Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin (2 of 7)

By | September 24, 2017
Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin (2 of 7)

Well Pope John Paul the second be forced To resign opposing forces battle for Power over pivotal issues will there be A mr. and mrs. will women be ordained Catholic priests are traditional Christians on the way back to the Catacombs will homosexual marriages be Sanctioned the long-running covert Warfare against Pope John Paul the Second led by powerful members of his Own hierarchy including Cardinals and Bishops in Rome in the US and around the World is broken into the open over the Past five months it's going to end Within the next 12 the prize is control Of one of the world's most powerful Positions so predicts former Vatican Insider and best-selling author dr. Malachi Martin in his latest national Bestseller windswept house it's a double Date book already recognized as quote One of the most powerful books of the Decade and growth as in his earlier Bestsellers Vatican and the final Conclave upon it Martin again draws Aside the thick veil of secrecy that Surrounds the world's oldest political Power and vast financial empire known as The Vatican this time he unveils a Deadly global war a winner-take-all Campaign aimed at the target of targets Control of the power cockpit of the World a war for control of the papacy Itself as a nerve center of the only up

And running self-sustaining worldwide Governing structure and this evening I Think what I'm going to do is let a Doctor Martin speak for himself but Before he does doctor welcome to the Program How would you prefer to be addressed a Malakai dr. Martin father of Martin Inc Got under the circumstances seeing that I'm known to And you're known to me and your Listeners I think I better be called Malachi March and everybody knows I'm a Roman Catholic priest exactly one and They have several doctorates and let's Not emphasize either aspect just call me By my name and Malachi Martin note I Welcome to the show thank you very much Art is such a pleasure and an honor and It is is that you as well let me tell You as the last program we did yeah uh I I don't want to say all hell broke loose I guess that would be me in context all Reptiles OSHA finish making the wrong Impression It may might we have you for the Audience describe your own background Yes my own background is this that I'll Be born seventy-six years ago in a Remote corner of Kerry Ireland on the on The Atlantic in a stone house and I was Educated in Dublin and then I entered The Jesuit Order I became a Jesuit in 1939 on the eve of the war and that was

A Jesuit until 1964 and in the meantime I did special studies I was trained as An expert in Semitic languages oriental Art and archeology and in anthropology And theology and getting doctorates out Of all that sort of thing And I ended up as an expert first of all On Middle East questions and gradually I Was co-opted into helping a pope called John the 23rd the roly-poly Pope Angela Roncalli as he was called and then his Successor Paul fixed who died in 1978 to Be succeeded by john paul ii with an Interim pope of 34 days old john paul One i about a near 1963-64 I went to Paul the sixth form I knew very well and Asked him permission to lead the Jesuits To keep my vow of celibacy but to Forsake my above poverty so I could earn My own living and also forsake my vow of Obedience that I wouldn't have to Obey people whose policies I did not Like and to theology I suspected of not Being Orthodox enough from my mind Anyway whatever because one must finally Will on one's own judgment because we Will only be J you'll be judged only on Your own judgment doesn't what anybody Else says and I came to New York in that Year 1965 and I've been here ever since For my sin my habit listen I became an American citizen the ritual time five Years later well I hope it has been uh Well for you are you comfortable with

The decisions that you have made in your Life this is no work I can't call you Mouth I that's somebody with this many Doctorates I'm gonna have to call you Doctor so my god absolutely if I thought I should call your doctor ah no no no Your lesson no doctor it's arm anyway Doctor are you are you pleased with the Decisions that you've made in your life Would you change any no no life is being Good to make all its being good to it no No I would not I would leave it as it is I might change a little thing here you Know when you look at the old machine You change a nurse and put a little oil Into this crank and polish up that this Will fly for you and everybody but the Overall machinery has served its purpose I think in my human judgment probably my Judge all right well um I have a lot of New listeners in Chicago and sadly in Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin has Passed away yes And I was wondering if you knew of the Cardinal if you ever met him and if you Had anything to say to those folks in Chicago who surely are going to miss him Well I'll tell you the the all all death Is sort of a symbol of human defeat you Know a life end and this end life ended Rather abruptly we did know that the Cattle was ill for quite a while and I Think they said pancreatic cancer at the Ultimate identified cause it was a quick

End because we did not expect it to be So subtle and as in many cases like that It's overnight almost he disappears into It the code of eternity As the French purse the 480 ml into the Cold each and although eternally soft Knees before coated all that if it lit Up by the love of God or the files of Health which never really won ends up With a it so it's always a defeat it's Always a sense of loss at that purpose Caliber Nadine was a very distinguished Cleric he comes from came from South Carolina and he ended up in the most Populous and important Roman Catholic Communities they sharp chicago in his in His final at for the ocean in his final Development he is missed because of the Central position he occupies at that Position should be summed up frankly and Honestly as being the man in charge of a Huge machine many thought that he might Have been the first American Pope yes He himself indeed would like to have Been Pope and in the last big public a Statement of his which amazed a lot of People which was described briefly at a Moment he sounded a papal note that was A press conference and declaration he Held in a couple of weeks ago only in Which he proposed the Catholics should Seek a new ground of unity as he called It and this is a standing ask because The for Catholics traditionally since

The time of the Emperor Constantine the Glove for unity has always been the Papacy itself their leader and this time Carbon burning was stepping out and his Fellow Cardinals in the United States Especially Cardinal law of Boston and O'Connor of New York and the manner in In in Philadelphia the Cardinal there They disagreed with what he says because They recognized immediately the papal Conclaves character of that statement What what Burdine was doing that day was Stating what he thought the church Should but Answer it was a papal speech and I think That by that time he knew that he was Doomed to die soon but still in all he Made a pitch for it because he did Belong and was the leader of a faction Amongst the Cardinals which is a very Powerful section and that section would Rather diminish the importance of the Papacy completely and make it much more An affair of consensus amongst the great Cardinals and bishops of the church so That was his contribution to it and they Stood a lot of iron in Rome and it's Just a lot of controversy here now then As regards his achievements as such one Cannot say the Catholicism felish during His reign as Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago Only one out of every six Catholics goes To mass in Chicago hmm how does that

Compare to the national number uh that Compares rather badly with the national Number it's not as bad as that and then Several churches were closed in his time Catholicism as a as a mode of devotion To God and to Christ and for the angels Of saints that with which is the essence Of Catholicism did not flourish under Cardinal Bernardin we can't fool Ourselves but it is but he was a great Public leader in the sense that he took A lead and he managed very carefully and Skillfully with a almost an Extraordinary touch emerged the a very Powerful body of men to a to a 2-0 280 Of them Called the American bishops or the National Conference of Catholic Bishops The NCC be with his political arm at the NCCC Estate the the the the political arm of The bishops in America he managed that And he also during his time he forced The hand of John Paul to in several Points and he forced them by using Skillfully the Vatican's dependence on American money American contributions From the bishops to keep the Vatican out Of the red So even for the Vatican money talks I think right up to the door of the Pillow money talk I see really frank With you in the last two days of his Life if he wrote to the United States

Supreme Court yeah urging it not to Allow doctor assisted suicide if he did He did and that he was joined by Hundreds of organizations and that's our Business to uh proposing the same thing And availability Clinton administration Itself has decided and declared that Each itself it discourages the idea of Any any action on the part of the Supreme Court of the United States Favoring I thought persisted suicide how Would you doctor argue against somebody Would say look I'm in the last stages of A horrible disease I'm racked by pain my Life is no longer um functional I in any Way that I can measure or want to Measure and I wish not to suffer out These last few days and wish to take my Own life or have somebody assist me in That process whatever the case may be in Other words the argument of it's my life Whose life is it anyway yes the the main The is the difficulty in option question I that which is easy it is to be answers Finally in all honesty is that it dis Cannot be regarded that I isolated Lee As a personal problem because on this One is totally an atheist and one does Not believe in any sense that God has Any wife or just as a say in energy or The God even exists The difficulty is also that's what it Would open up by way and even the Amazing government in its comments to

The Supreme Court Hays after her opinion And Bernardine was too and most of the Organizations hundreds of members have Communicated with the supreme court say The same thing it opens a Pandora's box And only there's this fact about it that You can nowadays within the limits of Medical Just as medical ethics you can obtain Palliatives for your pain which will Diminish the stress of it all yes and They I've always understood them part I May be wrong I've always of the student That those tablets those drugs used to Diminish pain gradually reduce vitality And don't it does exactly hasten death But they don't promote life either but They do by diminishing pain that they Bring you closer in a more comfortable Way and finally they see for Christian Archers the terribly important thing That any drop any moment of human Suffering has an eternal value in the Lives of the sufferings of the man God On his cross yes on Calvary and that I Know the hard doctrine but because Christians believe they're here to Prepare for heaven not to establish a Paradise on earth and if the paradise Sister than they can wipe themselves out But a life on Earth is the preparation It's a hard doctrine I know Sahara so That means that mean is part of what we Are here to experience that's right if I

Have paid if I have a toothache I have a Breech birth with a chunk if I lose a Child if I have our project I get a Disease it can be and should be used to Merge with the sufferings the Meritorious sufferings of Jesus Christ That's the basic Christian doctrine but Those who are not Christian I know such Much consolation but it still operates On there in that case well I'm afraid it Makes sense doctor standby we're at the Bottom of the hour and we'll be right Back of the transsexuality or the Transsexual operation they are not they No way can you say the best signifies Capsule facto possessions at all than Men illusion um with regards Transsexuality homosexuality yeah ah What advice do you give if somebody Comes to you and says a father armor I'm A homosexual I'm struggling with myself I Like what I am and what I'm doing but I'm driven and I can't stop how do you Advise what do you say if I have the Occasion and the time and the Convenience the whole amount of Convenience if they're calling from say Anchorage Alaska it's one thing they're Calling from 64th and Madison Avenue in New York it's something else of course Beauty near where I live out you know Yes but depending on those ordinary Human factors which sometimes determine

Our fate depending on those there is a Spiritual treatment spiritual um not Therapies the wrong word to use it's a Spiritual treatment which can resolve Peacefully and successfully the struggle One has with one sexuality homosexuality Or heterosexuality or transsexuality for That matter but that's a very delicate Spiritual operation that must be done With authority and skill but it can be Done it's not an irreparable and Unchangeable situation no it's possible But the one thing the one thing that That person involved must get into our Mind is it's not a therapy it's not the Work of a therapist as such it doesn't Rely on psychological or psycho physical Factors although it treats those factors Because they're involved in all Sexuality oh isn't that interesting so It's not psychotherapy and it's not an Exorcism no no it's not it's not it's The spiritual treatment see but it is Only these plunging into a description Of which to take it the whole of our Five or six hours together stay off Really good if we have that much time But there well I don't you require that All the questioner requires that but no There's more than hope there's concrete There are concrete steps to be taken but As I say if the treatment it takes time And money Take convenience of location

Understand me yes of course I do of Course I do it's not an impossible Situation at all but the nature then the Nature of the treatment is of a Spiritual understanding and that's why She's division understanding but it's Also this that there is no doubt in my Mind at all of the priests live in Pristina since 1954 steadily before that I was in training there's no doubt about It there is aid help there is age sucker In the shape of what is called in Christian theology the grace of God the Special supernatural help which does Repair any damage that our faculties has Suffered through living and our Faculties do suffer unfortunately the Way we live and what is done to us You know I'm weird by I say a father who Is a drug addict and a mother who the Lush I'm going to be damaged that's Correct yes though I mean anything that That can be repaired but the chief Backer doing that is a special help from God called grace it's supernatural It's not a dimension it's not something You put in your pocket it's not Something you measure but boy is it Powerful hmm um on to another question Uh on the last program if you said During the next three three and a half Years or so keep your eye your eyes to The sky yeah that something and and Doctor I must tell you with the program

I did last night it are with so many Other programs with the remote viewers All these different people American Natives it they're all saying roughly The same thing something's coming Something big German about that sums it Up ah really sausage I mean sums up our Mentality you know if I could break into Of course it's after betrays my Irish But we are always interrupting each Other Squire ahead in order to improve For the other person is saying and if I Could say this much to you no matter What along the entire spectrum of belief Buddy does a woman Catholic priest like Me over to something radically different Radically a difference in beliefs there Is a common sensation today yes that we Are passing through a window as people Have the expression from one era from One condition human condition to another Condition and half of our confusion and Our squabbling and our impatience today And our fears above all our fears are to Experience Bank tortured a public and Private life and personal life that in Due to the fact that we all sense Without being able to pin it down off Positively that we are indeed passing Through a window of opportunity no kind Of quickening is going on yes there is a Thing going on and it it cannot be Laughed at I remember Freud in 1938 Publishing a statement in Vienna I

Followed it because my daddy was a Doctor I was a young man of seventeen But I was engrossed in studies like this And he's saying that why is it he said It as one of these psychoanalytic Meetings that was held in in Vienna just Pre-war Vienna and by that time Vienna Was under the grip of Hitler with the Angeles and the navi's why is it you Said that the majority of you his fellow Cicadas are reporting that a vast Majority of your patients are tortured By dreams of barbed wire and bloody Bodies why why now because they knew Nothing about these horrible things that Were going to be transpire for the next Five or six years but that there is a And it does go back to something which Was true about Carl Jung I don't like Carl Jung at all I do like his personal Life and I don't like these theories but He did talk about this sort of universal Consciousness yes and of course he made Into something else I like a lot of Other people having found something Valuable in nature he proceeded to Imagine what it was and that was not Scientific and he went beyond the data But there is there is a consciousness Amongst us all in spite of our Differences you for everything from sex To color to shape to race to education That there is something big taking place With the phrases we're passing through a

