an actual matter it's like a flower Station like a battle yeah and you can

Only do that according to the theory the Belief you can only do that with the Community because you're facing Allegedly for interface you're facing an Archangel albeit a fallen archangel Called Lucifer and that Archangels has An intellect and resources are beyond Anything any to be in command And in order to shuffle with entangle With it or him or sister probably from The college career no gender in order to Do that you have to have the authority To say one of your name while you here When did it start I can get out and in Order to do that we'll have tasks from The simple and that's what we always Come for people never on their own back The tangle with anything really demonic But if you do you're going to lose and The fact is if I have to buy if I could Talk I can't on account of privileged Communication I could tell a very very Scary and awesome stories of fighting Stories about psychiatrist who did try And they cook live without any authority And we can possess them self oh really Yeah is having David Patterson enemies Are stronger than they with no immunity No authority well remember in hair shows Father people have called and said I Have done exorcisms lady but laypeople Yeah and you have said yes it is Possible it is possible but apparently Very dangerous in very dangerous and I

Don't know what with photos policy they Did it I do know one Lutheran pastor who Have the private researchers Successfully exercises It is very rare thing you see see that The only problem is that the person to Say in question is completely healed Completely healed and heart let me tell You there is no family more people more Lovely or Doyle more confident avoid Human then beginning of somebody by Ecosystem it is so beautiful If you like it sunrise and a calm upland Meadow after a devastating hurricane Well the people who would defend the Doctor I'm sure would say that he did This as a final resort Oh your friend Saw how however his detractors would say He's the one who put the hundred and Twenty-six different personalities into Her in the first place the reality is Something else and as you know after Your they will Wed manager studies Analyst matters the whole cereal MPD's Multiple personality disorder yes is Very much a sort of psychiatric Community they much up in the air Oh very much ah yes I'd be the Suggestion being that under hypnosis These are induced by a trite but by Being psychiatrist that's right and we Do know nowadays specially since the end Of the Second World War and the Transport of preferred mind-control

Expert to this country yes we do know Now that programming can be very deep And very passive and and really achieve What remember that book The Manchurian Candidate of course a propensity that And we do you this a father I want to Ask you what would they call the big Question here that I've worked up how do You know I the father I take it you have Probably done more exorcisms than Anybody else in this country is that I Don't know I appeared on because this Yesterday compartmented played if I can Pull that creation okay say compartment Profession you don't communicate I've Come across a mob with a process who's Been functioning in a certain Area of the Midwest and I never knew he Existed except we didn't overlap Understood We never overlap so it's not talked About a lot really no it's not you don't Communicate very much because laws of Privacy govern everything this matters Because nobody who has genuinely been Professed and genuinely Pinker's Ever wants a me but a new program hey Well that's that's really where my Question goes now apparently the Allegation is this woman had these Personalities inserted into her through Hypnosis how do you delineate how do you Know that some of the people that you Have not performed exorcisms on are not

People who have been victims of this Induced MPD it's one of the things we Have been alerted to from from the Mid-seventies part because we so we came Across comes a accurate information About the programmers that do exist it Exists they even do exist today and we Form quite Iria principles by which the Thread path and if it's not a simple Matter but it can be done and more than One I have dismissed people who applied For exorcisms say no no no there's no Aggressive in here at all we do skyress Mmm who is your psychologist or who is Your whatever your guru your channel or Whatever it was one would presume that Usually prior to coming to somebody like Yourself people would have been to a Psychiatrist or two or three usually They come to a psychiatrist actually if The card for what you say dear Papa Matthew dr. Martin look I had a patient Bloodbath leopard and He or she is the etiology of it all Would you have a talk with them without Discussing without discussing a specific Cases father how many times have you Begun to investigate a possible exorcism And then rejected it have not a pen case Of seven out of ten yes because you see Articles the question of disease Some people Francis was not to rip Syndrome where you should be confused With position yes and after it syndrome

Is just has a lot of the behaviorism of Forgive people but it is not provision And then the hunter career and then the Forms of schizophrenia phases of Schizophrenia the house to the vignette But not profession and then by the way The the forms of position there may be Like schizophrenia and the demon hides Behind the schizophrenic manifestation So I was even worse yet effective There's a double family there so you got To undo all that and you can only undo All that if you have authority you can't Just do it because you say well okay now Tell me what to prove are you there not If it's nothing like that It's the far more you are you are you Allowed to discuss the tests yes yes the Tests are the see if you want to felt The beginning puddle you you you ensure That there's nothing difficult cells Within the tumor on the brain there Isn't transgenerational insanity there Isn't your call isn't a drug addiction You must assure us of all those things That there is is this is it masking Something else with simply that alone so You question first of all you must check Them physically there must be checked Physically Because there are always physical Manifestations out and then having done That is you take them psychologically Apply psychoanalysis exactly but

Competent psychologists must serve Examine them talk to them examine them Anyway even if they can't talk in terms Of the refuse to talk and they must make Up their mind if it's some close Psychosis or neurosis or something Psychological or something that's Indefinable and that has no explanation In the diagnostic manual for psychiatry And that case then the reactive okay Let's try a rhythm and then you start Off formally into exorcism and that Means then talking to the person in Question Otto's people know them if it's A child or a young person or a husband Or wife People know them finding out how they've Lived and when it started and what Happened and what this Christmas fever Why have they come to you what is the Psychiatrist's benefits if they come to A psychiatrist you hear the cicadas will Tell you what he or she has found out About them and say this is the battling Thing about it and this is why I've Returned to you on a religious plane Rather than on a cycle and any claim of Psychological claim of psychiatric claim And therefore you a you eliminate you Eliminate a possibility after these Physical disease and you eliminate the Possibility of hope and you eliminate The possibility of something to do with Insanity or psychological

Irregularity some kinds of others okay Once all of that is gone and then then You make an appointment Saturate office and gum it is actually Are once you start into something like That formally having away with Everything in the usual way and I can Describe that in a few sentences you Within 10 minutes or 30 minutes Who knows if you're dealing with the Fish not quick oh yeah oh yeah because They see the power of an exorcist if he Has authority the power they possess is Such that he evokes a response he evokes The response and the battle begins at That'll be good if he is skillfully can Be fooled he can be the feast Have you been no no but I've been tired I've assisted exorcisms when I was Younger but the person was was baffled And deceived and out out with our Witness and I knew it but I wasn't in Charge and you don't interfere out with It And how's it with interesting term Another in other words the strength of Your faith alone even if you have Absolute faith might not be enough you Could still be out with it That's exactly it out you've got it up Exactly is you can be how to witness by A clever of mind and a quicker intellect And a more resourceful intellect Involves a much more ruthless in that

Which also is probably acquainted with You the a professor to a certain extent Therefore knows your weaknesses and Knows what the tasks to evoke false Judgment that's really quite remarkable To consider because I suppose the purist Would suggest that an absolute Rock-solid faith would be sufficient or Should be sufficient with God's power Behind you but actually there's an Are other aspects including which Another words issued do not be fooled by Somebody brighter than yourself that's Right intelligence intelligences or Nothing can be intelligent when it gets Down to brass tacks on fight like this Because it's a real struggle and they See we we human as such we are inclined To fight aggressor but we're trying to Be very fascinated by some intellectual Problems and we can be loud into an Effective situation where we be we Become we we both under the influence of A superior intellect because usually not Always but usually the demon has a Superior mind compared to us usually Usually well that really must make you Think several times as you go into an Exorcism God because that upq it is Possible and it's happened hasn't it Father that exorcist have gone in and Haven't come out they've gone that's Right they haven't said they've come out Of it and dies what they haven't come

Out of it and they've died or to come Out of it for this and prevent in a very Very pathetic way I mean worn out Useless what literally is even when that Occurs what does the church do well so Once upon a time when church men bishop In other words and See the palace of the church they really Were in charge of this because now There's there not a lot of them don't Believe in the rock when they had a Regular system and the method of taking Care of this aspect of life They generally gave them very easy job At Pericles or in Institute to make it Easy because they've been after the Forgot about of it did they were they Lost their life so the church took care Of them for the rest of the rocket ship Is very mild and compassionate with them And this injury today will be faithful Them laughs you will take the fifth than Ever before they in a lot of diocese in Detroit sometimes it does the profit Right there is no formal English at all So if you want to have an english ism in That area you have to go to the car Police car team in charge and say little Piece of throw and full of person for The staffers has an April 5th me come in And do it because you can't do it in Somebody else's diocese unless he has Our colleges and permission and it can Become very off with them sometimes the

