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He’s good enough I’m daddy very simple i Planted good evening ladies and gents Ailing out of here with teddy the World’s biggest cynic basically what you Faults on a instead bear in mind me and Bear have been discussing this for [ __ ] years and this this lad is one Of the ones that doesn’t believe in the The whole thing that’s going on it Believes in all is on [ __ ] um i’m sad i Don’t believe I’m very scientifically Minded I’m not really just whatsoever I Think that’s absolute bollocks we’ve got To find religion little bear hmm but That’s my view I love you and aliens Everything else I believe that the Universe is infinite and if it’s Infinite I believe as other intelligent Beings out there I’m not convinced that We’ve been visited before just because Someone’s them intelligent aliens and All that sort [ __ ] mm-hmm what do you Mean by you mean by the [ __ ] the YouTube channels anybody well as Knowledge it just because discovery Channel do a program saying that oh we We may have been visited before by Ancient aliens and may I have the ones That corazon us and planted the seeds Into our earth no I don’t believe up i Believe it was other intelligent life Out there because the universe is Infinite I don’t believe that we’ve been Visited before simply because it’s human

Nature to explore and discover and find Things that are out there but But ancient Egypt oh there’s a guy with A big eisenberg ears always it’s an Alien they gave us electricity [ __ ] off No no it’s like a dog that used to Worship but i believe the work something Saying you don’t believe in the eighteen A lien fear it yes no so you think Either it’s just natural idiot to think I think Egypt ancient Rome maybe we did That someone someone sees a book in that London path in the [ __ ] Incas just Because a straight lascal I just do that Laughs I think get us well whatever just Get straight [ __ ] line doesn’t mean That someone has crafted it from above And not like a [ __ ] drone not I want To say that we’re just [ __ ] extremely Clever but then then we just did it I’m Not saying we’re extremely clever I’m Saying it’s in natural progression and Evolution and then you I could some day Now and then make a line in the [ __ ] Sanders [ __ ] straight and summit 100 Other I said oh yeah read a few lines Well I’m not a few lies than hey whoa Never mind ain’t no that’s bad but but Just because human is made a straight Line in the past doesn’t mean that we May be if is some [ __ ] mothership Sond I think people see what I won’t see So there will always be a conspiracy Theory for everything so you don’t think

For one second so highly explain right The gray so the people all these Civilizations have seen this grey alien Which is my actual youtube channel is a Grey alien so this [ __ ] here is basic Saying that my channels are the [ __ ] and There’s no such thing as aliens thanks My best way it’s all down to Interpretation no one’s ever said that PS LOL the grey visitors it’s all Dancers ready for the great game from There’s a mysterious figure It’s got big eyes and a big forehead It’s like Easter Island I’m not sure no Sure so in your eyes aliens UFOs it’s Just all fiction in the pool they said Yeah no that’s not that’s fine okay Who’s responsible for it the body cuz They’ll see what I don’t see don’t even Like YouTube and yeah me before the Enzyme responsible before the in areas Like Roswell who like oh my god does Well there’s a metallic craft or what do You think about what do you think is Whether I think something happened why It was I don’t know seems everyone else On the hill she costs new figures over Whether we’ll know he said no you don’t Think so you think was ailing I’m not Staffing read alien no you saying you Don’t know I’m saying now don’t know I Like it because there’s no proof to Prove anything there’s no crewsaver do It were a weather balloon because no

Prude say anything else if if a craft Landed there and crashed to be all sorts Of [ __ ] exotic [ __ ] materials and [ __ ] mouths and things everywhere Over the guinea and while my hands ranch That’s my part that’s my point [ __ ] Pile up it’s not a white wine with a [ __ ] exertion this [ __ ] way way Way way way way way way Matt intelligent Why would the crash cuz i’m pretty sure That wouldn’t crash fund and i don’t Think we could take them down well no I Don’t believe in taking down but I think Worries human error on a beings error There’s always the element of something Can go wrong you have no the gray may Have [ __ ] indicated to exhume for Construction for some do see that’s not By the gray this this image is being Over different Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah right Well he’s not just guys like the UFOs as Well over it like from early [ __ ] 40 Open soldiers in day they’ve all got a Similar sort character ball I think a Lot of them can be discounted because of Mills your craft tears if you want Happening area 51 absolute looking load Of bollocks as well there you go it is The user to test military craft before Anyone else knows about it which is you Can’t blame before because obviously Called wall blah blah blah every Country’s always striving to be more Technol Tecna tick no logic plate off

Balance and everywhere else and then Area 51 is a perfect place SML because You can’t get to it for miles and miles One day I’ll get this little [ __ ] to Believe in aliens but he doesn’t I I’m Not saying that I don’t believe in Aliens I’m saying that I don’t believe That will be visited and then I don’t Believe that we are the seed by all These hooking program of discovery Channel [ __ ] that natgeo though we Are a seed planted by an alien race and Then basically looking experiment Because I believe in evolution I believe In biology I believe in physical things That can be proved and that’s the only Thing that can be proved against Everything else are you subscribe to our YouTube channel 1 know at what funny Because this people talking bollocks see You said I thought mods be honest I Believe talking I believe to talk about What you believe in but I don’t believe In it I think it’s a lot of influence From outside parties and median things But met people believe it’s with another Like night wasn’t always a conspiracy no I got the guys are doing video may live At some point give us now in my ship Anyway on that thought this is the Ted Monster how is for some aliens is it’s [ __ ] it’s not my fault I’ll [ __ ] as you know well it’s a little Early on so you’re not seeing [ __ ]

I’m saying it’s [ __ ] the people Seeing things out there that’s [ __ ] Nearly every [ __ ] YouTube channel Exactly part for my get a [ __ ] job ok Get a job k job anyway going job get my Hockey who’d you get bird and then if It’s true one day we’ll find out on Because look I’m dowdy hello we created You you are you are these descendants no You do realize every is gonna Unsubscribe to me right evolution places Evolution biology is the only thing That’s proven and I believe that things Are proven nothing else beyond I’ve Improved if you want to hear more from Ted let me know in the comments below And please subscribe because that’s what The West for it oh I’m a desperate you Have to board us wife yeah I’m desperate So subscribe and I’ve got one forty-five Cents a thing from YouTube well don’t Want to deal with it let’s retire in Pacific in the Bahamas for this is life Yeah anyway this is Ted Meister I’m up Up in the alien I say my office r in Ted’s office we’ve we’ve gotten ingre Ated in it goodnight god bless and peace And prosper not like dt [ __ ] with you But all you talk about it’s in for us so Guys my other books up by touch I