Window of opportunity into what we do Not know and that is confusing because The old world the one we knew has passed Away there's no doubt about it we're Constructing something that something is Being constructed of us of us of us We're the living stone in this new Temple I'm solve as though we're past The point of no return that doesn't mean The end of everything it just means We're going to go on to whatever is next That's right we can't go back there's no Going back And we know that and that's confusing For assault but you know the two things That are very frightening for a human Being the first is to be in a land he Doesn't know she doesn't know totally Alien yes but one of the most disturbing Things is to be is to be persuaded that The venn alien being you don't know now In your presence or in your area I would Do it it's very disturbing because that Arouse let the good old territorial Imperative as and as Robert Audrey used To call it but it also rose up this fear Of the alien we don't like what is Ailing we must know it could uh what is Coming doctor be spiritual in other Words something that will affect all of Us Odd actually you know and you you you You've got a source of information that Most people haven't got with your

Marvelous syndication and your Intelligence there's no doubt about it We all know that the big change we sense And are afraid of in that intruder Operative is in our spirit in our human Spirit as such we know there are forces Molding it shaping it as the consensus Of a race of people And not merely as five billion different Conscience consciousness as you Understand me if you also and I say yes That the the change is in our spirit There's a change being operated and Sometimes we like the results and Sometimes we don't like it but we know It's in spirit and by spirit we mean Something other than my flesh the skin On my hand and the color of my face and The length of my hair and the timbre of My voice and the look in my eye and the Way I walk what I do to something else We we are something else We are throw we are a spirit and that is Being molded Willie knew it well I I Certainly believe that um I I wonder if I can ask you a sensitive question being A man of God Have you ever have you ever father Doubted yourself um first of all a man Of God a sense that I'm supposed to be Devoted to God's glory I am a sinner Like everybody else but I do belong to God by a vocation by formal a profession Right I have never yet doubted the

Divinity of Jesus I've never doubted the Existence of heaven and of hell and the Purgatory I've never doubted the value Of his cross to solve life's problems I've never doubted the creation of the World by God no I've never doubted that What I have had by way of difficulties Over the governing of my own passions And my own fears above all my fears as I Remember my grandfather saying to me if I could be puzzle he said once when I've Expressed some fears I was about Eighteen at that time and about to leave Home forever and I go back he said Measure your love of God by the quantum Use that word the quantum of fear in Your heart and it's been a lesson all my Life and I've been dealing with fears That anybody has um should people fear God it's respect In the sense of fear those are two kinds Of fear art let's distinguish them very Carefully there's the general Fear is has a little note of panic in it And that is something you have to Eradicate because that produced Confusion and errors in judgment and Mistakes and therefore failure and it Pains for in a very deep sense as isn't Definitely do more cautious it makes you Stupid Because you make mistakes if you're Afraid it's self control in that sense Is necessary there is a fear though of

Course which is respect for him he did Make us from nothing according to our Beliefs that but again in all this I'm I'm a Christian and I Catholic so you Forgive it when it's biased or not pious But it is one-sided there's no doubt About that it's the Christian point of View but it's just that but we do depend On him at it or if it comes to the point Of my rebellion against him for the sake Of my own passions for a thick of my own Ambition for the sake of my own hate and Desires 3:10 deal of dole out to me a Punishment beyond belief beyond Imagining and that for all eternity and That that's a very healthy balance Sometimes in life when life does extend To you something which looks terribly Enticing yes it it does it introduces The balance not always listen to when You're 20 and 30 but when you reach 40 50 60 70 and face the 80s you suddenly Realize that there is a lot of life and He finally is the Lord of everything so That sort of a fear yet but not craving Fear Michael are not craving fear um Alright um Hodder the Pope recently said Surprisingly shockingly for a lot of Catholics and not for some that Evolution is more than just a theory on Assuming to affirm a process of Evolution and that was quite a shock for Many were you surprised and not best in My knowledge of the Holy Father

No what is that be very clear about this This is a personal opinion of It's not in any way connected with Police he is pervades political as well As ideological reasons in favor of Regarding the the the the I want to call It what I think it is the metaphysical Myth of evolution regardless and serious Are possible there is no regard as a Metaphysical missus this that we know That we have now reached the end of the Fossil record we know that there's no Other fossil record to search any longer And in that fossil record since the type Of dark Charles Darwin in 1850 we have Not found one but not one sign of Evolution from the point of view of a Missing link linking phylum to file Primate primus there's no such thing it Doesn't exist And now we know it doesn't exist so Evolution is is the nice list because it Explains things but when you look for as A scientist for the proof of concrete Proof there is no proof sir that's Specifically so the Pope has made of his Own an opinion that that probably has The political reason as well as an Ideological reason for basing that state What is the political reason Political reason is that the more Powerful Cardinals in his parole in Court his Roman in angelicum and the More powerful acid emissions in his

Church whom he has fermented by the way They are all evolutionists and therefore He wants to play as very safe with them He does belong to what is called it too Long to explain like this issue of the Don't wish we can do he belongs himself To the French school of thought in this Matter He's very sympathetic by the way toler's Will all have been sympathetic with France and France with Poland on account Of the help that France gave to Poland While it was in the grip of Russia or Russia or Germany that's past history I Mean super it is the example of that and These there were great connection Between Paris and war for always and the French school of thought which they may Build a school of cotton in the 17th 18th 19th and early 20th century Has a huge influence on Polish Intellectuals and the Pope is a creature Of that intellectually it's not a coma Stiff you know that is well how follow Of Thomas Aquinas is the French Intellectual we all wish to think of the Pope as a spiritual leader and in inner Context but in fact the Pope is probably As much of a political leader as Spiritual as you know absolutely until You see this poor man I say that with Great with great sympathy for it he has To deal with the geopolitics of faith That is the fact that the nations of the

Earth are the children of God and the Supposedly theoretically intimate Khoury Catholicism they're under the mandate of Christ's salvation at the same time he Has to deal with the geopolitics of Reason the fate of Nations yes he did That for instance in Poland where he did He was the instrument with Ronnie Reagan The government's mainly he was the Instrument of making the first breach in The wall of the Soviet Union which led Finally to it dismemberment Angus and The rest is history so he has that Double function and his agony actually Hillary has been a real activist his Agony has been the balancing of those Two forms of geopolitics how does Anybody including the Pope are indulge The politics he must without sinning art That is such a profound question but Then I know I said I know not by not Trying to butter you up off or Flavio It's such a profound question because Look a you know in your ordinary life Passions comes in you can't be Reasonable follow reason all the time Your passions come in your pleasure this Is your form of biases right the people That were nice to you and the people you Loved and then the people are nice to You and you didn't like up at 8:00 at Some time and then you've got national And ethnic and cultural prejudices all That comes in and any deviation from

Reason any deviation from justice divine And human is wrong is it yourself can be Hooking from Toddlers who give all these Things and cleanse them all by Blood of Jesus but it's a fact that we Do and the Pope sitting way does is more Easily guilty of malfeasance in high Office than I've a little because I was Never pokin grammar will be okay so your Answer is you can't Encounter voices you can avoid you know All you can do is you can rely on the Blood of Christ and the forgiveness of Jesus forgiveness yes there is always That but always at the very process of Politics The very process itself necessitates Compromise that's right it does exactly That's where the difficulty arises That's exactly where the difficulty was When sometimes both the present Pope and His big mentor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski who's now dead who's called The Fox of Europe and to true circles When the Soviets didn't they by the way And they never caught him they tried to Do anything to her including kill him But he and the present Pope as Cardinals In Poland long before he became Pope had To make compromises with the Marxist Otherwise they couldn't have survived That must have been a very sad personal Time to the Pope's it was dreadful yes It was and it was dangerous and it

Seared his soul and it left an indelible Mark mark I have always wanted all my Life which are deeper the wounds of Reality that scar my body and my mind or The deeper wounds to my very being on my Own Terrorism thing Colossians I imagine we Wonder about these things all the time We're on this earth I imagine if we're Humble at all if we're realistic as I Stopped having too many illusions i but The great thing is not to be doctor I've Got a shot you there we'll be right back And when we come back major gains to the Matter at hand My guess the doctor Malachi Martin Doctor welcome back thank you very much Artist thank you for having me pleasure How is lit it is it is indeed and you Did say did you not doctor that remote Viewing you thought was nitroglycerin For the soul yes understood in that Sense yes I did for God has not Listen for the soul in the sense that it Has a health potential for a powerful Explosion in the human soul all right With that in mind here is a man who did Remote viewing for the US military and Now does it in civilian life for a Company his company called SCI tech and He has been a guest on this program many Times here is major a Dame's major Welcome to the program Heart and father Martin it's an honor

And a pleasure to be major you've no Idea of looks forward to this very much Was the art made me his complete slave By promising that I would be able to Talk it really did two of us I hope you Have the same key has a ball around or Output yes we have Oh tell me this I Feel like follow my leader in this Matter because I'm purely and simply a Non technician as regards psychiatry or Psychology or heir apparent thing like That I'd like to share some of my own Experiences I'd like you to Delia in the Area of remote viewing and spirituality If I let me give you just a little Background about myself sure no terry Officer and later on if you have any Questions about my religious backgrounds What you do sir but I was did both the Operations and the training officer for These techniques that I referred to as Remote viewing my company refers to them As technical remote viewing which are a Very precise way of extracting details About a target a person place Lee Mirman And I apparently civilian eyes the Company I took the best members of the Military team and now employ them as Consultants in my company and I teach Civilians how to do this and so it's now My vocation we work as a team against a Very significant types of target for Instance The FBI's Unabomber orbital deviates by

800 disaster to attempt to pinpoint the Locations of people and things in that Regard When these techniques were first used Within the Pentagon they were construed By many senior officers to be associated With the occult as you might guess I and And totally have heard about my mentor Lives in New York City Ingo Swann and You may or may not have ever met him Nothing but I've heard about himself Wondered when he discovered the Breakthrough technique that we use prior To the techniques that we use only Natural psychics very gifted individuals Could be utilized for military Intelligence collection missionary prior To his breakthrough but in himself when He developed these techniques one There's one there's allowed to me Whether or not these were associated With something that was dark or the Shadow he was himself was concerned About this he was cosa he was concerned Yet and so that was the beginning of my Concern also is and we were are human Use team there was a board that watched Ostensibly watched us to see if there Would be any deleterious effects on our Psyches yet during the use in the Application these techniques it was an Experimental team well the board was not That effective and in fact what what Happened was we found that in cases

Where individuals were already mentally Unbalanced uh we did run into some Serious problems we still experience That today you still experience that yes Yes we do if if I attempt to teach Someone how to open one's mind up Obvious loose term yes then and they are Not balanced individually all when we Are mentally stable we run into serious Problems is and if if that is if Partially what you are alluding to as Nitroglycerine for the soul if then then You are correct in that regard yes However for individuals that are about If they Can perceive many many things including Turning this light on to the very Deepest darkest scariest aspect of all Their own mind and if they're if they Have the courage to look they can they Can achieve a great lead in spirituality If they choose but to get back to the Subject at hand I have noticed on part Of my seniors including a major-general A two-star general any very high Intelligence executive that remote Viewing these techniques became Replacements for religion these were in The these were people who were in their 50s and 60s who essentially were men Without God They it was a spiritual vacuum in their Lives and when these techniques became Available to them either as utilizers or

As practitioners they completely lost Their bound and perspective in what Sense just about perspective religious It actually is in the sense of a whole Body in both mental and emotional or Religious became and almost an end all Was became more than a passion in their Lives the answers to all questions not Only a means to an end but an ended Sound as well almost as if they felt Empowered by this absolute knowledge Yeah and that Beth that that's what you Refer to when you said as a decrease Imbalance they lost their stability they Do not be a function in a balanced way With notice by all around them and the Useful people were in positions of Authority and we spend great Responsibility and was it was that it Was there or the imbalance to the point That that should be relieved of their Authority that is correct Ah they were living more so than my Commanding general that's very important Because my god without an apology staple Apology no no no achievement is possible Now very interesting I find all that Utterly fascinating a measure let me Just interrupt you you go on please well I think there's some other Things that you would like to know yeah What I would like to tell you some of The things that this has done for me Personally yeah quicken would you share

That with I would be granted ah I no Longer am I no longer require I feel I Do not require faith and no longer what One would call a man of faith yes and That is because I don't I don't feel the Ring things anymore I have absolute Trust now yes it's uh it I've reached The point by looking and certain nooks And crannies spiritually with the Techniques that I employ and have Learned that I'm so trusting is when you Can see things around you perceive Things around you that are divine and Demonic and put them in their places Their respective places yes then there Are no dark areas these darkest areas Are within our own that mother's no need To fake you conclude I'm sorry if you go Through there's no need for faith step And personally personally father I've caught you're saying it and I'm Quite sure that you would not only take Exception to that but you could give me Some good cases no no that man take Exception I don't get I have no sort of Power or substance a oh my god and I've No reaction like that I'm just Fascinated by it all for the moment well And some other experiences individuals Who feel presences around them or with Or authentically within them yes what These techniques can do and they are Difficult to work out it takes Approximately 45 minutes of 10 on paper

With a just respond remote viewer to Gain any information whatsoever and it Takes many more hours to being a good Pattern of what we are dealing with but It's dependents are accurate we're able To take that information and determine If for instance a presence is angelic Demonic or somewhere in between Something like an IVA or an elemental All the various sorts and sundries of Both religious realities or creative Themes and material or semi material Beings and their intent and and that is A very very useful tool for a modern age Where there are so many so much Obfuscation it's it's to make life Complex interesting and Anik but in Certain regards quite simple and it just Confers also solve a lot of problems That people go which which people go to Psychiatrists and psychologists it can Indeed in fact I listened to part of one Of your programs on art show and I Thought that if I would if I would be With father Martin during one of his Exorcisms I could assist greatly by it by using These methods and techniques especially Employed as a team because we have Medical diagnostics There's to determine whether or not you Would you would of course endorse these Is another question Dorsey's techniques to determine what we