Bishop there's no sometimes the Bishop Says yes sometimes the answers very Peculiar sometimes a bishop is not Respected very much face catholicity If I willing to experiment he probably Plays funny you never know what's going To happen so it's only that would be in This day and age father that a a priest Who would perform an exorcism and would Come out of it basically a vegetable Would he would not be taken care of by The church Oh would not protect his Family takes care of him or he goes for A home or I know one or two winds up and stay calm Hmm it's a grim affair it's a grim Affair nowadays all right I've got Something I need to ask you about if That I do a lot of different things on The air sometimes foolish things I got That oh I do know I do I do I do and I Was I wanted to talk to a witch A broom riding I I said a broom ride Arriving with yeah you're you know the Real McCoy with it and so I went on a Witch hunt uh-huh and I found this young Lady who calls herself harlot I and I Interviewed this young lady um and turns Out she called herself a witch father But what she really was was a Satanist I Interviewed her over a period of wanna Know about four hours or so and trust me She was the real McCoy she scared me to Death and if it really gather data too

Full of hail Satan's and all that kind Of thing of an extremely serious at First I thought she wasn't serious but Trust me she was she was married to a Man who killed her daughter now he knew Or she knew that this was coming and at Toward the end of this interview of this For our interview I was mind blown and I I said you know has it occurred to you That you obviously willingly are going To go to hell and she said yes I know I I accept that I look forward to that I Said but your daughter your innocent Young daughter who was murdered by your Ex-husband um what about her she won't Be with you and you know what she said She said no you're wrong because I knew It was coming and before she was killed I took steps to ensure she would be in Hell with me And that stopped me cold and what age Would go to achieve field I can't Remember three or four young now the Tablet thing about a lot is a general Lock that's children who their parents Can be made belong to a demon they can If to death even shut up an eye looking At the father in the world that I guess I don't probably understand yeah it's Difficult to equip it but we have cases We have fighting pieces of it and it's They by the way we have also put cases Where the pair pair param Satanist Worshipers Luciferian really yes and

Generational Luther period that is the Random family they try to do to save Their children and failed some children Accepted from didn't when I would imply An age of understanding but yes if it Caught me the understanding they have no Rocket flattening a page of clean are For it's a founding in certain cases in Other cases no their Bell the life is a Children which they are and they they Don't there's no harm done But there are paper and there's some Part of me father that just can't grasp This that an innocent child could be Literally taken to hell by a mother in This case you could be innocent reality Actually hot when you think of it so Have been cases in history where Children's of an age a tender age early Phases reinforce turned out to be very Willful They're rare cases and know that a very Rare case but it does happen but even Under the under our laws a child of Three or four could never be charged With ever held responsible for in any Way at what that some child at that age Would do that's right so um I I'm sure You get this kind of question all the Time but how could a merciful God allow This to occur to a child that young how Could this woman's will make that happen I thought I have no opposite I do know It happens I do know that full consent

Come across the child I do know that They have a development of will and mind That fighting with you when you come Across it maybe you you know you in the Presence of a tiny body which is have Developed as your will your adult will Open up with the experience since the Base fighting thing boy it's is scaring It off even God you know I sort of have Expected you to say don't worry that Child is not in hell well the better Than a procession I have to wound Finally ends up in hell hawk that is Something reserved to God we don't know And she the mother made thought she made Quite sure about it she may not have had Because the final decision It offers God yes but your your answer Is she could have done it oh yeah I hear Once again his father Malachi Martin Father welcome back thank you I've got a Really hard question I'm going to ask You hard for me but first I want to ask You in previous programs you and I have Done we have talked not just about People possessed requiring exorcism But people in a different category People that you have called perfectly Possessed Now frequently these people are very Successful have a great deal of money And influence in power Usually yes and um there are many of Them and you said when you walk down the

Street you know them when you see them Yes your overthrow they know you they Know you in in what manner would you Would you know this person can you Forwards to it I know a plant in Chicago would to click But it sits there beyond my signal it is Like let's use em have taste them You are both totally alien to recover Totally alien to each other so you you Definitely take it to Beyonce powerful Come to hell we're talking to the beyond Haiti if it seems a total alien Nothing in the column at all and them And preferred living quivering thing not Notice it's I know if ever in your life Artist you were in imminent danger of Being killed another guy what people Have like myself with a heart attack – Two hearts red pepper that's of dying But I hope you feel so there will only Twice if it's two times in my life which We can talk about another time and not To be diving at the country too much When I could have been fatal killed Literally right but since when you are In that when it's certain down there Something happens you are going to be Killed Exclaims calm comes over you but then it If you are not do anything about it not Escape you can't get out of it and the Mess something happens you're going to Be killed

Whistling oh you discussed you want a Guy if you're going to be killed this is A strange calmness it's cold reality and This is beyond the shivering cold that's The feeling you have when you recognize Them and they recognize you you know It's cold reality and it's beyond fake Total alienation okay they possibly Possessed person if I understood Correctly your explanation before is a Person who in fact has made a pact with The devil the outcome of to be uh to be Successful to get what he wants in the World whatever reason uh maybe even to Get a woman who knows for what reason He's made a pact with the devil that Doesn't make him properly prevents I've Put him in preventing other position is Something beyond that but I mean he's Utterly satisfied with the oyeah Importantly program um the reason I ask Is as follows Um I have been in the radio business for 25 30 years and like many people in Radio for many of the early years I Struggled and you know about half starve To death like people cause you in radio I mean that's way it is and it's been a Passion for me without question right And I like everybody else or maybe Unlike as so many others I have been Very fortunate and in recent years my Career has just you know skyrocketed by The hands of God well yup thank God but

I've got to tell you I don't ever recall any time that I said That I'd give anything I'd give my soul Or anything like that I don't recall a Time like that I'm sure you didn't But since I've had this much success There have been some times particularly I must say since I heard you describe The perfectly possessed yeah when I have Worried did I did I do something Mentally did I make some pact that I'm Not consciously recalling I worry Constantly is like yeah let me let me Make a remark about that um proper Position is consequent on a very Conscious step consciously taken step if Not something that's that's implicit Here to contrast to make a contrast we Now get young people 20-somethings or Thirtysomethings in the age and they do Come and say look I made a thanks to the Devil because I needed this job I needed To be I need this woman I really wanted To marry her and I wanted to get a job Abroad and I want to get this loan you Know interest and now I can't get rid of It that's at something else so we're Simply very stupid and foolish and you Know they can be helped And it's a thing they were Greta be Perfectly possessed to a certain Graduation which the gradual gradual Thing it's not at all it's not suddenly Overnight the devil doesn't appear in

The morning with a scroll as they find This and you're fifty years of happiness May you come to hell with me the Austrian picture you know yes da police You are Hollywood is when we arrive and Get it play out and it says not that It's a gradual thing that the person Slowly but surely seen concedes a render Their will Every fiber of the will and therefore Per being and acquiesced mostly in it And are awarded by their master and Utterly conscious there's no nothing Implicit about there's nothing but they It doesn't lead to buy them you're Saying I would know it if that all yes You to note a mile away You wrote a mile away use my I don't it It is a a malady suffered by many people Who are successful they don't fully Understand the nature of their success And sometimes it seems like there are Other forces at work and others you Question your own success and and that's One of the things ever since talking to You that I've been worried about Actually you see there's no doubt about It that's evil the evil around us there Is evil around us as well as good Doesn't make inroads you know supply Them fantasy and desire and ambition and Love such as yoga orbital and those make Inroads in ISM that of quick our Consciousness there's no doubt about

That but the total surrender and Existence of Luciferian being the Deficit takes place in the properly Process that is something that cannot be Done implicitly or overnight or by Accident or be slipped into your life Without you knowing it on earth hmm I Think it's um you struggle uh you know a Lot of people are just hearing this show And me for the first time think AHA and Overnight success well I'm an overnight Success it's been at it for about thirty Years ago an overnight of overnights are Nevertheless though the real success did Come recently in the last couple of Years in it has been absolutely Astounding and I really really have been Worried a lot that is I mean look From my vantage point is looking on the Outside in It seems to be a logical progression of A very devoted and intelligent career in Radio and you've reached the culmination Now now so this part of us nobody leaves The amount of affiliated associates that You have and the name you've got nobody Weepers and without a special destiny Price but not everybody does it and you Have a profound influence on millions Millions and that means that you are Fated from this point of view as a radio Man that you are working on universal Life that affect the natural government Of people's souls and that's

Responsibility we live you know it is That is that that is that believe that's The telling point that sure somebody can Work like a dog what's the little button Offer they say I must not get to where You are but you got there and that was Because your destiny was ready you were To do that given your talents and given You a will and give them the Opportunities which were given deal of Obsession would be good word I am Obsessed with well of what I do I love It either real obsession yet really Since we're talking the countries of Exorcism obsession is a professional Word with that I wouldn't use it about It at all hahaha I see us utterly Supposes I'm a devoted good And because obsessed is something else Is close to blows a song yes opposites In that good sense here not even the Calvin Klein let me show this I can make A just over joke easy as I could usually Folks not but I know it it's the Question of destination a factor your Destiny before you were born before you Will conceive before your terms are Married was such that you will achieve This element and apparently it fits into God's plan and I'm not saying that to Butter you up and uh putting up a talk I'm loading on your shoulders broader Though there may be a responsibility That ain't easy because he will look you

