Google Moon Bases Debunked the Hoaxing Ground

By | February 21, 2017
Google Moon Bases Debunked the Hoaxing Ground

Good very good Whoo-hoo-hoo good evening folks and Welcome to a lien at it um I’ve been Trying to get myself a little bit more Knowledgeable for you recently so I’ve Been reading all about Cox this belt Yeah be read about Cox and wonders of The solar system really good book Frank’s mom Phillip disliked sick she Buys me a book for Christmas She knows I’m Dyslexic I’ll give it a go Anyway moving swiftly on to what I’m About to do tonight so there’s a certain Area on Google moon this year that I Like to call the Bell end zone and it’s Where all the bell ends come together And they find little a lot anomalies and They put them on their YouTube channels And they present these anomalies as Bases so without further ado oh the the Bell ends by the way let’s go see Wearing off sound mind and body used to Be otherwise known as mr. enigma you had To change his name don’t know why um That’s guillotine 10 I’m sorry but it is True they they love this area so let’s Zoom in let me find your base oh look There we go we’ve got on this crater Here a complex a whole complex of a spot And that’s probably like an alien roll Like you know I kept this when you go to Spain or whatever you go out up to Spain Sometimes or Italy and you get their Hotels I’ll going across the beach what

Better place to put them then going Across a crater yeah oh we could go to The famous one that security in temple Out it wasn’t his fine but he never lets Put it out As pillars giant pillars looks like a Big mouth to me um hello turn your phone Off when you’re doing the YouTube video It’s not professional so what I’m gonna Do How I’m gonna debone this it’s quite Easy so let’s remove the little arrow to Point it out I might zoom out what I’m going to do Take a little screenshot for you screen Shows up here okay up let’s open the Screenshot let’s get that just there for You Well zoom back into the anomaly let’s Zoom in on the screenshot can you see That’s got no teeth none whatsoever it’s Just a normal crater what happens is These strange little dots appear when You zoom in it’s an image artifact of Some kind an image anomaly I don’t know Why it appears I’ve got no no idea but It just appears it’s not it’s not a live Satellite feed you’re not zooming to What’s real an image can’t just all of a Sudden appear I want you to try this Yourself on this area zoom in you will Find it if you if you like to start a Your own channel maybe I don’t know you Want to find base is yourself and put

Them out and get views and people say oh Why me what you found there but yeah the Famous one is this one remember that you Must have seen that little bad boy That’s the triangle I first saw listen This is what made me debunk it I thought wow that’s quite strange that I’ve got it and I’m sure this has been In like papers on loads of internet Sites saying Google moonbase found and It is just a crater because let’s take a Screenshots not there well it’s a good Screenshot zoomed out you might better See him disappear watch see gone it’s Not an extravagant debunk this I know Nevertheless it is a debunk it’s totally Debunked and if you come up me and say How are you debunking anything alien Elites are hey I like think are they um Well it’s been obvious look they got From zooming in where they on where These dots gone they’re suddenly Appearing these dots are absolutely Everywhere and I mean every look they’re All here you see all of them little tiny Dose absolutely everywhere happens Whenever i zoom in on this i will better Find yeah we’ll go there I better find Look at that Well these look at these pillars giant Pillars bollocks you the proof is in the Pudding the pudding is than in the proof These are just anomalies image anomalies And nothing more not not even anomalies

Artifacts leave in the comments what They are I don’t know what they are They’re just bits is even get a really Good example if I I’ll bet you this Craters are beauty for it I bet you this One here this zooming oh look at that Dee-licious so let’s zoom out there we Go Let’s take a screenshot There we go Zoom in you see that see nothing nada Yeah I think that’s all you need to know It’s debunked 100% debunked so I named This the bell end zone So anybody goes near this area including Me from now on If I find any anomaly in here and I Can’t prove it it’s a bell end it’s as Simple as so think on and smarten up Guys because there is stuff out there But you’re gonna have to go to the Actual moon to find it saying that there Is some great stuff through the NASA Archive images not just the NASA ones if You can get this some good ones on Flickr I’ve got quite a few of them and There is some weird-looking stuff There’s no way a 100% prove anything but There is stuff out there to find for Yourself but I just don’t think you’re Gonna find it by looking at Google Moon And half the stuff you’re gonna see in Images um 99.9% of it if it’s real do You really think NASA will want you to

See extraterrestrial bases on the moon Because I don’t know chance anyway yeah Look at all these houses flats Beautiful anyway good night god bless Mind the books don’t bite and yeah check Me out I’m ailene of it I’m not an Alcoholic Just drink sometimes guys just like to Give a massive shout out to jokah edits Thank you so much for the bonhomie I Really appreciate it I’ll leave Joe Geddes channel in the Description below he does freely out Work it’s really really good stuff and Yeah make thank you appreciate it I’ll leave my new banner at the end of The video but yeah it’s my new banner Well it by Jimmy You