Drunk ALIENS talk CERN, Teleportation, & Mars Colonization in Majorca

By | June 16, 2017
Drunk ALIENS talk CERN, Teleportation, & Mars Colonization in Majorca

And all very very go over your growl do Its reply round them move back I tear The camera again so I think we’ll turn Around or about it we don’t give out There is a hypothetical question Recently it’s not close this is what the Super-rich prevalence super-rich well Yeah if it became a still around in America okay you do it honorable if you Really provocative bringing down maybe The here so the fact that and so that Richard Branson you know the version in The water but when Professor and that Means everything said away since they Were the test they always play either Like a rocket now I have lined into the Protection it was a poorly expect and That’s about a lot same look when that Guy crushed in it my projects needs to Be close well the sort of duty on the Placement to become the complete exam in To take everyone to the results Something that the means one is so great The people there grandpa profound You told prior So what you see in talk about something And it critically work so when we look Compression them except which are in Fact I think it’s just a little bit a Little detective and you don’t miss pay For his cameras that come as all here And they haven’t caught women know his Ability to go away from Daddy announced It would only they were early spelled

What was the early spell – I’m watching The American she were talking about as a Parent you’re honest What word would love to get loose Estelle because the new what has been Going traffic moves deltaCare even in The intelligence report which makes These metahumans and you say perfection Know that the program is fiction which Was based on consistent playful called Well as changing a lot of resources to Finally clean up everything the now the Problem so excited which is fun to Public administers and you which way and One the quote of iPhone you know Alex or Emanuel I do what Fred sees this Japanese Japanese cook has produced You learn many cameras racially the Fabric having me extinction is like Chameleons yes they start on special you Can take the drink later cake after Birds were full of it I knew a ram are You believable is it in a piece Available what I am not so nervous to Think maybe I will delegate the army Because then the cheese machine washable Yet walk on the streets open human being So that is not evil We’re not in the sirens in the Communications because look with it you Could see just a TV you’re being you Expect Now there’s no about mining you know Basically what we know is to work

Because you know you’re entertaining the Walk back they’ll open the thing that Moves you from A to B hello sorry What you’re talking Thank you did it right They’ve each defragmentation about your Horrible particles from one place to Another Anyway resident who decide they pay Cancer so close to actual sense that you Know clean it means to Devon the Thummim And work I was going to talk again but I’m sure it was a elephant on my lips it Will turn into difficulty station and Dokyun infest this is a destination and You can hear the thing is done I kind of Thought about me but you know when you Get telephone yeah so theoretically you Can be teleported very possible if we Break down if you believe that they said That the teleport won’t either form a Place one of an exactly the thing is That’s one pile no actually say no Person low that’s one home alone at the Time you get cells you will be rebuilt Yeah so would you guide no reassemble Tantrums Well they make you would be before them Big career in sport and reassemble them So yeah but work but if them okay okay Okay all in all planned There’s a mathematician my question is To scientists company Yes prove the result how we do have a

Soul I so if you telephone let me know You do on the soul would the solver with Your words you know you are you know so Many really only tell you Cassandra soul And I spoke to a doctor at work I was Doing about a work related to a doctor At work about you know where the Knowledge of Michael Jackson out goes on The milky Carly natural pain and raised On bubbles It’s before operations but it’s always a Muscle relaxant glorified when patients Go in a sedation if you’re crying in Also have a specific thing when you go In when you weigh called despite what’s Happened you cloud crying and upset About what you were crying about did it So they in terms of your but it turns Off you open what the doctor was saying When I supposed to do It doesn’t just Sedalia enough loud it Turns off the thing that they call give The size I had a little bit a Conversation with a bounce like what we Do anyway Yeah there’s big the big theory and Again to subscribe when a game a big Talk about it in terms of big studies Belonging about what actress which is up But when any of my face click a little Trouble Ineligible to move out in the order that From real serums advanced algorithmic Ingenuity when God struggle for that I

Got on defense and then Jennifer you are Before I be staying through the ladies Anthony lights which are said to Kinetics in the episodes only but is a Marvel but I believe like wouldn’t know Specifically we having like three Children and it is only because that I Have been betrayed dislike okay when I Finished my operation I think whatís That intimately the pain that they were The afterwards another appointment and Come here crazy I did have an amenable to Sylvia those Little tactical sighs no Larson never Typical when this is gone an American ok Leave Okanagan under from the will move Away from us waiting area my leg repair In real insanity she can’t remember Because we mainly willful was England Had to call an experiment oscilloscope The colony hopefully and and our staged Apprentices but mine is like hell today Will focus our together yes you can Reprogram utilized or power cause me Right You’ve even as majority life and change To associate with the student They’ve said that is it’s big America Mirrors the language between make bad or The libel blankets and alleges that it’s Concentration tarragon something Together I think things you want in case That look makes real guarantee it will Be around could say this this rate you

