Doe’s John Believe in Aliens or are we just Special?

By | December 3, 2016
Doe's John Believe in Aliens or are we just Special?

There’s been another great food and Google I landed good evening folks good Evening alien attax here and Jonathan Tribe of Escobar John I’ve been having a Chat with Jon tonight about aliens I’m My channel they didn’t even know how to Youtube channel [ __ ] and but what are You force an actual aliens in the whole Thing that’s out on youtube it not YouTube the whole thing from growing up Cuz I’ve worked with John for a long Time I used to DJ and a pub and John With the Johnson was the head ballot I’m Tix mercy come on what what you thought Does it exist I don’t know I wanna know Your thoughts your actual files is Someone that doesn’t that yeah it’s not Influenced by anything that’s out there For a youtube or whatever you’ve seen in What do you think pass it here sir Because like oaks going on here I Suppose but what opened up big space Look they’re all that powers you that’s A light by the way cat thought UFO That’s a gut but why Oh suppose oats out anything anything I’m nothing copper no but do you think Is extraterrestrial life out there Probably not because that’s interesting I’m not over that before because you Think we’re alone you think we’re the Only because nobody touches no it’s like Everybody else is just give up if this Are no all right so use these things

Stuff out there that you don’t think It’d bother with this without you saying Our do you think i think if there was Stuff out there they wouldn’t bother With us but do yet okay I understand That fairly why would they not bother Work you mean like a Star Trek like the Thing like you know they’re not Developed enough but it’s not [ __ ] Both of them yeah not not let’s not Bother them let’s not bother with them Because we’re a bunch of [ __ ] she comes Yeah oh I societial it’s just like we Blow each other up are we [ __ ] each Other our work and then that’s game over So do you think there is out in all them Stars and these other galaxies out there As well so as old do you think that There is extraterrestrial life out there It could be an abject because if we’re On a zone that means be extremely Special what already experience even if Visit our land over generations out There we’re already extremely special For the way we’ve what just [ __ ] mankind Whoop y’all be doing this I’m yes hi I’m Video in this no I’d love it if there Was why just cause it amazing I think There’s another like species have Another race or something out there Bought I’m sorry about the video quality Ballet but it’s it it’s dark it’s on my Phone someone’s knocking cut it hello Kelly let’s remind them

So so you think we’re all in a zone I’ve A most probably yes but wouldn’t be cool If it was an out and the wasps amela That’d be cool but chances are it’s just For course ye go then I expected a bit More from this video I expecting John Being the man that he is to give me a Little bit [ __ ] more fun okay hey Dom This is good like this is good why I’ve Got good light here come here come here Come in ya [ __ ] right John Gibby they’ll Get lucky get here give a kid why do you Think we’re on his own I want to know This this is the thing there’s a lot of People on YouTube that highly believe in Extraterrestrials UFOs because they Watch a lot of fake UFO videos yep Anybody going I can spend four hours Watching them fake UFO via its fine but Well they’re not fall hours are usually About four minutes long anything that You put them all together if you get SAT Thinking i watch them you associate you Get into your phone videos you’re Watching my own yeah what I sort of did It did it did it summer in Tokyo oh I Worked up a sweat in Shanghai I don’t Know I know it’s getting really agen no I’m fine good relation but wait whatever Country one but it owns a fake is way Nobody can prove it this is what I want To film this because somebody that has Absolutely no clue about Extraterrestrials no it’s fine John who

Has a clue edge no no nobody knows your Advice nobody else my cello life is About extraterrestrials and what is out There and I were the last people what They they think about what is out there John has no idea hello john-boy But when you say when it’d be cool have You ever looked up of us have you ever What do what do you reckon to the moon Landings no not sickly versed in it so If you happen also you bullied up and I Don’t know I believe you happened I like To get it hit me pretty cool put him Home but if it don’t been done I mean if It fates it rock you know good on you Jim imagine pulling off my under poker To like this fuk u EU poker [ __ ] you eat Your poker like I’ve never played it for Not walking and we are pennies probably Sitting out in your face you come so now No no no with only Ellie’s now go back To poker [ __ ] played everybody I Did play them all of it anyway just want To put that quick video out there this On video has no idea doesn’t that this Is a lot of people this is a lot of People do not have a clue about what is Out there I don’t know what’s out there Do I believe in it yes I do aralia not Its glass of what even it John doesn’t Believe it I respect to John’s beliefs And we’re going to try and convert John To UFO ISM alien ism no I’m not da will Tonight I will show him out I’m going to

Get into subscribe to my youtube channel Anyway goodnight god bless and mind the Books up by