ALIEN ADDICT Goes to the Moon

By | May 3, 2017
ALIEN ADDICT Goes to the Moon

Very go over it Good evening folks and welcome to alien Of its you might think why is he wearing A vest well I’ve made a spacecraft and I’ve called it only rock so if you watch On your watch channel if you don’t get Yourself over there leave the link below And but if you do watch in Yurok you’ll Know he always wears a vest so this is You I reckon if only wrong you Jase if You flew a rocket you’d fly in a vest so And it’d be a one-man rocket because You’d do it yourself Yeah so I made this for him I showed him It last night I think he’s going to get This game and now I don’t normally do Game don’t do gaming videos at all and This is not just like oh let’s get some Gamers over here if you’re a gamer come Over our game I like stuff like this and I want to show this video that what I’m Going to try and do tonight and that’s Why it’s actually daytime for once and Put the down awesome rights at work Little ones at the nursery jobs are good So I’m going to do is I’m going to take This off at planet kerbin because these Kerbal space program which is basically Same physics as Earth and I’m going to Land it on the moon which is the moon And hopefully I can get it back again And I have done a another run of this And I’ll actually got it to the moon and A main use of that footage

If this goes terribly wrong just to show You that I did do it the fingers crossed I could do it in one sitting and so Without further ado let’s get on with This bad boy and I’ll launch it Something’s going to go wrong So I keep modding this someone just come In the room oh is it cat hello mate feel Me are you going to show the viewers Your ginger this fellow okay do you want To hear it listen Start the engines everything but you do No no no you can’t be on here mate you Can’t be here I’m real casseon space dogs maybe so Let’s go so I’m going to load the fuel Into the solid state liquid fuel then Solid solid and I leave in the Description what they are I’ve got 18 is The bad boys and 12 liquid-fuel engines As well but if you’d mix the two Together no idea anyway Let’s say mission I’m gonna walk on the Assist because it’s quite a big rocket Made up I’ve made small Rocky’s my farm One Let’s just go big when you looking at Here we go three two one ignition Okay There we go We’re going up it’s a good sign so yeah This is the planet that it’s taken off

From which is a representation I think If you’ve got the PC version I think you Could do a mark of an idea to modern Luck I won’t even know I’m a PC but I think You can mod this as you can get really Like fantastic birth and you can get all That like excellent effects and where They call stop in the description or the Color in the problem you know when they Redo a game of it you can do that with ASIS anyway Clanker to livestream this Maybe I’ll do it with only rock put a Live stream this be really funny just Build rockets and take them up hope for The best So when I get to 10,000 C I’m going to Start till off to the side so for all The Flat Earth theory sampler wire Rocket veers off doesn’t go into the sea Well I know it does anyway it reads off Because it needs to go round the earth Slingshot needs to get that momentum if It went straight up it has to be one Hell of a powerful rocket to do that it Wastes a lot fuel so that’s why they do It My wife’s actually winning little bit I Just re backing to Andrea Hello I’m actually recording the video Right now as we speak what do you need You settle oh okay well did you say Hello to everybody she says hello

Everybody I see you later though my Disrespectful absolutely respectful Anyway let’s go Unreal Here we go here we go here we go Hopefully stings I’m going to force Pieces On the game also a 90 degree angle now This tests my mask and I’ve got an okay Mark to get a bit Dale what a lot that Didn’t sound very good and hit just hit Another rocket now that’s a bad boy That’s the fuel tank of that one because This was about to go these are all Deflated to get that night degree angle Oh this Come on like elite we’re going we’re Going as they say we’re cooking with gas Rocket fuel gas let’s get rid of them Okay about the first time I’ve got rid Of them and they haven’t collided quite Pleased with that really pleased with up And slowly fit waste as much fuel slow It down right we’ll see where we are That’s really good I’m going to turn the Engine off I’ve watched some people play This game but I kind of just get it as I Go along All right so what idea want to get to That little node thing there and as it

When I get to that I’m going to get it So the only rocket is literally like That to the earth so it’s going to like That to the earth and then I’m going to Hit the engines hit the rocket so Slingshot it round so the minute my I’m Predicted to land in the sea ain’t going Anywhere and I want to I want to be here At the moon you can go to other places I Mean lovers these are these different See these little question marks yeah Those are those are stuff have them has Failed it’s just got lost in space it Saves all the stuff that you’ve done Which is quite cool actually nothing Might not be but I think this is it must Be an update or no objects you never Know what could they be right so I’m not Going to let you wait because you could You could fly something to the moon Leave it going in real time get home From work and it’s still will be there I Think it takes six days if you leave it Depend on what Rockets you’ve used I’m Going to speed it up a little bit to get This up there Right here we go can I hit save save Game quick save okay we’ll save that so Just in case I need to come back to this For put off now he’s off come back to it Here we go nice enough chum Turing on Right here we go it’s um oh I need to Quickly maneuver this very quickly I’ve Overshot that I have overshot it