Use them right you know you look at this When 2020 this rate of being emerged From until I found into that’s our Family will you know it was not creation This deal to speed without clouds Debilitating to the nice will be Destroyed understand yourself prepare For this show of level and that’s what Movie producer look like if you destroy This place but this place really is Going in you can awaken Shows in America Beijing is a wrong Thing about our kind of questions so a Lone voice cases that we need come away From a really nice event is special She’s probably here But they’re going to apology – the Burger joint technically does Terraforming yes I’m very intense form Come up again okay why not search for Them is performed the taper over year You in the process of terraforming Something is quite a violent thing Alright thanks a wall on target let’s Let’s go back to specifically mas para Genesis Yeah the Genesis project where they took All a turtle They rejected a coming from the north Who are essentially vegetable tech by Individual to its Genesis project There’s a weather takes up spot romantic Weather they making material yet not

Fiction boy if you don’t since Vincent Things controlled oh yeah and Crystallize hotel and fall and if you Union tonight or tables you call unified If I am Alan I’m not no I suppose every Year maybe what we are swimming in a Certain things is approximately or the Constitution but you can talk about your Biography You will disappear instead people in Agreement national in a small way Eventually we will get back so Hadron Collider internet concern yeah Kimberly Smith quake out there into the Admissions to move Victor because the Native a lease of fact because one Hundred communications what you do every Kill I’m the only quality words without work Confrontation intimate can convince it Impossible understand the complete Integration time to help develop mobile Web be like Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Page and convince mrs. is platform use Dr. little group play new service Jean Often the play with fire like [ __ ] Final Thiele critical Well I went to school to use together Will into the next developed by Averaging limited I feel like a lot my Visual you know what kita for the job Because till GG braids potato good she Lives the mug very visible symbol create Ice pick up artist educator we filter

Them we will disappear because one Nation claimed the entities do not are You mean someone reuse whining – here we Are there to definitely can because it Will Robeson then develop this a nice Work as far as much concern with the Started a commercial mentioned makes There and that’s all that’s why we are Did you ever think animal you ever use They used everything May I at the Banco nuclear explosions Itself Yeah another sound is the anything went Couldn’t say when you tell me you don’t Want to listen to me about accelerant if You’ve got the deterrence is I encourage You go but if I using Google uses to a Wipe each other out so you know I have Cried I know you okay I know you’re not Gonna music could you my incorrect Nakamura yeah it’s a dependency the Thing that reason to play import things On you might use it because you do People sign up to that and it’ll send up To the standoff theory each transit Second post multi-port the road when the Same hope will happen but my careful you Could eat eternity the credit destroy People who will say it can a bunker may Write our ads things guys well with this New your favorite bottle you know that We came into port disappearing to look At hot electrons collinear you’ve got to Want in the Bible contain comic when the

Consequence about possibly organ ask for My cafe no no what what was it Wheeler whiskey’s Hardy or even of you Has been reach our little foul I’m Training now they’re about a bill though The bill green Grace’s ideas been plan Ago I’m still polishing my eyes we’re Going to do a little alcohol I mean I’ll Do whatever you guys want the motor and Respectability So then it usually gets more passionate I’ll say I’m not panic car as well My arm is gone but it I was trying to a Big majority not my thing is it a Anka And the capsule again change to English Trifle parasites to deny generally okay Auto really likely to quit of a drug did You know though when you were about Concern nuclear weapon do you know that Word on is they said a lot of people Said and I’m saying what people see Stuff on the internet actually prefer Boys these generally Client respect to people and documented It same a lot of these with holes turned Off when would they feel it when is do Some switching these articles are Releasing a finishing we should still Just so effectively with our three Nominees combined radio chuckling live Event ready inspect predation is no no There’s no slower love no and I’m not Saying the not mother looks Facebook Hopefully there’s radiation anyways

Anyway And almost no Kalama anyway if you talk To Vince thanks man yeah I think that Amazes me rather together roughly to go Through is basically for the record not Much space to clear out of the navigate Control logic unit you know a little bit Said what the spin around all these it’s Looking open about all the stuff all of Us outside out there and this face Younger virtually clothing around us Yeah it’s still sauce where where the Space state is actually position in the Way they calculate it is but if starts Going to call mania up come in Italy its Popular again I’m not good when they Then I know a team in a road a YAML Smash into our crab arrived in college At solutions Pro works right okay When you when you put a satellite or Something to orbit around its potential I’m just balling contains a Fiat Opportunity to you neutrals we all are The only be a clue to what I’m us to London rule the long term bellies you’ve Got your job you know Excellently after by the ladder shall Take – um laughs is no difference grant The purpose items on business Cayley clubs Kings okay well II suppose We’ll try to take one of them to get Light at the bird seems to engine off he Catches fire switch looking to do soft Balconies at only these two a group

Emily must abide this is did you see That comment [Laughter] [Applause]