Aliens, UFOs and your Help with the channel

By | October 21, 2016
Aliens, UFOs and your Help with the channel

Good evening folks aileen addict here um You just want you to wear put the word Out there got a facebook page which is Believe it or not hold a leer Alex and It is the same symbol as you’ll see for My youtube channel so if any of my ear Fellow youtubers subscribers are into Facebooking I’m not really into facebook But a heart you know I need a page need A page be something that people could Show me stuff and some [ __ ] with email I will get good with me but willing to Get eaten email address so yeah if you Could you find some stuff and you think You know he’s of Dayton she’s decent UFO Footage then buying it across to me put It on my alien attic page I also put Daily news on there from some of the top People report stuff and yeah generally I’m trying to build a bit of a community Here and what I’m looking at they win as Well he’s in 2017 if Santa delivers the Goods a GoPro yeah so I can get out them Off and do some I’m really good Interviews preferably not all the time Drunk I’m not drunk now by the way what Up and work but yeah just get out there That I get a bit culture going maybe get Round England and get some place like Stonehenge and what’s that forest called Without the UFO crashed rumble Rumble Rumble shock I’ll say it yeah it’s gonna Let me in the military let me and I’ll Get in there and I’ll you know ask a few

Questions probably in the pubs finding The pubs you ask the best questions We go basically what alien attax about Guys I am solvus 51 just gonna put that Out there because my dad is ashamed of Me for getting rid of the name I don’t Know why he didn’t understand it the First place but he said he’s changed Your name I’m not watching you channel Anymore fair enough pretty sure he is It’s proud proud of his son but yeah Speaking of dad dad ain’t got dad’s dad And I will be doing the video so Hopefully my dad will come on the video That’s one of the reasons why i believe In aliens my dad tell me a historic when I was a kid about something that shot Over the ship when he was in the Merchant Navy speed that he just called Compared to this day but I need to get All the information again from the dad Page to the ship a location probably do Something on Google Earth with it with Him maybe get few beers down in and I’ve Got some other stuff coming up so I have Actually seen a lot not like must seem In front of me oh my god what is that a Strapless sky and Sean a lot of you have And they stuff over there was at the Train station are thinking there’s Something there Nix flat plane they were Just like a bright object is it was Morning right the morning was coming it Was like this sort of light in the

Morning for a bit like the Sun was Coming up I could see this plane and That’s what this bright object go past It and a farce of film are stopping the [ __ ] you just film it any other idea That’s just a it’s probably a plane but You can see sometimes with claims and The light is the plane but I were Looking at in the fact there’s no wings On that that’s going up and up and up And then it went and then all of a Sudden another one here And went with it now whether it was two Planes that didn’t seem to have wings See a resume on my phone when they’re Being good enough either and I still Kinda wish i were filmed it and I am I’ll show you a picture one day I did Take of one but it it’s pitiful but I Know what I saw how I explain the Picture but I won’t show your balance That’s the not my bollocks definitely on My bike to be wrinkly and plus it only Get a YouTube bump where would i look Yeah UFOs so yeah send me UFOs on my Facebook page alien of it and you know The what I’m not but don’t think it’s a UFO I won’t put it out there but if I Think it is UFO bear in mind is online Identified fighting object that’s not One behind us off from right then yeah I Think it is an unidentified flying Object oh I’ll pop it out but if there I Think it’s [ __ ] I might just say

I’ll leave that one to side but anyway Yeah I’m Ellie an addict I’m death check Out my channel guys share my channel Round and check out the facebook because I I’ve got a feeling you know I’m gonna Get I’m gonna get some good stuff out There I’m gonna wear go do it for my Guys you know my guys and girls um but Yeah go pro I might even do a video Underwater but I want to top our web out Anyway goodnight god bless by the books Don’t bite