secureteam10 Debunked Tyler likes Pigeons

By | September 22, 2016
secureteam10 Debunked Tyler likes Pigeons

Get evening folks Welcome to alien addict this is my brand New channel name I was all this 51 for Our subscribers I hope you will although I am still always 51 by name but the Channels now alien addicts so yeah what Are we doing with the channel is I was Generally look for decent stuff that’s Out there and I’ll put it up on the Channel my even go scouting out fire my Own stuff I’m looking again I’m you know Them GoPros and Michael venturi now with It but I’m gonna do some debunks debunks With mates my interview random as in Streets some of my friends are the best People to start so by UFOs because they Just do I have a clue and they don’t Know how many believe in it so it’s kind Of like for me to talk to them about it Um anyway without further ado I’m gonna Show you security in plate this video Something an object moving through the Sky pretty far in the distance he said In his email and he said it just seemed To sit there he said that he first Noticed it as he was driving on the Highway and he got on the exit ramp and Stopped in order to snap some pictures Now some people said hot air balloon but He wasn’t so sure about that here’s Probably the best shot where the object Is not being obstructed by the power Line and we’ll go ahead and zoom in here And I’m not so sure that that’s a hot

Air balloon I mean it almost looks like An upside-down how dear We have this teardrop shape here and I Don’t see a basket hanging from it or Anything like that so if it is a hot-air Balloon it’s a very strange one So definitely wanted to show you guys The source in Tulsa wanted to get our Imp I haven’t frozen sorry understand I just Realized I need to kind of like we’re Not to do these kind of edited videos of It Martha and whatever and so when Tyler’s been getting sauced to send him Pigeons Oh well maybe not a pigeon it could be Any type of bird that were not really up On birds but I’m sure somebody may Recognize what that might be Bird wise I don’t think it’s UFO or a Hot air balloon I think it’s a pigeon You know well then that’s out there Shooting on mica yeah so this is that Finger might be doing forget board I Didn’t know what to do guilty pleasure Oh every soft and I will look at secure Team [ __ ] and I’ll sit there and I’ll Scratch me a lot of it art oh my god as He faked this it’s just a pigeon hot-air Balloon big sausage in the sky I don’t Know but yeah I just thought I’ve got a Kind of that’s that easy just me eyes That deafened like a little you know There gin

It’s probably not a pigeon I mean dear Do you get pigeons in the the US you get Them over here Seagulls as well um but yeah just fine Pop that out for you and like you know That I’ve changed much I’m not all by The way crazy yeah I was talking RVs 51 The last video that I put out where I Said the name of my new channel alien Addict I just realized that were my 51st Video Strange strange things yeah anyway good Night god bless mine the bugs don’t bite And get subscribing to where alien Addict yeah good night Karen batter in This video so I starting back at square One They’re young You