Are dealing with whether it's a Psychological trauma the source of that Trauma was at the multiple trauma was a Trauma over over a long period of time Or are we dealing with an attachment or Attachment and what are the what is the Nature of that how a fixed are they and At what point do they depart these are Things that you already are know you can Recognize those unsure course that would Be a very interesting collaboration is It really would Offers collaboration I really would well Itself objectively just without Considering anything else but there are Other implications but also but anyway The pinyon should rupture go on please No I don't have your experience in these Matters but I do have experience in Discerning in shining a light on these These these dark agencies and they hate The light they are very they do what I Have found is a and in fact many Masquerade as angelic being angels of Life as Paul would call them what then Paul said that Lucifer can transform Self into an angel of light if they in Order to deceive the believer I I see And great an angel of light in fact when In the early days when I researched many Ways that we could use Oh code formerly uh heretofore the Appellation was the occult occult Techniques as intelligence collection

Tools when I look directly into the eyes Of someone who was channeling something You could see you could see certain Things and I could see that I was being Lied to I could see that I was being told Everything I wanted to be told by then And sometimes is so accurate yeah and in Subsequent years after learning these Techniques I was able to really gain a Complete appreciation for what these Attachments were the nature of them Knapp became quite fascinating and uh They are desperate to maintain an Attachment as you already know it Absolutely I found that out as Attempting to to research them research These phenomena various occult phenomena As intelligence collection tool of all Things and no denial The connection is an obvious one to make I can see it immediately it was so in The field of intelligence it uh we did Not know we had to we had to look at That but that exposure that exposure to To the knowledge to the light of truth And awareness on its entually drives Away many of these shadowy forces and it When people have been I also say plagued All their life by fear That there's something following me or Something around me sometimes what we Have found what I have found in my work Is that thing that so-called shadowy

Agent that has been tailing a person Throughout his or her life they Sometimes be angelic in nature Oh and not too much and someone had Already what you say this is how can be Angelic and then you have is essentially Didn't it and and not demonic a doctor Monica some cases the person has been Afraid of something as a loving kind Kreega or more than benign sometimes Very A very loving and very positively Working for them yes yes and they were Very out of it was but with these Techniques used correctly and they are Very difficult to use correct log so There's a high degrees of training and It's a delicate operation anyway it's a Delicate but it's repeatable and Procedures are standardized hostage I Need to use professional they're Professional tools yeah but that's what I wanted also to say is the connection With what God does not go away during The process of remote viewing one soul Is not lost its if your soul is already Lost or saved regardless of using these Techniques the connection is still there And you take it with you when you go Into this almost it used to be an Altered state that was quite a different Modality but here one simply turned Their attention to some two to an idea I'll use that roughly so one one

Attention is half focused upon writing Down information on a piece of paper and Half focus on something that is in for Lack of a better word one's a collective Unconscious there are technical yes Whether this stipulate we can use that Trace its it has predefined perfect Ultimately but bother it has been the Downfall of a number of people I've seen It myself oh now I know it has and yet It's given me it's given me more than I Could possibly it's giving me answers to Too many different things and it's Allowed me most of all when I wanted to Give back a gift when when I wanted to Serve I prayed for about six months to Make sure that I knew I couldn't return The gift that I had been give up course The answer to all questions goes up well I was too naive to know that time I Tried to return a gift I had received Dump truck of gifts back and so I Changed my strategy and just asked to Serve and I and what this tool allowed Me to do was to precisely determine dirt Well that took about six months actually To make sure I was How how to serve and how to serve my god And that's what this fool gave me the Precise details of what to do how to Serve rather than just a general sense And that's why I'm one of the reasons I'm so grateful to to English one and Indeed let me add in we all should be

Grateful that such thing a bit because In theological terms in what you're Talking about is a charism it really is It's a gift it's mobility giving you and I still don't want to interrupt you Because you have a lot more to say in This matter I just want to add this one Thing or say this one thing and it's This that this is a very precise Well-intentioned nobly intentioned Effort on your part of our performance You're not doing it for Self-glorification and you're not doing It for self advantage you primarily you Use the word serve fer ve which is very Angelic by the way father I'm going to Have to interrupt so I'm going to let You continue with this when we get back In a moment from a spiritual perspective You would think indeed The Odd Couple But maybe not we're going to find out Back now to dr. Malachi Martin and major Ed Dame's and dr. Martin I wanted to let You finish what you have started saying And then perhaps explain to us if you Would why you think remote viewing is Nitroglycerin for the soul yes I will Hello is it there crying I'm here part Of my all right the I feel I feel really Punished call your major is it stop Please coming in because but anyway Let's get over that's about the original Statement I made without the last time About this been a tradition for the sole

Because and I think you might even Understand this I do understand it it is if it's not Done with the proper motivation and not Done as if are scientifically as it were With it today with proper methods and Checks and balances it can disrupt the Soul it can blow it up it can cause an Explosion in it we from myself from the Point of view of Exorcist that's what I Say we are really mean that those Engaged in this work found that those Who did remote viewing or channeling Without any of those safeguards that you Just described and that they underwent a Face severe disturbances and disruptions Of their personality their normal Persona and they also had a Manifestations that could only be Explained in the light of Luciferian Intervention in human things at the Theory of the belief behind it is that There is the supernatural order and There is the natural order the natural Orders or choose what you see the flesh And bones and blood and earth of metals Around us and wood and material things And then there's the supernatural order Which is the existence of God and all That belongs to God and in between There's what we call the middle plateau As on that plateau that these powers can Be exercised the powers of the soul that Apparently can be sharpened and

Developed and my language is Pre-scientific and pre-medical er pre Psychiatric ed and you're appreciate That because I don't even purport to be A psychiatrist or a therapist of any Kind just an aggro system the priest now When I sit was the natural vision of the Soul I meant when somebody enters or Tries to enter the middle plateau and Deal with such powers and faculties have Developed them without the proper Intention Or the proper controls and checks and Balances and the the phenomena that took Place at a play that takes place in People who do that are those that Attract us as a group of exorcists and The demand or require Tamar point of View require the attention that we Bestow on us with formal exorcism as Such now the one more thing I want to Add in just as pabulum as material for Talk for good discussion is this that The difficulty is that the supernatural As Christians conceives it and still Conceived it is totally unimaginable There is no human concept and therefore No human word they can describe it Number one and number two it is Imperceptible to a man without a special Grace of God he can't even perceive it So much so that if a man has not got Faith he just can't imagine it if he Loses faith heat he does not know he's

Lost it because if he knew he lost it He'd have it back but mere fact of Knowing you Gloucester is a perception Itself belonging to faith It's complicated as a concept but that's The reality we have found now the only Practical application outside of Religious peace and account for people Come for a gross ism the only practical Example was especially not for some army Officers purely as private citizens who Came for help because they had delved Into the middle plateau and came away Very disturbed then there are the normal People who use a Ouija board or who use Remote channeling or removed viewing and They entered an area where they were Subject to terrible onslaught from an Angel of light there in that technical Sense of danger of life and the only Sucker we could give them Precisely through these ceremonies which Are not therapies at all because an Exorcism is known as is not a is not a Therapy it's a confrontation that may Not throw much light but it will explain To you why I called it the natural Prisoner for so and everything else is Absolutely enlightening for me that you Have said and I presume the into the Hopper of all those ideas as well as the Expression goes would go the entire Question of the green programming and The summation that's something like what

Is named cauri Hammond drew up for the American Psychiatric Association for MPD The whole idea of of the program John Sometimes I I do um just one comment and I am familiar somewhat with the I was Operationally with the idea of the Middle plateau yes Um um channeling there are of the more That we have found one gives up one's Own identity let me go back to an Operational perspective again and I want To emphasize that this was this evolved The techniques I used as a military Intelligence gathering tool and that's Important it is when we looked at at the Phenomenon of channeling I already Mentioned some of the characteristics That I behavioral characters as I Observed it became very evident things Operationally the channelers never took Responsibility for their work or their Lack of success or their lack of detail It was always well it was somebody else Many more Jack that is n is not my fault That the informations incorrect that was An interesting thing another demos Interesting aspect was of course that The channel gives up one's own identity Turns their their their identity over to Something unknown Thing that has convinced them that it's Benign in most cases that is very very Very important that's what the natural Aspect comes in and that is the essence

Of channeling but technical remote Viewing is essentially a mind tool where We are fully conscious and fully awake Even in the early days of the programs Were the natural psychics in the army Were employed for intelligence Collection purposes that was an altered State and there were some dangers in an Altered state when we would defend I use The term loosely yes and an officer to a Remote location there were instances Where in navigating that middle plateau Where these people were subjected to to Great rocks because they ran into other Entities so the hike on the way and Because and this caused a tremendous Amount of grief we we actually had 10 Individuals have heart attacks you can Applaud of the techniques and a closer Closer if it's very it was very non Blessing to I would say so It was of us in unit and selfless we Settled on to these mind techniques Rather than mind-body techniques It became indeed when used correctly and They became almost a library card to Essentially just an endless amount of Information this one can do with that Information what one chooses to do Active in any way one chooses to do upon The information but nevertheless it's There to be downloaded sometimes as in The case of at least one of my former Students and in the case of a and

Another on officer is recently author The book these people who started to Lean towards association with very Entities that they discovered in the Middle Plateau And so it became a quantity began to Engage in what one could term a quasi Channeling behavior uh-huh well quasi Channeling is as good as channeling once You have something had to talk and you You're put it's got is cooking you and You may be a liqueur in the shadows but But it's got you that's right and that That is why one sees of begins to see a Behavioral change Frenetic what these individuals become Frenetic lose their balance makes Statements that appear incoherent and as You well know and that is one that kind Of behavioral change is a red flag Something has happened yes that's why Something has happened all right that Have you identified what that happening Was what did happen Why do you need yeah this generation is Studied it actually and it's in the Terms of basic psychology 101 the hook Has been the hook is in the individual's Ego ego has completely been hooked and The psyche is is that the hook is in the Ego and the psyche is being towed along Let's bail entails yep it's entailed as We say and a very good description of The process and we've had to study it

Long and hard and use a model in order To discern when were on dangerous curve The further we cross over into giving up Our own decision-making abilities Because that's all we really that's all We really have is our mind and our mind Is where you can see a basis for the Formation of whether or not our soul Survives that's right if we forsake that Before say from the very essence of us I Agree and and when these individuals Start to give up their decision-making Ability and turn their minds over to Something else I or it become their minds become Completely in do with ego we lose them Well that's that the beginning of what Would is called my point of view from my Size position I'm not familiar that much With possession Have only seen it once or twice in my Career I I do want to reiterate one Thing though the we the majority Of people who come to me to learn Technical remote-viewing Are are commonplace individuals that are Down there they're very interested in Enthusiastic and we can spot individuals Who are nowadays we have to because We've had so many disasters of not so Many but when the disasters occurred in The past whether on the military team or In the case of one or two civilians if Our former students they were real

Disaster so that torture a less I tell It's a lesson we have to be caught we Really scrutinize the behaviors of Individuals that come our way you have a Profile of the people you wouldn't touch It's it's not as much a profile as as an Art not as much a science as appealing And and it's art what what would be a Red flag to you for somebody that you Would want to deal with frenetic Behavior is one that is that is one red Flag the individual another thing that We see if an individual just cannot get Away from for instance and pharisee Theory that conspiracy conspiracy Conspiracy we sometimes that is an Indication that someone is perhaps a Paranoid schizophrenic and that's the Worst case we would absolutely never Want to touch a touch of us who are Paranoid schizophrenic father with what You've heard about remote viewing yeah Those types of personalities aside would There be a relatively safe way to do What it does Oh yeah absolutely he he he I mean as Twere sort of as his ordinary business He laid out a system of checks and Balances from the point of view of Intention and method and technique and An intimate knowledge of the vase Entities that do people this reach In which he enters them and their works And that is very different from the

Loosey-goosey if I can use an expression Approach to opening my mind and Receiving whatever comes into it Say one other thing father yes forth it Uh III wish to an internship experience Porn and something else to it in terms Of the what one might call the shadow Jennings and their ilk I happen to be Very afraid of them I am very scared and go you are out of Me thank God – uh yes i but but I I'm not afraid that they will harm me For because of my connection with God And with angels Yes that were the only reason that I can I I can a deal in the areas that I deal In it could I stop you then ask you a Question which is probably a pertinent Of course you said that you no longer Need faith uh-huh now you see why I'm Going I'm not essentially but what I said was I feel this is it I have absolute trust Now – right what but faith therefore in On your lips meant something else other Than what I mean by faith because Obviously if you do depend on angelic Protection and divine protection you Have what in classical terms would be Called Religious faith do you understand me yes But Baloo is not so ever a wife I have No words to describe this but it is one You've made several acts of what we

Called theological faith throughout your Entire discussion of this and you have a Certain almost childlike dependence on Their protection yet to preserve you Because that's why you venture into this Field I'm afraid in that sense you are You Certain peers or you take care of Certain things out of respect for your Enemy or for the things that could Deceive you but what I meant was by that Was that I can perceive wha What these things are there are other And and in the past when I was a young Man before I was exposed and in do and Learned to be a professional in the Techniques I use I did not know what These were and then I needed what I Called in my classical terms of faith I Had to rely upon a higher power you know My god to protect me from these dark From from the darkness but now I can see Into the darkness I can shine this light In there and say aha over here is this Over there is that yes that could Essentially know that that was Enlightenment you still have that Dependence on protection throw out of Them well that's the token I want you to Just think we have talked about before Which I can't you'll never put it Exactly it is the supernatural the Supernatural is the biases in in the Christian tradition and in the Jewish

Tradition too but since I'm a Christian I better speak authoritatively only About that the this idea of the Supernatural is is disturbing in one Sense but controlling in another sense Because the Christian idea is that the Supernatural itself is totally alien to Human nature but has come to human Nature to elevate it and therefore to Protect it in this in this field Especially in this field but in the Normal field of human behavior too but If that is alien to it in the sense that I myself cannot of myself just with my Human powers attain the wisdom I need in Order to avoid a collision and damage And and harm that's the idea of the Supernatural in Christianity doctor may I ask you this sure could Edd's Understanding or enlightenment it Protect him against possession It could given merely the words he has Used and the phrases used and what he Has said I find no trace of the things That betray the image weakness our Fantasy of pride or self-reliance I find A godly the finish and that is one of The keys to it He should be protected against this Because the grace are supernatural grace Is there and all I'm doing is saying That that has been within assembly all Along because he decided his own career As a young man and then getting into the

