UFO Dome like Structure can you Debunk My Work 05/04/2017

By | April 5, 2017
UFO Dome like Structure can you Debunk My Work 05/04/2017

Very very tall one of it good evening Folks alien elect here what I’m gonna do Tonight is I’m going to show you an Image that I put out last year proud Wife ass away and it’s an Apollo 8 image Of just this little landscape the crater You’re looking at now and i’ll leave the Image below the file you can download it From and it’s a funny one less because What I’ve been doing rates and worked From my older videos i [ __ ] idea what Would it won’t what what what a bell end What are doing that and I thought I see What I can debunk of my own stuff and All let’s keep looking at this one I Thinking I don’t get this image so Without further ado I’m going to play This video’s done on photoshop now I Don’t know what I’m doing on Photoshop I Don’t be center so i might use words I Don’t understand okay just pre-warning Yeah i’m not going to photography either I might trying to explain this image how It was taken so you see it’s a high Contrast image for a start yeah am i Right there from wrong tell me in the Comments but what I want you to do so is Plain now this is me on Photoshop and This particular crater now I’m gonna Bring my mouse up here going to look This is the crater this over it is why I Keep looking at thinking it to craters Is it a crater on top of a lot of Credence in dumb image video explaining

Some heavy breathing and is it a crater On top of the greater like two Indentations are you getting three ya Must assume whatever and oh I know the Gate well let me just pull this image There for this video so one of them now Adjust the brightness in the contrast And I don’t if you see this but you can See here along the rim how it’s got a Shadow underneath it like some sort of Light hitting it and you I don’t least I Don’t know if that would happen I don’t Think it would so how I think come years And I mess up his got back it’s all I Could book by the way yeah I’m not Leaving the link where you can buy it From kind of a closed room mrs. pigtail For me it’s got dinosaurs with my Feathers amazing anyway basileus yeah so This would look like crater yeah on top Of the greater I don’t get why it’s got The shadow under here the light show it I don’t get that I don’t get this here How this is almost like see-through I Imagine because I’m changing the light Again on Photoshop here these arms like Some sort of hate Phoenix sound like one Of the strange ones must deliver Scrumble then a ton of some kind yeah And I’m you’re gonna set you have you Ready tip out and subscribe but i can See ya there hear me out in what we need To do is come with our way to debunk This for me yeah and if you can debunk

It than greater I can take it off I’ll do a video say It’s also definitely deep on this blah Blah yay either dinosaur book I’ll share One because what message would kill me I Want you to download this file though And if you’re the youtube channel yeah Debunk mikami a bellend but I don’t get This image he doesn’t compute him head Send it to only rock it he may agree to Meet it’s weird and so we want some Experts to look at it so if you’re an Expert take a look at it Heathcliff have Off Cape May last lions ground by the Way and when your rock Heathcliff in my Featured channels by the way check them Out and you’re a really good UFO channel Your phone underground and check out my Featured channels this I want you to Download this have a look at this file I Wait to stick into Photoshop on your Phone because you can get you can Download our folks when you compute a Free version of photoshop in your phones You’ll be able to adjust the levels just Fine on that and when you download the Emoji will be this way up so you’ll turn It to this way and that makes no Difference it’s I almost imagine all Right I’ve said this in one of my Previous videos I’ve done Alice that They flew by it took the pictures Probably didn’t notice it themselves Because if there is no basis if there is

UFOs on the moon then they would Disguise themselves alright my thinking That they would cuz to what and I’m not All about debunking stuff um I believe In this I won’t have half the tail an Alien of 84 wasn’t and I It to UFOs and aliens not the drink and But I want you to look at it I want you To download it and I want you to tell me What you think do you think I mean look At looking up i’ll create now the d do You think this is a crater or is it Something else I could lose all Credibility from quite this video and I Hope adult but I’m on a human by the Song put that on this video but get Copyright just just look at this and Tell me what you think is it just a Crater I’ve put this video out twice now In the past because I believe in it I Must still keep going back to it either That Horace you know it’s my brain Doesn’t compute this image that the People out there not be like what’s this Idiom about it’s just a crater and it Probably is but my best mate one of my Best a couple best news I say but I best Mayor mind he looked at this and he said To me his neck is an aircraft technician By the way he’s seen Franco before in my Videos is usually drunk he said to me This does not make sense I see exactly Coming from and normally he said my old Stuff is a bag of wank thanks that Frank

See ya point you to download this file I Want you to look at this image Chloe to Debunk it if you come but if you can’t Share out share it some nice get some Experts look in it so you know it your Science teacher our college teacher of Space stuff if you NASA don’t hunt me Down relief after a red wine anyway Goodnight god bless and mind the book Stop by You