Real RoboCop Dubai 2017

By | October 26, 2016
Real RoboCop Dubai 2017

Lisbon I’m daddy paper and ink oh I Planted Evening folks and welcome to alien I Licked em that’s me by the way obviously If you want the alien of it this is my Facebook page chill out by the way I’ve Just put this out sorry about the croak You throw a cool of hard night’s 1 Million videos and I’ve just put this Out on my page it’s not alien as such But alien at least not just about aliens About anything that i consider alien as An alien to me and robot plate Robocop’s Real robot cops um it’s just getting a Bit far-fetched now I knew I mean Whatever next I’m trying to think what Could be next but I kind of thing what Next but I probably will think about it Through this video but right now all I Think about is this weird-looking dude And there are lively come with me just Like that mmm I don’t make her take him Seriously I’m not anyway Sophie I Noticed in the video um this is there Going to be over dubai in 2017 and Something i noticed about this in the Video which i will show you right now so Here’s a lovely let’s turn out for you Cut that bad boy so the touch screen I’m Assuming well I’ve read through this Briefly so you find something wrong you Report it to the robot the robot by to Scream scream touch screen and what I Mean sometimes people with technology

You know they’ll just like banging away Going you know you go to doctors and you Got a [ __ ] in and give it your day at Birth or what have you I struggle with That nevermind a bloody police officer Robot with a touchscreen I but on his Chest I would if it would maybe we’ll be Here and I pad on his chest kindle but One thing I didn’t know it’s about this Easel so you got this robot Pierre solo In he’s shaking hands with this guy that Looks a bit uncomfortable as haven’t Gone the touchscreen that did not work You see that he touched it look at this He took nothing happened doesn’t work I Mean who is he gonna be a grab with n Fingers look at him go arrest somebody With them like to I don’t know it was Like a hoof on his hand I can’t much you know you know I mean so Much movement in Eva so I think it’s Just two surveillance really denotes to Las failsworth to overlook the city and Yes surveillance but watch this in a Minute right there we out there is Peaceful my bollocks what about there Can you see that I mean move me over Just in case she cut and I’ll point at This that right there that is one of These buggers holding an assault rifle Now I said it wasn’t alien but this Makes me think you know terminator what If this is the start of term ania the Realtor menia how clever are we going to

Make these green bastards that they will Eventually be out and about and start Becoming self-aware you know I’m us in This model particularly but you see oh Yeah yeah yeah I’m Dre I’m all I’m Drinking tea tonight there’s no wine There’s no whiskey happy stow that’s Later but how clever these gonna become In the future this I reckon em there’ll Be an alien civilization they’re out There that is no longer the life form That it was and it’s just it’s the Machines that have taken over now know They followed online things before like The bog in Star Trek and other things Films like I think of right now but not They’ve done it before but this probably Something in that I mean sit our Civilization the more and more we rely On technology I mean I won’t be coming to you right now Without this sort of technology makes me Think you know at some point it will get To the stage she looks up at not sure What she want sorry some point we’ll get To the stage where the technologies how Do it already is the technology’s clever Than we are in some respects will cover Than me anyway I mean look at this I’ve Got this vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner Minear there’s no lead just just back n Can just vac you know wouldn’t know just It’s got a lithium battery that lasts For ages and you know that’s a really

Bad example I know smartphones the other Day right this is no word of a lie I was Talking about a scotch egg with a yolk Inside it my mate i’ll probably watch This video i work with and he’ll be like Oh yeah mention the Scotch egg so I was Talking about a scotch egg that a yoke And said said that this is a place that Does them really nice and cold so Jukes And they said never had one and he’s Going down his facebook and I kid you Not lo and behold a scotch egg with yolk In it and it was seduced that is not a Lie I hope Rob if you’re out there if You’re watching this on if you watch More videos leave a comment in the Comments down below the we sought the Scotch egg Anyway you can see where I’m coming from Swatch eggs on facebook and robots People the listening to us he’s very Technology clever google is clever and Everything’s very clever apart from me I Help me get my sense of humor by the way Because I’ve noticed that it’s quite a Few Americans looking at my channel Thank you but I do have not since few me Even even for an Englishman I’ve got an Odd sense of humor um but yeah these Robot I mean it doesn’t very strong it’s Not robot material is it forest at me Look at this this looks my little boys Things probably stronger you know fuzzy Things toys don’t make gonna say

McConnell anyway it’s like Tupperware Into it’s not so not really strong say Okay I’m watching it the MobileIron it’s Not gonna be arrest you it’s just Basically simplify simplifying it’s Simply there to report an incident but I Reckon so this is the first one so and When they did the first iphone and now Look at smartphones this is the first Iphone the I I copper and she’s there Again that woman what people don’t know This brilliant wager ppi cast I must don T really probably get that in America Every two minutes somebody’s calling me Up have you claimed upp I have i play my Ppi yes i have my wife did it for me Thank you Anyway yeah skip em this guy it’s a Marvelous technology but it’s scary at The same time I think we somebody need I Think Stephen Hawking’s did say Something about this you know if you’re Gonna start making machines you need to Be a bit careful because one day they’ll Start talking and take it over who knows We could have a prime minister at some Point or a president that is a machine Maybe maybe they already uh-huh yeah Anyway goodnight god bless and mind the Robots don’t bite ya later You