Beyond the Light Barrier | Elizabeth Klarer (Documentary)

By | January 6, 2017
Beyond the Light Barrier | Elizabeth Klarer (Documentary)

Within the vastness of southern Africa a Timeless subcontinent of majestic Mountains and lush valleys contrasted by Arid deserts and dry bush lands there Are thousands of sightings of UFOs Dating as far back as the legendary Kois And cave paintings since the dawn of Time man has contemplated the origins of Life in the universe and looking up at The star filled heavens wondered if Anyone else was out there for Elizabeth Clara there certainly was someone else Out there A man called al Kahn who arrived in a Spacecraft from the constellation of Alpha Centauri his visits to earth from Elizabeth's early childhood were to Shape her entire life their love grew Throughout to their meetings and in her Adults life Elizabeth and Archon had a Child a son who now lives on the home Planet of meat on our story begins on a Farm in the shadow of the Drakensberg Mountains where Elizabeth you are I Denied to ask you how old you were when You saw your first spacecraft I was Seven years old And my sister and I were feeding the Puppies in the stable yard at the time And the Sun had just said beyond over The darkins Berg but it is still very Night because it was summertime and this Enormous craft came across quite

Horizontally across the sky and it was a Book as big almost intact as a football And it was quite beautiful as about the Size and it shone with a blue white Light and of course I was through the Pits and I knew exactly I knew something Was there and My sister's face was one of absolute Fright reading and the puppies covered Fright they ran yelping into their Kennel and then immediately of course we Ran for the house where our parents were Sitting on this very wide veranda as a South African name for it is stupid I Used to go after that take my pony and Ride up to the favorite hilltop with a Diplomat oh and I'd go and lie there in The grass watching the sky hoping for This beautiful starship because I knew Then it was definitely from elsewhere Nothing from Earth where was this Actually it was on the farm in the town In the natal Midlands which is a very Beautiful area and leading towards the Foothills of the Drakensberg it wasn't Until many years later that I saw the Same crowd a second time and that of Course after our married my first Husband it was a planet and we were Flying up from Durban to bear iguana and Vera Gwyneth in those days was an Airfield it was still night and we were In the night air craft a high wing Monoplane ad8 sets at the heaven and

Crowd at leopard mom and my husband was The pilot and I was the navigator and It's a two seater plane I was sitting Directly behind him and I looked pleased To get my bearings when I saw this Bright blue what I'd like heading for us And it came straight towards us and as It approached us on a complete collision Course it's slowed speed and simply Placed beside us and I tipped my husband On the back of his neck and he turned And saw this crowd and across Immediately he forgot about piloting Li The aircraft and we lost altitude but I Had my nose glued again to the starboard Window and cause it's a cabin plane and There was this enormous craft pacing Beside us enormous house completely Circular with a flattish dome in the Middle the traditional explanation of a Flying saucer A complete flying saucer and beneath it We were the most beautiful colors of the Spectrum that were coming from under the Craft well from the portholes there was A softer light emanating then suddenly It simply shot up into the sky in a Great burst of white light and it was Gone completely and you in fact were a Pilot where you know it yes at that time Before then yes and you went to Cambridge University yes what did you Study there meteorology I was there for Four years now I went to Girton College

What did you do during the war well I Was an Air Force South African Air Force Intelligence and I was seconded to the Royal Air Force and that was after we Had been my first husband of course I Mentioned before was a very brilliant Test pilot and we were stationed at the Heavens and hetfield in England And there we did not have research and Particularly in a certain aircraft which We heard named TK for which of course Turned out to be the Spitfire with the Rolls-royce engine when did you actually First meet argon that was way back in The 1950s now I was here in Johannesburg And my sister phoned me one day and said The sealers are seen what they call the Lightning bird and when my sister tell Me on the phone The Lightning bird is in the sky I Immediately got my daughter and my son And Susan the dog and I think either Little terrier and packed them into the Mg and off we wind down telephone I felt This wonderful feeling it makes you Shiver and it was a most beautiful Feeling of warmth of love and folding You I can almost burst into tears when I Think of that and this was even actually Before you met him That's right yes so the very next day I Went up to the mountain I used to go to On my pony as a child and this time I Didn't ride on my horse I woke up and