The dark corners and getting the light To see the lurking dangers that were There bid to be able to detect an angel Of life which is really the the shadow Itself pretending into trying to deceive Him so yes the answer is yes he can do That with impunity but but then that Would mean that if if I were to be fully And completely thorough unless and that Also I have to sit down with it and Assume or I thought tell me how you pray And how you think and how you behave and How you live and your morality self and I have no intention of doing that trade Because you wouldn't do it to me in Public anyway all right um and do you Want to hang on a little bit longer it's Up I'm digging in to father Martin time And I can hang in for another 30 days All right why don't we do another Another 30 minutes follow that is that All right with you that's lovely All right good we will be back and we Will do exactly that next I'm mark all Right back now to dr. Malik I'm Martin And major F Danes and dr. Martin it is Remote viewing something that you would Not participate in or as described is it Something that you feel would have value In something you might even try yourself Whatever about trying myself because I'm Not a technician or not haven't been Trained in this I don't regard it as Essentially dangerous and in fact I

Think at this stage or we – is a sketch out who were the Discussion has arrived major Adams has Outlined a very careful and tried and Tested I'm I was going to use the word Technique but he will forgive me if it's Not exactly that and obvious is not the Exact word but it's a method of Exploring and remote viewing Especially with view to intelligence Military and I suppose civilian and also As regards human behavior now and he Does he'd help pointed out that they Have learnt by bitter lessons that Certain types of people certain Characters are simply not fitted to be Brought along this way because of the Dire results that take place and he Didn't expand on that and there's no Need to we can imagine what he means What he means by the position of the Exorcist of where we come in is somebody Who has gone after Wales as a somebody Who has not merely become frenetic but Does seem to be possessed as the Classical term has it and in his terms It is that the shadow has become Completely all-powerful over a Particular individual and the the simple Technique we use is a technique of Confrontation between the Exorcist and The eggs or see the possessed person the Presumably possessed person and that's The initial products find out is the

Person really possessed or is it Something else and the confrontation Between the Exorcist and the eggs OC and The next size of authority over the Shadow and forcing the shadow by the Authority of God of Christ to depart That's roughly the area we have covered And by the way I must ask a simple Question of of spelling I don't know how To spell Sai texas-sized CIT e^x if Further – it's a transliteration of the Greek letter of C PS I thigh of site X And T X is this TI te CH TCA alright and S is a da mes is the way you spell your Name that's occurring I didn't know that That's alright a long wonder someone Because I would like to correspond or to Be in contact with you if I may and I Suppose I'll find that some in California where to find your I'll I Will make that connection and art would Be our middleman I was going to ask you That perhaps we could corroborate and in The future or is there a case that an Exorcist case in the past that you found Intractable or or irresolvable That perhaps my company could turn into Attention to fact there may will be and I think we should talk about that Between the two of us outside of the Public radio but the announcer to add Our bells question no I have no I'm not Even cherry about entrusting myself to The methods and the technology of use

Because it seems to me Major edge and I'm speaking of the Priest here and as an exorcist it seems To me that you are overshadowed by a Godliness which I can only describe to My Savior now I'm using my Christian Language so you forgive that but you Need to forget that yeah but I I'm also A simple Christmas yeah hi doc and Basically it's a great simplicity and And there's a whole elaboration of that About the humanity of our Lord Jesus and What he has done and what he does and The power that it gives us the authority Gifts but that's simply those are the The details of it all so our to conclude That in my answer your question no I Would have Really really Illimitable trust in the methods that Major ed ames uses and the techniques i I have no qualms whatever i really have Loved i find that remarkable you've both Apparently agree on the general nature Of the middle ground with it that middle Plateau we must know I think we've both Been there or are there in that sense in The work we do it do you agree edge I Absolutely do many many Christians are People who would call this program or Send me taxes would say that what ed is Doing is of the devil I would also make our art man children Say the forehead at the presidential

Foreign intelligence port when briefed On the existence of our program stated Absolutely want cheap white that man Should not know these things until he Died haha it's a funny inversion of what What happened in the garden of course Genesis it really is you know you shall Be of God as if to the temptation but You see the art if I could break in There I really do think that this is a Charism that has been developed in it James and his associates if he has them Or like him and it is the work of God Because it doesn't likeness as to the Shadowy personages that inhabit the Middle plateau and that entrapped people So the finally they end up in my Doorstep necessarily in a pitiable Condition and I remember being Approached by some members of the Armed Forces a little bit of very vaguely in The 80s and their complaint was and as Will understand this completely a better Than I do myself even look we have Trained officers in certain techniques And we find that they have not developed Symptoms that you described in your last Book about position It's been my experience of the mountain That those are individuals who have Taken lives in combat yes the more lives That soldier has taken there seems to be A storage area that has an aisle and When one is a by vocation or by order is

Poor takes of things that are spiritual All this comes out of the closet and I Have seen closures are break into pieces And stay broken up literally because They've taken a human life and it found Upon thee could I say this and be Understood because I want to be Understood by you I'm looking at it from The inside it's logical I mean it's Almost a necessary consequence and I Think we really can't do some more than This I am surprised at the result that we got Between the two of you and pleased by it And I would imagine you are – I have a Surprise and I paid please and I've Learned so much and I've been enriched By this I have reliable – thank you it Didn't this has been nothing but an Honor for me father mom they got to go With you and give you the grace and my Friends thank you I'm pleasure – and my Scitex Eddie Danes and as I said he has Promised to join us once again and is Going to target himself this hale-bopp Comet headed our way and we'll see what It has to say about it alright um dr. Martin yet uh you have a new book it's Called windswept house that's right what Is the central tenant what we trying to Tell everybody in windswept house I was Trying to tell them the condition of the Present Pope in relation to the papacy

In other words the book says the Following for some time now actually for About five to eight years it's hard to Pin it down there's been a movement Amongst the more powerful servants of The papacy Cardinals and bishops In Europe and in America to persuade the Present Pope to resign and were top Which you can do legally by the way the Law of the church says that a pope may Resign and he needs give no reason to Anybody on the face of the earth while You resign these now there has been Pressure on him to resign and since he Turned the age 75 there's now a heading In his 77th year and his very bad health The pressures are enormous on him so Much so that the document they drew up To illustrate their wishes and the this Document was in his hands towards the End of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s he has named it so far to this Extent that he's drawn up another Document which pertains to some Legislation he would like to pass before He dies concerning the help of popes in Other words supposing a pope becomes a Vegetable mmm supposing he is rendered Totally incapable of movement physical Movement supposing he goes mad supposing Those dementia their previous so he's Drawn up this he has not find it because He would trapped himself did because He'd be giving news the rules should

Apply to it however the pressure on him Has been very big to his eye and their Motives for doing so is this they say we Have such problems nowadays that only a More forward-looking more liberal minded Pope can really collaborate with the Forces amongst into human society to Stave off disaster they're talking about To disaster they're talking about the What they call the population explosion Where what is the 5.2 billion now Heading they say for seven point five And the year 2030 and so on Survivor on Survive and that's their number one Problem and number two problem is Education the first problem explosion They say can be curbed by abortion Contraception sterilization and Utilization has already been used in Third world countries Manufactured by Canadian and American Companies might even add euthanasia and Euthanasia exactly to deal with us some Of the demographers who are heartless The useless eaters little oh that's very Useful useless eaters yes useless eaters Little babies and old guys like me but Then I said that is a joke their days Their last sentence the last phrase but Now of course the president Pope is Absolutely adamant I mean you mention abortion Contraception sterilization at a million Asia and he they're born with the

Indignation so they say but we all right You can you can cattle about abortion But anyway contraception country lighten Up on that to some degree because even The officially blessed form of family Limitation by a Roman typically is Called natural family planning implies a Certain contraceptive mentality Certainly so that's the difficulty but He's a you know so they say we need Somebody who is more receptive secondly Then within the church itself We do need I think today the modern mind Does say it would be better if a please Have the option of celibacy or the Option of marriage and then thirdly There is the phenomenon of our age well The big phenomena is the rise of women As such feminism on in the good and the Bad sense because there's a good and a Bad sense for everything and the fact is Why shouldn't women be ordained priests Why should it be all-male does priests To depend on testicles pardon my Language but that's preached the art of It becomes done is biology destiny in This manner so they say that we need Some we need a forward-looking man who Will be young enough and perceptive Enough to start moving on these funds Because in that case then we can Collaborate with the vast movement Outside by very powerful and flourishing Men and organizations for the control of

Food and the better nourishment for the Office because today for the menu Attrition and I task get the actual Videos but it's frightening Maybe mother children to run stuff Malnutrition so The pressure on him is great for that he Has refused so far obvious difficulty Has been resigned I do feel that the Pressure has been so great on him and It's helped now is so precarious that it Is now 50/50 by the way I'm not a Betting man as I said choked before I Lost a few dollars on the Yankees and Coming sweet feet amidst my betting is Not exactly blessed by God but the I do Feel that it is now 50/50 percent Possible that within one calendar year We would have another pope he may resign Or he may die because his health is Precarious he has Parkinson's disease There's no doubt about that And by the way it is accompanied by Episodic dementia in his early stages But again I'm I'm not I'm not Authoritative in this matter I'm told This he has also announced real process And he breaks things easily if he falls Or hits against things and then he has Been operating for cancer further what You're talking about is sort of a people Version of a living will that's right That's really what it is and you say he Will not sign it himself what he made he

May finally find us and then resign okay I said the pressure on him is very big Now by the way the pressure is big Because it comes not merely from his own People his own colleagues as were the Shifts and Cardinals it comes from very Powerful organizations who share the Same opinion as those colleagues or the Colleagues share the same of influences There's no doubt about it that the Thinking of the World Wildlife Fund in This matter Beginning with Prince Phillip of Edinburgh and going on along or on the Ford Foundation the Rockefeller Foundation the pew and Draper funds they All think the same thing they're all Eighteen on controlling the population And they agree with those who would like To see a change of Pope and everybody Acknowledges the Pope's achievements and His work for peace and his compassion we All know that but they say we need a Younger man now the book about that and About the pressures on John Paul well I Would like to get your views on it and To start with let me ask you I had no Idea such a document existed would it Not A way for him to hold on in a way past The point where this document would have Taken effect Had it been signed for him to hold on And then sign it at the very end would

That not be in essence morally wrong is Not simple well it would be at least Politely – that might have some Reverence I imagine you'll understand That it would be reprehensible Reprehensible they were reprehensible What grades of immorality how five three You're immortal is something else I Planned a very hard to decide by Flipping him but in the person of my Book but and he's my Pope and I'm a Priest to his church and I'm a packaging When I say Mass every morning and all That usual pre stuff free press please Behave You know I'd want to make a big thing Out of it but it's very sacred for me It's my source my life and but yes it Would be reprehensible because then he's Putting his own personal position in Preference to the good of the universal Church if the good of universal Church Would be served by his resigning and That's the crucial decision he has to Make an the book actually ends on that Crucial note of doubt in his mind Judy Push it so it's that the book is not an Advocacy wasn't an advocacy tool for you You didn't advocate that he should sign Us and resign no no I leave it attended The book ends and App Engine snows and I've been blamed for that they said why Didn't you decide the issue and the Issue has not been yet decided by the

Man who wasn't decided all right I want To ask you about those three areas that Is population the origin of marriage for Priests and perhaps the women's movement And their place in the church we'll be Right back all right here we go back now To dr. Malachi Martin in Manhattan where It's getting very late welcome back to The show dr. that it's a pleasure to be Here it's still early morning it isn't Well it is yes really it was early Morning into that this conversation is So stimulating that I find it difficult To imagine going to sleep although I'm Sure you told me to go to sleep I would Do so immediately she's a lovely public Addition All righty but let's go on up let us do That now there have been many studies in Which rats have been put together in a Tight little area inevitably they end up Killing each other eating each other Alive behaving very badly indeed our World population though the planet can Hold many people I'm not sure it can Support many people and we have many Many many people what is your position On birth control well I'll tell you at First of all I think that the preys Sustainable development is susceptible Of a of a decent explanation I mean I'm Sure Hitler would also use sustainable Developments in a completely different Sentences others would do I think we we

People can use it in a good tent as we Got a birth control or the control of Population rather put it the general Plane Marie I can in no way sanction the Killing of life ones that have started The womb I cannot in any sense the would Just I just can't I can't take that for The point of view of natural law and There's our point of view of the mandate Of my Savior as I regard you know no Abortion at any stage no abortion at any Stage no is not justified even the Extreme cases that one hears of rape and Incest incest no no that there's no way I can sanction the killing of a human Life in any sense penalized capital Punishment as well as everything else Even though I share the indignation the Gener of the population when somebody is Really a killer irrelevant hmm does this Instance let's do it let's give wish but I can't even sanction that all right What about those wonderful little birth Control pills that if taken regularly as Prescribed to 90 percent or better will Prevent births well they will interfere With the Catholic doctrines they widget And I think will remain so in spite of The day they're there they The big zag spritz which today it says That once those conception once there's A zygote clinging to the endometrial Wall of the womb yes that's a human soul Even though it's it's it's utterly

Undeveloped and you can't interfere with That once that's there now most of the Abortifacient most of the pills are body Patients they will evacuate that life Once started that's why to a certain Degree Many countries practice some form of Blockage the old pessary idea mmm the Old condom idea or the or rhythm or well Then with them is different things that The Catholics Catholic a lot of Catholics today including the Authorities say it's okay If you follow the rhythm of your body And certain moments when the woman is Fertile your voice all right let's back Away from that and move back to blockage All right how do you look at that well Blockage you interface see the Difficulty is this this is the carefully Difficulty with that and it's a real Difficulty and many Catholics have Changed in this point but it still is a Difficulty if I block the natural Performance of the marathon actors Colander yes that means that I have a Contraceptive mentality because the Catholic ideal is to be within the Limits of nature and the dictates of Nature to be open to what God sends now As for instance God does send me the Power of walking on a precipice and Falling down 300 feet to my death on the Rocks below if I don't tempt God by