There we go we got we got we got we are Good They probably ought to see the rocket But there we have it that’s market gun Right we we’re in a real perfect orbit Now that so this is going pretty well And I just need to know I’ve turned the Engines off I’ve got absolutely I’ve got nothing in it anyway so we’ll Let this see you later mate we’ll let That go kind of feel sad for it I’ll Just be constantly going round and round And round but that’s a good thing in This game you can actually try and build Your own ISS I have a mate Franco he’s Done that that he’s built little Satellites not on ISS space bill Satellite but if you type in Kerbal Space program ISS you’ll you’ll see that People have actually done right space Stations and people for London built Bases on Mars it’s crazy right here we Go going to the moon So there is and I’m going to get to that Node there and I’m gonna burn this Rocket a bit come on still this any few You know if the majority of you say Alien on it we don’t want you doing we Don’t want you playing games Go back to debunk it ya know even if not What you want me to do that I’ll do that I just planted doing this no matter is It’s a nice change and you know

Debunking it can be a little bit Depressing at times because especially a Lot of people dislike it when you do it So hit there we go See that going that’s going yeah so I Want to debug of I will I’m still going To debunk still a lot for UFOs I just Want to do this cuz the fight is kind of A scientific game it’s all about the Type of stuff that we’re onto some of You might have never seen it for nothing Looks like a damn fine game that get my Hands on that bad boy We go let’s do some that would in with It we need to get any slow this down See what I’m doing I want to get into The actual area where the mole is I love there now what I need to do now Is get up there I could do it two ways I Could extend the the app app set up Access whether it’s called a pax I don’t Know I can extend that to a full circle Catch the moon up but I might take a Long long time UNITA line which filled This little guys took on its journey the Little guy by the way is this guy here This little kerbin as you can see is in Is in the dark at the moment because I Didn’t see any light and you can Actually do that being said why so I Have to say no ladder now cuz I didn’t Do that before when I landed on the moon Tried to get him out and realize you’ve

Had a jump time you wanna go back in I should have job right it made a funny Video alright let’s go So no one is there I’m sure enough to do it a little bit Bad in this or maybe not maybe you know Maybe they might hope Oh-ho-ho I don’t need so so what’s Happened there you see how that just Scared off there that knows when I go Wrong once more I’m going to meet with The moon so I’m not going to do a burn Here at all this is beautiful stuff I’m Gonna let it go round again I’ll be 12 Days 12 days it looks not bad some of The Martian stuff’s Marcia stuff the Mill toad bringing food so you see that Us way is gonna there’s the moon will Actually be I see it now to go back to The year canals Gorgeous there we go there is the bad Boy don’t know London the dark side Because I’ve got no lights whatsoever Oh I’ve heard there’s some interesting Things on the Dark Side of the Moon Speed up a bit okay here we go all right Just slow it right down there we go oh That could work That could actually work Maybe a bit closer I remember which way To shake it

See how close we are there we go Slow time down so it’s not my speed or Speed next time nothing you can Physically see it moving but that was The time spring on this alright we’re Going to make some maneuvers here I’ll Let you see the craft oh it made Manoeuvres and we’ll try it so spot-on With Right okay let’s put a tiny bit power on The engine Nope I’m gonna wrap it round I’m going To face the opposite direction we’ll try You know I’m Sean uh Sam I had done this You know cutting cut the moan of off We’re going the wrong way we need to Start wasting fuel and down round now Okay there we go yeah that’s gonna work All flats gonna yeah you see that I Spend you right round hopefully not too Oh no actually no that’s even better Yep that’s gonna work because I’m going To take it up nice if I’m still going Down How much fuel of that left in this a Little bit I wish I know have to redock It could literally go now come back up Um Okay well I’m going to do little let it Move the time along I’ll get rid gonna nuts Good [ __ ] to normal just it there we

Go let’s just use that a little bit of Fuel hopefully it’s not gonna go crazy On us all right we will do because I Don’t want it I want to get rid of it There you go beautiful all right okay Speed it up a bit because that’s got Quite three hours before that hit Just mess that type of time estimate up Think of three hours possibly not Because it’s picking up lots and lots And lots a lot of speed this thing would Just just hard to know when to hit the Engines I’m gonna get my landing gear Out now the only thing up that’s out one Rookies face he’s well happy helps you Didn’t know my driving okay sir Right I’m going to hit these engines Smooth tile all that was silly not too Fast Yeah that collision this is dropping Fast start slow Six laptop that you’re looking at Spilling it dropping how close its gain Yeah even if you’re not into gaming but Hearing this Basin study you need to get This I’ve actually seen people recreate The new Elan this well actually from the Conversation me and only 11:00 last Night live on his channel about the SpaceX mission to Mars people have