There's a dip in the top and I went and Sat in the dip where dad done so in the Past suddenly I saw a flash in the blue And I thought could be a white bird and Then again I saw the splash in the And then this enormous ship came from Behind a cloud and came down and hovered About the height of the ceiling some Distance from me and the long seeding Grass of autumn was agitated and Flattened by the tremendous force coming From them and I felt this hot blast of Air back against my face and I couldn't Move any further it seemed to be an Invisible wall and I stood my ground and I watched the ship I looked at her and There were three portals facing towards Me then I forgot about observing the Ship because that I could see a man Standing at the center portal despite The brightness of the ship itself She was shining in a very bright Blue-white light that even wanted from The skin of the ship herself but despite That I could see clearly through the Portal this I could see he was a tall Man and he stood there with his arms Folded across his chest and just looked Back at me and I stood my ground and Looked back at him and I was fascinated By his face are you frightened no I Didn't feel any fear I felt a complete Compelling effective I just wanted to go Straight to him but I couldn't because

Of this heat field around the ship and It was like as I said an invisible wall And I just couldn't move so I stood and Looked back at him I was Absolutely fascinated by this wonderful Face where suddenly the Stars have Started to rise then she suddenly shut Up into the sky and disappeared in a Great depression and she was gone and Why I felt as if I was going to go up With her with a pull of gravity so I sat Down suddenly in the grass my hat went Up into the sky I never saw it again It just disappeared and so I just Remained sitting in the grass wondering Now what's gone wrong What have I done wrong there must be Something And I sat there for long time thinking About it all and how long was it in fact Before you saw him again It wasn't until eighteen months later That's my sister again inform me and Said you better come down because the Lightning bird again is in the sky and Those owners are very excited and so off We went again in the energy down that Long road as it was in those days and Back to the farm and early next morning About seven o'clock I went to the Mountaintop and there as I taught the Northern Ridge of the Dipper I saw the Star should landed in the dip and she Was landed flat on the ground and

Standing beside her was a tall man I Never hesitated I run straight to him And I heard out the earth my hands to Him and he took them saying you're not Afraid this time I couldn't say anything I just shook my head I was out of breath I was so excited and then everything Happened at once he just picked me up Like a feather and stepped onto the of His ship and in through the open door And he could not perfect English when he Spoke to me he said look at the viewing Limbs and there was this feeling then Set in the middle between two half moon Benches but what did something quite Large it's about this high from the Floor and it was rounded and it was set In a circlet of God into the floor and It had the most beautiful golden color It was a pistol no I see and if he said Look into that and you will see Everything you wish to see and he came And sat beside me and took both my hands In his to reassure me and at the same Time I noticed the other man who was Sitting at the controls and I will Always remember his brilliantly white Teeth and has he fresh to smile at me And I felt quite relaxed and it was the Most wonderful thing as I saw the vision Of Earth as we rose in the viewing bins And he said you know we have no language Problems because we learn all languages Through monitoring your Roederer your TV

And absorbing people of Earth very Closely through those variants we can Even do anything right down through Buildings into sinners we can hear Everything you say As if we were there ourselves and it all Comes through this viewing me then I can Said now we're taking you to the Mothership and he explained that the Mothership is an enormous craft like a Miniature planet and also this is a Vintage ship they don't wear out so they Still use them and so then eventually Through the viewing men's I saw the Mothership taking shape with a great Asian light around her where did our Khan actually come from from our Neighbor system a star system known as Alpha Centauri this is a triplet system With two very large stars and a smaller Star and the smaller star is known as Proxima Centauri and it's only four Light-years from us from the solar System where we are here with the Sun And there are seven planets in orbit Around Proxima and that is his home and At one of those planets are the other Planets inhabited around that Sun all Inhabited years by the same civilization That's the mother ship the same shape as The spacecraft you were in Yeah gee what's a cigar-shaped craft and Remember this is an enormous vintage Ship and those were the actual ships

That they moved out from Venus to earth Millions of years before the planet we Call Venus new day was my original home Numbers original home but famous died in The solar expansion which happens on Epochs of time can't describe the Interior the first enormous room I saw The plants and flowers and tree is Actually growing in there and instead of Having carpeting or anything like that There was a most beautiful blue grass Covering the whole floor about that long And it had the most beautiful fragrance And there was even a stream and there Was a waterfall good heavens Must have been very very beautiful and There were many people and because the Atmosphere was so beautiful with a Higher oxygen content and you felt so Well and so vigorous and then I can set Me down he said you must be feeling Tired after all this excitement and There were many people around who came Also greeted me and I felt very out of Place in my earth clothes you know heavy Scottish kilt and Jerseys and things like that and walking Shoes what were they wearing that you Felt so out of place they were in very Simple garments just one garment made of Silk and that just hung in furrows it Was beautiful in various colors the men And women were both wearing these caftan Like garments or the women were the

