Signs of intelligent life on Mars

By | September 11, 2016
Signs of intelligent life on Mars

Good afternoon folks elvis 51 here um i Will let you know i’m thinking of Probably changing that office 51 to Something different because Um i don’t think people when they’re Searching they don’t think i know what We’ll look for well for somebody who Takes the piss out of some ufo channels And Uh i’ll look for somebody who does mars Images or somebody who puts the odd ufo Out that he finds and i’ll I’ll type in all this 51 that it’s not Gonna happen so I’m changing that i think It’s working on a few names I kind of think it’s got to have the Word ufo in it for some reason i don’t Know why our alien Uh alien 51 now he’s gonna take the Number out as well anyway Enough for that and onto something so I was on the train coming home from work And i thought why not let’s have a look At What secure team tens put out because Sometimes i like to watch you sometimes It makes me laugh sometimes there’s Something a little bit interesting uh I have to say he put this little thing In Early and hands down i looked and Thought that’s a load of [ __ ] Um

That can’t be right Uh because because i used to do quite a Lot of mars images in my earlier videos You can go check them out Um But I looked at this and i thought Is this Just something that is photoshopped some Of the because you can photoshop rocks On mars to make them look like anything Um But it he hasn’t it it’s not being Photoshopped yeah well it has a bit uh But not much Uh i’ve got the original The file which i will leave the link Below and you can hit that sub red Subscribe button there as well if you Please Um but i’m going to keep this sharp bit Sweet but anyway this thing here On mars now i thoroughly believe that There was Intelligent life on mars without ha ha Without a shadow of a doubt Um And this Below here And there That way that way Cameras flipped some strange reason Obviously i thought my fireplace isn’t There

The fireplace is there But not on that side it’s this anyway Not for that Yeah So all i’ve done here with the image in Fact let’s get rid of that bad boy That’s this is the original and mars Nasa put these images out and and they Do They filter the hell out of them they They put a load of you see all this Pixelation Line Going down it there’s no need for that i Mean yeah it’s coming Millions and millions of miles Uh From mars But They get better if you look through the National archives there are plenty clear Images You’ll get a lot of this pixelation and I i i i believe that the pixelation is Because they don’t want you to see some Of the stuff i mean Um that Podium that Thing that i put a video of earlier a Few about a few weeks ago On mars that The nasa shutdown went into Where emergency mode Probably so you could investigate and

See what it was um and then the image Suddenly changed And Yeah so i’ve put this into photoshop And i’ve changed the color on it Now This here You probably could see it better From a distance so that there Is Without a shadow of a doubt detailed There’s too much detail on that for it Not to be Something and i thought well i’m i’m Gonna i need to Find a different soul image but oh by The way this is soul one four five four Uh seoul is that’s the day that the Rover’s been on the so it’s been there 1454 Days the time it took this Um And for me This It’s yeah it’s got a lot of pixelation Here But I think that’s something I do think that is signs of something That was i’m not saying that now there’s Something on mars aliens living on mars Base that maybe there is who knows um But i don’t think it’s that far out to Think that there

There was a civilization on mars If i mean if you really want to do the Research for yourself i highly recommend Look at some of the the nasal images of Mars the actual soul images from the Curiosity rover the spirit rover the Opportunity rover for yourself Uh rather than Look at are you a A channel like myself and think yeah This guy’s just putting [ __ ] out just For the sake of putting shower I put this out because i think it’s it’s Relevant at the moment Um I I’m not going to put ufos out that I don’t think are ufos i will debunk And take the piss out of channels i mean That Do strange ufo videos Um But i can’t really Take the mic out of an image other than Say what i see and what i see there Is definitely It has It has symmetry doesn’t it has It looks like i can only say what it Looks like And I think That that is something a mass simple as That

Yeah so I mentioned i’d gone and found a couple Of different ones so I’m This is where it’s moved across So that was the image that tyler put out From security i’m sure other Channels have done this but i haven’t Seen you do this it’s the first guy so I’ll do it source where i’ve mentioned This channel but um Yeah As much as secure team 10 talks to lodu Shite The this here Is factual it’s a picture and it’s come From nasa you can’t argue with it um It’s it it’s possibly nothing Um because when you but when you zoom in On this here All this detail here has gone So that’s the If you look through all the nasal images On the app On your phone that’s what you’ll get is This one here and this is the one in the Nasa Like archive thing At a slightly different angle Angle that you dangle yeah so Have a look for yourself I i’ve found things like this before Uh i’ll give you a little example of Something that i found on my phone

About a year ago maybe uh i have done a Video about it i’ll leave it in the Description below Um But this Here Was something that i found And that to me looks like Machinery of some kind Uh And that’s clipped out on my phone So Let me know what you think i mean I tend to stay away from the mars Image um images that i’m in it because There’s a lot of channels doing them and To be honest with you there’s a lot of Channels doing the Marge Mars images um Better justice than i can because They’re a lot more Clued up up here but i just wanted to Put that out for you so you can have a Little look because i know a lot of the People who may be coming to the channel Now people that are probably looking at A guy that’s just going to fall about And Take the mick out of people but Sometimes You have to sit back and just look at Something and think Why is that

What’s the life on mars Anyway Let me know In the comments below I’ll always reply to you until i get a Million subscribers then i might find it Hard Get me a million subscribers That would be nice What would i do with a million Subscribers Maybe i’d get a t-shirt An office 51 t-shirt Sell it to you all you can all be my Little minions Um yeah Back to mars Let me know Put in the comments i’ve got some Debunking stuff coming Across soon uh along uh well you know You know my debunking style it’s not so Much debunking it’s just taking the mick Um But yeah oh by the way That bell end from Last week that’s got the um Kickstarter Check out the video before this That’s going up he’s gonna hit that 50 000. What a bell And Yeah anyway

Subscribe folks i’m always 51 at the Moment Probably gonna change that to something Different More relevant to the channel that i do But um yeah And if you’re wondering why i’m Downstairs i’ve been doing some work on Me channel the thumbnails i’ve been Making them look a bit more professional Well i think it’s professional Anyway i’m learning i’m all it’s a Learning curve this youtube malarkey Yeah Anyway Good night god bless mind the bugs don’t Bite I’ll catch you later