Actually done might leaving it in the Description below for you people have Done the the rocket and actually made it Come back down a lund vertically and Then go back up I don’t think the Refueled it because I don’t know if you Can do that in this game on the ground You can refuel up in the the atmosphere In space sorry okay it’s nice and light As well what if the other partner there Is anomalies in this game as well they Can go find like on the called dinner Which is Mars and the month there is Something there is a plaque I think I Don’t know else that might be so what I’m gonna do I’m going to align it with Oh this bad boy there because that’s the Direction we’re going They speed it up a bit To get there faster so risky game too Risky game Six I And that is exactly where I started to Tilt it when I took off from Earth this Thing is dropping I don’t to waste too Much of these rockets because I’d like To reuse them too to escape because this Is only a small lunar module do you Recognize perfect or lined up it could Be bad we’ll turn off the RCS which is The little froster things on the side

Because so much As the shadow arts coming down fast Slower very good the good we got we got Just hope I’ve got enough to take off It’s exciting it’s an exciting game is Almost like that ease of connects box And then when Nintendo switches keep Coming back to this you can actually get It for the Xbox one I think you might Better get it for a ps4 at some point I Came up too much so it’s going to come Back down Laurie yeah you can definitely Get it for the Xbox one so downloaded it For mine but it’s nowhere near as good As a PC or Mac version so I recommend to Go for like it’s just calc seem to Control it proper build the bits so I’ll A control pad they do say that the must Erase is the PC I can’t be bothered Fiddling with all the stuff though so I Don’t I haven’t gained for years I don’t gain for about two years since Died you you’ve been not properly Do like you though do I do enjoy playing That game Especially supplies went through a Minecraft phase and building world’s Loved it you can just imagine What the London the middle Neil Armstrong absolutely old spits us Oh Going back up it all go back up to the War on a debacle Calm down calm down right now nice and

Slow just think you just need to put a Little bit of pressure on those clusters I’ll tell you something there’s quite a Few channels that play this game and They play it a lot better than I do I think when you first play this you Might play better than me it took me so Long to do this like I said I’ve got to Make this actually managed to dock Things in space please don’t tilt why is It why am i this angle is silly the Silly angle Oh please oh look at that Bob’s your uncle Yes you can see that what I’ve done here I’ve actually like used things to get He’s a bad job is told only rock but it Works not only rock lips he his rocket Are made in sorry I’m late yeah but your Rocket is it’s good they see if it works To get the guy out here we go I might make a few more Seebik in Oh that’s not good These silly Rockets stop him from you See these blow things that I’ve put in Place the stock in my guy from getting Down he’s too far so the ladder actually Does nothing so unfortunately I’m not Going to let the get back inside so this Guy can if I get on the moon he ain’t Getting back on that I don’t think think

About I’ve got idea save it I’m going to Jump off and foster back on this will Save the game safe there we go all right We could we could let this work oh hey Eat you if you that was Neil Armstrong That did that you it won’t be good if we Getting back in there and going checking So over but look how happy this guy Looks he he’s like the happiest little Whatever he is going just don’t out to Use his Fosters oh right I Cassidy it’s A big jump that one giant leap for Should’ve done the speech and it’s Getting back in Oh please don’t because I hope he’s not Heavy any knocks the oh here we go sir These Rockets on here we go come on come On grab grab climb F come on you just Need to take his helmet off for a second And you can I get past these silly Scaffolding Come on come on How much of a run would you think I’d Need so I’m wrong right at this day and Just hit the rocket thrusters Okay I think I hate you tighten it in the Middle of that X got up yes yes no he’s Going to tip it it’s going to tip it Amateurs amateur seriously why is he Doing it I didn’t mean to do it Right come on come on come on come on Make that stack that’s it that is the

Purp right so I need to step back to Calm down take a deep breath Three two one jump I hope that helmets grimmer glass I Really do Come on come on you know you wanna get Right in that little spaceship how pop Of the lip I’ve done it I just need to Get to the door get inside the door okay Don’t get too excited don’t get too Excited people [Applause] Whoa Who [Applause] Thank God [ __ ] the game in the game [Applause] Okay We’re talking about close-up Not again you can mess about with other Things it’s blowing game right so we’ve Got very few left dinners and I just Followed basically take you up Get the gears in Can’t see where that’s going Done Is going not where I wanted to Okay so let’s slow it down I’ve got a Fuel we have a smidgen where’s a Alright okay I’m just literally I’m gonna wing it I’m