Straight in the eye on one day when you Pass over and say now tell me heart how Did you really do I worried all the way Or I worried all the way and you know You discuss to be a responsibility I Worry all the time about the Responsibilities as matter of fact I Don't think that somebody in my position Should have as much influence as I can Have I it worries me all the time I know Well I'm sure all the other eminent men In Bayfield say the same thing and I Without breaking confidences and you Speak about me of having worked with to Probe and they did the had worked with Very eminent men and behind the scene The back of them you shed tears over Their weaknesses really over their fears Yeah and then split into hump on the Shoulders of him March ahead that's good All right that's it all right I'll let me read you this from the UK News this just came in today from the United Kingdom news it appears that some Of those who have passed over to the Spirit world are unwilling to be kept From the pleasures of the flesh A blunt enlisted as a Blackpool woman ah Called priests to psychics and a Mormon Missionary to try to rid her of a ghost That she claimed regularly sexually Attacked her the Jax began in 1994 when she felt Something climbing into bed with her she

Claimed it pulled off the towel she was Wearing about her head and said it was Going to make love to her then she felt A quote bile and growth sensation quote Like tiny needles trying to pierce my Skin and quote um what does that sound Like to you Well I'll tell you ah Coincidentally pointed Emily I'm dealing With at least two cases of people one Male one female who are faulted mainly Mid and the assault is never Pleasant Super sexual and the row got about of Demonic activity around them and live With themselves in force they let Themselves in for a fabs day they've Made a mistake they made error and they Have to pay for it and they are paying For thank God and we are doing penance And they're taking good direction but They have to liquidate and though it may Sound funny to you not funny to me some Peculiar view I keep saying to them look It's father that you liquidate fear your Guilt a temper to do it in purgatory How do you liquidate cures you I'd if That if in this life you get Patrick Either physical you can learn mental Operations yes I I don't deserve Anything a physical suffering without Member country anyway um if you do that And you have the grace of God and you Offer it up in union petition Catholicism in union with the pain of

Jesus the Savior who attained its favor Then you do merit to liquidate the Punishment due to your film challenge Actual suffering mental and physical Eyes that's why when you having got Pains and eggs a prince I've run Normally got a very healthy body so if I Want to do penance I've got to fast you Know you have to devise means of hurting Yourself but depriving yourself of Creature comforts two perfectly Legitimate because there is – self Fred These demons are cast out only by prayer And fasting and this is traditional in Christianity and by the way in Islam – And in Judaism those who are talking About Christians about Catholicism in Particular it is their tradition that by Fasting and by doing penance we do get Rid of demonic influence and you do also Do penance for you think that there's no Doubt about it that if you have a Horrible gente c'è a multi local camera Saying you're in your South use your Brain and you suffer the pains of it yes You can liquidate whatever guilt is used Feeling even though the symptom cells Are forgiven that always hub punishment You to it that's the doctrine of Catholicism and this Hitler lost in the Reformation and yet a father People are come down with these horrible Cancers that give them horrible deaths Either all the time

And yes sometimes it seems like the very Best people die early Such terrible deaths I know I know I see It every week of my life so then how Does that how's that shitty Ania Well if it's in the sense that if each One is different each person is Different and I hide I've never found Two patients are reacting in the same Way but it's always the question of how They will take it as the will of God or As simply an affliction and they come to The truth and they can go they can Concert as a hidden blessing father Our we are once again at the bottom they Are so just as the way the Rio 8bitboy Atrisco flies by the Reverend Father Malachi Martin is my guest from Manhattan and father I have interviewed Many people who claim to do past life Regressions if I have interviewed many New-age types who claim that they have Had near-death experiences that there is No such thing as hell that nobody ever Goes to hell and that in all of their Regressions and the thousands of Regressions I've done they've never Encountered hell well let me tell you I've got an article here from the London Telegraph and I want to read you a Little bit about it and ask you about it Ah quoting terrifying accounts of Gravely ill people who claim to have Been dragged to the very gates of Hell

By demons are now to be studied Scientifically for the first time by a British psychologist the existence of So-called near-death experiences or MDEs In which dying people report having Mystical sensations before being Resuscitated is now widely accepted by Doctors and scientists there Claus is Unknown but they typically involve a Feeling of deep peace followed by Sensation of floating up through a Tunnel for the bright light and into a Beautiful kingdom we've all heard that Continuing but now it is becoming clear That for some people NDEs are far From blissful instead of a feeling of Floating upwards they report being Pulled downward toward a pit inhabited By demons the experiences of Evelyn Hazel a london-based art historian as She fought for life against meningitis Are typical quote I had reached a Critical stage in the illness and I was Hovering between life and death I was Aware of being involved in an intense And very real struggle for my life she Told The Telegraph continuing to quote a Three-legged being rather like the Isle Of Man symbol was pulling both my legs Down to infinite depths and I knew Without any doubt that if I relaxed and I gave in I would be dead I believe this struggle went on for some Considerable time and eventually I

Managed to break away from whatever it Was pulling me down and so they're doing Actual scientific studies now not on the Typical Light and light beings and relatives Greeting you in tunnels stories but on People who went the other way hell is a Real place ah yeah a real place in the Event that it is a place that has a Every place has aware you know I think If you say Peru the real place is here Where is it because it's got a real Location real well we do not know the Exact location of Hell oh I didn't mean A geographic location moderates movement Now I have a real it's a real place yes It is we don't know the geographic Location of heaven either now we don't Without depth is the same thing but I Guess my question is hell use as real a Place as heaven yeah as we as we Lewis Percolator Um in between it's as a realness Now it is impossible to deny the fact Because so many people have had Near-death experiences in the right of Both kinds it is important we can't Explain it exactly but it is there There's Luis Chavez a playful this is a Similarity between these between the MDEs is amazing it does point to Community caused by one thing one Particular experience but they all have Had and the demonic although they the

Big different the big difference father Is that people who have had an Experience like this lady ah don't talk About it they don't talk about it I mean Sure if you go to a place of light and Love and you realize that you would be In heaven if you really really pass on Fine you can talk about that but if You've been to hell you're not really Likely to you don't come back and tell Us about it not really unless you come Back it had been tastefully of positions Where damn so to speak we're damned Souls we get to speak through the demons But that's a question of a very very Peculiar cases and they convoluted cases And their cases where people may be Special tax Felicity Ave where but they Do come they do they do come back that Is a loud talk communicated it's all Very mysterious and you stay away from It as much as possible as an echo fist But it does come through at time and It's a very disturbing experiences it Never leaves you but I would imagine a Lot of priests have even themselves uh In their lives moments of doubt moments Of doubt enough about their own very Meta – absolutely correct i reaiiy would Think though that doing what you have Done during exorcisms arm must enforce Your own faith in a way that the average Priest will never have enforced right I

Applied it down now there's no guarantee That you're going to succeed completely And persevered go to heaven but there's No doubt about it does we enforce it Because you were you're up against it You up against the ultimate in evil and At the central experience or any I Prefer who have Dunning the vision in One ecosystem famous April freedom the General is this it is the app that's That that's happy memory burnt into use Of total malum total malice and it's Very hard for the nor even hardened Criminals there they love somebody that Type of a woman madam those country up But to come across a mind of ships total Malice Nothing but malice is something Appalling ago they what it does view and Agrees with you I'm sure it does either And that is something with your yard I Make you immediately think of God's Beauty of God's compassion God's love And the nice soft scenes and all the Thermal peace and compassion and Holiness and goodness It's public come from role that is your Soul into wild it dance towards God but I would imagine you've had lots of Opportunities to see young priests Assist you in exorcisms and how did they Come out of that generally first time Around but come on become out shaken and They're generally they they vomit and

Sometimes their incontinence he can't Speak it in the English justice it was a Fact of their life you know we laughed At the severity they've got the first Time I was through seven matrices in the United States I was in bed and was Called up by an exorcist we said Malachy My assistant is Colette please come over And help me up it was in the Bronx in The Bronx yes and he had the young man Has characteristic there it's a vey vey Unnerving in the beginning it's very Unnerving this is probably a very Frivolous question but I'm curious Having done so many exorcisms is there Is there any um Geographic sense to Exorcisms in the sense of more for Example in the in large cities I mean There you are New York City is the Biggest are there more abide percentage Do you think in the big cities than There are in the if it's I'm sure that It is it will not meet with the approval Of a lot of people but you I can Pinpoint very city's a big areas in the USA we Haneda and in Europe where There are disproportionate number fridge Disproportionate not back there either That kind of services it's a funny thing Can you me miss you I mean we're not Going to really harm anybody by naming a Few well I figured since ancestor of a Plethora of such things in Geneva Vikrum Geneva give me the fishermen

