Life in the Solar System the Drunk Version

By | November 8, 2016
Life in the Solar System the Drunk Version

Both been very very very and we’ve all Landed I’m talking I’m talking outside Sorry lads good evening folks alien Addict here and Franco carries IAM go What we talking about stars it’s not Tell me who said about the Stars Frank Not here yeah that the one the closest The closest like the closest solar System to ours is like 10 light-years Away yeah yeah the closer one there’s Probably not going to be alien life Because that is that fact what you know I don’t know this fact i’m just getting Ok i’ll call i guess it’s a guess yes But what I’m saying is if it’s 10 Light-years away which is standard yeah Yeah if you want to send a message to Them as in radio waves right get 10 Years to get there to get there yeah Yeah and so if they receive that message And they did something with it and there Was he and they sent of a message back But with taking over 10 years so I’ll be Like a 20 year round trip for one Message join ya know what you mean wait So we set visor out when do we send Visor on our hands suit knowing the void You think aunt Edie’s the closest sort Of stars look at see any other yeah but The closest stars that we could possibly Communicate with Be a 20 year round trip for a message For a radio message so and that’s the Closest one so what you’re telling me

Are you saying that do you think that Aliens have visited this planet in your Opinion don’t know I don’t because this Is kind of like what my channel is about Frank yeah I know cuz I believe that What I am saying is it’d be very [ __ ] It going to think that we are the only Kind of intelligent life in the universe So so we on the verge of going like way Out there with the stuff that Steven Arkin’s is doing with that Russian guy Way it’s going to send these little Micro have you heard about that is gonna Send Xavier boss hey that’s got to ease Eugene i start far away that they’re Gonna travel on the beam of light Apparently no seriously seriously i’ll Do a video about some point yeah but it Still go to take years just go tell like Is said to any kind of sol system thing About though oh so holy what I’m saying Yeah but these magic [ __ ] that’s all He’s talking about are you talking about What about the extraterrestrials Probably have well they do have the Capabilities I the wing if you pause a Few thousand thousand years ahead of Where we are now hmm then what we’re Going to have whereas also stick are you Always out of years from now cause all I Actually think some of the technology We’ve got now is old tech give it the Way we even yeah but the thing is Electricity ensure move on the ice 500

Years you know about Tesla yeah so he’s Amazing scientist engage wonder that Scientists has been Because he’s not about now he’s gone but He would Tesla yeah so to cut a long Story short Frank UFOs aliens the site In GC stuff like that do you think There’s something in it or do you think It’s just a pointy tube clutching at Straws I do you think that that general That is people they get genuine signs I Mean look at the wikileaks thing that’s Going on about the minute is rather than Old that WikiLeaks I don’t I thought I Was his name if I his name was Ricky Lee So far some really weird name names that Witch-killing Sutton’s thing but I’d oh I don’t know it doesn’t know I don’t Know I’m saying the the whole the Milky Way yeah never mind the [ __ ] milk Your way to think of him as we like to Call it the dairy milk thank you the Milk way the be intelligent life in milk You at the wilbur orbit try over the Things though but never mind them away Never mind our galaxy what the other the Other thousands and billions billions How different garters guys before you Get excited about that bitter like in The scouts a lens flare slot UFO it does Look pretty cool let’s check you around Ok Gerald the different staff yep well If you are you like on naval yeah if you Think of a star as a single grain of

Sand yep on a physical beach ok f You gonna put the golf balls and just Play oh yeah the golf balls right listen To this you you fill America with golf Balls whole go to the whole of it five Miles high that’s not all answered local Artists how many things down not a golf Balls do you think it was very sudden no I’m golf balls kicking you know I think It is that with the amount of golf balls We’ve got so ridiculous round of golf Balls anyway I was trying to us Frank What’s farts our own aliens and this is What he’s come up with Frank does Believe in aliens I’ve showed ATM you Stupid thing live it there isn’t some Kind of life out there there you go Speaking from the mum himself not Chocolate he’s some ignorant sink there In some kind of life out there have you Seen Star Trek but you could never Communicate them because you this it Might be that far they said it’s too far It’s too far cuz it but any end any kind Of mean any kind of you don’t know they Travel they could travel dirt radio Waves different to eat raw home they Could travel towards how we travel radio Ways we travel [ __ ] rockets and [ __ ] They wrote it radio waves travel at the Speed of light yeah yeah The closest sort of planets don’t fill Me I gets film in I’m Johnny I’m trying To pick your vice up but the closest i

Would like 10 year to light either way Of a round trip for right far like if You want to speak to someone for example Yeah 10 line either way we’ll take 10 10 10 years for them signals to get to them Then they’re presenters to go back which Will take another 10 years that’s 20 Years be I talked about what we’ve got Yeah okay so am I point no blast the Closest the closest asus the closer so Basically if we’re gonna get in touch With them it’s going to take a long time But I’m never far that do you not think It’s dangerous that we send these radio Signals out to these different planets Now have you seen independence day yes Sir shelt but no haven’t seen second one You don’t wanna but no gosh I don’t Produced ridiculous anymore we said you Read your wipes out all the time oh yeah What about radio waves that we send out And we don’t mean to send them out but They don’t anywhere else or we are but If your home does it would be like or Not we are sending them there you go oh Yeah like oh no we send them so it’s Tough [ __ ] if it get free getting Contact with the body there’ll be ten Years before the nearest star system bc Use them nevermind it got [ __ ] them Intelligent life huh that’s a closest One number ten years giant that’s a Close one Right mate I’m awful I’m [ __ ] nah yes

I love you goodnight god bless I’m alien Are late this is franco calcium Subscribe to the channel goodnight god Bless