Doing that because I may lose my balance But the point I'm making is that he does Give us the power of not coming together With my wife say when she is free in the First hour period if she has regular Menses by the way that's another problem Altogether and many people try to apply The Catholic natural family planning is Funded but she she was irregular and Therefore they conceived knowing I know One family Conceived six children already it is Nevertheless though still a of a Blockage isn't it it is the mentally yes And actually I've always thought of the NFP mentality natural family planning Mentality and the contraceptive Mentality because you're sacked oh I am Avoiding contracept are avoiding Conception there you are So I mean you know between that and the Actual contraceptive mentality we should We shall use the condom or we shall use A you know the the the the intrauterine Apparatus more details so de facto the The the intention is the same however Some moralists and some church Authorities would allow you use the Natural family planning because it is Within the movement of nature is within The prescriptions of nature i don't hold That but that's merely my personal Interpretation but i'm rather rigid on This matter so what is the answer i

Don't laugh from you i said don't do it Yes and so i'll just don't do it I have Such a potential yep alright there are Many fathers said that the reason that Catholicism has this new is because the Church wants more Catholics if that's That what that was there is no Shibboleth against the church but Actually I've never fought the trace of That done I pass through all the issue Rooms of training philosophy theology And papal service and that never enters Into it it's never that it's the horror Of interfering with enact witches of Itself a natural entity and then I've Never seen any place by the way in any Of the theoreticians of the theologians Or in the books or in the lectures and I Pass through it all I spent 18 years Training before they allowed me preach a Sermon I've never found a trace of that Mentality officially that maybe that Somebody said well as so many babies as We can spell well we did talk about Politics earlier yes we did Nagesh I don't I know well I was at the been Profit or as they say and a well-chosen Remark but I ate it's never no Pope has Ever said that and that will increase And multiply and have more Catholics That dominate the the the the population Of the world I've never found there it's But it's an old Shibboleth chiefly Because Catholics used to have

Orphanages and with pregnant young Pregnant women who are married they Would adopt the child yes and there has Been there have been many abuses in that Regard by the way there was a reason to 60-minute program on that which was Dreadfully distressing that the lanes to Which they went in order to get the Babies that were conceived Illegitimately of these to say at those Days so that's where I stand on the Matter I do not think that any invasion Of that service finally the glory of God Then if you were Pope yes uh you would Resist as this Pope as any any real Change in that area I would add I would I would I would indeed I would do Something else for more positive I would Set about a different sex ed program Than Catholic Catholic Bishops have Allowed in America and antennae in what Sense well you see the sacred program if You examine it natively after it stops Upon by the way examine as it is it's a Program that stimulates sexual Excitement in interest Oh yeah it's not educational and then if You turn to the you know Catholic Couples today most diocese in America Must go through what they call Cana Conferences that called pain that Because gain with the marriage fees at Which Jesus functioned at the beginning Of his preaching and the Gospels and the

Kind of conferences are supposed to Enlighten think that there's the the Fiance is that the engage couples as to Their obligations but again it has taken In this country to a large extent a Sexual turn And it doesn't educate because I think That the one faculty we have the sexual Power the faculty requires great Education especially today when we pass Through the swinging 70s and swinging 80s and the aids ridden 90s we need Education so I would change all that Make sure we had another sex ed attitude Completely and I would not ask children To experiment with bananas and carrots They do so your your attitude is Basically boils down to just don't do it Just don't do it Educate the human being to know that you Haven't got to do it all the time and For you do it it must be done within a Recent existence you must be able to Afford the child and you must be able to Afford the education and all the other Human considerations that make a Responsible citizen um that's asking a Lot of it or person in deities I know Follow them they're going to be Accidents along the way and violation But we have remedies for those too very Traditional indeed all right um yes all Right let us see if you are also Traditional in the area of marriage for

Priests ya know you've been a priest a Very long time – I have since 1954 um Have you found the battle with the flesh To be a difficult one or did you early On come to a understanding and are at Rest with it ah I must be off your Frank At this point because otherwise I Wouldn't be at leas do though please do Um the battle with the flesh stopped From the last nail is put in your pocket Because I'm confessed that's will it Stop this I'm sure that's correct yeah I Know it's no it's that way now the Difficulty or easement in this matter is On the one hand subjective and on the Other hand objective it's subjective in The sense that a lot goes into it you're Early background Your nature your character the examples You've had around you you early habit The way you trained princess deputies This much legend islands of my day I Became a Jesuit at the age of 18 I never Dated anybody I never went to a dance in My life we had no such thing as Co-education at all We had separation of the sexes that it Was we didn't look on his separation sex This was the the natural way we all Behaved It was the ambience which we lived we Had parties at Christmas and Easter and Birthdays and which we all men were Present male and female young boys and

Young ghosts but there was a Regimentation or a rule of life span Which deafened everything closure war The way you looked in the way you Touched and of course we were not yet Times there's no doubt about that and There was masturbation of course there Was mutual passion and my parents Weren't looking and things like that but Nothing grave and nothing sustained and Certainly nothing permanent at all it Was a different thing completely now has It been easy Oh ed I'm 76 you know and I Must tell you that the early part of my Life if there were struggles there's no Doubt about that Ah thank God the ends as they did about The age of 65 or 70 if things cleared up In the sense then people became easier Users to be reflective about it not Because I lost interest in in the male And female aspect of life but because Other things came in that you're Fascinated mean more readily and you Nevertheless remember the days of Struggle or order do I this is a Remember I have my days of struggle uh Then everybody says it okay I God with Respect then to marriage for priests as An option well I'll tell you if life Goes on as it's going at the personal Moment I do not see but let me explain That if the pressures continue to mount On this manner and they are mounting

Every year especially in America yes and Canada if they continue to mount I Cannot see the authorities escaping the Necessity of allowing the option of Marriage well why do I say that because If I took a poll tomorrow of the 280 Bishops in the US states of america and Of the i know how many bishops there are In canada suppose they're about twenty Or thirty or forty a majority would say Make it optional today and they've said So Deb said Rome doesn't take a water Polls does it well actually Rome does But they pretends it doesn't finished Yes they take for God they've got a man In in in Washington the Pope's man catch A villain is his name is a is their Archbishop and he is continually taking Polls on all these questions no a Rome's Bolster oh yes wrong because his robe Has its poster in every country and they Take polls from the point and they don't Always listen to the polls or say they Don't even pretend they take them but They do and they have this index of Leading Catholic indicators which Indicate the condition of Catholicism And it's published that that are they Are beginning to publish that now what Do I say this is regards the actual Mounting pressures there are big Pressures mounting and there are Underlying faults in the pressure for Instance it is said by many priests and

Many bishops to stupidly by the way they Say well if we did this we'd have less Deviance a less pedophilia which is of Course is garbage psychologically any Psychologist or a psychiatrist will tell You that there's more deviancy amongst Married people than among celibate mmm So it is no bearing on earth whatever Deviancy is deviancy and there's more But in my people apparently than amongst The so-called bachelors or celibate Crowd of men and women So the despite the depresses reporting On it because of a very sensational Subject the actual amount of it you're Saying is much less than in the average Or in the british are much much much Less what is mounting is This idea that it's a human right which The church has interfered with for a Long time and shouldn't any longer but It is the pressure of the police your Socio cultural and political pressures That are changing this now will the Church yield honors I think the Pressures are marching in such a way That in certain regions say Latin America the church may waive the rulers Have of celibacy may well what do I Think I think it's going to be a net Loss I was and that was going to be my Next question a net loss for all of Those in the church yes because they did This I know it's anecdotal to tell you

About it allows the u.s. chaplain for The US Air Force and with paratroopers In Turkey for a period of my life and I Used to we used to go on long trips to The radar domes that the USA maintained Around the Black Sea listening to the Soviet broadcast and it was the time When there were great competition about Space as a missile development and Remember there were long trips and at The the men the officers who drove me Always called her an eighteen be a clip Or 30 people 30 be a trip at 30 cans of Beer because Turkey with every hostile Yes and but I remember talking to them And the chief chaplain with us in Interdict we were stationed at Incirlik At the base there in Turkey – turkey Southeastern Turkey and they they the Chief chapel was a woody he was a Protestant chaplain a very decent fella Married with children and a very decent Man and very good to me I was a minor Chaplain and we the temporary chaplain By the way but I remember the men you Say to me you know they say father look Having made a confession to me amid that Made the confessions in the car Traveling around that if if you were Like would if you had a wife and went Home I died – your wife and children we Wouldn't tell you all interesting Through petition we could we wouldn't Wouldn't rancher in the same way it's

Not that we just plus woody we think It's a great guy but and some of his his Own people the Protestants of the in the Fourth year have a great love for it but They haven't got the same approach the Same intimacy with him as we have with You because we know that you are ours You belong to us in a special way and That I'm going to a parish priest Temporarily and in vase parts of my life Because I was generally in scholarly Work or diplomatic work or something Like that or teaching but the times I Was they close the closer you the degree Of closeness between a pastor and his People bathing them here in their Confessions serving them baptizing them And driving them when they're sinful or Say they're simple and helping them to Die in God and the closer is something Unbelievable our church really is as all I think influenced by the fact that you Are totally at their disposal so then There would be a degree of loss in that Area there would be a degree of loss in That area now by the way look there are Certain sections of the Catholic Church Like the Maronite Rite which is the Catholics of Lebanon who have always Been married and then there are Greek Greek the Greek Orthodox churches of the Russian or five churches the priest can Be married the bishops know but they Allow their priests marry and they have

A very magnificent priestly tradition You know for this is a human law just Has developed in the West to be the Universal norm doctor hold it right There sure we'll be right back to you Top of the album now back to dr. Malachi Martin dr. Martin maybe this will set it Off properly I just got a fax it says Art there is no question that there have Been horrible injustice –is toward Women throughout history but it seems Today as if the semanas are so Determined to achieve equality with men That they do not care whether they can Currently bring down the very Institutions they are trying to achieve Equality in how do you feel about that I'll tell you it the first thing that Strikes me is this and I've often asked Women very powerful women I know who are Leaders in said there's a book called Women's Leadership Forum and I know all The leaders very well personally I've Eaten with them and walked with them and Talked with them and discussing the Model with them in a friendly loving Fashion I've always asked them when they when They ask me to use the expression who Wants to be equal to a man and if I want To be equal to you it means that I Regard you as superior uh-huh I mean that's right that's right the Mentality I started with first of all

Then of course that comes with fact we Must acknowledge the dire effects of Male chauvinism take medicine alone art I mean medicine has been created on the Male body and for male ailments and I This brought home to me very sharply When I had open-heart surgery a couple Years ago and I said to the doctor Subramaniam a marvelous Indian doctor in The field hospital in New York and is it The same operation for women and he Started laughing said I don't know we Didn't this was invented for the male Body yes we have to adapt it for the Female body and this applies to the Whole damage of health it is really Meant a lance that were envisaged by men No really it really is true if you look At the budgets allocated for study of Problems disproportionately they're Allocated to me mm-hmm Kill right there and then there's a big Push to get a study of breast cancer and But it's mainly women pushing us it Wasn't done by the academic community we Should have been in justice there and Then there's no doubt about it in in in Finance and in industry and in the Armed Forces and in general in public life Women were given second place and that's It were considered to be the weaker Vessel and just the proper place was at Home and having babies and cooking and Taking care of the house and family now

There's nothing wrong with all that Don't evolve as the time came when women Were needed in the workforce and when Women felt they should go into the Workforce there's a different force Blowing today and it has also entered Into the church and there's the Difficulty now there are some women just A few very highly placed in the Vatican As regards decision making And between you and me and the Holy Spirit asked if I want something from John paul ii and I've had times I've Wanted something for other people Obviously yes I always go to one of Those women or why because they have a Direct manner they go split the horse's Mouth and they usually get what we asked For You see because they simply have that They have this power of communication The men are all tied up with their egos And they're not we'll arms oh it is a Good time now the difficulty is when you Come to the question of ordination yes That's a different question completion I Must say it's a trap into which I've Seen so many so called eminent bishops Theologians fall that they finally you Reduce them to saying just because you Have testicles you can become a priest You know it comes down to that because You ask them why those one men give you An example of the difficulty it does in

The church for our listeners there's one Bishop was they adamant but he's an Anglican bishop Purvey celibate man as a very good Bishop at the Ragin cabinet and he Finally was flatteringly reduced to say That no unless you're male you can't be A priest that determines your ability to Become a priest of course which is Dreadful conclusion because then reduces The whole question of priesthood to to Physical things that there's nothing Wrong with the physical things except One would have thought it was a higher Reason that you became a please well What is the higher reason in other words Why may a woman not be a priest well I'll tell you why uh a woman a female God has arranged as the church says that Women do not become priests it's for the Very same reason that I'm not really Dodging the question I'm giving you the Reason if it's a very profound reason And let's hope the time allows us to add These delve into asserts this for Instance the krischell she says God the Son became ma'am Christian she also says By implication God the Father could not Have become man and Holy ghosts could not have become that And the reason is this it's the nature Of God the nature of the Trinity the Sun Can be generated it can be born the Father was never born understand the

Holy Ghost was never born their nature Their their person their personalities Are such that but they being born in any Sense doesn't fit in with their Personality whereas it does with the Sun He's the Sun is generated by his father And his mother usually now the basic Reason is this of that within creation As a Catholic sees it traditionally only A man pictures will reflect reproduces The function that Jesus chiefly filled Namely as high priest a woman does Something else she actually is the Source of eternity she is the source of Future generations she is the source of Love and marital bonding but she is she Is not she doesn't reproduce at all a Function is not to reproduce the Functions that Christ had as high priest It's it's as simple as that and it says As as complicated as that it's a long Consideration and there's a deep Theological reason buried there and it's Very hard to give us in a few words but That's the essence of it that only a Male we put you at not because he's a Male but because he's a son he is Generated and the son Jesus himself was Generated by the father in eternity and He was generated in Mary's womb by the Holy Spirit he reproduces that condition Than origin that personality of the son And therefore he can he can reproduce Therefore the functions of that son as