Neutral Geneva and it's good I think That come and I hope that we don't Differ we don't get a fault of having Said this but it does seem that Louisville Kentucky we have a fair share More than say probably not had to pay if Remember our area in Manhattan where I Wouldn't want to live cannot always Avenue a B and C or in the bank matter There are areas of real doubt about that Because the presence of evil entertained And accepted and wished and left Celebrated means that you have diabolic Presence demonic presence that's all About it I mean right over a mountain From from Las Vegas aha now Las Vegas is Always generally portrayed in the media And elsewhere as the devil's playground Yeah I steps I think you know that's Romanticizing yes I never I never had in My whole experience Las Vegas never stood out as a home of The devil rock No kidding so in other words it doesn't Even stack up against Louisville no it Doesn't stack up have to deliver this I Have a good day cago Back up against and kuba you know again Wait a minute then who will use that Here doesn't stack up at all but if it Is talking about the incident of the Diabolic interference it's a stuff so There really are do you have any German Songs on why there are hotspots like

This I do not know I do not know and a Few years ago no was a more than a few Back in the seventies we try to create a Profile of the presentable pretty sure And the profile of the places of the Pandavas Torgo profile no they will Purely random either education effects Of based on culture no which is no Chorus poverty or wishes that pay for Failures black butterfly blue pink Yellow or rivers weed wherever the color Your good walk so then possession is Random if you want to be wrapped up here Is to be random yeah because this is Like you I know very many people I mean I know people who who couldn't stand the Glare of publicity of their business Members [ __ ] and I know I have come Across ladies of the knife yes three That number one I'll never forget Become punters me the Oakridge I'll tell You about if you wanted and then I've Known a few people from the Mafia who Definitely you know were rough diamonds And were useless at favors but there we Can see many people they won't prevent Big difference all who Can a prostitute go to heaven Sure I remember of coming home late at Night with my brother in the token ring And we'll both staged already hit we had To walk and then we may constitute we're Both fairly readily if we will walk up With weight course and have another

Section and my brother who's out Dom Regard that a woman don't you not know That you you put your eternal soul in Danger bills very contentious my brother Is a good man and she pulled up hood Left and pulled out a rosary beads and a Prayer book out of a stuffing and said Father Look I babies every day I practically boxes should please fate Me go to my home Wow Wow is right oh wow Laughter they really decide you in a Bastard the priest gave me yes yes if I'm baking in the freep offices a real Problem for the church isn't it it is a Real problem everything inevitably in Existed in the fortress telepathy of the Rule you're going to have the Difficulties and we have it and we've Had a terrible rush of pedophilia I knew In the ended our suffers of the USA and In Canada my daughter and we're not Finished yet still going on and Delta Baby the organization of the Roman Catholic Church my church is have been Shaken up and happens settle down to any Regular yet hasn't made up its mind About it and they're a good majority and Small majority but a good majority of American bishops would wipe out the Whole service prefix of a la primera get Married You don't agree with that do you well Tell you something odd I can only speak

From point of view of experience I'm Over at Kaplan is for the US Air Force In tips and them I remember we used to Go to the radar dome back in the good Old days of the Cold War's yes the Dusties they had wings laughter with it Like three yes and now while though is Written by a photographer and it by the Way for the Nadine be a trip if the full Image you have saved in via the peace With lap house that when she had talked And the men would talk to me about Anything and everything and panoramic MD Said rather look we would never discuss These matters with you with your married Life woody woody was Republican shuttle Raid even Bella the intimacy a deficit Available to allow the police could he Belong to nobody Yes a professional yes and he's really Faithful to it and see if he doesn't Have a eunuch place which I'll explain Explain what I mean by left then he Becomes special see if the funny thing About celibacy is hot let me give you One small word from a syllabus that I Mean either you make a celibacy and it Becomes a positive thing or if you like Somebody who's wearing a chastity belt Or somebody's phone where the kid you're Looking for the teacher know it's the Lazy eunuch case I wish I could say I Will late father but I'm I'm the kind of Guy who sits and thinks how could it be

Heaven without sex What ah well actually those thankfully For a jihad defenders really for my Goddess now is a beautiful thing and Love is a beautiful thing by the way The most impressive thing in exorcisms The most exhausting thing The most the most feeling negative apart From the malice is this terrible the Mommy could contact for human love yes Oh God aren't you've no idea what a Place I mean the content well it would Be the greatest enemy wouldn't of course The consents with human love making him Human marriage human love the Competitive is swimming it will do for You come across so he's actually in in In a possession there is a lot of sexual Of course your version of course I've Had this always a basis for is in Reality maybe weakness to because it has That never brought out her like an old Car over that with a good left where Celibacy cannot be an easy thing No not not for a mortal man not even Hostess process not and they say by the Way it's not a sudden fish it's Developed over a lifetime to make it a Day and nothing was faithful in love With a beautiful smile No it's not bad frenzy founder father Are we've done it again with Robbie I Will be right back alright back to Father Valentine Martin father a couple

Of quick fast questions and then we'll Go to the phones Yes all right here it is while testing For exorcism qualities as bottom are Never found A person who was psychic themselves or Had powers of telekinesis the ability to Move things physically that was their Own power that just looked like demonic Abilities or are all psychic powers Demonic and this will say it may sound Like a trifle not on my on my part that Is a very interesting question And the reason is this that there are Three plateaus of reality the physical Reality which we all know space-time is The dimension we can we live and move And have our being right right there is A supernatural reality of God and there Is the middle plateau where on the Diamond exercise they're beautiful and We're on those with psychic you have Perceptions that battle the rest of us And where they are able to move and Whatever able to move I remember a bed Made red Eames This remote viewer that I have on demand From game of the program with you that's Right Stella and it's a very dangerous Plateau because it is very fascinating To move on that plateau and it can Involve you with demonic activity and Become fascinating not people with Natural gifts of psychic perception

People that know them from afar but know Your past life people that can get a Character enjoy telekinesis and do that Sort of thing you just said people who Can know your past life advice I I would Have thought your position would have Been that there are no path lies well no I didn't mean that five I think what has Happened since you've been 30 or 45 I Don't know what happens your whole idea Are now reincarnation oh no all right so There there is real psychic power Oh do is we look like your father's no Doubt about that that's a very Frightening thing when you meet it and I've known young group of young boys and Rolled with it and you have to teach Them to how not to use it because it is Dead people very massive And then besides it can also lead them Onto the little plateau where they can Run into trouble All right part two of this separate Question if people had predicted the Current Pope will soon die if after Which another Pope will take control the New pope has been predicted by some to Be a dreaded betrayer of the faith Possibly involved in the coming of the Antichrist How does father Martin view the prophecy Of the 111th Pope which would be the Next pope thankfully at the older I get The less I know about it I have a

Feeling in my bones that the memory of The Roman Catholic organization has an Organization not simply as a spiritual Church but as an organization on the Face of the earth the miseries of that Organization are just beginning and that It is heading into a very difficult Situation worldwide and that there will Be a lot of trouble in Rome itself now As regards the health of the present Holy Father it's very hard to know Because he has a coal act upon them you Know years and he kept on saying no I'm Despite all these prophecy for the Movement all these doom fare I'm going To see the year 2000 and I'm going to go To Mount Sinai in the year 2000 and I'm Going to go to all of the counties where Abraham started in the year 2000 I'm Going to go to Jerusalem and Bethlehem And Calvary well if he's determined then He may well make it he may well make it Always take me to account the will of God we do I do not know Frankly I provide of my name which is Biblical for a prophet Malachi I have Know 55 So I don't know I I have a great Confidence there's God who so loved the World he sent His only begotten Son to Give us a life in me and life will take Care of it but I don't think it's going To be easy I think literally is it going to stop

Well are you predicted that there would Be an event in the spring that there Would be an event that would be that Could be an event if a certain fine took Place but I often will find between the End of spring and the end of the end of With and the end of screen there are Nevertheless many many people and I'm One of them who feel something big is Imminent oh yes so if there's no doubt About that there's no doubt about that People of all disciplines people I Interview of all disciplines and they're All essentially saying the same thing It's a gal appealing yes about that it Absolutely is and remember remember what Freud told us about foster Psychiatric Association's in Austria saying that I In 1938 he said that the multiplicity a Patient coming telling about special Dreams about barbed wire and blood yes He said be baffled at all whether would There is a general feeling and I knowing The truth it doesn't help one piece of Mind are specific dozens okay and I Remember I had the dubious privilege of Reading the text of the Third Secret of Fátima I must God FiOS I'm repeating but it Isn't present if I have a whole stack of Faxes here asking me to ask you about That and you obviously cannot speak of That not factually not wood for wood I Can tend to connote but it paints level