Caftans yes but the men had on a simple Shirt type of thing with a round neck Very simples also made of silk and just A pair of trousers that came to the Knees like knee breeches and then just Sandals that's all and they're all very Tall very tall very good-looking and Very fine-looking and of course Arkan he Had the most wonderful face he had a High forehead high cheekbones Aquiline features and there's really Incredible gray eyes that were very Compelling and full of love and his hair Was golden but quite white at the Temples and he must he is in fact I know I knew afterwards that he was at least 6 Foot 4 very tall very fine-looking Athletic and elder man but really his Her presence was something his her Vibrations everything was so wonderful And all I wanted to do is to go straight Into his arms and he managed to read my Thoughts because that's exactly what he Did took me straight into his arms and Gave me a great hugger How long do archons people live do they Live to be very great ages they've been Able to overcome the aging process and They don't go through this awful Experience that so many people have to Face in older life so they had Discovered the total secret they have It's a way of living and thinking and Eating and the Bible of thinking people

Here must change their thinking So it's a total harmonious way of being And I'm sure they must have secrets with Their diets well their birth consists of Fruits and vegetables and this food is Grown in a liquid scientifically grown And as you're going to pick a fruit or a Salad It simply regenerates itself straight Away so there's no loss there's nothing To to worry about it's it's a most Incredible way of getting one's entire Protein and vitamins instead of getting It getting your protein secondhand as You do bank destroying and consuming a Herbivorous animal they get it firsthand Through this vegetation that they're Grew to know taste like anything like we Have on earth Well they have a lovely flavor it's Beautiful and of course on the salads I Have a lovely cream salad dressing as we Call it that I put on the salads that's Made from natural crushed nuts and it's Very very different to anything here it Has a lovely flavor and of course some It's although naturally health-giving to This not only feeds your physical body It feeds your brain do they never become Ill no they have no disease or illness Whatsoever because of the advanced Medical science and therefore there is Nothing of that kind that we have to Suffer here because most of our

Illnesses come from the mind it is mind Over matter and if you suffer from Stress you naturally get ill and there's Plenty of stress here and also its Environmental the environment here is Not conducive whatsoever not only Because of the variable Sun but the Cause of all the pollution Going on please tell me more about the Variable Sun are we in danger of the Sun Suddenly exploding and loving us we're The third planet like Venus was when They fled from there I only know right For a good few thousand years yet on Planet earth we are little right yes but You see the same controls our weather And the Sun all the time as a natural Process just expands and contracts and One of the expense it's in what we call The solar mix which is a solar sunspot Cycle and it releases those very Intensified flares you're the oceans That even back up radios as you know and It affects the heart the rhythm of the Heart is actually attached to the rhythm Of the star of your system which is the Sun if the rhythm of your heart goes out In any way into a techie car do anything Or ethnic or anything like that a lot of People suffer heart attacks at this Solar max period and this is not so with The younger stable star so eventually in Time to come we shall have to leave Planet Earth and go to another system

Which certainly will because although we Don't talk about evolution the star is Changing back in all nature there are Changes and the older she gets the more She will expand and contract and she can Expand out again in lethal radiation Which of course would simply be the end Of and it earth is where all this time He brought me back as he said to the Mountain on which we found you and then Of course as he disappeared again in a Great flash of white light straight up Into the sky as I stood on the hill and Watched him go And then I went back to the homestead And I thought no this is world again to Work out into something that's going to Be very beautiful and this was just the Beginning and of course I loved and I Knew he loved me He told me so when we were on the Mothership when I just went straight Into his arms and he told me that he Would be back did he tell you when or Did you just have to wait he said to me That next time he would land would be on The high plateau and captain because the Earth was well as he called it up to This trick where he could disappear Instantly by simply intensifying the Fear differentials around his ship Because his ship is pod and light in Different frequencies which is Electromagnetism electricity gravity and

We call it electrogravitics propulsion Or power system so there's no need in Fact to use fossil fuels at all not at All no everything is electrical and it's Clean and it's silent there's no noise Had he become widely known at that time Of the spacecraft in fact become widely Known had other people seen it land and Come and go where others had seen it yes And Of course it had got into the news and And this is how it got widely known Let's go down there and find someone who Did see it for 1974 my husband and I Were waiting for dinner and he went Outside and came back great excitement Saying that he had seen a vet he had Seen a very great big light on the hill Behind the house I went out with him and It was still there it was an UFO Hovering over the hill behind us it was Very clear the sky was overcast but no Cloud around the actual life that we saw A very vast light soundless completely Sanders nurse and I ran inside to phone To tell my neighbors the nearest one was My son who was on the house not far away I got his wife who said that she he my Son was in the bath but she went out and Very fact that it was she could see it I Then found a neighbor on the other side Of the hill and he laughed at me because He said you know it's April Fool's Day I'm not going to be caught again and I