High priest That's that's the essence of the Theology of priesthood and of course it Doesn't buy the women women have a Greater in the eyes of their Christian Theology They may be more noble function and they They conceive you're a very traditional Priest origin yes I am I'm Dyed-in-the-wool in that it has informed My entire existence and corrected the Cannibalism of my nature and I'm a Natural bum and I'm also a natural Barbarian I think so you must have a Great sympathy then for the Pope who is Being assaulted by the Liberals yes I am In but she I do know that the missing Consistency in my Pope which I regret Very much pretty hesitant I have to bow In front of consistencies most of our Characters are inconsistency or Inconsistent and even consistencies as Follows That on questions of say are abortion Contraception homosexuality genetic Experiments anything like that He is absolutely adamant absolutely Adamant on everything else he's liberal He really is liberal by the way if you Go to the Holy Father and say holy Father Mayer commissioned abortion he Will give he gets airborne you know Sparks fly sure and same thing with Contraception same thing with

Homosexuality same thing with divorce And remarriage no sir nothing like that But if you said and Holy Father I would Like to see women priests he becomes Pathetic hey you will say – I wish I had The power There's no suddenly doesn't – premiere Porn he's not protesting but he wished He had and by the way in 1990 year 1995 There was a meeting of 15,000 altar Servers you know those people that Served the masses and searches in st. Peter's Square 15,000 of them and the Pope came out to Address them and it came out of the Famous balcony of st. Peter's Another world by the way there were four Thousand Berle servers there amongst the 15,000 and he knew that and he said to The mini speech to the enthusiastic Speech he said I hope this Some of you or the majority of you will One day celebrate Mass at the altar so Any would even talking about in many Years and he is altogether too liberal For you Well two liberties I see I regards Liberalism the way he's liberal as fatal Errors I regard but listen I'm a little Man no wonder it is make me Pope I just Manager us because though I mean I can't Judge him just for my poor little mind It is very dangerous what he has Attempted to do outside of sexual

Morality is very dangerous He is endangered the integrity of his Organization not of the Catholic faith But the organization itself is in danger Due to his liberalism as regards yeah Sharing things with other religious so Then given an opportunity would urge him To resign ah that's is that's a judgment Art I'd be afraid to make because as I Say I'm just a poor little fella I have On the air doctor or austere I both I I Really have no I would by the way I Don't think you see I'm looking at his Replacement and the replacements are Awful in my book the poem replacement You see there is now erase anybody Coming from Rome nowadays who tells you The truth and to speak to a Roman Language of what they're talking about They're all talking about one thing and One thing only of the Conclave you know That means yes means they're lining up For the next pope there's no doubt about This is the evening of john paul ii 'the Papacy We all would and therefore they the Papillae as they call them the pope Upper ones and come to the fore and now Them out of my liking may I run a serie Of life by you doctors do they do I'm Here and I bet it applies to your Situation as well as mine and it is that Um I watched the change I'm only 51 I'm Going to have near 76 that's great and I

Even even at 51 I look at the changes That are going on in society and I have Sort of come to the conclusion that as We get older And society continues to change in James And change by the time we're ready to go When you're ready to go yeah we sort of Look up and say Lord these people are Out of their minds get me out get me out Of here I'm ready to go but that is a Sentiment that starts as a tiny voice About my age I'm sure when I get to the End of the 70s as we say God look please Give me a ticket you know I suppose it's Inevitable because so many of your Friends go so many things change that You feel that you're no longer really at Home to understand me yes I certainly do Little pieces of you have departed my Parents are gone I chose the friends are Gone My brothers are down three of them and It's not like around money and going I Don't you know because ever since that But I do feel that a lot of me has Departed with them and is waiting for me Yes you know I mean we all get together Again but I agree with you fully about The their hell way life changes and no Doubt up there the church is the way you Recall it yeah all right is it I would Like to begin this fiction calls here if We might then why people want to talk to You so east of the Rockies you're on the

Air with dr. Malachi Martin hi hello There no I guess I didn't push the right Button first time caller line you're on The air with dr. of Malachi Martin hi Good hello hello yes you're on the air Hello yes I'm on am I on the air yes you Are turn your radio on Oh that right away a lot of difficulties All right if you have your read on my Radio stop we're not where are you Calling from uh San Diego California a Long way away okay all right Yes first of all I wanted to say that It's fascinating – I'm a little nervous Here it was out don't be nervous at all We rolled over from there thanks I just Wanted to say this is dr. Malachi Martin Reminds me of some detective story that He's in New York in the middle of the Night and he's mister Yes and very fascinating and I mean that It's a compliment though so it's just Reminds me out of something out of an Old detective novel or something but Well interesting but what I wanted to Ask was um would you guess who you think Would be the next pope and I have Ventured a guess or a possible candidate Of the Archbishop of Milan Carl om Martini and I was wondering if you were Familiar with him yes I know paddle of Mass TV he was rector of the house the Last house in which I lived although he Wasn't rector when I was there Oh the

Pontifical biblical Institute where a Jesuit and very brilliant man by the way And good at is his biblical profession As well as in coddling he has become a Front-runner for the papacy oh he's on The side of the round net Oh yeah per se he is he's although his Cardinal Archbishop of Milan he is one Of the frontrunners so he could possibly Be the next poem he could possibly be Elected a textbook wow that's Fascinating And I was wondering it was interesting To me you've been talking about feminism If um and it was interesting to me that The new version of the Fonz yes for the Catholic Americans yes was disapproved By Rome is this a sign of what you were Talking about well if he what happened Was that the the the compilations of the New category of the new version of the Psalms decided to accept to to be Inclusive estándar for their workers any User or heard his right his or him right That's ridiculous It goes to extraordinary lengths and the Use of the word man was ruled out I Think you know and human even is avoided Because the word man is in it right at The demands of many feminists and really English becomes we emasculated as a Language gentleman right I doubt then I Understand general gender-neutral General you as

There's no such thing we're not gender Neutral you write a Hungarian isn't very My Gaelic like my natural my native Tongue Gaelic is can be also Gender-neutral right that doesn't mean They don't cease to be chauvinist and I'm getting the tub repair shop okay Right well I was honored to talk to you And thank you very much thank thank you Okay and take care So father take take a rest few moments Will break here at the bottom of the Errand come back and dive into these Phone lovely alright my guest is dr. Malachi Martin and I guess I'm going all Over the place here with titles so be it I guess doctor our coverage is worldwide Were heard worldwide and the following Question is from David in New Zealand Yes sent by fax dr. Martin a person whom I trust while he was quote out of his Body and quote attempted to enter the Secret archives of the Vatican he said He was repelled by two angels at the Archives door and was forced to return To his body can you comment on it can You tell us who is allowed to enter and Read these archives the archives are now Under the care of a man called the Bibliothèque arias the papal librarian Or the Vatican librarian and it's a Position similar to be librarian Congress it's a very honorific job and Is the almost job he actually must sign

A permission for you to enter the secret Archive and in order to get that Permission you have to have a Qualification of course you have to be a Historian or a researcher on an Authorized mission and you have to Notice usually what you want to get Because there's so much there and you Must know what you're looking for and You may then get permission to do so now Once you get permission though it's Carte blanche they give you full Facilities and full easement in your Work there but it's a difficult thing to Get just right off you can't get it by Simply showing up one day and say I'm Sorry I'm Alec you must know what to Enter the secret archives no there must Be and usually if it's a priest he must Have a letter from his Or from the rector of the Institute Which you belong the University in Academy or whatever it is or a tear Alligator or a philosopher or a seminary Some kind of other in other words they Insist on very closely monitoring the Identity of who enters and it has to be So because they're invaluable things There they've had terrible robberies There the umpires traveled and came in And they walked away with a valuable Manuscripts enough and they were Eventually caught one way or the other Oh you would think that a place you

Wouldn't want to steal if there was any Place where you wouldn't want to steal That would be that would be playable Over the case in my time there were a Very very rich Brazilian what in a Certain document were saying back to a Papal prescription in the 16th century Of the 17th century and he'd paid Somebody and I arranged the ID and Everything else so they would be be Accepted and he did get in and he did Attempt to steal it and then he was Cotton mmm There are such things as that but They're invaluable being there and Things that never been on earth it ah One can only wonder hey I want Tony Wonder you wonder really And there are seven miles of archives Benicia Vatican have a lot 7my yes Actually it's done it's a fantastic Thing art when you go through it as Corey you should go the light start and The light behind you ties out the life Follows you wherever you go that is Incredible It's it's an it's air-conditioned and You know it's it's maintained a very Careful environment because this before They have a PI over there they have Ancient books that can fall to pieces Ability by being handled I understand Alright first-time caller line you're on The air with dr. Martin hi dr. Matta

Departs it's an honor and a privilege All hospital on my knees where are you Phyllis I'm in unincorporated Fort Lauderdale Florida Alright I have six questions but I'll Narrow it down to four thought of all Possible I foresee the the way I Perceive the world is as a an apartheid And Jen Sighs corporate in America as a Corporate American society how do you Perceive this being in the near future Oh I think I'll tell you what I think The structure of the near future of the World I will not see it I think I left God prolong with my age 120th about that Earthly diction of it haha the the idea Of a national government of a Nation-state is disappearing we're going To have regional authorities and we're Already slipping into that with our NAFTA and our European Union we're Slipping into that already and even Within about communities such as we have In the United States which one what are The 250 people which are the 15 million People I can foresee the day when Princeton's as there be certain black or White enclaves and accepted by people as Such because you see I think we're Coming to the stage lady and I hope it Doesn't fight you know or shock you I will coming to the stage that laws Will be made affecting our salaries our

Vacations our education our birth and Death our medicine our politics laws Will be made by more than Americans it Won't be Congress there will be the Senate Really it'll be toners I mean Non-americans I think we're that stage of we can I got I got the point Pretty much yeah I understand it quite Clearly that that is very factual Absolutely the the other question is my Ability to predict without you know the Personification of predictions um like This plane that just went down now They're saying it was a laser I've Always I always have the the assumption I would say you know that it was am I Going into a middle plateau without Checks and balances there well I'll Update how do i define oh i'll tell you My advice to you my advice to is this if You have that ability and it comes up Unbidden Jenna Stanley yeah that's one Thing If you were to use it to guide your life Or to guide others lives in a very Active interventionist way then you need Guidance how do I get that you get a Very good confessor a very good priest Who knows his stuff who has what they Call discernment of spirits because or What is your first name Liza Liza Liza you have to see it's

Discernment of spirits what spirits are Moving you one you exercise those gifts Of the middle Plateau then you need Somebody stay no that's that's the wrong Entry yes because sometimes I don't know And I get really stressed out you must Get a very very saintly consciousness But no money mummification you know is Like you know after dyeing it Mummification you know it's like being Mommy tourist is that it being buried in The ground is medicine Well mama forget do you are you in bed With that yes Are there nothing wrong with that Oh Technically speaking religiously opinion There's nothing wrong with there is all But be very careful because it's a great Gift can be used as we saw with the Major themes in his work but it also can Provide your undoing but not necessarily So it's a gift of God you can use a Frittata Laurie okay I did you take love Joy and happiness thank you thank you Sir very interesting call wasn't it yes What a wild-card line you're on the air With dr. Martin hello where are you Calling for a truce on our farm yes sir Like father Marcus fascinating I have a Question for you Yes Mike suppose there were a Extraterrestrial visit to the earth that Was yes it was so dramatic that it Couldn't be denied yes

How should Christians feel afraid or no No and Mike I must i invoke a privilege Here uh less hard i put this it is i'm Dangerous for the mind to pursue the Whole idea of beings in an on another Planet it is dangerous to the mind for The moment because we Have we haven't got any physical basis For it really nothing concrete Christian Should look on us immediately as the Presence of beings who also if the sir Beings with a mind and will have been Saved also by the blood of Jesus isn't Sin just here on earth the people know I Had early said if Jesus said all power Is given me in the heavens and on earth That the devil's confined to the earth Right the devil for the moment is Confined to the earth but that doesn't Mean he would be confined only to the Earth and I'm sure that if we had Colonies on the far side of the Moon or In-laws anyway the far side of the Moon That the devil could be active there Yeah all right father Let me interject here yes as you know There have been recent revelations here And in Europe yet with regard to at Least at the microbial stage the Discovery of life on Mars that's right As their strong possibility that there Was microfolk life at that level of his Life and and and kind of like with where There's smoke there's fire you may

Eventually discover that there is life Elsewhere is a reasonable we met well I'll tell you my personal briefing won't Drop me you can call me crazy a crazy Irishman I firmly believe there is life In other galaxies and then not a doubt Yes if yes but and we must presume that That life may have a technology that one Day may allow them to come and see us Absolutely and by the way a spliff you And I know we all know but we don't do Much more than we do know that we have Exhausted the means of energy we have Fossil fuel and we have got nuclear Energy there's a window finite supply Yeah far as number one is finite and Number two we know that for what we want To do travel galaxies travel we need Another source of energy yes sir and we Will get it we get it So then Christians should not Necessarily cower down Oh Niles ability Oh no no no no no baptizing them in the Name of the Father the Son of a leaf All right west of the Rockies you're on The air with dr. Martin hello good Morning Tim in San Diego hi Jim come on Jim Dr. Martin you impressed me as a as a Wise person well thank you very much It's a compliment really Okay well so that's why I'd like to ask You a question about you know choosing a Religion to put your faith in yes

Someone like me I've I've never really Been able to to do that because there's So many different religions that know That claim to be be one way I know I Don't how would you advise someone like Myself I'll tell you Did you ever kneel down and pray yes I Have Well I'll tell you morning or nice once The day is it's a simple thing and it's Not a trick it's it's just a place that It's a habit that can produce results Kneel down and address God and say look You watch me as your creature to adore You and serve you on earth and give you Glory send me somebody send me the means Of knowing that ask him ask him and he Will send it sure as I'm speaking to you Okay Spencer you must do it as a child You must do it trustful you must do it Knowing that he is your father finally What if you have not done it as this Gentleman is not a child and wants to Know now same process same process but Because like nothing you must be Charak In your trust as you would with somebody Who loved you dearly as asking as a Father another ask him as a father and Say you want me to give you glory you Want mr. Vieau I feel the urge you've Given me this instinct now show me how Because I do not know how okay thank you Very much thank gentle I would say Mike All right our first time caller line

