2 Drunks Talk Alien Abduction & Conspiracies

By | February 7, 2017
2 Drunks Talk Alien Abduction & Conspiracies

Very good I’m going on a journey that’s What you hate me we were talking about You the interest rapid UFOs Oh alien and A lot last you would you be willing Phone in camera with a UFO and alien you Would hear my question to you unless no One will say my willing I mean willing Hours cooking time I French and I will I Would I’m saying a water but faced with That situation I probably run up Watching my lil exactly what in that Domain owner thinking now I was [ __ ] I want for that [ __ ] and I would embrace It but is that right I’m saying goes Let’s say going off what and all these Other reported and Catalina like such as People work on paralyzed in bed can move The account or whatever it is they Encounter and a reductive things get Done some yo-yo would you be willing to That see to me I don’t think I would be Even though I’m like the idea that There’s something else out there I still Don’t think I wanna be [ __ ] touched By or serious holy idea bear and circle So a extraterrestrial being or whatever I don’t know but for me the question is If these creatures have to paralyze Their interest of victims or whatever it Really facing Tim Zickuhr is always Really answer you how musing about how We must these creatures They it’s a surprise I’m not going to Force you get reported by the only I

Think its villainous makes me wonder wha Wha if he and don’t even I am I can’t Using them with alien but what we know Is alien may not be alien to give me one Thing my god yeah so we assume alien is Extraterrestrial see those you yes Liberated and knock my flying like a Video however and one thing is however They do what they’re doing we don’t have No control over my I don’t either he Believed in the Exiles she liked that Rhythm of the ugly when I’m very much Humping going actual [ __ ] up well she Got all our [ __ ] they said people were Just been doing it but look to people Maybe is thought you don’t nobody knows If a be developing a home so he does Crazy whatever I’ll [ __ ] no don’t Just we got my to us only level if it Could be true competi [ __ ] each other And service rent one was good this right The store is bounded about a lot of life Project for King global yeah it gave a Disgrace a one and special tank that Well you are so tech for this project [ __ ] blue beam which is a NASA Program that supposed to fake supposed To supposed to fake an alien invasion an Alien invasion to you do you believe Assuming I we both know I believe that There possibly is a plan for that but [ __ ] me how the hell you believe could Do it no I don’t believe it could do it No I believe it I believe that the idea

Is there that they’ve probably got an Idea let’s booking trying unite every [ __ ] cry anymore and I did to try and Pull her off you just got some serious [ __ ] holographic tech you’d have to Have so he could trot with the rock Control of ridereid yeah well I feel Rama okay I I go I don’t do that I think I don’t know yet to say behind the Military go and how long look at people Or elephant young booked again so I Could get everybody in the world to Believe that [ __ ] alien agent he was In earlier you don’t waver I am all [ __ ] was that night only so I’m not Saying that the girl [ __ ] deep fade The film is [ __ ] alien invasion what Are we still talking slow and what if Everything they do is [ __ ] throttle And they’ll [ __ ] slowly [ __ ] Industries little [ __ ] Oh tiny Pinprick pin tricks in the [ __ ] Society never [ __ ] go okay well [ __ ] and what I know they like look What the [ __ ] me absolutely why she’d All over and I’m not okay I’m not Military so I made up specialist right Oh yeah you’re not a job or oh it’s a Joke Raymond listen Joe most women with no Knowledge experience whatsoever if I was Going to infiltrate a planet or an Organization why you don’t do it I’m Asking I was [ __ ] in beta honey I

Want to say [ __ ] why does the Infamous cup drink pairings rig up a Doctor be as quietly as possible with as Little death tore my own species as Possible really covert so you would want To do it as quiet as [ __ ] again get Under the radar infiltrate slowly over a Pair of years maybe decades centuries Whatever I don’t know if you re is right Under G is [ __ ] Helens have been People have been talking about UFOs and Aliens what [ __ ] years and paint in Their cable all of them in it is about What it could be might not be my not Before you know there’s this [ __ ] Books back in eighteen times showing Pictures of crosses Flying cigar-shaped Object in the sky this is looking Newspaper report like that’s what we see Very nice oh yeah we didn’t know what I Thought well it couldn’t like it when a [ __ ] show me I think to tell you guys Right so hey man we have a dream we’re Just talking [ __ ] but no no no no no Well what means you see is what general Public tree so people just need to [ __ ] record before everything that I’m a [ __ ] expert anything that am I I swear not to expedient unknown Quantity of still being a drip under Pressure both hear you ask you out an Opinion on stuff because never opinion But I my extremely handsome yeah the Pressure and the pressure yes exactly