Said please this is serious go and see For yourself and he did and came back And said he had seen it a little Different from us all Khan's people and They have exactly the same biological Structure as ours and the same Biochemistry now people know the same Yes Exactly only very much more advanced in Their way of living and thinking of Course this acts on the whole body how Far ahead would you say they are from The earths of civilization the ruins of Years ahead of us in own ways and this Even to the fact that There are unnatural beautiful people who Live in complete harmonic interaction With all nature so their whole way of Life of mother of breathing is perfectly Natural a utopia It is a utopian a broadly exists it is But how old were you when all this Happened I was in my late forties now That time I've just told you about also 1956 and then it wasn't until 1957 the End of 1957 that he murdered again and What is known in the town as flying Saucer no it was a clear beautiful night And He was landed there again and he said Now we go into the hype later okay Because there was an Air Force plane one Of these Harvard planes and old Air

Force plane droning around the sky all The time and he said let's get away from That and we went up and he took me up to The high plateau at Catherine and that Was his first landing there and we'll Remained there and he put the starship Into remote control that means she's Always on the alert and she has the Because the Air Force was around we were Able to be there undisturbed for her Game that must have been wonderful Following day we were there understood Yes it was wonderful and at what point Did you actually conceived your son was It round about that time it was at that Time where we landed on the high plateau He is and you knew even then that your Son would never live on planet Earth With you what I only the Darkin would Never arrive and he knew too that we Would have a son yes that must have been Very hard for you a very hard decision For you when I was able to be with them When undermined on the farm while I was Pregnant in the normal period and then When I was ready to give birth Arkin Came for me and took me to the home Planet and when I was in the starship of Course his older brother was there as Well and This time when I was due to get birth And he took me and very quietly of Course I've gone up son I didn't walk I've gone up the track there's a foam

Track there and I've taken my mg medica And gone up there and waited and when he Came he landed and I said what about my Mg I can't leave on the one side so he Simply focused the light ray on her and Drove her into the hold underneath the Starship now this light ray is Anti-gravity – so he was just able to Pick the mg up and put her in the hold There was no problem at all very Convenient well as I consult at that Time we don't have antiquated transport Like this on earth Incredible sense of humor and then he Set me down in the starship well of Course I was completely relaxed the Atmosphere was so lovely and of course There was harden there and of course Aaron who's the he's actually the Navigator and of course I'll navigate Through the mind which is instantaneous And from one star system to another and He set me down in this very comfortable Position and put my head back to rest And he put his hand on my forehead and So now just close your eyes And concentrate on what the starship is Doing and how she is using this power System to go beyond the light barrier Instantaneously from one style system to Another because remember that you're Going and you're a part of her and you Can't leave your mind behind the man has To go to him and you must know what

She's doing and how it's happening hi in The hi of physics this is achieved and All I heard was this wonderful it was a Noise it's very it wasn't a noise it was Just a son like a woman going through The trees almost as a service say it Shall we And it seemed to come from the outside Of the starship not from within her and Then it seemed minutes that I'll Consider now open your eyes and I saw That we were approaching this beautiful Star system of Alpha Centauri so it had Only taken you a few minutes to actually Get as far as Alpha Centauri yes you saw Which would take us for years That's right onaji oh yes and there was This beautiful star system with his two Larger components and then the smaller Star It's a triplet system and as we Approached Centauri and Proxima Centauri Which was a home star I could see the Planets in orbit around the star and of Course the colors were simply beautiful The two largest stars one was an orange Color which makes it an era de star The younger we were too worried about Giving back because after all you Weren't a young woman at that stage Which was an iPod ready and I can Attended to the birth of his son They are simply using his wonderful Healing hands and massaging me and he