You're on the air with dr. Martin hi Fantastic great show thank you where are You sir I am at Sacramento all right yes Father Yes yes I'm interested in finding out Your opinion on the revelations from Father's dog Bobby yes I'll tell you What I think I wish I'm sorry I've addressed you oh no I was Just also going to ask you uh about Fatima to the other Marian apparitions Well well let me tell you about that Father go be as I call da Bao go be look I'm the Virgin Mary from the Gospels and From what we know of her is a woman of a Little words she's a woman of a lot of Actions yeah per se little wood and There is no there's no way and the face Of God verse that Sheikh lifted all Those words the father goby puts on her Lips in his books and I guess if father Goby was asked I'm sure he would say to You here asked know what I've done is I Have closed her thoughts in human words To make them more intelligible damn it So that not everything is is a petition As about the saying that the very words Of Our Lady you know I do she if you Take a lot jumpers failed at the gotta Go be so him to copy it down you know From from her lips number one number two Is about specimen he's they sound on Fatima and the Fatima prediction is Being worked out at the present moment

To our cost but in the end in the end as She said herself for the children my Save my record heart will triumph now I Understand that on through our blues his Name is father he's um Yeah Fatima I saw him on a program Basically and he was saying that he got A message to go to sister Lucy's um Converse convent and if that the Consecration of Russia to the heart is a Very had been accepted in 1984 and that He expected that the year 2000 would Bring about at least the beginning of an Incredible new period well I'll tell you Here's the point Adesh what Lucy did say and I said more Than once is this that although the Consecration hasn't been done as it as She asked it to be done what the Pope Did in 1984 in Saint Peter's Square will Suffice That's what she said who sees it and That but it is quite clear to you and to Me and anybody looking at it that Russia Has not been converted sure that that Hasn't even started as true enough The disappearance of the USSR and the Error and the rise of Russia as a Separate nation with the other former Nations in there what they call this the The sea is open the Confederation is Demonstrate they'd be the four thousand Churches have been open we opened that Rose by the bouches yes but there is no

Religious revival in Russia oh you're so Correct caller thank you I feel faint no Relationship of it I think you would be Very surprised I was in Russia last year Yes and other than in name I was unable To detect the differences other than a Few surface differences in Russia at all To me it was still just the same thing You betcha can't they adjust more Corruption a more immorality more Brutality and more real low grades Villainy that's a that's a good accurate Description east of the Rockies you're On the air with dr. Martin hello yes dr. Martin sir Yes I want to ask question I want to be At your opinion on Dante's the inferno Yet now you familiar with it I am indeed I have it on readers every day if I like Dude I just okay it's very interesting Book man is a lot of questions Paul me Better I'm sure did he has views of his own and It's beautifully done yeah and where are You calling I'm calling from Memphis Tennessee Memphis or Memphis Tennessee You know yes by the way I want to Mention art Bell you got a great show Going on man I just recently started Listening to it it's the best show on The face of this earth yeah it's pretty Different that's pretty good it really Is nobody has done this they only up They'll stop some yeah all right and

Anything else you want to ask them no I Just want this but the don't they that's Why it is a in lighting and I'll tell You something caller to UM if you if you Do with that duties in the Italian of The English a ringing was okay it Doesn't matter in double dutch it's just As good if you read it and conservation You'll find that you you begin to get Great instruction farmer to understand Me in the library and encouragement to Or enlightenment above all you we can't Understand Human frailty and human goodness and God's justice and that sort of business You know all right it's very beautiful It is it is just very beautiful here This guy you're pretty free to help her Very hard because when he freaks out It's right haha although you'd explain Something like that I guess we've done The bills golly good yeah well it says Toby I think them the this the things All struck me about Dante was his Relationship to bear Beatrice the woman He fell in love with I never really got To know you know and he made her his Guide and the famous picture do you know It of he meeting her on the bridge of Sighs Roy Roy I remember and he did meet Her on the bridge of sighs holding his Heart and he obviously was smitten Dearly with a deep love of her he was a Republican by the way was a very active

Republican in his native country yeah it Was pretty great book book I just Recently checked it out at tip all right Call her I'm gonna interrupt we're Headed towards the top of the hour here One all right here we go back to father Martin a question for you father and Then we'll go back to show is it true as As a fact that the greatest collection Of astrology manuals are at the Vatican And why well it is because the formation Of the Vatican Library was started very Early on before most of the libraries Were begun in Europe and in the world And the popes were avid collectors Collectors of everything number one and Number two when books and astrology on Astrology were published in countries in Europe mainly the local bishops sent Copies of them to to Rome to be vented Ah and they went into a certain section And by the way there is a section if you Forgot about your lap opera is true the Section there which is for pornography And you know that we we theologians were There we used to refer to as hell um it Is there why why what why is it there Well because they were again sent for For censorship preventing and They have a principle don't destroy Books there they don't burn completely Well I assume that one gets when one Gets permission to visit these areas It's not the most visited of them no

It's not it's not actually yeah it's Part of that seven miles of underground Stuff I mentioned that's where that is That's remarkable yeah uh first time Caller line you're on the air with dr. Martin hi Oh father Martin I'm so glad To talk to you this is Debra Lee from Chicago I met you when you write your Book that's Beverly I remember well how Are you Beverly you're gonna have to Speak up good and loud you're kind of Weak here okay yeah I wanted to ask you If they found type as is true in Jerusalem does that have anything do you Think to do with revelation Well it's may or may not it's not very Clear as a sign of Revelation Beverly it Really isn't If they found your fame to the tomb of Titus are you typist typist How it does it's a confirmation that the Man existed because a hundred years ago Many scholars were denying the Caiphas Ever existed and they were denying that He was the one of the high priests now This comes to confirm it and it just Illustrates something Beverly which is Very funny and which is a backward Procedure the older we get and the Further we are removed from the sources Of the Bible the more confirmation we're Getting for instance if only nowadays we Found out a stone on which the name of Pontius Pilate was with there were

Scholars and their books are still in The shelves in the last century and the Beginning of the century Huija neither was ever such a man so I Mean it does it confirms that but it Doesn't give us much more light about Caiaphas they are the only life we have Is really from the gospel well I thought In the gospel of Christ thing and you Shall see me crisis returning in glory Or whatever they yes Well is he well what he said was this When Coty's a Jew I said to listen I I Impose a note on you as a Jew and I'm I'm I'm a priest Tell me do you claim to be the Son of God yes and he said yes I am the son of God and you will see the Son of Man meeting himself yes returning When the clouds of heaven That's Rephaim – he was telling Caiphas Look you know from the Bible from your Bible from the Book of Daniel You know well the Son of Man comes in Judgment on the nation's I'm telling you I'm that man yes gentlemen yes for the Chi fest listened or not is something Else only god can judge is that you also Father there should be a sign in the sky Oh man I would say so she said is it True there would be a sign in the sky And you certainly alluded to that would Keep your eyes on Scott of course there Will be a sign of the sky all right a

Wild-card line you're on the air with Dr. Martin hello hey how's it going are You doing well tell me from KBG country In las got it Yes sir hey this is a great show hi dr. Malik hi how are you what's on your mind Oh well uh well I go to Goodwill Here I go damn it I wrote you and art Pieces um I well I've been watching I've Been watched by people full of wallet And you know they try to plug me as Paranoid schizophrenic yes and that's Just reset that's all recent but I've Seen you know I've been there done that As far as seeing unidentified UFOs and Writings of unnatural origins yes and It's hard for me to follow up on and Participate as much as interesting as You are dr. melody I guess as much as I'd like to with these with some of the Things that you do say but let me either Of this by make these I've been washed Out during UFO events by military jet of Planes I assume that are also an area And I can't for the life of me uh Describe stuff like this to people Without them thinking I'm a paranoid Schizophrenic and you know I just kind Of wanted you to comment on that then I Got a question for art all right well I'll change the only comment I've got to Make This look put your trust in God and it Doesn't really matter what men say

Provided you don't break the law then They have to intervene I'm sure you do Not break the law but I we all find a Life that has certain moment you have to Be independent of adversary comments on Your life otherwise you wouldn't do a Thing you'd be afraid not used to the Rockies you're on the air with dr. Martin hi all right father Malachi Martin yes sir this is Ed from Madison Wisconsin call ahead I'm glad to hear Your voice what's on your mind The Bible says that Jesus fasted for 40 Days and 40 nights and Moses also before Him that's right And many states have done telling the Christian tradition and by myself in the Last year for 20 days I fasted twice I Would highly recommend it to anyone and So I have two questions for you one what Is your opinion of spiritual practice of Fasting and two why has the church shied Away from recommending fasting alright Well number one Christ himself Recommended fasting very much both by His example as usual as she just went Four days before he started his work and Also when he spoke about dealing with The devil and dealing with evil prayer And fasting he recommended and we've all Found we have all found with the Pastor's passing the very salutary thing It does sharpen to it and it does make You more attentive to spiritual things

Why the Church of shied away from it Well here I have to appear to be an old Curmudgeon and to have the grumbling and Grotty the reason is this that a lot of Clerics a lot of credits a lot of Bishops a lot of carbons have lost the Spirit of Christianity and they Themselves like Bush square meal four Times a day and they think everybody Else should have it if they can afford It so it's a lack of faith believe you Me because fasting is a part of Salvation does it not induce itself in All kind of an altered state yes it does It does if you exaggerate but it's a Very good thing I mean even people are Training for football and swimming it They're they fast and their own way No yes indeed once to the Rockies you're On the air with dr. Martin hi come on After mine goodbye sir Oh hello yes I'm calling about I have a Dilemma here because uh I've had problem With the priests in the past there was Sexual molestation oh boy were you Malicious yes oh but our diskless asked I'm a handicapped person I just happened After I was 21 I'm calling for Albuquerque New Mexico And um they just recently have a saying That for people to call in needed help And a friend of mine he he's a Pathological liar and and I don't know He steals and then he's dis really

Confusing and when I told him but about My problem we live together and then he Kicked me out and he went to that the Church and his dog his lover is a lawyer And they went in food and won and he Told me he goes well I already know like I'm going to go to hell so it don't Matter anyway and when I try to convince Their sister case but he's looking over The case about my situation she said Well because you're over 21 when it Happened there's nothing we could do Okay my friend She's not correct you can by the way try And contact father John Fitzgerald at The Queen of Heaven church on termo Javan ooh John Fitzgerald father John Fitz Joe Fitz we call him he's a very Good priest he's at the Queen of Heaven Church on claremont avenue and he will Help you tell him that you spoke to Malachy margin okay well what do I do About my friend that is I can't believe He did this and when I called the to Give you information about what he had Done they said well the case has been Settled and closed well has it been Settled enclosure well I presume so Because he's got a lot of money he's Taken a lot of trips and bought a car Well I wouldn't have that a tiny but I Think father fix will give you a very Good direction in the matter he's a very Good just holy priest he really is

Snoring okay name again is why John Fitzgerald at on green care of Heaven Church yeah alright so there you Go yes Graham on avenue east of the Rockies you're on the air with father Mark hi I are I'm calling from new arms Yes sir I'm not receiving you on the Radio right now having a father I don't Like to ask you a question um sure if I Proceed plausible I mean you know if I If I if I receive plausible intelligent Thoughts should I perceive that as Divine intervention if you if you Receive plausible rough intelligent but You know but but th Oh ugh your thoughts All right yeah right if you do it shut Up pursue God it's divine intervention Yes on one or two conditions first of All but then the taught don't recommend You to do something sinful number one And number two that they don't bring Disturbance your soul they bring you Peace right if they do that after if They fulfills those two conditions then You can go ahead one more thing if I'm Not baptized does that mean my soul is Doomed no it does not but it means You've got a job was to do because the Baptism is necessary for salvation if You and you know about it and you can't Say I didn't know about it so you should Go to a good priest and ask his advice Thank you very much all right thank you A first-time caller line you're on the

Air with dr. Martin hi hey Turn your radio off please okay all Right where are you calling from Riverside California all right you're on Here yeah I just love the doctor if are You familiar with the first Timothy four Four three what is best about the that You was talking about now the church Will allow the priests to get marry well At the present all but the church just Allow priests get married but there is a Proposal that they should be allowed Which is not yet the law oh but you Familiar with first Timothy 4:3 which With I don't get familiar with what are You familiar with with First Timothy four most limited yes yes Yeah okay What about it what is this that they for Building the the species could get Married yes that doesn't fail all right But the we're not talking about marriage Prohibitions we're talking about Marriage for priests when we speak about Priestly marriage ah west of the Rockies You're on the air with dr. Morgan hi oh Good I'm glad I got through how you doin All right fine sir where are you um the Show from Santa Monica yes okay okay you Spoke of Satan and Lucifer on the show Last time the end two different beings But yes wondering which one is the devil And what's the difference actually the Difference is this by the way if you're

Sitting in a room with your family how Many people in your family five but yes There are five okay they're five people In your family and if you're all sitting In a room I said you how many people are In this room each say one two three four Five six you can't the bodies and that's What right now with angels and spirits They haven't got a body so how do you Count them by their being their function They do it now the angels were created To function in this on this earth for Man's benefit one third of them Apparently revolted against that and Said oh we will not serve and they will Condemn to hell they became demons their Leader was a being whose name was always Called Lucifer the Light Bearer right Son of the dawn his edicom his sidekick Was a demon whose name is traditionally Being called Satan and station is really A Hebrew or some minister meaning ever See Saturn Saturn is an adversary in Modern Hebrew I just want saying don't Cut me off I have one more thing to say All right by the way keep going sorry Okay so so Lucifer is is the chief angel And his sign is the scorpion uh-huh the Sign of Satan is the surface okay that's The distinction but we know eggs as in Exorcisms there are two very Distinct beings very distinctly in fact Every demon is distinct Marie / demon But it's by their functions you're so