The less you know about it the better A step test is going to be a reckoning And that is nobody is this thing on the Face of this earth will be exempted from Knowing the power from on high they will Interpret it in different ways that Would avail earth to reason aqueduct or Amorphous according to the beliefs apply To my culture and a path and there will Be people who even faced with the with The certainty that there is a greater Power above our heads will fail they Will deny if they will be viable because They reject the scientists for example We'll find a scientific explanation for Well they will remember the famous Pro Called Aurora by alpha Manta 38 well I Certainly am aware of a row of borealis But not one specific Ord a specific one Which is a explained by saying or a Breath but who is wasn't man at all they All agreed it was in aurora borealis the Only one who put his finger on it with Adolf Hitler in he worth a and he said Watch well he was in best if God at the Wolf's Lair that was his famous place When you flew a weekend with his cabinet And spare Albert Speer who was remember This happen and his architect Elvis in his second book but that night We all stood on the Esplanade of his Villa In the Bavarian mountains looking out For the eastern fiend is extraordinary

Frightened of like and picketed yeah Done now we have padded bladder even Shed blood in taking the raw we didn't Catch that as they can pick up an Ikea But now we're going to head back so he Took that as a sign Holly because I have All the fine but the Virgin who told the Children ranima in 1917 about 59 told Them it would take place just before the Great world war she said them it will be Just before they start killing Liam can You tell us in a way that we can read Between the lines with regard to the Third prophecy um is there is there a Timetable that you are aware of that Cannot speak but cannot speak of that we Can read between lines on uh yes and no There is a it is not two hundred years Away it is not fifty years away it is Not fifteen years away number one Well that's and number two it involves The entire world system it's not maybe One area definitely one religion only One way will be apparent to fall all Without exception because caption and it Will be frightening okay well I think I've asked as much as I want to ask About that letters are asking questions Of the audience first time caller line You're on the air with father Malachi Martin in Manhattan hello good morning And greeting few art from British Columbia up in Canada and to A father Martin good morning kind of to

Maliki concrete foggy really we do try To keep the faithful it is but listen Several I would like to do that several Questions and I'll just hang up and Listen to your various responses one Person to four father Martin all right Several weeks ago you had a living Breathing astronaut art on the program Yes Edgar Mitchell yes I rather with you That image in what it takes was on your Questions did we really fly to the moon Okay look at the yes the answer is yes I've asked him that many times and as Always absolutely he walked on the moon Sir it would you could have challenged In with some of the questions with the Debates Reyes I did uh-huh yes I'm sorry I miss it Father Martin's yeah my Irish Grandmother god bless repulse which he An Amish come from She was from County Cork Oh God Breakfast yes I know I used to have me On any and with a twinkle in her eyes You would ask tell me stories about the Little people and as a kid I loved those Stories I cherish them but you know I Would like your take on that the little People the little people and the other Question is the father Martin You mentioned Vancouver is the fourth of The Black Arts I think it's Victoria's Even more so yes it is You mean the mild-mannered Canadian a

Man I hate occupation because well I Mean in a lot of ways they are Canadians I speak to them all the time Father and They are very they I'll bet it's very Have a critic there's no doubt about but Apparently behind that facade a little Bit wiser anyway little people a little Bit well the little people it's it's the Ancient Celtic myth that see the fairies Little little people who we people Dwell in these ruins forts and castles Without the full by the way ruins of Temples and churches and towers and Castles and old houses etcetera but it Is purely and simply a Celtic list for a Rabbit they have worked on an entire Literature I wonder father if today's little people In America and the world that are called Greys aliens are the same sort of Mythological creatures that that were in The Ireland I've always wanted the same Thing cost and have no time for to it at All I have known fortuitous home and there Is a greater myth or not whisper mystery An island the banti did you ever hear The banshee I've never heard of it oh I've heard of a banshee is this Threatened families let some old Celtic Families still existing in Ireland when A prominent members is dying or dead This woman is heard crying and it's too Frequently happening to deny we don't

Know what it I had a very very irate Uncle on my mother fight who was at who Became an atheist other isms when I Brought this up to me said no that's a Female hair in heat especially Destruction but this was it to it to Establish the fact that there so our Families and those this peculiar wailing And Halle boning is the same Gaelic At the depth of the member tell you a Pretty strange story father in Miami it Broke the day before yesterday A woman dressed in rallying black with No identification whatsoever that fell From the sky the authorities have Checked with airlines with flight plans And run fob blah blah blah no Identification on the woman they have no Idea who she is she literally fell from The sky hit a picket fence was cut in Two Christop and they still have no idea Whatsoever what that could be all about Signs with the strange signs from the Sky Strange times with the same things Happening all over the place half of Prison – ooga Paducah Kentucky a Fourteen-year-old walks in and kills Three classmates wound six others and Gives only as an explanation for those Who know him that he was angry at us at Society oh boy hopefully you know you Know you see statistics today indicating

That crime violent crime is down but the Very nature of crime has utterly changed At one time father when one person would Take the life of another They're usually was a reason man catwalk Man catches a wife in bed with somebody Else or robbed bad business deal robbery Whatever but there was a motive Today's crimes though maybe less is Totally indecipherable totally you're Quite way that's the very word in Different programs to take god we've Done an event now look I know it means The presence of a more active evil for Evil fate is there a war between heaven And hell that is constantly going on or Added and now it's acute now it's acute Now it's very acute alright once again Father Malachi Martin from Manhattan Father a war a war between heaven and Hell there have been recent movies about It and so I hate to have to draw my Knowledge of this from motion pictures And why not about that it was a view see A movie called prophecy if I have Christopher Walken yeah boy he sure is a Perfectly possessed person – on screen Evening Um it in those motion pictures depicts An actual war between heaven and hell And escalating war between heaven and Hell the Fallen Angels when you see Something like that is that anything Like you envisioned to be going on may

You know – the Hollywood special effects Yes what matters for Hollywood special Effects yeah yeah yeah it is Oh of course We're we we just had some weird noise on The line we had yes it must be that Bouquet on somebody's nervous yeah I was Writing guys at NSA just listen don't Tell you know that the specific BB it is Yes it is that's where you find that Type of raping using the souls and lives Of living people and you find it raging And working and injuring and killing the People you deal with Yeah now you do and terrible things Happen humanely terrible things happens The people who take the other side Really serve evil and hurt others and Their wisdom generation a generation It's a terrible battle and it goes on All day and serve on white the whole Week in the whole year there's no Getting away from it and it's getting It's getting much more reduced today Than it ever was before out or maybe This is a dumb question but is there any Possibility to that war could ever Become an all-out war one in which the Right side wouldn't win where earth Could be lost I think it can get to the point of that But can be lost for a while It will be reclaimed I think that There's a sunset is creeping over the

Whole human thing yes at the present Moment and it's a great flood and it's Slowly but surely extinguishing all love The world is really getting very cold And I think we're now getting back Toward that which you really can't fully Talk about that I think that's why I Catch on goodbye all right father a lot Of people on the phone lines that I've Really got to get used to the Rockies You're on the air with father Malachi Martin hello where are you please hello There hello yes you're on the air yet This is fruit from Chicago Hi Bruce good morning the founders Thought the father Martin eats my Favorite guess my question was long Lives what you were just talking about The last moments our Father Martin's Lapse of appearance on the program he Talks about or you are brought up to the Life in phoenix and if father said that If that in fact was the case something Awesome and most fearful would be Happening and the time frame I Interpreted from that was somewhere out The spring of 98 and I wonder if heated The specifically elaborate on the time Frame if you can't do a lot more Actually I don't feel happy at all above 98 the moment we leave winter and Gotham For spring I don't feel happy at all About it Can you I simply think that things are

Spiraling in such a way that we're going To undergo to be a disturbances to put It mildly nationally and internationally I think best if I was a CEO prefect I Think a lot of people are going to die Violently um no boy I think we're coming To a very bad point a very bad point I Think I can't develop it any other way All right I didn't want to ask any more West of the Rockies your ownio with Father mullet I'm Martin alone against The money only where are you please cook Vancouver yes best way to draw you for Us yes you have I'll bet you find Koba all right I Appreciate your ability to Sensibly talk to the variety of people That you taught you it's amazing to me And father Malachi's you're a very Special person I have a question for you if assets Being very disruptive to me a while ago I was speaking to some very old Photographs with my family I came across Two pictures that were taken it looks Like a few minutes apart if I have my Mother another woman and a young child In front of offense with a house in the Background the first picture they were All looking very : very glum and in the Foreground in front of my mom there was A creature that you could kind of see Through it but almost look like double Exposure cut that there's no reason it

Just is too old and and genuine if but The creature let's go for Pete Hall a Little hunched over flat kind of shawl Very elegant big nose very very evil Looking and I'm ensuring that this could Be demonic and I'm concerned about the Intergenerational kind of effect that Can have on and if I Yeah formula in my browser was there a Problem Have you got the picture yet I have got A picture I don't even show to people Because it's just that makes my hair Stand on the Annika stuff put it in an Envelope and wipe the are you Catholic Control I might have like I'm Gilchrist and I am Christian again if you take an envelope Put the photograph in it and put a Notice on a thing do not open and gate This – and write the name of Jesus a Cross-cutting service and put it away You do not open and then right there by The name of Jesus and put it away in a Strongbox somewhere it have a purpose in Handy it has a person I don't know what The purpose is you have exactly without A clear enough instruction it is how About if I send this to you and you Could put it in a strongbox how do you Want it well it's our people she was Given status to be what's happened to Cleave goose okay that is to be the wave Done okay but I also really should