Put me on this beautiful divan that was Covered in rose red silks and the lovely Coolness and softness of that so I'll Always remember and his Healing Hands And naked naturally it was a natural Birth and his some other brothers mate We don't talk about wives and as well And attended to the birth and gave me a Most lovely fruit drink and I just like I can relaxed and had a perfectly Natural day and I can literally attended To the birth of his own son And this was so wonderful because we Shared it together and this beautiful Boy he was really a golden boy was born And it was wonderful really I just think About it it's it's a natural process as It should be and then play about this Large container lovely water that they Have on the planet it is a beautiful Pure healing water that's full of Minerals and trace elements and put the Little baby in this water just enough And then with warm air there no towels Or anything like that And there's soap and it's not necessary Because the water has cleansing healing Properties and you know he never even Cried he just took a deep breath taking In their beautiful oxygen air into his Lungs and this was all he needed it must Have been very moving for you a very Moving experience it was it was Wonderful I felt so wonderful

Was it very different from I had the Birth of your other two children on Earth well that was very primitive and Very different because my daughter was Burn born naturally botanicals they gave Me drugs and my son my second child was Born cesarean section and it was all Very primitive it took me a long time to Get her though Yes and so if this was a quite a Wonderful experience back and this was Perfectly natural as everything is there I mean they're not making is the most Beautiful thing you could ever Experience was it a conscious decision That you made to have all kinds child There we were in love a very great and Profound love story yes and then did all Of this to take place I had Indian his Name is Aidan and That was in 1958 and where is a lien now Witness father did he ever come to Planet Earth only once It must be very difficult for you to Accept that It had been nice but now I have all this Work to do which all can once and this Makes me a little bit through the planet Itself what did it look like a beautiful Planet but everything is quite natural And on vast seas beautiful land masses Lots of trees and beautiful vegetation And the Sun of course is very beautiful Really sapphire blue and the skies are

So loving – and they control the climate Of course so there's no extreme of Climate at all That planet Earth at all they were quite Different the governor and flora is Different no if there was a lot of it That's very similar because planets are Similar you know I didn't know I Wondered if it could be described like Earth at all other roads are there but Do people live in houses is there any Similarity not a matter for the prefer No roads no railways there's a no Necessity for them to break up and Destroy the countryside how do they Travel in there are droids in the air in The atmosphere they have smaller ships Just like a large starship that are Quite circular of course as big as a Motor car for instance taking five or Six people and the process is all Powered by electric gravities they'll Tap the electricity from the atmosphere Or from the sea or from space Electricity light is everywhere I can See our technology is in its infancy we Have a lot to learn and do they have Money as we know it there's no monetary System it's not necessary because there Is an abundance of everything there is No shortage and there's no Overpopulation because I simply know That to other planet Take care of the other planets prepare

Them for human life or animal life and There's no shortage of anything you've Just said animal life now I would dearly Love to know what they're animals alike Do they have dogs and domestic animals As we do when I take them enough of them They've taken from Earth for instance And instead of having those as people Have here where they shut these poor Creatures up and prepared other for Candles creatures or her vigorous Creatures and so they find them out on To other planets a question I longed to Ask how many other earth people beamed To this planet or to that system at all Then I know our third yes but apart from Yourself do you know anybody else who's Been there not to vent or not not to me John do you think it will ever be Possible for us to do so Oh yes once we have advanced in land and Culture and care and love which is the Religious philosophy on our coins planet Religion no don't just think it you see They have a complete heroic interaction With all nature And right it's a ball creation therefore God is light light is God and is the way Of living they live in the bad those we Have yeah it's not necessary so they've Gone beyond the paternal aspect I mean To the universe yes it is a bit of Written a book called beyond the light Barrier and I believe you're busy

Writing a sequel that's right yes when Did you actually publish that book Around the knife area was first Published in 1977 and when can we hope To see your next book as soon as I've Finished and what is the title of the Book the gravity fire the gravity fire Yes and this deals with what is Happening and what has happened behind The scenes I'm no longer bound by the Official Secrets Act after 35 years and So I'm putting everything in it I'm not And simply not going to leave anything Out is there in fact an international Conspiracy to cover up all knowledge of Space craft oh yes definitely Very definitely there's a complete International cosmic cover-up to keep All information from the world the Public in general this is very definite And it is above top-secret Elizabeth you Obviously have a mission here on earth What is the nature of that mission it's A very wonderful mission and it gives me A great pleasure to do it because I can Ask me to do it and that is to inform People to tell them to write books to Appear either on telly Or to get my story into newspapers Magazines and to lecture to schools Particularly a lot of young people so That they grow up with this knowledge in Their minds of what's going on out there In space and what is to come and what

Will happen there is a message from Arkansas and ization and that is one of Health for planet earth and its Inhabitants and you must not despair Because all will be well You