Lucifer sent his his sidekick to bring The Apple to Eve he yet you did is Arrested all that first time caller line You're on the air with dr. Martin hi Hello good day are today dr. mark my Name is Joe where are you John I'm in San Fernando Valley outside those engine Director dr. dr. Martin gist and with That lovely name Malachi is pronounced In the Gaelic You obviously have heard of the Prophecies of Saint Malachy offshore are To the purposes of Saint Malachy a Little might not like Nostradamus but Not quite a chart that they're always Sufficiently clear to interest you but Sufficiently vague to follow you yes and They're only on the Pope's and that's Right yes well I understand that there's According to the reading of them there's Only room for two more Pope's That but the profit is don't exclude the Fact that there might be poked in Between that's the that's again the Hazardous a character of predictions Like this uh-huh doesn't mean there Couldn't be two more Pope's three more Books in between the last two popes will Be called Gloria Levi and Petrus Romanus Aha we don't know in between Unfortunately that's the terrible thing About Oracle's and predictions that they Tell you a lot but they leave your Puzzles now can I get a bad copy of

Those anymore doctor oh yes if if I had An address I send you a copy there that They've been published in or my pamphlet Form okay both of you I'm sorry I've got An interrupting about that one we'll Pick it up after the break back now to Dr. Martin and doctor are you there sure Uh let me ask you a little bit about Your constitution for 76 years old I'd Like to know how you do it and it's not Football I like to it that's a lot and While I was in New Orleans that wasn't Very important but it makes some Acadia Otherwise you could fate ID and boarding Paycheck fall asleep oh well from food Or yeah but are you sure that you're not Sent a little secret potion from the Vatican legit ah ah oh I wish there were Such a secret potion on to make my bones My creaking bones watch Creaky as they are no I think a cheer Interest and I have a good Constitution I've only had really one bad it was open Heart surgery when the old heart started Giving trouble and saying hey I need Some help and then otherwise though life Has been uneventful but I still have my Hair my teeth that's our business you Know no big secret then No nobody no no big secret all no big Secret at all really I wish I could find Something as they older they sit with Them no I have nothing art I can Communicate a joy – good luck with my

Help and God willing ah Well you certainly have that first-time Caller lined you're on the air with dr. Martin good morning this is me Joan Again yes it is aha well I've one up on The doctor I may be 100 you are oh good But I'm always glad to greet somebody Like that because they can tell me Something about it Well I come back to the subject we were Talking about that first of all Regarding the book I have the address You gave the last time and I'll send a Stamped addressed envelope on ours which Give me the information which is with us I will get it to you I promise you but Second there you've completely blown my Theory about about the last two popes my Court I came confusion off some time ago It was considered that of the basic ones At the end of the world I know they Thought that but when they toured was Going to the end of Catholic Church That's right but my theory is completely Different and in viewing the various Sort and I think infuse your recent book My very words that perhaps the papacy Would change back to waters was Bishop Of Rome and first among equals well I'll Tell you it's because we're doing now The impossible Joan you realize but my Feeling is roughly the same except that I add in what our lady said that Caliban Darwin which I believe by the way in

That vision that appeals she made in Spain in cherub and all the targa Remember which is the part of the new Sometime there in Spain Um which said that the present Holy Father a present Pope is the last Pope Of these Catholic times not the last Pope of all to know now that the Implication is that these Catholic We're coming to an end and Catholic Times meant a period of time Ruff this is the year 400 AD 325 to be Exact or 400 AD when Catholicism grew to Be very important and integral to Western civilization in fact it created A Western civilization that period is Coming to an end because this Civilization is no longer Christian and Is the church itself is being Marginalized and sent into a new form of The catacombs now the the Pope was Always first among equals but I always Had that this extra thing called patron Privilege and that I think is going to Stay yeah But a modified form of papal power is Going to come to because of the fact That the political power the socio Political power of the papacy is going To be diminished even further actually Don't you and I know today is a Liability to be a castle absolutely so Of course that would be a help but with Joining at having friends with the

Orthodox we record I wonder inference it Would of course all go that's a long way Away to judge by the Orthodox they don't Want to have they want here or Television of you of of the patriarch of Constantinople and Alexei if Moscow Couldn't be more contemptuous oh I bet That the present Pope is always it's Almost grumbling with them in the good Sense the word but they they walk behind They said oh no you got to change Everything we don't hear about the Picture oh it's a quiet distance away Unless unless keeping our eyes in the Skies we see the Simon and there's the Queen of Heaven come it's you know at That stage at the intercept 81 and my Age of 76 We should really care about a job Because I think that is it if you have The off draw time down we'd be playing Harps looking down I hope your lady Thank you we've got to leave you thank You bye-bye and thank you dr. compasses Take care um before I forget it before It gets away from me you've got a lot of Books out latest being windswept house I Tried a Doubleday book people can get That Any normal bookstore any normal Bookstore and if they want to order they Can order it at one eight hundred three Two three nine eight seven – wait a Minute

107 – what one 800 three two three nine Eight seven – nine eight seven – now Everybody's going to be driving me crazy To have a way to contact you well I can Let them write to the following address – all right – one 7 e 66th Street New York New York one zero zero two one All right say it again slower one two One seven you East 66th Street New York New York 1 0 0 to 1 0 to 1 will get me If I can get it they can get it so I Gotta all right a wild-card line you're On the air with dr. Martin OSH hi dr. Martin cliff my question is do you do You feel that the Ark of the Covenant is Something contains somewhere of 7 miles Beneath the Vatican or has it I'll tell You it the Ark of the Covenant did Disappear when Jerusalem was captured by The Romans in 132 AD now and it appears There's an archer that the Romans had a Habit when they had a big victory they Create they built an archway you know And the arch of Titus is enrolled and on The arch of Titus there is a picture a Drawing of the Ark of the Covenant so Far so good There is now a story a legend an idea And the page somebody Whitman novel About that actually the ark survived Into Christian times and is now finally In the position of the Vatican down in Secret archives now I've never been Through all the archives but I know the

Vatican very well and if there is such a Thing as the Ark of the Covenant there I Would know about it I really would because I'm I was one of The privileged scholars of Judaism in The Vatican itself yes how I saw it is Not there I don't think it is of the Ark Of the Covenant was made of wood anyway And of course I could always last that Amount of time and it may well be there There is another legend or not legend But a tradition which says that it was Tied up and bound carefully and then Buried beneath the Tiber itself we don't Know I'll tell you one thing if God Wants us to find the Ark of the Covenant We will find it yes just an me yes sir But it did it probably did go to Rome With it on the arch of Titus the picture There as amongst the spoils of war do You understand yes sir I'll ask you one more question yes is This is this a false report that the Vatican is surrounded by Masonic lodges And the Vatican officials are actually Controlled by the Masons we know all About them that is false that is really False is it it is no such thing there Are Masons members of the lodge are Members of the Vatican there's no doubt About that Just with several of Bishops from the United States are freemasons ah doctor Let me ask you about something and that

Is Egypt and any pyramids and the Sphinx If many people feel we are on the verge Of discovery with regard to chambers Below the Sphinx if I'm told if I'm told If this I don't know much about it Because I remember climbing two things And time in the theorem is entering the Pyramid but I I know nothing about the Present excavations there what is your Sense of those monuments they are Marvelous monuments to the religious Instinct of map the entire civilization Of ceramic Egypt which is a marvelous Civilization and started way back 3,000 Years before Christ by the way Contemporaneously with the with the Chinese civilization in 3000 4000 BC but That could attain could be built on the Idea of death everything sent around Dying and immortality is in the in the Flowers were pharaonic religion and it Is amazing achievement on the book of The dead or the ephemeral or famous book Is full of the survey sublime truth and They had a beautiful civilization it Also has it hadn't warts as we say you Know it has its fault so they knew some Things before they knew Today exactly they didn't let there's a Mobbed you know do we have love stories And love letters from erotic officials That are touch your heart today there is No written before Abraham well I mean Fantastic Beauty fantastic Beauty east

Of the Rockies you're on here with dr. Martin Ari yes hello um no ma'am My name is you Tina from st. Louis Missouri yes those are lovely Greek Language Enya oh thank you um well on Irish and might affect my father took Our family on a two-week trip to Ireland And he died at the airport oh no yes but It was a big 12 hour delay and he died After the 12 hours right there at the Airport in a Berlin Airport yeah and a Priest was right there to UM given the Blessing and everything so well ma'am That's where God from the time that he Was conceived that's what God destined Him to die No I believe it um I wanted to ask you I Also believe in Garib and all yes and Other words the warning and the miracle Yes they when I study and study about it But I cannot quite figure out what it Really is going to be well nobody can But it's this it is it's not a warning Really no it's there's no English word For us but it's it's putting on no yo Instead I'll put you on notice that you Went to be have to be paid by Monday or Something well to push it to somebody on Notice that's what it means by the Warning it's a Vesta me enter in Spanish And Italian to avert to alert to put on Notice off and it's a putting on those God exists and the promise is that when That sign appears now it would be

Visible to every human being existing at That moment on this globe and that Everybody will know their relationship To God it doesn't mean they're going to Believe in it Yeah it doesn't mean that they're going To be justified that they will go to Heaven if they die no it just means they Will know exactly where they stand in Their conscience so in other words not To worry you'll know it when you see it That's right a miracle I would like to Ask Madeley something else that's going to Be a permanent sign okay it wouldn't be The rapture was it no no no no no Laughter something totally different And Fatima Lucia's have even said that Communism will eventually take over the Whole world it will be all over the Whole world Well she didn't say that that's what she Said was the errors of Marxism oh the Errors and she talked about an Annihilation of Nations well Unfortunately but truly that is also Predicted in this particular Fatima our Father are we in this country making Those errors no no no no no we're not But they were indulging in some of them The main error was sheer material is the Denial of the supernatural denial of Heaven denial of thin night of evil and They're just living for this for this

World that was the main error They also was the social error of Marxism and we're not committing that Yes anyway all right good west of the Rockies you're on the air with dr. Martin hi hi dr. Bart yes I believe You've mentioned before the break that You did believe that ears would be hit By a comet or something like that hey Again I know that the years would not be Hit by a comet you would say yes I go I Don't believe it God is going to destroy The comet like that okay well my Question is in Revelations it states That the the earth would be impacted by A star and that it mount would fall into The city I was wondering what your Belief on those might be and what that Could happen it wouldn't necessarily Destroy they they destroy the the earth As we know it I think that several Predictions which I trust but who am i Selling should I trust speak about a Part of the continent being washed away By the sea by a tsunami uh-huh and I Don't like to think about that because Of the people that were tough on the Loss of lives and the children and the Animals destruction and the pain but It's within the rome intuitive the well Within the well our wildcard line you're On the air Dr. Martin hi yes hello dr. Martin Bedell aramis from Los Angeles yes sir

Yes could you speak specifically about The role that the Vatican is going to Play in the emerging new world order That's a very extreme question is it Take a longer time than we have at our Disposal but the essentials can be said Very briefly the new world order finally Essentially and as it is now is that Will be increasingly is a new Arrangement of global finances and it's A new control and direction of the flow Of capital and the flow of capital goods Have you notice princess that Russia and China have both been invited by the President of the United States a President Clinton to join the the World Trade Organization and both Russia and China have recently become members of The Bureau of International Settlements Switched in Basel and we just membership Members are always just the heads of the Central banks in every big industrial Country and in other words the world That is the church in Europe based in Europe and a spreader of the world is Going to be involved in an economic and A financial and a monetary fiscal system Where it has very little Liberty and Therefore the ancient liberty of the Roman Church to finance itself traveied Own bank and to have its own funds is Going to be severely restrict just Number one number two there are laws now For instance in the European Union which

Is going to unite every nation from Galway bay to Vladivostok in one union Monetary union as well as political Union finally they have laws are Strictly anti-catholic such as every Constituent member of that Union must Have laws permitting abortion and Financing it I see and they also want Laws permitting homosexual marriages so From your assessment is the New World Order a good or a bad thing I'll tell you it's obviously a stage in The development of human civilization That we can't avoid we can't stop Tourism in it's coming whether we like It or not if it's money that aspect of It is very nearly in place already they Did that my point Always art is to say that don't speak About the coming new world order it is Here it is here if it were as if its Finances it's here now and the political Changes will follow on they will and the Pressure now is not from below you see Up to this in our century and previous To the pressure was from below from Nations rising up in revolutions and in In popular uprisings the pressure now is From on top from those who guide to Finances and say look in order to manage This financial system which is now Globalist and managers every country's Finances in order to do that we have to Have certain moves nation state a nation

States of the idea of Nationalist Government and local Parliament that's All got to be diminished we're going to Have regional authorities in an Ultimately global obviously art where I Mean but at the jar of this gentlemen It's not a it's weather is good about it Here you know I think it's probably good And bad like most having you like Therefore the human art it has its Negative side another place that I was Blessed to visit was come in as China Ah they're going through economic Changes now that are astounding India is Even a little frightening I and Inevitably whether they like it or not The political changes will follow Sardonic cost you might mark that down As good but then of course we can see Many negative aspects that anyway that's Right but you see that's that's if the Human situation and stop parody vehicle I exactly yes father we are at the end Of yet another program it was just it Just went vomit it went like a flash of Lightning it really did and I want to Thank you so much for having me off well Giving me that privilege it is a Privilege I want to be sure to be able To have you back on again or you can or If you can establish it and it will be done I Shall do it my friends and I want to Take two and III keep you in my prayers

And a good benign sense of the word Sometime pray to you as a sinner I'm Praying for you as a brother and as a Fellow traveler on this and this you Know Christians or a used to speak about Being in via being on the road and those Who are dead are in terminal in the Truck I've reached the end but we are in VI you and I as long as we're associated You have my blessing and my prayers on My goodwill doctor thank you god bless