Accept responsibility as guardian of Your own I've had enough for now ha ha Ha is there an address that I can get All right yes I thank you let's father Up by the way I want to tell the Audience you have a new website and we Have linked to your website I should Have given this much earlier in program If people will go to WWF Elcom and just Scroll on down to father Malachi Martin's name click on it you will go to His new website now father is there a Way on that website for people to Contact you and Oh maybe not after far I'll go I'm not Telling us that I've given Adam is where The postal arrest in Manhattan Yes which can be used with impunity all Right And it's to 170 and 66 please just one And two one seven East it it could be a 6-3 New York New York 1 0 0 to 1 0 0 to One apartment to pay of an apple or Imogen i've been i download all my Messages my email right anyway I don't Offer them all because sometimes if they Exceed 300 a week I understand a Difficult problem but stephan1 Baidu Okay father Malachi Martin apartment 2a at Pat DiNapoli a fellow at 217 East 66th Street New York New York one warrior Field one zero zero two one UFA okay ah east of the Rockies you're

On the air with Father Malachi Martin Good morning um who um where where are You please um I'm I'm my name is Alex And I'm calling from El Paso Texas Yes Ellis um yes Paulo Martin's I had a Feeling that my good friend of mine his Son I think may be possessed ah And he what he does is that he draws Very very strange drawings on his wall And he stalks them He draws very very ugly pictures of Certain strange things and I have a know I made some like kind of crazy by saying This are you deaf not crazy at all what Age is a boy he's about 10 and you know When kids are about Kenny knows how they Have like invisible pipe in Mesa program But um I was strange doing that that God Is Tommy – I kind of help this boy yes And and I don't really like know whether To like you know get wicked some sort of Help on exorcism or anything like that Yeah I do not know the bishop sound bass if There's an official April 15 baptized With a bell pepper within which El Paso Is Thomas you know anything else about The boy he says he's happy He'd been until I see him become honest Especially speak about a companion well He told me but he's talking to the Person on the wall down drawers easy job In other words he could have a familia If they call it I'm not too sure by the

Way lately Yeah well they call it a familiar but I I just this is just impossible to fail That's a peculiar blowing is funny and That's your father of a supreme to a Psychologist assist um no he is actually The father just kind of like was it Often says hey you know I'm it's just my Son doing strange things you know but Okay is that's a guy I can't have a Feeling that you know maybe I should Give someone knows if not myself get Someone to exercise him so where would i I'm out there you have to apply to the Local gossip you because at this Distance if the jurisdiction of the Bishop in which i'll puffers ever what Size is that baffle is in its in a sec Respects and diocese taking the census I Don't know which one but then you go to The country and absolutely there's our System back up would it be a constant Father agrees that the Papa must agree So there you are a father What chance in this modern day and age In America does somebody have of growing To a diocese and getting an affirmative Answer that there is an exorcist very How wealth is put in percentile about 33 Percent through multiple Easter between About a bird this is way low and if they Don't gets not a function then one Wow They don't get satisfaction yo if their Last off or shut off or whatever yeah ah

I had a reason that I grown is that Knows how many cases of happen I know so Many cases where the lava Gothel brushed Off or told to throw away or simply Build a home better the diapers you know And that's what has happened within the Church organization of my room and Definitely should if our friend was Speaking to from El Paso You should pray about it the squares him Up Cain what's this boy needs but I had No solution at this difference out I Have no solution i I see the poignancy Of it all and the danger a mess father's Very feckless father did you become a Bishop of course I could if you were to Become a bishop with the the power Attendant yes What would you try to change what would You try to do with that increased Responsibility ah I would try and Organize the clerical reaction to Position and obsession because these are Factors of growing in every diocese I Know in the United States so we should Not be offering less to people like that Man who called but now now on the Contrary should behave is immediately Should be a mechanism in each diocese That a such a thing Takes it in that is it The boy gets to the father but there Isn't and that's the triumph of the Luciferian ISM exert themselves really

It has the green is to sins yep and the Terrible thing is that you won't find a Belief in is all amongst many bishops in Many please he does that does the fact That you just said that make it less Likely that you would become a bishop no No it doesn't just depends on the will Of those who make visible but the anyway Thank that person is pathetic off it Will you're pathetic Even in this harsh divers of the New York people who need the attention don't Get you so don't get it it's also too Much to be done I understand first time Color line your O'Neill's father Melatonin Martin in Manhattan hello I Can barely hear you yes I can barely Hear conclude you know you're gonna have To yell at us sir okay um my name is Nikki yes ji Heon I'm calling from Carbondale Illinois okay yeah I was just Calling and concerned with something That you talked about earlier in the Show the lady named harlot oh yes and I Was just thinking about it I you a paper Route at night and I just got off of her To try to get a hold of you and I you Seem kind of concerned and it hit me That most likely the the daughter would Be in heaven and the reason I say this Is because if the woman desired her to Be in hell with her and how a thought be It's a damnation if then she wouldn't be Able to have that with her I mean nobody

Bugs bugs her she said if you listen Carefully to that program he didn't say That she willed her to be in hell with Her she said she took steps before her Daughter was killed to ensure that she Would be in hell With her it's as if she desired that to Be of course it was beyond desire I said She took steps right and what I'm saying Is that she would be getting one of her Desires fulfilled if God were to enact The child to to damnation because the You really are missing something though She actually took steps and what I asked Father Martin a while ago was whether I And I have no idea what those steps are But whether it would be possible that in Fact she could have done that and the Answer was yes if he did see the book is Perceivable It's an extraordinary thing just anyone The civilians in the statement you meet They look forward to hell like she did She absolutely did it was it was one of The most unnerving of the few interviews I've ever done my whole life We knew father were at the top of the Hour you good for one last hour Definitely well there's lots of people Are waiting so we will do it all right Back now to Manhattan and father melon I'm Martin and father will try and lay Heavily into the phones sure but I do Have a couple of quick questions um by

Fax one have you father ever had an Exercised demon come back to haunt you Yes oh really Yeah and I'm glad asked because I never Would have thought to ask and I never Would have expected that answer can you Tell us at all ah yes you say heroin and Then resulted in bodily injury creepeth Bodily injury um but it we were with Deal with it but it took a lot of lot of Work and they involved a lot of physical Pain A lot of physical pain Prolia for a year Hey I am the dannika hmm Oh and one other and this is much Lighter finally a light question you Know we're talking about Christmas and Christmas giving him so good and we know That you have been close to two popes Okay and Kevin listening to KTX and Wetland wants to know what does a close Friend of the Pope buy him for Christmas Well you really know him and you know he Shaves if he was electric later It was it as simple as that Oh flippers It was slippers or he use a t-shirt 150 Remind you your specious and values Cotton the different custom images I Think is why PAP I see it putting simple Things sure all right first-time caller Line you're on the air with father Malachi Martin good morning hello this Is Ken from Steubenville Ohio I get a Cramp

Praise God I finally got to do a fella After trying for month Yes sir first of all I'd like to confirm Two things and then ask a question for The Martin a yes once you've been Demonized or bothered getting a little Bit is the greatest thing in the world Yes they do try to come back and bother You I know I had death delivered off of Me second of all I have a question for Other Martin about is it possible that a Person could be born and have a curse Put on them for the rest of their life Whereas like a cloud of doing is always Over them Interesting question yes the only Raconteur on faces into reality is that Oh in certain families position is Intergenerational all right the reason Why I asked that question is last year My mother died of cancer Uh-huh and we had to bring her home to Die and I knew of a well she said she Made a deal with God and I knew what it Was it was a pact and she didn't die in Peace until I prayed over her anointed Earth and broke the pact with the devil Yep that can be done I know I've done Your type of work and I understand the Seriousness over so as far as this Cursed goes I bet many people pray over Me but nobody could really put the Finger on why are you one of the people Who has a black cloud over his head all

That house yeah all right Father that really is an interesting Question your answer was affirmative That there can be such a in it I don't Know Chris is a right-hander no Christmas a way of things but it's an Intergenerational obsession really in His case but he's not perfect Hey it doesn't sound like it anyway it Seems of cosmically unfair if there is No such that you know I listen to and I Interview people who believe fervently In reincarnation Yes and they will forward the theory of Karmic work off you know that from one Might on duality but if there is not That and that we all begin roughly Equally it just doesn't seem fair Well you know sometimes we don't all Became equally that's difficulty and Teach there's one peculiarity God has And if this status as the puppet over Here fit the FOB of each child group and The children Peter Blunt take open to That of me I wasn't in the garden to Impede easy Apple true but you Nevertheless suffer a nice fella home Except God if I'm this if I'm a child Born of a mother who the life and the Father who has a cabbage your most Probably I'm To be an alcoholic and I'm going to be Crack addiction fingers on the road I See the light why this way God is away