Just going that way There we go look Come on do this can I get this aligned I think of I slide down Okay I’m going to get this lost in space We just see it now I feel I’ve got Enough okay I’m going to get to that Little thing now I want to get to that That’s all I know the guy can you just You can eat these spacesuit something Okay this is intense So I’ve got feelings going to be quite a Few outtakes at the end of this that if You’ve made it this far Guy I’ve got to get this guy back to Earth I really have Okay I’ve overshot that but it’ll be Right I’ll be right who needs precision Just we just wing it that’s what we do This is possibly going to be the Strangest video I’ve ever done if you Don’t to do this again I understand Though I do love the controls of this Now guys got no no rocket to it Here we go here we go here we go can I Make it please make it and maybe make it On the Wii nice to make it on the actual Side of the earth I want to make it on Because I’m not that will that will do I Reckon you forget right yep I can do

This I’m Allison I know what to do guys Cooking gas fuel speed time up let’s not Keep you waiting This has probably been a painful video As much as for you as yes for me Please forgive me okay I’ve overshot that a bit scoop out round Cut up only I actually want the howl on That would be a few left pioneers there Might be a way to see on here not Light-years sorry it’s days but I bet He’s been up in space for a good I Reckon them a good three month maybe Follows on his own Obviously know that the signal lasting Or not maybe maybe five months I want in Space Never mind Apollo 13 it should make a Movie about this guy okay now now we’re Talking I’m just hoping I’m really hoping that The heat shield does we’re stunned Because there’s a few times it hasn’t Tried it okay so what I want to do I Want to line it up against the direction Where it’s going so if you see where It’s going see me there look at that It’s not the most graphical game but Like I say you can mod the hell out of This what we’re going to do we are going To as soon as I get to there we’re going To absolutely smash this not smash the Draft but here there we go there we go You look at that folk cheese I hit the

Moon then did you see that one purple That’s because I would have hit the moon We’ve over I did that now and we’re good When do it around I’m thinking if we just get it to about That How much feel we got They gotta know Or have we got enough dyes the question There’s stop it there Because we made our minuscule right this Is going to be one mighty burn without a Tiny bit feel I’ve got left I don’t know If I can make this and this Paolo might Might be just left in space which means A rescue mission so the good sister Could be a sequence to this sequel sorry But let’s now let’s see if we can get Him down safely this game is so hard I Think the problem with me is I don’t I Don’t read through how to play something I just go with it and I think I tried Enough I used to play this close just Making experiment Rockets right so what We learned oh I’m gonna turn this craft Against there we go beautiful I’m gonna burn the rest I feel there we Go please make it Oh that has not yet made it okay Been a bit more come on please make it There we go I’m going the dark-sided on It on the dark side we’re going to turn

That around literally use a bit more Fuel you call me crazy but we’re not Lunches on the dark side of the earth I Want I want color I want I want to see What I’m doing when I’m coming through The atmosphere How much feel we got left Enough enough the gate about there I can There we go place spin that round this Coin that is literally going to scrape Throw that’s going to end it such a nut What’s happened okay it’s okay we’re Good Right okay Okay well my call Let’s get rid of Oh oh This is not good this is not that Honestly by a bomb that dangerous but But what is this is not that I was Stunned [Applause] Come on come on Can you see the heat shielding these Like barely holy games to sell book so Much you may not have had fun watching This but I was taught this is not this Is probably not the angle to go up well Then maybe is there got you you know I Don’t know it seems like a long time to Be burning got no more stages I’ve got

I’ve got parishes there as long as it’s Not melted Oh my word we made it very atmosphere [Applause] That’s right Freddy come Phillip it made It We haven’t understood touchdown yet but One over there armed yeah we got it with Unfortunately it’s nighttime but you Know beggars can’t be true Cruisers choosers get your words right I Mean this yeah I’m probably best off Sort of landing it and landed it over The seat that’s what NASA do but we’re Going to hit land I don’t know at what point to get the Parachute out 3,000 nothing I’m gonna Get out so get out gets get the 5-0 come On yeah I should have got that parachute Out earlier think We have a nice steady landing here so Guys what do you think Kerbal space Program will you be downloading this Will you be trying it out make some Designs send them to me and you follow Me on Facebook as well I need to start Doing on the Facebook is alien addict And the Facebook I leave the link below And I’ve got Twitter as well that’s set Up alien our victim with a weird

Underscarf two two underscores and Underscore with it with an eye that Because I can’t try to split it up Twitter so much talk alien updates how Much do you want for it I’ll give you Five quid for it yeah we we’ve done it We have like hey God finally I don’t Know how long is he doing and the host You know may you might have enjoyed it As me guys getting out finally he’s made It on his own sure we will get it today There you go Marius Beautiful anyway oh you can make planes As well and just fly around the plum if You want you can do anything on this Game but yeah good night god bless mind The books don’t bite I mainly an addict And yeah if you want me doing more these Stuff I will if you don’t I won’t but Anyway I will be doing a bit of Everything may even cook your meal good Night here is OK ahh I forgot to put Ladders on it now I need to turn the Thing wrong wrong I made it to earth You