Humanity and if I have a parent who Really the servant fall Lucifer and I Know families that do that yes you know God doesn't step in this information and Tell me the SOB I got to deal with it And because anything like in things like Mrs. generational operation and family And identity with it alright well use of The Rockies you're on the air with Father mullet I'm Martin hi hello Going once going twice I'm not from the Rocky I said east of the Rockies I mean that You know you're used to where are you I mean I live in old 101 or Oakland Illinois I'm sorry I literally used to That great streamer devil baby good Morning father Good boy to about first before I ask you Anything I want to thank God that we Have priests like you to give up their Freedom for video Girl hey yeah well we For the information that we're starving For for our problem so because you speak The truth and this is what we very Seldom hear nowadays okay my question or And I have even written this to Cardinal O'Connor New York could the tampering of The Latin traditional mass of the Saints And the murder you saw let all hell Break Now the reason I think that's my first Question And the reason I'm putting that together

With I read it the leo xiii when he had Be heard the devil come from your Tabernacle and now i don't know i'm not Trying to figure out god's time but that Was in 1887 folks that write patterns it Was okay so it was in nineteen oh that First thing they did it daddy come to When they tampered with the math is take Away the prayer of st. michael structure And I mean is I don't I don't look at it As coincidence because it was i giris Had me father Matt because they probably rather you Gotta say good and close to the phone They say my phone is in bad shape I think it a new him and when he heard This when he heard the devil makes the Pact with God now if I'm saying it wrong I'm not real well educated so bear with Me You're great fun okay well when he made That pact with God and God said I will Give Satan a hundred years to destroy The church now when that happened in 1887 and that my spirit of st. Michael Was composed to face the devil the first Thing they did at Vatican two is take Away at the foot of the altar the master Think of st. might mathematics re the Prayer of think mega part all right all Right you already covered that man man Okay your bottom-line question is is all Hell about Greg was right right the Thing I'm asking is then in 1987 through

The grace of God the Holy Father almost Took a day the month of October on the Feast of Saint Therese the mass in that Was given now that is like the weapon The center of our faith is the Latin Traditional man right now it could could This be all part of it just answering of The sacred that's what I want to know How it works It was and birth pictures between you And me and the holy spirit of man what I've always believed is this at that the Only punishment to step that was merited By those in the gulag the main documents In the Vatican Council the only Punishment that they deserve was with a Ball of greatness they tampered with the Truth and God forbid with blue gray and Ends we have the horrible 30 years you Understand one thing Oh clearly a father Oh was to the Rockies you're on the air with father Melvin Martin's oh yes hello hi where Are you in California okay Jackie yes And thank you for bringing inside a Malachi on and – father Malachi eyebrow How are you fine thank you No matter what Jaime told you about I Have two good questions if I can And the first one I deals with um I was Born into an intergenerational satanic Cult Oh and my father was the high priest yes I was I met my birth my soul was given

To Satan by my parents even so my first Question is how can I be released from That very simple ma'am um provided to Are baptized yes and that you go to a Barren Holy Communion and Marvis You should appease Rebecca confession Because justice of the save time you Should prostrate yourself to Our Lady Okay I did you know Satan is it as Simple as that It's a doubler that okay this is who be Dancing further You could write to me about it but There's a frozen census we really okay And thank you and my second question is Um as a result of their experiences that I had with this cult I developed some multiple-personality so This lady's program is very interesting To us and I would HIGHLY program by the Calls and I've been in therapy for many Years along with all the personalities Are knowing demons they're not part of My personality that I said yes my Pastors are preparing to do deliverance We are not Catholic we did go to top of Church and ask the priests and we if you Really did not believe in that he did Not he did it all seriously So my pastors are preparing to do this In a few weeks and I'm wondering if you Have any suggestions for them or is There a way they can reach you by phone Watch me exhaust notice who the

Following address to 17060 thicker Sweeper a plasma to pay for Apple New York New York 1d lilleküla And is that come in directly to you Agenda obviously has an apartment Address was Rachel and only your first Name Riley identified it out on envelope No it's in there I know miss kaftan What is your placement laughing Gavin Daphne okay upset enough all right Daphne do that then father if that is an Amazing thing to hear she was given to The devil at birth Oh yes no matter how common this is well That's what that was where I was going In America in Canada in our in the Americas even worldwide father how much Of that is are really going on I'll put It like this it's going on either on the One country It's not going on I don't want because There's this is a very private static And report about this We don't divulge but it has you see Indications that this there is in one Country which successful takes later is There is there arguably more of it going On or there's autism even more going on Save and ever any liquid indication to Like what we have in the Alekos are very Good very detailed um but the arguably There's much more today and in the last 50 years to last the second half of this Century has been a bumper crop so that's

Really at the very moment in history a Critical moment when the church ought to Be going in the direction that you would Have it go it's going exactly the other Way that's right the organization not The church itself because that's a That's a sacred thing is composed of all Those when state of grace who are belong To our Lord and God but the organization Itself examples shambo's examples and This to a lot of them dominated by Lucifer East Domini fighters east of the Rockies you're on the air with father Mullet I'm Martin hello hello where are You sir um Yuri Pennsylvania here ah okay wow I Didn't really expect to get on I could Ask questions for hours to however I'll Just try to cut down the tips like three I want to have a cart one questions if Art why do you divide your callers Between 500 in the Rocky Mountains what About the mental patient room would have Been more central location well fifty Maybe maybe we'll change that one day It's just something we did because we Began in the West and we had so many People in the Far West that we're Listening to the show when the first Became Cindy Dated that we wanted to give everybody East of the Rockies an opportunity to Get in and the show has grown obviously Since then so maybe we'll change hi

Anyway ok and a question for your guests Okay I tell people that people that go seem To go crazy and just shoot people for no Reason you know like just recently Somebody shot a bunch of kids si but There's good Kentucky It's a right hip Fe right and I told Them little bit you know there's no real Reason for this these people must must Possess you're probably the only person I could talk to that would agree with me Do you think at least many of these People are actually possessed or upset Or was it just normal human evil no no I Am convinced that in a case by the Paducah thing it says Demonica or Attempt it was a prayer group yep a Prayer group and this young fellow was Warning people ahead of time that Something horrible was going to happen He actually warned them yeah and then When I hadn't did it it was it's it's as I said earlier indecipherable are you so You believe that there is possibly very Possibly real evil involved yes and it's The difficulty we the normal public have As if that expensive skin in New York When something takes place something Horrid something bloody I've seen Murderous and the fatalism as they call It as a general club involved the police Will not tell that to the public they Have a rule they have a rule then I must

Ask you this father this in the Individual good case Gross was a 14 year Old child and this child will be no Doubt charged as a juvenile at 14 but If if this was an older person then how Many people do you suppose father go to The electric chair or are ultimately Punished regime capital punishment for Something that is of demonic origin Rather than human origin at Pacifica Carranza I know that when we did the First day of prison lifeless and people Come times which is 30 35 40 years Horrible crimes a good 1/3 of them Obviously profess a good 1/3 yep at Least one third as a general ballpark Figure one sir all right father Hold on we're at the bottom of the hour Once again still there yeah that well Okay we're in the stretch run through This if it really is amazing how time it Runs the layout run the way discern First time caller line you're on the air With a guy who runs away what's on Father Martin time hi this is Paul in Denver hello vol bottom Martin I have Two short related questions concerning Your comment about this hypnosis if Someone is pursuing or is not pursuing Metaphysical goals or sent satanic goals Is hypnosis in general or self hypnosis In particular dangerous I know many People use self hypnosis for self Improvement kinds of purposes and I just

Ask is that dangerous No of itself no it isn't but it's crispy Under the supervision of some good Piccata I think and then the last kind Of related question is how is a self Hypnosis different or maybe it's the Same as an affirmative prayer Because the self hypnosis is really Relying upon your own inner power of Concentration yes and self-control Whereas prayer genuine prayer depends on A special gift from God I see at the Moment of prayer they are thinking they Are their father presently doing Studies On the power of prayer actual scientific Studies and it would appear to be Absolutely scientifically verifiable That the power that prayer actually Works yes it got it works there's no Doubt about that and it is the question That Paul just gave us very interesting Yes what is the difference between self Hypnosis Precisely oh because actually you can be Taught by by a very well infrastructure Psychiatrist it can teach you to Hypnotize yourself or to go to sleep so That you were coming from wheeling you Know but how does that differ from Prayer in the sense It differs in one sense one essential Feminist prayer it is genuine prayer and If it's heard which it normally is by a Good God

Then it means to get extra help Spiritual help supernatural help that's The thing from your own inner power Wild-card line you're on the air with Father Malachi Martin hi I use Raman Reno high-dose calm although Martin is The distinct honor to speak with you That's why not be afraid that Tom thank You I was wondering if you were familiar With Edgar Cayce FM and what his works I Never knew the man himself okay And you knew that he was An extremely religious persons extremely Um how do how do you reconcile his his Writings about half lives and that sort Of thing I'll tell you Tom there's no Doubt about it Two things are clear about Evan Casey First of all he had extraordinary little Plateau power and that his psychic gift Extraordinary yes quite extraordinary Those does at least one doctor in New Jersey for David still usual his formula Is formulized today's afflictions and Diseases and he did this without any Medical instruction of such it Extraordinary perceptions and that's an Extraordinary perception just had it and It came to him it was the psychic gift On the other hand he did make his Egregious errors intellectualizing his Condition spelling the very sort of Illusions about what garden about life And death and hid the hereafter and that

Part if you were wise if you take my Advice the drop is any teachings he has About that but his there's no doubt About I know a person a lady who a woman Whose who side with faith because she Went to a doctor in New Jersey who used Casey's formula he did have some amazing That he came up with actually amazing And it was a gift I wrote that about it Now look I knew a few people in Ireland The old Island I was born in and the Ranting twenties thirties where Extraordinary keeps to obscure feeling By attachment and who also could tell You what couldn't happen to you on the Morrow These gifts and I've met them in days Possible they bleah But never so much in my youth amount When life is much simpler these gifts Exist a sort of ed mcgaffey is an Outstanding example how extraordinary I Think if one leaves great gifts from God I've got it obviously anything good Comes about okay to have one more Question if I could story one more quick One yeah I wondered if if it you think It's possible that you're you could be Wrong about half lives and reincarnation All right there's a straight out Question well no I don't think there's Such a thing as reincarnation I just Don't believe it my church condemns it And I'll even it doesn't accept it now

That I can be wrong wonderful I can Always be wrong Tom you know them in but On this point this is a matter of faith I prefer to say no I'm wrong I'm Following the truth is revealed that's Because I'm movin campus fair enough I Used to the Rockies you're on the air With lolly milk I'm Martin where are you Please no hello there hi I'm in Brian Manitoba Canada all right I had a question for father Martin yep Hi I'm have you ever heard of the house In Amityville New York yes I have I've Been to it noted what has really hit it Is it's guarded people living there Right now for a long time they weren't And maybe people down now I just Wondered if from Europe you had any any Information on the person on the on the Son who did the D in that house and if What he's doing now now I don't know What he's doing I wish I did or that no Means are following that up because he Doesn't want much notice he not enough Notice about it all Um is it your boat the well in that House that yes That creates database the amethy villa Horrell is really a really well but go Just for that and would you found me Yeah okay thank you thank you very much The Amityville Horror was real oh yeah I Feel real it was genuinely grew from and Real and yeah there's a I'm cliff do you

Think did that whatever was there is Still there IV I've been plant ripping It is there because there's never Properly Ken Marlena I'll be doggone if I'd move into that I got snipers would I Think I've gone through no I wouldn't Move into a place like Eversole west of The Rockies you're all here with father Malachi Martin hello good morning father I have something has been bothering me For about a month and a half now and it Occurred when I was in bed laying on my Side yeah and I was tapped on the Shoulder yeah And I turned my head up towards the over Towards the bottom of that bed and there Was a big dark entity there and he was Grabbing me at my feet and trying to Pull me over for first time this Happened to yes How long did not it last assume like for 20 seconds hazard occurred again no it Hasn't escaped you practice any religion No I do Well I'll tell you um my big good idea To pray so first unless it's I built Think you were drunk no I was not I'm Sure you were that faith as I don't Think you were on base papa in my mind I Mean in judgment Then this is what we call not Professional harassment it's probably a Great mercy that it's done to you Because it may wake your soul to worship

God I do believe in Jesus Christ and Good but this has extremely bothersome Of myself USB I'll tell you um have you Got a pencil yes I do write down your Head Oh creature of God in the name of God who created you okay and in the name Of Jesus who saved me i exorcise you Now drop old fear you have nothing to be Afraid of Thank you and she goes would it's hi Okay thank you very much father couple Of good luck um first time caller line You're on the air with Father Malachi Martin hello hello hello I'd like I love To know if I could go poke poke just Asleep by the milk I number to call me Toll free off the air no I have no way Of doing that sir I'm here all by myself And there is no producer to sit here and Take a number I just a one-man banjo here so I can't Do that but you can write to the Father Yeah okay okay that's what you're gonna Have to do thank you wild-card line You're on the air with father Malachi Martin I have good moist Good morning I want to show art I see You Father Malachi thank you where are You sir I'm in Gulfport Mississippi WV MI territory very good question father Malik I have it in reference to those Two war the war the eternal war yes what Do you believe in reference to the Nephilim or the Nephilim in as far as

Returning in the flesh yes with Adversary to deceive the world like Before tada tada tada like the locust Army that kind of thing yeah yeah but None of them half angel half human Yeah now that would be the Kiba I don't Implement well it depends on where you Look again they're fake they read the Hitchin it has this offensive way you Look at depends how you interpret where You look I I only know one thing the Netherlands Netherlands and the Gita and All that monthly board under the Domination of our Lord and Savior Jesus And we've nothing to fear provided we Remain faithful was the earth not once Cleansed with flood to to correct all After it was actually what you and I Live in today art and our friend from Come wherever he is face me problem but We are living in today if there were Formed creations if something God made Over again after the fall Mm-hmm it's kind of like he hit a reset Button yeah he have to reset the whole Dom thing it went to rise I have again Just sort of a reference to what we've Been discussing all night rushing up Against it again but it was to me like The fingers getting near the same button Again epicgoose Said it's name – uh okay – used to the Rockies you're on the air with Father Malachi Martin hello yes Father I have a

Question for you skipper um in college Of a friend of mine and I befriends a Third guy in one of our classes we Became friends and he revealed to us at A later time that he was dealing in the Black art uh-huh and because of this the Friendship broke off the Judea River no No I did what um but we had some Carryover if you will that were visited By things that weren't very pretty and Fresh true so it was impressive We called that infection okay well that We had and we dealt with it and we Confronted him about it and he didn't Believe that it was possible he thought He was in control of beef demon Possession our spiritual forces right um We tried to convince him to get out of It and he believes that he can't and we Believe there's a a Hell waiting for him And that there's sort of this point Nothing he can do about it and we don't Have up Excuse me that's not proof well I don't Believe so either but we don't have Communication with them anymore Oh Lord that dumb preference yes is There I do that is there anything Specific I can do the arms reaching him And get him to go and see somebody in Authority will come in first help them Deliver him Elam no it's a prayer okay But you can pray for him and it can it Can move mountains it really can okay

But throw in a little fasting and seven Facts anything okay yeah throw in a Little bath alone back okay this break Fine get to endo all right all right all Right thank you you take care is your Brother West of the Rockies you're on the air With father Melvin time Martin and not a Lot of time left Hi Anna coin from algis a Malibu I'm a Student of a little bit of it and in Doing that at the point of reference It's about the reason for my call I know You could interview her recently charges Um father Martin this was highly Concerning Jack dr. Jack Kevorkian yes And I was very strong opinion about him Like a Canadian is doing a terrible Disservice and rest ice ice believe that The pieces ready you're killing are not Being relieved as they're suffering that Comes somehow it's in an afterlife Because of my spiritually I believe that There will have there will continue and Have to go through whatever this Whatever they can go through and it can So happen that the flaky was on the Knees again using that really you're Trying to recruit other doctors to do This and I think you've developed a good Rapport with overseers and I would like To invite you to perhaps do a service For the listeners and Place your opinion in perhaps gifts

Further your further opinions yeah wish We had more time for this a thank you Ma'am father it is really off time it Really is a good topic but what what is Your opinion there's no doubt about it Jack is doing his work of the devil About his actual spiritual condition I Don't know I know that he is doing Directly the work of the devil is Sending people into eternity by means of What is a mortal thing an offense Against God you can't do that with Impunity and that's what about his Actual spiritual condition I don't know Him from home the wall I wouldn't Recognize him you know I don't know but He's doing the work of faith no doubt About your opinion murder Yeah he is running their phones really Phones really making it easy for them to And this the better thing about it the Best thing about it part is that when he Goes into eternity himself where on Earth do you think he's going to fit Step in one place I don't know will he Meet the souls of those he dispatched God only knows but one speculated to see If he will but in a very warm place but It Is doing the work of home boy I hate to Imagine that those souls that he Dispatched those suffering so I think Yes I you why right after you have a Good compassion about his maybe that

They were suffering so much of a love The reason your family they will score Big graphs at any straw I do but the Doctor retaining his health you don't Think that he's got the same James I Don't know I do they condemn nursery Well father we've done again we're flat Out of time I know it's kind of the one thing these Capitalist confiar this I want to thank You for giving me the chance to talk to You and to your audience and I don't Speak to before Christmas you and Ramona Have my blessing father thank you and we Will do this of course again so it's not Goodbye just to this I don't know it's Over good night father